Sardar : In The Republic Of Fear, White Sikhs Start To Feel The Heat

Alt-right Sikh Trump Supporter

Alt-right Sikh Trump Supporter



It is the nature of slavery to render its victims so abject that at last, fearing to be free, they multiply their own chains. You can liberate a freeman, but you cannot liberate a slave.

–  Louis J. Halle




Welcome To The Republic Of Fear


The second amendment to the constitution was enacted upon the formation of the United States Of America . It gave every white settler the unconstrained right to own guns. At the particular time of this enactment, there were over  nine million Red Indians inhabiting the continental United States. In the rush to conquer the continent, these settlers killed all of the bison that inhabited the American Plains (bison herds that numbered in the millions) in order to starve the Red Indian to death. And killed over eight million Red Indians. Today two hundred and fifty years later, less than a million Red Indians remain  in the United States.  This ranks among the great killings in history. You will never hear anything about this; after all the conqueror writes history. Sources: Dee Brown: Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee, Howard Zinn: A People’s History Of The United States. In Namibia, the German settlers at the turn of the twentieth century starved nearly 40% of the black population of the land to death so that they would have a empty land all to themselves. How inhumane can a people be before they are deemed to forfeit their right to live in the community of nations?  I can repeat this template ad infinitum but it would become tendentious.

The mantra of the Alt-Right is that the non-white races are out-breeding the white race and that whites will be driven to extinction by this out-breeding and race mixing.  They call it white genocide. There is not an iota of proof for this narrative. This false construction is what is driving the Alt-Right movement in the U.S.A. There are also other constructions, the main ones are that Jews are actively promoting race mixing and that blacks are raping white women at an unprecedented rate. The Alt-Right is an explictily Neo-Nazi movement and it has the ear of a president with German ancestory, Drumpf, who brags about having good genes (“good genes these“).   By the way, this man anglicized his name to Trump.

Goebbels was the architect of the Nazi propaganda machine and his main technique was to repeat a lie so constantly that it was believed to be the truth. This is exactly the technique that the Alt-Right movement is using.

The ferocity of the Alt-Right propaganda machine equals anything that Nazi Germany has ever produced. It is populated with some of the most despicable ideologues to ever inhabit the world. Anne Coulter, a fanactical race baiter, Richard Spencer, a self-styled Hitlerian leader with a cool hatred for shitskins , Steve Bannon,  a man with a pathological hatred for Muslims and David Duke a smooth talking eugenicist. And then there is their leader the Bavarian Drumpf, who is called God Emperor by the Nazi Andrew Anglin of The Daily Stormer. The list goes on. Welcome to the Republic of Fear.



Yes, There Is An Alt-Right Sikh


Red Ice TV is a Neo-Nazi YouTube Channel that caters to a sophisticated Alt-Right white audience. It features well-educated and well-spoken Alt-Right ideologues. Recently a Sikh who supported the Alt-Right movement gave an interview on this Channel. He identified himself as an Indian Sikh but only provided Singh as his name. A commentator pointed out with a detailed analysis that he was actually a White Sikh (the comment has been deleted). I agree with this assessment, he has an abysmal knowledge of Sikhi (see: The Applied Metaphysiks Of The Sikhi).) So it appears to be that we have a Yogi Bhajan Sikh who left this cult but not his version of Sikhi. I have no idea why he does’nt abandon his version of Sikhi and just assume an identity as a Christian White male. He appears to be trying to make a safe space for White Sikhs. He could also be a member of the Yogi Bhajan cult  who is trying to create an Alt-Right exception for Sikhs. It appears that he is trying to convince the Alt-Right that Sikhs can co-exist within the framework of White Supremacy and within the space and rank assigned to Sikhs.   What is certain is that he has no knowledge of Sikhi. In either case we have a White Sikh who is running scared; he does not want to be molested or genocided. He also appears to be suffering from the psychiatric condition known as the  Stockholm Syndrome.

As the Alt-Right movement gains strength in the U.S.A. we will be seeing many more pseudo-Sikhs suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. These Sikhs are enemies of the Sikh Nation.








The most egregious aspect of this White Sikh’s commentary is that Sikhs are against Muslims. This is patently untrue. Sikhs hate nobody. Sikhi requires all of humanity to be treated equally. Sikhs are duty bound to uphold truth and righteousness regardless of caste, color or creed. The Sikh Ardas, recited everyday, reminds Sikhs that God stands with the weak, the oppressed, the shelterless, whose without any support  and those whose honour has been stripped away from them. By the edict of Guru Gobind Singh  Ji all Sikhs are required to use  Singh  (lion) as their surname and females are required to use the surname Kaur (princess). The object of this edict is to get rid off,  once and for all time, the false virtuosity of color, caste, creed and tribes.

Sikhs repeatedly complain that Americans need to be educated that Sikhs are not Muslims. This to me appears to be odious because what it is saying is that “please target them not us“. This is not Sikhi. Actually this pleading is irrelevant as the following video demonstrates:








Brother Polight Meets The System Of White Supremacy


Alright, lets look at the situation from the viewpoint of Blacks:









The Bullet Or The Bullet

Note: Reproduced for comparative study only.


Here is the classic speech The Bullet or The Bullet. It was rendered in reply to a rare joint House of Representatives and Senate  resolution condemning Dr. Khalid Mohammad personally. At the 19.30 mark, the speech turns electric and by 22:30 the hair on the arms is standing up. This may very well be one of the greatest speeches ever rendered in the English language:






Postscript : Dr. Khalid Mohammad was assassinated by American fascist forces. Tupac Shakur was gunned down and returned to the lap of his beautiful black panther mother.




For Information About Assata Shakur, see 19:30 – 25:00 of Dr. Khalid Mohammad’s speech




Assata Shakur

Assata Shakur



Black Panther, Assata Shakur, rebellion and revolution in her blood the very day she was born.


The Book:



Assata Shakur

Assata Shakur





Assata Shakur

The Oppressed Of This World




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