Chris Hedges : The Rise Of Christian Fascism And The Coming Race Wars

Chris Hedges

Chris Hedges


Also see: Trump And The Biologically Pure State



Recently a Sikh in the United States was given an outrageous sentence of 15 years for allegedly supporting terrorism (read Khalistan). These interviews and lectures by leading intellectuals expose the racist and fascist underbelly of the United States that give rise to gross injustices such as this criminal sentence.


Chris Hedges is one of the leading intellectuals of our time.



On Telesur, Chris Hedges discusses the rise of Christian Fascism in the U.S.:





Jeremy Scahill, the author of the book Blackwater,  exposes the fascist Christian Right in the United States:






The following presentation by Chris Hedges in Canada before an audience of aboriginal nations discusses  the rise of fascism in the U.S.A.  and the coming race wars in the U.S.:









The Young Turks discusses  Steve Bannon’s favourite book:  The Camp Of The Saints:







Abby Martin exposes Steve Bannon who is Trump’s Chief Strategist:




The Black Perspective


In two interviews Professor Griff discusses Trump, the Alt-Right, nazification and Republican Steve King’s statement that “our civilization cannot be restored with someone elses babies“. Also discussed is Steve Bannon’s favourite book: Camp Of The Saints.   Professor Griff started the rap group: Public Enemy.

Warning: Strong language













The outcome of the use of depleted uranium in Fallujah, Iraq (see the Scahill interview):



Depleted Uranium: Deformed Child




Depleted Uranium: Deformed Baby




Tumorous Effects Od Depleted Uranium Munitions







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