Sardar : The Genocide Of The Sikhs And The Sikh Conscience

Sikhs being burnt to death - 1984 Genocide

Sikhs being burnt to death – The Sikh Genocide



The Conscience Of The Sikhs Is On Test



Sometimes, matters become so rancid with decay and deceit and  the machine becomes so odious that truth itself is threatened with extermination. At such a time, it is the moral duty of every Sikh  to stand up and say ‘No More’.   A Few, the bravest of the brave stood up in the light of the entire world and screamed:  No! They are Lying! They Are Committing Genocide!.    The pure and simple mind recoils with shame. Is life so precious that truth itself has to be chained  in the deepest, darkest and most abysmal dungeon so that one more morsel of life can be enjoyed.    A genocide engineered by the Hindutva invader that far exceeds the atrocities  of that killer of Sikhs par excellence, Mir Mannu.  Sikhs who do not speak up against this barbarity  have turned their backs on their moral conscience. How can such a person be a son or daughter of Guru Gobind Singh?  This genocide is a litmus test of  the calibre of  a true Sikh. Those who claim to be Sikhs but have turned their back on this horrific  genocide are not Sikhs in the least measure. They are enemies of the Sikh Nation. This genocide is the litmus test of the hearts of Sikhs.







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