Rajoana TV : Something Is Wrong With The Sikh Psyche. The Psyche Of General Harjit Singh Sajjan

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All preceptive Sikhs know that there is something seriously wrong with the Sikh psyche.  It manifests itself with the observable fact that many Sikhs are ardent supporters of Hindus and their system of inequity. These ‘Sikhs’ have caused serious damage to the aspirations of the Sikh nation. Regrettably General Harjit Singh Sajjan, Minister Of Defence for Canada, is one of these malfactors. On  General Harjit Singyh Sajjan’s recent private visit to India he was accused by various Indian officials of being a Khalistani and the Chief Minister of Punjab  insulted him by showing his open contempt for a Canadian holding a high cabinet rank. The General’s response to the accusation shows how damaged the Sikh psyche is.

The Indian Government took the oppurtunity to parade him around Delhi to demonstrate the might of India and at the same time assess the enemy. Since the General was in India on a private family visit and not on official Canadian business, the proper thing for him to have done was to have declined India’s invitation.

But what is really telling is General Sajjan’s abject cringing response when he was accused of being a Khalistani. He tried to distance himself as far as possible from the accusation. He could have replied that every people have a right to peaceful self-determination; like the Scots, the Catalonians, the Quebecois, the Sudanese and the English in the Brexit vote. He could have replied that what is more important is why India committed genocide and rewarded the architects of the genocide with high positions. He could have replied that the Sikh genocide is a matter of international importance and it is important that India participate in an international inquiry into the genocide.  But no. What comes out of his mouth is are the opologetics of a  beggar.

And when interrogated on the Ontario  Sikh genocide resolution by the Indians, he meekly answered that the resolution was only party politics. Pathetic. This is the nature of the Sikh psyche. The greatest enemy of the Sikhs are the traitors within. General Harjit Sajjan is an abject coward unable to represent the Sikh nation. Unable to shed a tear or raise his voice for those Sikhs who were ground to death in the Sikh genocide.

Do you find Jews trivializing the holocaust? No, but you will find many Sikhs trivializing the Sikh genocide. General Sajjan is one of them.  With his slavish mentality, General Harjit Sajjan does’nt deserve to be a general; a bus conductor with a nice uniform would be more appropriate. To turn  Trump’s phrase, we need to drain the swamp.


In the video presentation below, Rajoana TV discusses the Sikh psyche and General Harjit Singh Sajjan’s psyche.




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