Harshdeep Kaur Sings: Baba Nanak, The Entire World Is In Pain

Harshdeep Kaur - Songstress

Harshdeep Kaur - Songstress


Harshdeep Kaur beautifully renders the shabad in the Sri Guru Granth Sahibbaba nanak dukhiya sab sansar (Sayeth Nanak, the entire world is in pain)

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  1. Singhs wear turbans like civilised gentlmen did. Kaurs should cover their head with a chuni like a civilised princess did. So why are girls now wanting to wear turbans with a nihang crescent moon? They have mixed Sikhi up for so long, people do not know the original concept. If crescent moons have significance, nihangism has significance, then Dasam eventually will be the religion. Get it?
    It breaks my heart to see the fake elements in every facet of the religion. It took them 220 years but they have succeeded in destroying Sikh identity.

    • Hi Paul,
      I saw your response and respect your concern about Sikhism, although I believe you would need to update your knowledge about religion more, as even girls are allowed to wear turbans in Sikhi to cover their heads.
      Sikhs who believe in Khalsa always keep their heads covered and therefore you will find many sikh girls with Turbans it is symbol of respect and Honour.


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