The Investigation Of A Citizen Above Suspicion

(or the investigation of  Joe Sixpack)

By anonymous
Marshfield, Missouri

From a certain point onwards there is no longer any turning back. That is the point that must be reached. -Kafka

It All Began with a Voice Mail…

It was around Monday December 21st that I listened to a voice mail on my cell phone. I was out in the country and could not make most of it out other than the police were investigating a murder.

I have a strict policy of not talking to the police so I deleted the message and forgot about it. Don’t be shocked by my not wanting to talk to the police, even in a murder case.

For starters, there is no way to verify on the telephone that you’re actually talking to the police. The other concern I have is that the police could be lying to me…pretending to be investigating someone else when they were, in fact, investigating me.

Also, at the time, I did not have an attorney representing me so I found it unwise to talk to who ever was trying to get a hold of me. I foolishly assumed that in the United States I still possessed the right not to talk to the police. Boy was I wrong!

Domestic Terrorism

I started getting calls almost hourly from numbers I did not recognize so they went unanswered. However, my mother in Florida responded to the phone calls made to her. If the police could not persuade me to talk to them, they would terrorize my mother until I did. (Yes, I said “terrorize”).

I finally relented and spoke with some female “authority”, somewhere, telling her that I was not the person they were looking for. Then I hung up, foolishly assuming that the matter was closed.

However, the very next day, my mother informed me that the female storm trooper was still threatening to put out an APB on me if I did not call her yet again. Considering the warped mentalities that the organized crime family called “law enforcement” attracts, I figured she was just a control freak who wanted to make absolutely sure that I, the slave, knew my place.

So I talked to the faceless female authority…yet again…and she assured me that she was fully satisfied with my answers and there would be no further need for any contact between us. (Word to the wise: Never trust a cop. As soon as their lips start moving, they’re lying).

I Made a Discovery…

Let me back up a minute and fill you in on what I discovered as things unfolded:

Recently, the television show Americas Most Wanted featured a segment about Paul Michael Merhige, a man who murdered four people on November 26th in Jupiter, Florida.

Sometime around December 21st, I went into one of those “post office box” type stores in Marshfield, Missouri. Apparently, the soulless being working behind the counter was a thoroughly indoctrinated “brown shirt” who dutifully called the Americas Most Wanted hotline and gave them the license plate number of my Florida van, claiming that she had just sighted Paul Merhige!

Strange Things Started to Happen…

It was also during this time that I began noticing that the battery life of my cell phone was drastically reduced. I suspected that GPS tracking had been turned on. To verify my suspicion, I fully charged my cell phone one night and then turned it completely off. The next morning when I turned it back on, the battery was half dead!

After doing some further research on the Internet, I came to the conclusion that such an overwhelming drain on the battery indicated that I was being monitored audibly as well as being tracked by location. I also learned that the police are capable of accomplishing this easily…and with absolutely no oversight by anyone!

No Help from Verizon

I called my cell phone provider (Verizon), only to be told that they could not divulge whether GPS tracking had been turned on at the request of law enforcement unless I subpoenaed the information. Basically, I was told to go pound salt. After all, how many average Joes have a few extra thousand dollars laying around to pay someone that belongs to the BAR monopoly to serve a subpoena?

A Few Days Later…

I learned that I had departed from the Marshfield library just before it was raided. They ordered everyone out of the building at gun point and were overheard to say “we know he’s in here.”

Well, my brain works very slowly sometimes. Or maybe I just don’t want to admit that I am living in The Matrix and have swallowed the red pill. A self imposed denial, perhaps because the world is just too screwed up to contemplate.

Now, with the gift of hindsight, I see that the storm trooper from America’s Most Wanted lied (as expected) and issued an All Points Bulletin on me. My suspicion is, she did it just for spite. Just to teach one of the slaves what happens when you dare to question your masters.

Also, take note unsuspecting patron: your “friendly” tax-supported public libraries are not only in the business of electronic book burning with their Internet filtering, they’re now in the “brown shirt” business as well. It seems that the identificatioin I provided to get online was used surreptitiously to run an NCIC warrant and wants check on me without warning.

Finest guns money can buy?

Law Enforcement?

I also learned that law enforcement has a collective IQ of maybe 50…and that’s being generous.

If the marshal’s service (or whoever put out the APB on me) desired to contact me for a legitimate reason, they had knowledge of my cell phone number. My cell phone was turned on and contains a GPS chip.

Alternately, the Marshfield mayhem-makers could have called the agency responsible for issuing the warrant and gotten my phone number. Which makes more sense, a simple phone call or an armed assault on the public library?

Keep in mind…this is the law enforcement that exists in America 10 years after 911. With billions of dollars spent on training and tools for them to more effectively “fight terrorism”. Instead of law enforcement, it seems to me they’re in the business of training “brown shirts” who will someday rat you and I out for either having a bible, a gun or some other item the Zionist New World Order prohibits.

Nor are they at war with terrorists. They’re at war with anyone who dares to point out when ”authorities” violate the law or anyone who believes in the Constitution. In other words…law enforcement is at war with you and me.

Get Down On the Ground!

Sunday, December 27th….

I’m sitting in my van at the town square in Marshfield, Missouri using WiFi to check my email. I hear a voice to my left and glance out to see a faceless “law enforcement” agent holding a 12 gauge shotgun leveled at my head! Another is holding what looks like a .223 rifle, probably an AR-15.

I get out as they’re yelling at me and lay on my belly on the colder than ice 20 degree street. All the while informing Rambo and company that I’m not the guy they’re looking for. While I’m laying handcuffed on the frozen ground, they make a mockery of justice by searching my van under the legal pretense that they’re looking for weapons I might use to harm them with.

While doing so, this yo-yo turned his back on me and if I had a pistol down the back of my pants I could have shot him as they had not even checked me thoroughly for weapons at all. I informed him of his error but he seemed unconcerned. With an attitude like that, I hope he has his life insurance paid up. Perhaps we’ll be lucky enough to read about him some day on the Darwin Awards site.

Webster County Courthouse

Before they took me to the sheriff’s office just across the street, they asked for permission to search the van they had already searched. At that point I was thinking clearly enough to deny them my consent.

After a short visit in the luxurious Gray Bar Hotel I was told, by what I thought to be a detective, that I was free to go. (All he had done was investigate the data on my drivers license!)

Enter Mutt and Jeff

Next, I was treated to a psych-op interrogation using the good cop/bad cop routine. These guys, being the beneficiaries of various MK Ultra operations (such as the one that tortured children at an orphanage in Canada) excelled in what they were trained to do. They lied to me and asked me if I wanted to “get this thing cleared up?” They inferred that giving them my digital fingerprints would do the magical trick.

By the time I was through with them I had given my fingerprints, a mug shot from 3 angles, my local address and my cell phone number. I suppose that if I’d been willing to stay longer, they would have requested a pint of blood and my bone marrow.

The bad cop justified everything by the fact that he thought I was homeless and said I “looked like the guy they were looking for.”

Justice behind closed doors

When the information came back from the fingerprint check, they closed the door to prevent me from hearing them talk. I surmise that’s the point where they put me on a terrorist watch list because I believe in the Constitution and read the Bible.

Relentless in my questioning, I was finally able to confirm that once an APB is issued, even though we can send men to the moon, the system has not been designed to negate the order. Therefore, it’s conceivable that any day now I could once again be assaulted with deadly weapons on the square in Marshfield.

If I were to go to another town, say Springfield, the likelihood of that happening goes way up. If I were to enter a library to use the internet in another town, the likelihood of that happening approach even odds. What a wonderful free country we have!

A Weapon by My Bed

Bottom line…I now live in a constant state of hypertension. I’m afraid to go into town to get on the Internet. I find myself extracting the battery out of my cell phone when I travel. I wonder (since the pro-Zionist New World Order minions know where I live)…will they come in the middle of the night to try and take me away?

I keep a weapon by my bed now. I’m thinking of moving even though I have nowhere to go. I have business that needs to be taken care of in Springfield. Nevertheless, the risk doesn’t seem worth it to go there.

Do you think I over-react? I have spent over half of my adult life as a homeless person and have been raped by law enforcement on a regular basis for as long as I can remember. This is just the latest of many indignities. I can’t help but wonder…at this very moment…how many other Americans are being raped?

Editor’s Response: (

Good Question. No, we don’t think you’re over-reacting. On the contrary…up until now, you under-reacted. Just like all of us were trained to do, for at least twelve years in the public fool system. There are links on this site that will give you the knowledge necessary to leave that fear and slavery behind. But be warned, you have hard work ahead of you and everyone who claims to be your “friend” will try to stop you (re-watch The Matrix).

As you have learned the hard way, The Matrix was not a movie…it’s a cautionary tale. Consider yourself blessed. Unlike the millions of daily drones who willingly hand their minds over to the media manipulators, you’ve had your wake-up call. NOW WAKE UP!

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