The Saga Of BBC’s Sonia Deol – Now Her Father Is In The Criminal Dock


Sonia Deol, BBC Announcer



The Saga Of A Bad  Sikh Apple?

Update : January 24, 2010

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Also jailed was court interpreter Baldev Sidhu, 62, who caused Kumar’s first trial to collapse when he made a FALSE  TRANSLATION OF THE CROOK’s PUNJABI CONVERSATIONS ON OUR SECRET TAPES. Sidhu – the dad of BBC Breakfast presenter Sonia Deol – was sentenced to eight months in jail.

Last night a police spokesman said: “We are extremely grateful to the News of the World for bringing this matter to light and providing us with essential evidence.

“Kumar was involved in serious corruption and would not have not been brought to justice if it were not for your work.”  To trap him, our man Mazher – who has famously posed as a fake sheikh to dupe many of his targets – pretended to be a business partner of two property developers facing illegal bribe demands.

Kumar, a member of Redbridge Council, Essex, repeated his demands for money to Mazher in a meeting, and crowed: “Brother, the power is in my hands. “The council is my own, the people are mine.”

His and Sidhu’s jailings were the latest victories for Mazher, who has caught hundreds of criminals in the last 18 years – from immigrant racketeers and drug dealers to bent cops and corrupt solicitors.

By Keri Sutherland for the Daily Mail

Extracted:(january 16, 2010) by Jaswinder Singh

A BBC News presenter has been subjected to a deluge of personal abuse after fronting a documentary about one of the most controversial events in recent Indian history.

Sonia Kaur Deol was forced to delete her page on the Facebook website amid a barrage of criticism from Sikhs over her film about the Indian army storming the Golden Temple in Amritsar, one of the faith’s most holy shrines, in 1984.

Now protesters are planning a mass boycott of the licence fee in disgust at the slur on the controversial religious leader Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, who was killed in attack on the Golden Temple.  Shrimati Sonia Deol’s film provoked a furious response from  Sikhs. Many Sikhs consider him a saint and are furious that in  Deol’s documentary, 1984: A Sikh Story portrays him as a terrorist. They also claim he was depicted in the film in a similar way to Osama Bin Laden.

Indian prime minister Indira Gandhi ordered the assault on June 4, 1984.  Community TV station The Sikh Channel says it received more than 8,000 calls to a phone-in about the controversial film.

Channel owner Davinder Singh Bal said: ‘The documentary contained many sweeping statements and didn’t attempt to uncover the truth of what happened.

‘Our viewers were not happy. BT said that our exchange is going into overdrive.

‘The BBC is not responding to the Sikh community and we are thinking about organising a campaign to invoke the non-payment of licence fees by the 700,000 Sikhs in Britain.’

Dr Sadhu Singh, chairman of the Council of Sikh Temples, said many viewers were angered that ‘the BBC showed him [Bhindranwale] looking like Bin Laden’. ‘Sikhs were attacked after September 11, but Sikhs are nothing to do with Bin Laden.  ‘Some people are very upset that the documentary also showed Sonia Deol dancing with Hindus as if there is no problem between Hindus and Sikhs.

‘The feeling is still there that people who were responsible for 1984 have not been brought to justice.’

Deol – who hosts BBC Breakfast at weekends and News 24 bulletins – deleted her Facebook profile onWednesday after the row escalated. In her introduction to the film, 36-year-old  Deol said Bhindranwale was ‘viewed as a militant who had terrorised for long enough’.

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  1. I don’t understand why the BBC would even allow Sonia Deol, who obviously knows nothing about the subject, to be the host of a documentary about an attack on SIKHS. Just because she was born into a Sikh family, does not mean that she has the RIGHT to go all the way to Punjab and try to “UNSOLVE” the mystery about Sant Ji, when she herself knows absolutely nothing, has done no prior research and depends on statements from the MAN who ATTACKED the golden temple (General Brar) and an old British journalist, MARK TULLY (who has his own biases, he judged a book from its cover, he “thought” bhindranwale looked frightening so he concludes that he was a “terrorist”). This documentary was so damn bias, and when she went to the dam dami taksal, she asked young boys what do you want to do, they said they wanted to be raagis and read gurbani, which she claimed is more “modest”. What did sant ji want? He wanted the same, he wanted sikhs to be free, to become gursikhs, to respect one another, live honest lives, etc., etc., The indian government propagated him as this evil man so they could justify the invasion of Punjab and the killing of THOUSANDS OF SIKHS! Why is this so hard for Sonia Deol to get through her stupid brain. She should be ashamed of herself because when you make a documentary for the BBC, MILLIONS OF PEOPLE WORLDWIDE will view it and she made a HORRIBLE DOCUMENTARY, even if she claimed it to be her own “personal journey”, she and others spoke as if they were objective when in reality they were just random views on the subject.

  2. Thank you for your perceptive comment.

  3. Raj khalsa nihang May 3, 2010, 11:52

    Unbiased documentary if u watch sikh channel they have debate shows in relation to Khalistan only thing is, they are not debate shows because they show arguments those who support Khalistan and not those who are against it. I’m angry at the fact that she didn’t show how the jathedar of shiromani panth akali Buddha dal was excommunicated for not fighting against the army. Thesd khalistanis are biggoted people for 1 they. Killed many farmers and hindus in biases trains air planes etc or the fact that the babbar pakhand khalsas bles up airbindia flight 182. Why didn’t she show the wife of the jatt piolet who was killed during air india bombing? Y didn’t she show tara Singh hater of purewal who were killed by khalistanis?? Or the family of pash the poet aka avtar Singh sandhu who was killed by khalistanis or the giani partap singhs followers who say that he was killed by khalistanis?? Shame on deol and BBC for putting salt in old wounds.

  4. India Hindus invented the caste system. So fuck all the pro-india people. I wish these pro-india people stay in india and never come to north america plus keep your bollywood star in india zoos , I hate it when your stupid india film stars buy land and homes up here trying to be more north america then indian and send their kids to north america for a better education .(mmmm what does that tell you ? (your weird english accent film star who are, in your asinine minds are gods and goddess of india,what do they really think about india —> answer they laugh at Hindu india privately) All hindus should stay in India , its such a fucking great country. Oh , don’t forget for killing and murdering thousands of innocent sikhs in 1984 right in your capital while the coward racist bastards indian police watch, thinking somebody was making a bollywood film. I think sikhs need a few more bhindranwales to teach hindus , all about caste system. Take care you all, and I’m a nice racist ha ha !

    who assassinated the most peaceful men in india named Mahatma Gandhi ? Hmmm
    lets take a guess—> A hindu racist fanatic , damn and if I’m not right , Mahatma Gandhi praised Hitler. So Hindus and their india government shut the fuck up before yelling and pointing at what you think is a racist nation ,look in the mirror ,clean up your fucking dirty filthy,smelly nation called India and stop the caste system and stay in india ,its suppose to be a superpower ha ha

  5. Oh My God, I cant believe what people have written here. Its been 2 years since these comments were written. Ive only read them today because i dont usually go on the social networking sites. I cannot believe there are so much sad people in this world who just want India to break up. I am a Sikh and I was there in 1984 when The Golden Temple was attacked. Before all of that happened, loads of innocent Hindu’s were being killed by these Khalistani’s. What about them? Did they not have a right to live? Were they not human beings? Who gave these Khalistani’s a right to kill innocent people? You lot call Bhindrawale a saint. In my eyes he’s not a saint. He wanted to devide his own homeland, India were he was born. If he was such a saint he would not have hid inside The Golden Temple, he was a mere politician who wanted to make it a political issue because he knew if Indira Ghandi attacked The Golden Temple then all the Sikh’s will go against her. How pathetic! Most of these Sikhs that live outside India, mostly British, American or Canadian Sikh’s. Who the Fuck do they think they are! If they really wanted to fight for a cause then they should go back home and live there but these people will never go back to India because they want all the luxuries of the West and they are promoting hatred. How can you forget that we are all the same and we dont need any religions to define us. We are Indians first and being of any religion is a personal thing. People in India (Punjab) have moved on from 1984 or they are trying to move on and you pathetic non resident Indian Sikh’s are pushing them back. there are more basic needs a regular Indian has in India just earning a decant wage to feed there children then fight in the name of their religion. You preach Khalistan, they wont even let you into the country without your turban you non turban wearing Sikh’s so the joke is on you, fools! You lot want Khalistan, you cant even go to the same Gurdwara. Its either a Jatt Gurdwara or Ramgarhia Gurdwara etc. In India there are no Gurdwara’s based on cast. First learn to live by the main rule of Sikhism that WE ARE ALL ONE CAST! Guru Nanak Dev Ji wanted to reform Hinduism, not further more to devide it by making another religion. We have got plenty of fanatic Sikh’s who would turn it into a Taliban state were you cant breath without permission.

    Basically any Country that is based on religion never prospers. We can see the examples all over the world. India is only surviving and prospering because it is secular so SHUT THE FUCK UP and leave our India alone.

    By the way Sonia Deol did a excellent job on the documentary so leave her alone! I no this comment is really late but its better said than never said.

    • Inderjeet : You have alot of misconceptions about the sher Bhindranwala and Sikhi, in fact you can’t even distinguish between a Gurdwara and a temple.

      It was Darbar Sahib/Harmandir Sahib that was attacked, the seat of the Akal Takht, the seat of temporal and spiritual sovereignty of Sikhi. Temples are places where you worship deities and I doubt smashing idols was the main aim.

      Can you produce any evidence that Sikhs were killing hindus before the attack on Darbar Sahib? No. Because there isn’t any. Have you bothered listening to Sant Jarnail’s speeches? Probably not, because his goal was a ‘ amrit revolution’ – to administer amrit to Sikhs in Panjab and free them from state administered drugs, mindless entertainment. Sant Jarnail was not hiding in Darbar Saab, that was his home and no one hides in their homes, they protect them if need be.

      Guru Nanak was not ‘ trying to reform hinduisim’ like you say. Have you ever even contemplated on Gurbani? ‘ Dhur ki Bani’ – bani straight from God, not a reformation commandment. It was a new order.

      In order for the punjabi community to survive and evolve they first have to be free. Caste, not wearing a turban, wanting to marry a clean shaven person are all ideological components that quietly portrayed by a state ideological apparatus (media mainly). They were never part of Sikhi and Sant Jarnail fought against (caste, cutting hair, taking drugs). In fact that’s what worried Indira, the Sikhs were going to start thinking and reforming, such type of people don’t make good slaves. What type of freedom loving Sikh would agree to diverting rivers out of Punjab, while farmers in punjab steeped in debt waited for rains. The brahmins benefiting from selling Monsanto sponsored seeds wouldn’t be too happy either if Sikhs wanted to resume control of their own state.

      Like you say ‘ there are basic needs an indian has in india, like feeding their children’. I wonder why you don’t ask Monsanto that.

      For you to conclusively state that a theological backed government won’t prosper will firts require you to study Sikhi and Sikh history. Maharaja Ranjit Singh did fine, why are you squirming.

      India is prospering because of cheap labour. It’s not a secular state, if it was there wouldn’t be state induced communal violence and you would have equal representation of all minorities. No ones going to pat you for being patriotic, because you’re loyal to a set of false ideals.

      Sikhs in India like yourself have lost the plot, you know nothing of what’s going on in the world besides cricket and the mindless Bollywood drivel that you watch and base your lives around. Forget documentaries you can’t even get your own religion right.

    • Hi Inderjeet,
      First of all, you don’t know how to speak. On line any bloody coward like you can write your comments as you feel like..because Sikhs like us r not sitting in front of you..Trust me if you happen to be son of one father then meet us personally anywhere in the world…then first we will teach you how to speak on subjects -such sensitive one’s on which -idiot like you knows nothing ..& secondly I have got more answers to back up my claims to even make you belive-that Sant Bhindrawale was right ..but I feel that person like you don’t understand language of Ill not waste my time..
      & to give you little reply – That Sant Bhindrawale was not hiding inside Golden Temple…Sant ji fortified -Akaal Takhat ‘-Sikhs political centre to carry Sikhism genuine political-economical movement & also protected Golden Temple complex by fighting with Indian army’s 2 divisions plus 10 BSF/CRPF total 25000+25000=3000*10(*2)=50,000army+30+30 thousand para-military=1,10,000 troops with full armoured conventional might of 30 odd tanks,APC’s,Howitzers etc–against 40 Singhs with Sant-ji defending their Theo- Political -Religious centre & very similar no.’s 40-45 around Golden Temple complex..with just maximum – Light machine guns that too 20-25 & with other assault rifles–which is off no match with the might of Indian army but still it took …6 days for army to finish …operation after loosing 1200-1500 troops killed & similar no. injured …what a shame…40 vs-110,000 & such win..which is almost a shameful lost for Indian army..
      & what u know that Hindus killed prior to Operation Blue Star …was killed by Sant Ji…whereas Indian intelligence agencies did all this just to defame Sikh stuggle..
      & Twat like you dnt know what Sikhs demands were-Which Sant Bhindrawale as Sikh religious preacher asked as a genuine responsibility of being a humble Guru’s Sikh…& what you said-Bhindrawale was not a Saint -in your eyes-[ who the’ ____’ you are to give such opinion–who cares about ur ‘____ing_’ views or eyes…!! & Because stupid like terms – SAnt Bhindrawale-as Khalistani-where Sant ji never asked for different country but just more federal powers to Punjab-which is better for the states economy-[ Punjab’s 75% waters are being diverted by Central Indian govt.,to non-reprian states of Delhi-Haryana-Rajasthan-!! whereas Punjabs own water table going down due to scarecity of water due to Punjab’s agrarian economy-Sant Bhindrawale stood firmly for these issues..& lower wages in Punjab’s industries needed to be fixed & as well as of Punjabs crop produce–Punjab which is a very fertile agro-state was asked to be made professionally agro-based indurial state by regularising Punjab’s different agro-crops like -Cotton belt where textiles industries can be set-up which will give employment to local landless population with lowest fixed wages…Satluj-yamuna link & Ravi-Beas board was proposed to centre by Akali Dal & Sant ji for Punjab’s reprian rights [as per UNO]..for better irrigation for Punjab’s agriculture..
      Sikhs need separate personal law- Sikh settlements in Haryana-Himachal which were cunningly sliced out of Punjab by Indira Gandhi..& Chandigarh were asked to be revised & Punjab should have more autonomous powers living within Indian union..
      & what you said-Guru Nanak-just want to reform Hinduism only & not want to start any new religion–!
      You know you are a big I said people like you don’t understand language of good words…- what does reform means–obviously theres something wrong in previous thing or tradition or religion –& to reform obviously new start is always needed…you have such narrow knowledge —
      But -Guru Nanak not just tried to reform Hinduism or Islam-but started a new religious path &[ it took 280 yrs from Guru Nanak -till -Guru Gobind Singh ji ] by giving world live examples how humanity should or will have to lead their religious lives in future–Sikh Guru’s mission was to reform whole humanity & give them right religious path to lead their religious lives …of Saints-workers-businessmen-householders-& in need also soldiers…
      If u Inderjeet trust me don’t want the title… of -” Swargwaasi Inderjeet” then shut ur dirty -filthy mouth & scum-bag brain—

  6. Ek den khalistaan zaroor banooga.

  7. khalid raina July 13, 2016, 17:53

    sonia deol did not say he was a terrorist whom was ‘viewed as a militant who had terrorized for long enough’. for convenience of those angered and portraying her in a negative light starts the quote midway. she actually says to some he is viewed as a saint and to others he is ‘viewed as a militant who had terrorized for long enough’. she worded it truthful because it’s a matter of opinion depending on the faith. obvious some sihks see him as a hero and to Hindus he would probably be considered as a terrorist. she does not disrespect his legacy, but instead explains how the government’s mistreatment of him and other sihks in india may have shaped his actions. she was non biased in her report.


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