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The Internet has been flooded by a deluge of  pro-dasam granth websites. This is part of a well financed campaign to derail the Sikh Religion.  Here in a nutshell is what is happening:

The object of this combine is to defang, neuter and completely destroy Sikhi. The strategy is to introduce idolatry and a stratified priesthood into the Sikh Religion. The mechanism to actuate this is the dasam granth and the dera movement. The dasam granth will introduce idolatry into the religion and the dera movement will shift Sikh worship from the commonwealth of gurdwaras to private estates controlled by priests.

To help you find  respectable and high quality resources  we have compiled this continuing collection of links to the dasam granth (also called kanjar bani or the Prostitutes Book)  controversy (please click on the link to go to the web site).

The catalogue of  The Sikh Archives articles on the dasam granth is here:

Professor Darshan Singh YouTube Channel.
Professor Darshan Singh is the greatest living authority on The Sri Guru Granth Sahib
This is a must watch channel to get away from the FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt). This is a Punjabi channel :

And  click here to visit Singh Sahib Professor Darshan Singh’s web site (in Punjabi):



Kaur Khalsa Raj Blog: A New blog in English by a proud Sikhnee writing under the nom de plume: Kaur Khalsa Raj.   Has a continuing and very strongly worded commentary and analysis of the Dasam Granth controversy. The site also has commentary on  gender discrimination in the dasam granth and the extreme anti-female  propaganda which is an integral component of  this book.  This site is very highly recommended as a bookmark.

The Gurmukh Yoga Forum: A forum which is operated by the White Sikh Gursant Singh. Contains lucid and accurate commentary on the Sikh Religion and Sikh issues in North America. The site is highly critical of white Sikhnetters (a cult which promotes the dasam granth and other  idolatrous practises). Gursant documents the rise of idolatry, hinduization of Sikhism  and other heretical Sikh practises on the North American continent.   I very highly recommend a visit to this site which is operated by an authentic  Sikh with a deep knowledge of and  love for Sikhi. (in English):

The Panthic Wing: A blog in English on the dasam granth controversy coming from Toronto, Canada.

Gurmat Gian Missionary College: The missionary college hosts Professor Inder Singh Ghagga who is a world renowned expert on the Shabad Guru. This web site is in the Punjabi language:

Nice Lecture: Very Good Video lecture  in Punjabi with historical  references on the dasam granth:

Professor Darshan Singh on PTC (interview with reference to one dasam gruntie talking about the girlfriend of  Respected Guru Gobind  Singh). Rendered in Punjabi:


The 3HO Sikhnet Idolators: Get ready to be totally shocked.  This is the forum and website of Gursant Singh, a White Sikh who is the real McCoy.  This website  documents  the idolatrous and heretical practises of White 3H0 Sikhnet Sikhs (in English):


Various audio resources by Singh Sahib Professor Darshan Singh Ji, former Jathedar Akal Takht (Guardian Of The Throne Of God)  on the dasam granth controversy where he refutes  intentionally misleading propaganda. You can listen to the Nagpur Seminar given after Professor Darshan Singh was excommunicated, here (in Punjabi):


Singh Sabha Canada: loads of useful and authentic information. This site is in Punjabi and English:

Kala Afghana Web Site (in Punjabi): Heretic par excellence, the Witchfinder General pilloried him and burnt him at the stake repeatedly. But the  charred body refused to  burn properly.  Hounded mercilessly for over twenty years his name became synonymous  with the Sikh Devil himself. We are talking about Kala Afghana (“The Black Afghan”).   Now at five minutes to midnight  as the Sikh Lion lies mortally wounded,  The Afghan has arisen from the graveyard with his sabre bared, seeking bloody retribution for the  vomitous and supremely heretical Anti-Sikh screed,  the dasam granth. The Afghan  has donned the surgeon’s apron, sharpened his scalpel and turned the  Exposure Dial to 100 to perform the autopsy on The Beast.  Below is the link for the Kala Afghana web site. Please note that on this site you can obtain The Afghan’s 10 volume magnum opus: Bipren Ki Reet Toh Sach De Marg (From Emulation Of The Brahmin To The True Path):


The Sikh Bulletin (in English) is maintained by the  Khalsa Tricennetenial Foundation Of America. They publish a bi-monthly high quality academic  journal on Sikhism which is downloadable for free  in PDF format. There are a number of careful analyses of the Dasam Granth.  The journal is well worth reading. Since the foundation is based in California it is free of  corruption by the controlling foreign hand. There are a number of  very prominent North American  Sikhs who are exposed in the Sikh Bulletin as  being  marionettes whose strings are pulled by the RSS.



The Sikh Review: Quite possibly the oldest scholarly Sikh Journal. Started by Captain Bhag Singh.   Published from Karnani Mansion,  Calcutta. A monthly printed journal has been distributed worldwide for at least the last forty five years. This Sikh Review journal is reading de riguer if you are interested in Sikh History and theology. For such an important resource, the web site is quite unusable from current web usability standards. The web site is in English. The web site needs a major overhaul to reinvigorate the original mission:

Sikhism And Tantric Yoga:

The Western reader can understand better what I mean if he understands Tantra in terms of Marlowe’s or Goethe’s Faust. Yogi Bhajan is a Sikh by birth and still carries with him considerable sense of belonging to the Sikh Faith. But I have come to the conclusion that he is a Faustian character without the intellectual and Occult equipment of Dr. Faust, nor perhaps does he have Faust’s courage to retrace his steps. Ever since he has started proclaiming in speech and writings that he has done more than Guru Gobind Singh could do, and that Guru Gobind Singh has wrongly planted the seed of the Khalsa which he is trying to correct, he seems to have lost his mental balance. These are sacrilegious statements which no Sikh on earth can ever tolerate.

– Dr. Trilochan Singh,  from the book Sikhism And Tantric Yoga


The book Sikhism And Tantric Yoga is available on the website:  This website which is operated by a genuine White Sikh is highly recommended. Gursant Singh was a member of the Yogi Bhajan Cult (3HO and the Sikhnet Gora Sikhs or White Sikhs)  for nearly 30 years and has intimate knowledge about the inner workings of this cult which attempts to miscegnate Sikhism with Hindu idolatry.  I downloaded the book from Gursant’s website and found  it to be absolutely compelling. I read it in one compulsive and sustained draught.  It is a study not only about  cults in Sikhism but about the miscegenation of the Sikh Religion by Hinduism. It is a classic work rendered in beautiful English prose and it  is patently the work of a profound intellectual scholar with a deep knowledge of Sikhism.

Download from:


Sikh Sandesh: We like websites which are bold and uncompromising in their outlook.  SikhSandesh is one of those sites. Aside from lucid commentary on the Sikh Religion, this site contains acidic commentary on Christians who try to convert Sikhs, Hindu RSS fanatics hellbent on the destruction of Sikhism,  the atrocities of the Iraq War and so forth.  The authors  have a clear understanding that the utility of Sikhism  is manifested in the laboratory of the real world and not in the  cowardly and hypocritical obfuscation of chanting  mantras . This site counters the occidental trend set by some  very cowardly Sikhs who obfuscate the Sikh  religion and pretend that gross injustice in the world does not exist. These Sikhs are repulsive hypocrites and to use the German term: schwein. In an age of universal deceit, one is apt to forget Guru Gobind Singh’s prayer: O’ God grant me this one boon that I may die on the battlefield in mighty strife In English And Punjabi

Why I Chose Sikhism: A Sikhnee’s website extolling the virtues of Sikhism. Provides a practical comparison of Sikhism and Islam with a reasoned conclusion  as to why Sikhism is a more favourable alternative for females than  Islam [In English]:

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