The Great Pretender On The Throne Of God Issues A Warning To Ravidassia Cult


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By The Poet Warrior

Note: A ravidassi sant (sant means saint – every religious charlatan in the Punjab  gives  himself  the title of  sant; and there are more saints in that  Goofy place than farmers) was killed in Vienna by ferocious Sikh Militants in 2009 for carrying out sacrilegious rituals in front of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib – (i) placing pictures in the presence of the Sacred Scripture (a form of idolatry), and having jackasses  bow before  his feet in the presence of the Holy Sikh scripture (violating the prime creedal injunction – Guru Maneyo Granth). Both  sacrilegious events have been video-taped and are available on  youtube.

The Great Pretender Gurbachana  warned that no one would be allowed to take the bani (living voice of Gurus) of Sri Guru Granth Sahib for scripting a separate religious book. The poseur Jathedar warned that:

“If they (Ravidassia Cult)  want to have their separate granth, let them have it. But Sikhs won’t allow them to take bani from Guru Granth Sahib. Compositions of Guru Ravidass are part of Guru Granth Sahib,” Giani Gurbachan Singh said, adding, “How can parts of a living Guru be separated?” The issue came to the fore after Ravidass cult followers announced Ravidassia Dharm as a separate religion, complete with its own granth, symbol and motto, at Banaras last weekend. There has been a simmering discontent among Dalits after the killing of Dera Sachkhand Ballan leader in Vienna last year.


Meanwhile, taking strong exception to statements issued by Sikh organizations and various individuals in support of former jathedar Darshan Singh Ragi, the Poseur and Great Pretender  added, “Those extending support to Darshan Singh Ragi are violating the directives of Akal Takht and should exercise restrain.” Ragi was recently excommunicated from the Sikh Panth due to his purported objectionable utterances against Guru Gobind Singh.

(Editor’s Note:  Poseur and Great Pretender,  Please stop your FUD ( fear, uncertainty and doubt). OK you are supposed to have a grade six education but that is no reason for you to spread FUD manure. It’s too much. Professor Darshan Singh Ji has  spoken against the  so-called dasam granth since he doubts the authenticity of the text – it is devi pooja, Big Guy. If you visit his website, he only speaks with love for Guru Gobind Singh. Repeatedly in his videos and audios  he says   “How could my Guru Gobind  Singh have uttered such vile and dirty things (with reference to dasam granth)”.

Red Flag: The Ravidassia Heretics

Editor’s Note:  After reviewing the comments below  we felt duty bound to defend the Poet Warrior.

We have inserted on behalf of Poet Warrior the following videos   which shows the precise reason why this self-styled saint was killed off.  The video shows  people bowing at the feet of this self styled god  in the presence of the Respected Guru Granth Sahib.  A supremely heretical act and a supreme insult to the entire Sikh Nation. The video contains derogatory remarks about  Miss Pooja; who has made many videos in support of these heretics.

Warning: These videos contain extremely violent and profane language; do not watch these videos if you are offended by strong language.

These videos exemplify the ferocious hatred that Sikhs always reserve for those who interfere with this divine religion.

The angry video below recounts insults offered by Ravidassias to Guru Nanak, Guru Gobind Singh, The Guru Granth Sahib and Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale

More anger being shown for the supreme act of sacrilege

Now feel the anger of Sikhs  at  the copycats who plagiarize  portions of the divine Guru Granth Sahib and try to create a new religion. The Masked Jatt laughs the dangerous laugh.

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  1. Whosoever has written this article is either a jackass or a fool who doesn’t understand the Punjabi diaspora. One of my friends sent me an email that Sikhs are getting lot of shit in Canadian media. There are news in the media titled “whether Gobind singh propose Group sex or not”. Dasam granth proposes group sex, sex out of marriage, sex within the family (incest), taking drugs etc.

    You guys are getting lot of popularity these days. If your last guru wrote such a shit, I am sure he engaged in it too. No wonder you never hear anything about Gobind Singh’s wife. You only hear about his kids and mother. May be he also engaged in such activities. He was just a bloddy king. No guru etc. Always fighiting and always loosing every battle. What kind of guru was he who lost every battle. I am not saying that your dasam granth and canadian news say that that your guru spewed hatred for women, obscene words. may be he had gone crazy and desperate in the ending days.

    Nobody has to do any harm to you guys. You guys will finish yourselves one day very soon. This is how moorakhs and manmukhs disappear. Darshan Singh is a mischevious guy. Ravidassis don’t give him a damn.

    Regarding Ballan Sants, who was murdered at Austia, he was greatest. Murdering him was like murdering Guru Arjun Dev and Guru Nanak and that’s why you suffer every day now. Your Militatnt Sikhs are now asking for forgiveness from Ballan sants while languishing in Austrian jails. Our Sants are not like your shithole, mad dog Bhunderwale kutta.

    We have our separate Granth and we don’t give damn to any Gurbachana dog or anybody else. Chamars will kick ass of anybody who bothers them. We are all over India. You bother us again and you will learn another lesson an than you singh dhadhi wars about them.

  2. Does it ring true that the Lord Of The Falcons who sacrificed his entire family (his father, his mother, his eldest sons aged 14 and 17, his youngest sons aged 7 and 9) at the alter of Sikhi, do the things you ascribe to him?

    I believe that you have missed the entire point of the article. Like the vast majority of Indians you simply cannot think beyond the prison that is your mind. You are living in a very tiny cage. The goblet of sublime liberation that is Sikhi is not for people like you; you are simply not evolved enough for Sikhi. In all likelihood your forebears converted to Sikhi to obtain the protection of the Khalsa and obtain material gain and now like chafe in the wind people like you are falling away. I don’t blame you, a plebian only has a concern with his daily bread. You are not fit to be a Sikh – people like you have been a vomituous pestilence eating away at the heart of Sikhi since the days of Slave Nanak. Wormwood, wormwood!

    With a letter like this which betrays absolutely no knowledge about Sikhi, I am quite glad that you have broken ties. It is better to leave Sikhi than contaminate it with false theologies. Now there is only one thing left for you to do – change your surname. That name Singh is a gift from Guru Gobind Singh to his beloved Sikhs only. So you have absolutely no right to use it. By using that surname while not adhering to Sikhi you are conveying a false impression to foreign non-Sikhs.

    I am not a Punjabi and don’t pretend to understand them.Frankly they are not worth understanding. I am only concerned with Sikh theology. Sikhi does not have anything to do with Punjabis. As far as Punjabis and Indians are concerned I have my emotional conviction that Indians should vacate Sikhi so that it can grow in the Free West. The evolutionary course that Sikhi is following is identical to Buddhism. India is not worthy of the Great Cypress that is Sikhi. As the German Phiiosopher Nietzsche averred about India and it’s people, a great cypress can never grow tall in a land populated by creepers. You are one of those creepers. You are only great in your very tiny mind.

    The grand panorama that is the Sikhi of Nanak will continue to play itself out; but now in different lands among many different great peoples. And as Sikhi expands people like you will once again join it for your selfish material needs. I really hope that you and your breed stay away, we do not want this mighty Cypress to be miscegnated and the rivers of blood that have watered the plant called Sikhi to be in vain.

    Your so-called saint was contaminating the Guru Granth Sahib and misleading a very superstitious race of dimwits. Instead of preaching the Bani of the Granth, this Jackass was deliberately misusing it for his personal profit and aggrandizement. If he had been born in the West he would have misused the bible. This is the nature of snakes and Charlatans. He got his comeuppance in very good measure.

    As you go about forming your new religion – remember not to plagiarize the Guru Granth Sahib. It will surely generate a firestorm and again ferocious Sikh Militants of the Lord of the Falcons will be adorned for hunting. Do not delude yourself, Sikhi is forever. The only desire of the Sikh nation is that you practise your faith by yourself and do not interfere in the Sikh Religion. Since you are not a Sikh you have absolutely no right to meddle in Sikhi and we take very great affront to the smelly ilks of people like you meddling in the Sikhi of Nanak with your completely brain dead nattering. Stay away from this most precious of all treasures called Sikhi. No, we will not annihilate ourselves; we just thirst for lebensraum.

    Once again thanks for leaving the Religion and going back to your man made gods, Jackass. Now back to the iron beating factory with you.

    Oh try to improve your English it is quite imbecilic.

  3. It’s funny that GGS contains texts from other religions but nobody else can use the words written in GGS. What hypocrites. It seems the author of this page is super depressed from all his ego enlarging American education. Too busy to have a heart. Make that money Nigggaaa!!!

  4. Poet Warrior May 4, 2010, 22:32

    You appear to be an U.S.A. negro. Sorry, I cannot seem to understand your comment. it is gibberish. Perhaps if I was a Gibbon or had qualifications in Negrology, I could understand what you are trying to say. Anyways how do you intend to make ‘da money‘, by raping, looting and killing (and butchering the Queen’s English)?

  5. OMG shame…Poet you have totally and uterly pissed all over this Jasvir thats the most intelligent answer to a question I have ever read.

  6. Using Religion for money; power and control is the second oldest profession. The World does not need Religion, it needs GOODNESS…THE HOUSE OF NANAK-GOBIND SINGH is the highest HOUSE ever and please remember if it had not been for GURU GOBIND SINGH and the GURU ROOP KHALSA then we would be enslaved in ISLAM; HINDUISM, or CHRISTIANITY and would not understand the purpose of LIFE which is ”SELFLESS SERVICE TO HUMANITY”

    Poet Warrior, i SALUTE YOU & please contact my humble self and please note that most Indians do not have access to a toilet! and spitting and urinating in public is an addition to the ”mindless and senseless” rituals and superstitions called DHARAM.

    Baldev Singh

    United Kingdom/Global

  7. Poet warrior is right in saying that being in the caste prison rather in its pit down below people who can talk like this about lord of falcons are to be pitied for their underdeveloped mental power. There is no way their mental power to develop to the high level where Khalsa spirit was made to take joyful flights in service of Guru lord of falcons. Those blissful flights are not not allowed to develop in them by brahmin and other highly castes that devil itself has made to sit on them. They are not just under the knee of devil they are under a heavy age old bolder that devil has set on them particularly their minds. They are rendered incapable to understand the liberated/liberating spirit that Guru Lord falcons has bestowed on Khalsa.

  8. i wanted to say same words as Baldev Singh above that house of Nanak Gobind Is the Highest house ever Those who believe in this stand rescued forever from even utter caste enslavement of Hinduism what to talk of other enslavements. Those in the pit of caste hell do not have not have a place to unrinate and spitting everywhere is their lot. They cannot save themselves from gyrating in mindless senseless rituals or falling on the feet of devils itself that incarnates in the role of false saints from time to time.


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