The Sikh Flag In Iran


Unofficial Representation Of The Sikh Flag

Unofficial Representation Of The Sikh Flag


How Did The Sikh Flag Ensignia End Up On The Iranian Flag?

Ayatollah Khomeini who was born in  Punjab, India changed the name of  Persia to Iran after the Shah was overthrown in 1977  and also insisted that the Sikh  flag emblem  be put on the Iranian flag. Khomeini was well known to have been influenced by  Sikh culture and the Sikh religion (which was relatively uncontaminated during his time).

The Sikh flag consists of two sabres over a broadsword and a  Sikh Chakkar (an iron ring worn on the head of warriors). The chakkar is optional on the flag. The Sikh Flag is called The Nishan Sahib (“The Respected Mark“).

IranNewsBlogspot reports on this as follows:

The non-violent movement in Iran has been opposing the mullahs since 12 Feb 79 and we have managed to stop them in many areas where they were planning to wipe out our culture. Sadly the world press does not report our success, and ironically reports far too late some horrible stories about the destruction of our most cherished cultural heritages. We know how the name of Iran was changed, and how Khomeini insisted on having that Sikh emblem on it (a reference to his own origins).


Flag Of Iran

Flag Of Iran


The Sikh Flag  On Parade

The Sikh Flag On Parade


The video below celebrates the flag of The Sikh Nation – The title of the song means – May The Sikh Flag Keep on fluttering In The wind.



Satwinder Bitti sings the song:  The Flag Of The Sikh Nation:




The Sikh Flying High And Mighty

The Sikh Flying High And Mighty



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  1. i have an objection on ur Answer of the Question that How Did The Sikh Flag Ensignia End Up On The Iranian Flag?
    Your Answer is……..
    Ayatollah Khomeini who was born in Punjab, India changed the name of Persia to Iran after the Shah was overthrown in 1977 and also insisted that the Sikh flag emblem be put on the Iranian flag.

    Ayatollah Khomeini who was born in Punjab, India. Its Wrong he was born in Mashad, Iran. read Wikipedia He didnt born in Punjab and i just got embarrassed by one Iranian when i read stuff from your website and told him. i wana know why do you use this untrue information? I am also a Sikh. Kindly reply me aswel.
    Arvinder Singh

    • hay fucking arvider read the biagraphy of khomanie are u crazy bastard

    • Mis info will always confuse people and bring ‘em down. My comments were censored for a while until I started whinging and calling admin non-skih and hegel. If you wanna know everything from start to finish you need to read the correct sources and dont believe all that is stated here unless u can verify it – forensically. There is a lot of good stuff on this site but also a lot of stuff to feed an ego if your into that sort of thing. Such as the sythian thing is bollox and leads to Arya which is also Luciferian ideology.
      Read this u will find all answers

  2. You thing wikipedia say the reality? you can put every thing that you like” in wikipedia. Khomeini was not iranien.Of cours thet he has the indient root but it is political secret.

  3. The emblem on the Iranian flag Spells out the word ‘Allah’ in Farsi / Persian.
    It just happens to look abit like the Sikh emblem…

  4. Khomeini was born in Jalandhar, Punjab. The Iranian Flag is copy of the Flag Of The Khalsa Knighthood with the word allah put on over it. As Mar says, his actual birth place has been obscured for political reasons. Go to Jalandhar and you will find out.

    • I completely agree with you Arvinder Singh ji. Why telling lies? What is this author trying to proove? or is he simply making fool and fun of sikhs……shame on such people.


      Have some shame or are you simply hallucinating…..

    • shahnaz ki betti August 28, 2014, 15:55

      Please note, the admin on this forum is hallucinating and high on drugs. He is talking bullshit and Khomeni Ayatollah or not, was too evil looking to resemble anyone sikh lol ji.

  5. This can throw some light on the issue:

    Ayatollah Khomeini
    Ayatollah Rouhollah Mousavi Khomeini (Imam Khomeini)

    Rouhollah Mousavi Khomeini was born on 24 September 1902 (20 Jamadi al-Akhir 1320), the anniversary of the birth of Hazrat Fatima, in the small town of Khomein, some 160 kilometres to the southwest of Qom. He was the child of a family with a long tradition of religious scholarship. His ancestors, descendants of Imam Mousa al-Kazim, the seventh Imam of the Ahl al-Bayt, had migrated towards the end of the eighteenth century from their original home in Neishapour (in Khorasan province of Iran) to the Lucknow region of northern India. There they settled and began devoting themselves to the religious instruction and guidance of the region’s predominantly Shi’i population.

    Source :

  6. Ayatollah Khomeini
    Ayatollah Rouhollah Mousavi Khomeini (Imam Khomeini)

    Probably this can throw some light on the topic:

    Rouhollah Mousavi Khomeini was born on 24 September 1902 (20 Jamadi al-Akhir 1320), the anniversary of the birth of Hazrat Fatima, in the small town of Khomein, some 160 kilometres to the southwest of Qom. He was the child of a family with a long tradition of religious scholarship. His ancestors, descendants of Imam Mousa al-Kazim, the seventh Imam of the Ahl al-Bayt, had migrated towards the end of the eighteenth century from their original home in Neishapour (in Khorasan province of Iran) to the Lucknow region of northern India. There they settled and began devoting themselves to the religious instruction and guidance of the region’s predominantly Shi’i population.

    Khomeini’s grandfather, Seyed Ahmad, left Lucknow (according to a statement of Khomeini’s elder brother, Seyed Morteza Pasandideh, his point of departure was Kashmir, not Lucknow) some time in the middle of the nineteenth century on pilgrimage to the tomb of Hazrat ‘Ali in Najaf. While in Najaf, Seyed Ahmad met Yousef Khan, a prominent citizen of Khomein. Accepting his invitation, he decided to settle in Khomein to assume responsibility for the religious needs of its citizens and also took Yousef Khan’s daughter in marriage.

  7. Satan of the century, he is bastard and killer of innocent peoples

  8. Sikh and Shia are the same, both are killers of humans, Sikhs killed millions of muslim in pre-partition of India-Pak and Khomaini killed so many innocent people during his govt.


      • shah is a parsi bahai zealot these people are mentally ill they want a one world government where there is no freedom of thought or religious freedom. These people are evil they want a genocide of people….. never trust a bahai or pasi remember indira evil bitch gandhi was married to a parsi feroz khan.

      • You can’t speak anything without blaming Brahmans can you? why are you such a loser? Truth is you fit nowhere in the picture & that’s why out of jealousy attack Brahmans. F off.

        • LS,

          I am a Brahmin and I can assure you khottey de putra there has never been a Sikh since the history of this religion whom you can call a loser Singh, mark my word for it.

          on the other hand the whole of the brahmin cunt caste has been nothing but losers from the inception of this kooty caste lol. When I was growing up in Asaido under the occupation of bardo clan the slogan was ‘Don,t trust a Brahmin with a bodhi in the middle of his head’ and no one knew what it meant then. Now as I have grown up into a more sophiticated young lady I am beginning to understand the meaning much better. Thanks to the dinko dictionary.

          so, you better think before you christen yourself with the above name of LS. Don’t force me to give you a mouthful of punjabi or hindi gaalana ‘cos I know quite a few. Oops! I almost forgotton, I am a lady.

    • Listen up , Muslims came to India to convert all the Indians. Muslims killed many Sikhs AND Hindus. YOU GUYS ARE THE KILLERS OF EVERY RELIGION AND EVERY HUMAN. You don’t even know your own history. Very Sad. Muslims killed so many Sikhs if we didn’t accept Islam. The Mughals killed so many Hindus and Sikhs, Sikhs protected the Hindus. The Chote Sahibzade were bricked ALIVE, and they were only 7-10 yrs old. They were BRICKED ALIVE because they didnt accept islam, they accepted death. They were children and they DIED for their Sikh religion. And Guru Tegh Bahadur SAVED INDIA. He was killed by Araungzeb for not accepting Islam. All the Muslims wanted to do was convert everyone in India into Muslims. Guru Tegh Bahadur died for not accepting Islam. He was tortured, and hes known as “Hind Di Chadur”, which means the “Shield of India”, meaning that he gave up his life in order to save all the non-muslims, which were Hindus and Sikhs, during the time the MUGHAL empire wanted everyone to be Muslims. Sikhs were brave warriors, that saved India from the Muslims. All of the Muslim Kings killed all the 10 gurus of Sikhs, because they would not accept Islam. What did we do to you? You guys came to India with the intention of turning Indians to Muslims. You guys are the EVIL ones. You killed everyone who didnt turn into a MUSLIM. Of course we are going to fight back. We didnt do anything to you. We are a pieceful religon, but we WILL fight back if ANYONE forces us to TURN into MUSLIMS. Muslims executed all of the 10 gurus in very inhumane ways. Know your history. Heres another example, Guru Arjun Dev Ji was boiled in a big pot, and tortured for not cutting his hair and beard by the Muslims. He died for his Sikh religon. Another example, Bhai Mani singh had his limbs chopped off one by one and was tortured for not turning into a Muslim. GOOGLE his name and see all the PAINTINGS of how barbaric the Muslims were. GOOGLE it, look at the images. ANOTHER EXAMPLE, Baba Deep Singh, while fighting with Muslims in a war, his head got cut off, and he carried his head and body all the way to our golden temple, and died there. KNOW YOUR HISTORY. Another example, Aurangzeb ordered every Muslim in India, that if they saw a Sikh, cut his head off and give it to him, and they will get money in return. ANOTHER EXAMPLE, Bhai Taru Singh was tortured and killed for not cutting his hair and beard, and for not becoming a Muslim. His scalp was chopped off by the Muslims. Search him up. Learn Sikh History. Every single name I mentioned, search them up and do your research. Sikh gurus protected Hindus and India. Sikhs protected India against the Muslims. Instead, we got 1984. You guys are the killers. Your people came to India and killed so many Sikhs in the most inhumane ways, just because we wouldnt turn into muslims. All of the names I mentioned, research them, and learn Sikh History. Have a nice day.

    • And Muslims never killed any Sikhs during partition???

    • shahnaz ki betti August 28, 2014, 15:57

      Oy Shah ke bacchey, you definitely need your thick head examined.

  9. Khomeini was not of Indian origin , Khomeini’s family originated from the city if Nishapur , Iran , and they were of Persian descent. They migrated to the Kingdom of Oudh in India , this was a kingdom that was ruled by Shia Persians:

  10. yea he was born in nawashar ..

  11. he was gill jatt sikh

  12. Please no lies. That is not a sikh symbol. It is tulip flower. DO NOT LIE. RAB DA KHAUF KARO.

  13. according to the wiki a previous commenter posted, it says ‘The origin of Ali Khamenei family is from Tafresh in today’s Markazi province. The ancestors of Ali Khamenei had migrated from their original home in Tafresh to Tabriz.[17][18] Born in Mashhad,[2][19] He is second eldest of eight children, and two of his brothers are also clerics. His younger brother, Hadi Khamenei, is a renowned newspaper editor and cleric.[20] Ali Khamenei is half Iranian Azeri[21][22][23][24] and his mother is a Yazd-native Persian’

    also, i have a friend who is iranian, and iran is very much islamic controlled he says. so, with that in mind, them endorsing a khanda is silly. there are a minority of jewish in iran, and even they are treated poorly. in fact, many, maybe even most iranians have never heard of a sikh.

  14. While it has gladdened our hearts to learn that we are close to (or at least imagine that we were close to) revolutionaries of the rank of Khomenei and that his heart was in Sikh embelms. But we as Sikhs would say that it was great good luck ofAyttollah Khommenei to be acquainted with Sikh culture and to be influenced by it. Neither are we surprised at it. Considering that ‘Nishan Sahib’ as flag of Khalsa is divine and Khalsa is destined to rule the world by divine order. However leaving this aside there is a personal side to it from my life. My father living with my brother in the state of Massachusettes in America in late 70’s to early 80’s used to be interrupted in his early morning walk while reciting Gurbani. The American fellow walkers who so interrupted him used to ask him if by any chance is related to Iranian president Aytollah Khamennie As per his narration they used to get interested in him because he looked like Khomeini with his round turban and they used to take him for an Iranian. If administration permits I can post my late father’s photograph on this site.

  15. thank you for your observations, the picture and your commentary are most welcome.

  16. @admin

    Who is Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale’s real father? Where are the photos of Santji’s parents and his multiple siblings, especially his only sister? I have lots of other questions, but will appreciate a prompt response from you about his family – was he the seventh son of a seven children family? Why with a large family Santji was sent to the dera in the service of babaji?

  17. thank you for your query. i see that the email address belongs to a “white” though the name is for an Indian female but not a Sikh. I do not understand what issue this question is germane to; especially since real Sikhs do not like to place any particular credence to the false virtuosity of blood relations. Perhaps it is a prelude to slander.

    However, here are some answers.

    1. If you are aware of Sikh history then you will know that The DamDami Taksal was the school started by Guru Gobind Singh. Taksal means Mint. It was a tradition in Sikh villages to “donate’ a child to The Taksal so that service to the Quom could be rendered. Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindrawale was such a child who was donated by his father to the Taksal. If the implication is that the family was ‘starving’ and he was given away. Then you are sadly mistaken. Sant Ji’s family was from a modest landowning family. His village was in one of the very Sikh areas of The Punjab. One day, I will tell you about a sixteen your old boy who was donated by his mother to Sant. But first you need to humbly learn some Sikh History.

    2. About Sant Ji’s family, Bhindranwale himself warned the Sikhs in anticipation of his impending martyrdom, that they should not presume that his Family members would be as high minded as himself.

    3. As I have enunciated to you previously, issues of Bhindranwale’s family are simply not germane to the serious political issues at hand. The fact that you would bring it up is sad.

    4. For your further information, his one son was brutally tortured and imprisoned at the age of 10. About 10 years later, his well-wishers were able to bring him and his wife to Canada. Due to the grave mistreatment he suffered, he is not off stable mind. He is a truck driver and prefers to be by himself. He is resident in Brampton, I believe.

    • Thanks for your response to my query. My questions are valid and the email address is made up. I am Sikh and a Punjabi. These questions arose after a random discussion with a cab driver on the drive back from the airport. He had blindfaith in Santji’s martyrdom and like majority disgusted by Akali Dal – BJP nexus in Punjab. By the way I am familiar with the concept of donating a boy child to dera’s in service but it is not generally looked upon as favourably in our parts unless if it was a mahapurush like Sant Attar Singh ji Mastuanawale. Majority of dera baba’s are interested in having chelas and massaging their own ego’s and not in serving the Panth.

      Of course I am concerned about lack of information on Sant Bhindranwale’s background for someone whose followers numbered in tens of lakhs and more has his family information so shielded and obscure. I am of the opinion we do not know the connections and real identity of his real father. Moreover according to researchers the term Damdami Taksal is not mentioned anywhere prior to 1977, this raises red flags for me. Moreover Sant Jarnail Singhji was given gurgaddi after the fatal accident of the Sant Kartar Singh Khalsa. This is something that Intelligence whether CIA or RAW would orchestrate. What nobody has been able to answer satisfactorily is how did Sant JS Bhindranwaleji become the religious leader of Sikh quom overriding the Akal Takht and why did he take up residence in the Harmandir Sahib?

      All the modus operandi point to CIA interference in the Dera’s check up on Mae Brussel’s youtube videos

      By the way I watched Sant JS Bhindranwaleji’s interview with Swami Vishnu and am very sorry to say he does not cut mustard, to say the least it is appalling and displays utter lack of understanding of the political process and vision of a great society, let alone who is representing the teachings and tenets of Sikh panth.

      By the way I had discussions in Vancouver with the Akhand Kirtani Jatha guys and they have never have been able to explain how the debauchery practitioner Yogi of LA has the impudence to run his ashram debasing the Sikh religion. From pathetic excuses like Bhai Jiwan Singhji prevented them from teaching a lesson to Yogi – to which begs the question why the anti-Khalistan but pro-Sikh’s became the object of their wrath and some as you know shot by the militants. There is no other conclusion, the leadership takes its orders from CIA/RSS/RAW/ISI nexus

      I have heard that Yogi was derogatory about Bhai Jiwan Singhji of AKJ, I know he was a big mouth low lifer but to have this impudence means he knew everyone is playing everyone here. Frankly if you look at the The Seizure of Grand Mosque on wiki the similarities with the assault on Golden Temple are impossible to ignore. It was a inside job and the only innocent and the pure ones are general devoted public.

      While we are at it Sant Longowal’s family history is completely unknown and I understand he is the one who invited Sant Bhindranwale in 1982 to take up residence in the Golden Temple. Just as shrewd Sant Longowal had made a lateral move to Damdami Taksal from his Longowal dera and then moved on to As you yourself state Khomeini is a imposter which by the way I do believe he may have been a Ahmediya follower even if born Jatt or Gill. It is also possible RSS operatives inflitrated the Sikh agitation and movement. Although Akali Dal is capable enough of destroying Punjab without covert RSS operatives in dera, I mean look at Badal and his son have kept seven portfolios each and key positions by his son-in-law Kairon and then Sukhbir’s brother-in-law Majitha, it resembles a Fiefdom and even worse because Badal/Akali Dal are Fronts and the RSS goons pull their strings.So much for Akali Dal’s agitation against Emergency filling jails protesting against Indira Gandhi for curbing civil liberties.

      When are the Sikhs going to learn? The first step is to thoroughly investigate the family and extended family background to find out where these people came from.
      I am also puzzled why Sikh Student’s Federation is against inquiry into circumstances surrounding Sant Bhindranwale’s death.

      • Thank you for your reply.

        1. The family background of Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale is innnocuous. I know people from his village who have migrated to the Occident and knew the family.

        2. The All India Sikh Students Federation has never accepted the death of Bhindranwale simply to keep the flame of the Khalistan movement alive.

        3. Sant Bhindranwale never claimed to be a educated man. He had knowledge only of Gurbani. Prior to the war, he had gone from place to place all over India converting people to Sikhism. Bhindranwale described himself as a servant of the Quom, the dust of the feet of pilgrims and so forth. This is recorded.

        4. A.R. Darshi a judicial magistrate in Ludhiana wrote a book called “The Gallant Defender”, which is a very accurate account of what happened. He kept the manuscript hidden for over ten years, not daring to publish it for fear of reprisal from the Indian Government.

        5. A lot of very educated Sikhs followed Bhindranwale; for example General Shahbeg Singh, Sukhjinder Singh – a Ph.D law graduate and so forth.

        6. If you read my last article, you will see that the Jews had a hand in attacking Darbar Sahib and today, they are pretending to lead White Sikhs.

        7. I cannot speak to the history of the DamDami Taksal. It is known however that members of this group were orthodox and some were martyrs.

        8. The idea that Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale was an agent of the Government of India is a canard spread by the RSS, RAW and the IB.

        9. The video referred to by you is a Yogi Bhajan RSS Cult, IB or RAW plant. But it is not germane to the great maartyrdom of Sant Bhindranwale. Remember, Bhindranwale never allowed himself to be taken alive. And look at Rajoana, he is completely defiant as death approaches. He is refusing to meet anybody from the Badal-RSS combine.
        These are real Sikhs.

        10. The Jews and Israel trained the commandos who attacked the so-called Golden Temple. Today they are pretending to lead the Sikhsin the West. Sikhs need to be aware of these treacherous snakes.

        I thank you once again and hope that you also stand with the Sikhs with one voice.

  18. Both Kiran Kaur and Poet Warrior have valid points (i.e. question things thoroughly yet be resilient to the cause and not complicate things). However, I don’t think the validity of the freedom movement should questioned at this point.

  19. Just went through “The Gallant Defender” by A R Darshi. Frankly, a love fest for Sant Bhindranwale. Doesn’t anybody see that Sant Bhindranwale avoided jail and imprisonment so judiciously at every step and he manages to get deeper and deeper into the Akal Takht precincts uninvited after every minor threat of arrest. The author has the audacity to invoke Guru Gobind Singhji’s name when Guruji dedicated his every breath to the Khalsa, did not even have time to pay obeisance at Harmandir Sahib and faced enemy in the open, sacrificed his whole family fighting against injustice and not for a kingdom perse.

    Everything was a set up and when Israelis are involved in any conflict the protagonist is always without exception an Insider Agent dressed as Enemy of the government. Regardless how anyone feels about PM Gandhi’s assassination, at least the Secret Enemy of India left no doubt about her death, whereas the others are shrouded in mystery and given mystical connotations to obfuscate the truth and facts.

    When the Indian army brutally and indiscriminately tortured and murdered thousands of devotees inside Harmandir Sahib, for some inexplicable reason their main target survives until the last day miraculously. Moreover his large family- parents and siblings, his immediate family are fine and dandy, not only after the Operation Blue Star, Operation WoodRose but also the Riots that ensued after PM Gandhi’s assassination.

    Oh the audacity of Sant Bhindranwale to say that “……..I will not decline the offer of Khalistan.”
    Excuse me does the head of one Akal Takht gets to decide the fate of the millions of Sikhs singlehandedly? How do those who are trained to be Granthis become the stewards of Sikh panth and Punjabis and Indian citizens? Having a resume with Sant credentials does not qualify anyone. Not there was much competition anyways looking at the Akali Dal leadership. I can’t believe the author A R Darshi calls the internal rift between Tohra, Longowal, Badal and other cohorts betrayal. If crooks decide to award themselves posts of CM, President etc and then manipulate and cheat on each other it is hardly a betrayal just another game. He defends Tohra or another aggrieved party while chastising Badal, but does not see anything wrong with secret agreements drawn without any input and democratic decisions by the membership at large. No matter how one feels about having a Sikh homeland would you want to trust the fate of your children in the hands of these people who do not understand basic constitution and so soon after the suffering endured by Sikhs and hindus alike after partition 1947?

    check out this video and see for yourself the vision and leadership of the quom’s religious leaders?

    [ link to RSS video deleted – webmistress Rumilet Verdecia]

    No plant by RSS, direct from the source so to speak.

    Honestly, has everyone lost their senses and critical thinking skills? Is it some kind of collective willful blindness?

    Moreover there is a serious flaw that Damdami Taksal and AKJ could and did not want to confront sleazy Yogi ( editor: writer is referring to Yogi Bhajan )

    This lack of depth of reasonable intelligence will only lead to more conflict and exploitation by inside agents and foreign enemies. As for AISSF, if they are against inquiry it is fear of shedding light on the activities. They understand it is not 1980’s young people are going to ask questions. I believe advocate Balbir Singh Sooch has spoken out against the stand taken by AISSF. Mr Sooch appears to be understand the interference of foreign based Sikhs in stirring trouble in Punjab.

    I am done with this discussion, I am with spreading the message and divination of our Guru’s. Infact Sikhs are blessed the word in Guru Granth Sahib is immutable and this is our light and saving grace and a vision of our Guru’s who would not let a single word be altered even if the Emperor wanted that to happen.. It is also the reason to mislead the Sikhs the enemy had to resort to this complicated conspiracy bringing in Sants knowing that Sikhs, Punjabis, Hindus, Muslims and Indians by and large have great reverence for Saints and Bhagats and Pirs. Well, Guru Gobind Singhji warned us about Bhekhis, we should heed that.

  20. This is in reply to Shah, Every human race is a genetically a killer. The worst killer is the one who calls himself non violent and then kills. And at the end of this line stands the one who after killing does not admit that he is a killer. And since he does not admit to his mistake he scapegoats others. And projecting his killing on others he will continue to be the most dangerous killer whom Christ has labelled as a murderer from the beginning. Khalsa/Sikh does not belong to this category. He is opposed to such dangerous killers and none other because it is this killer that is Satan in the form of man.

  21. Khomeini was bastard Lair. His family was known as Al-Hinidi. He was born in Punjab area. He later took the name Khomeini (from the area that he used to live) to overshadow his origin.

    My grand father was a well known high mullah of the same area and he knew Khomeini and his family very well. He used to tell us that Khomeini was trouble and was originally from Inida and not to be trusted. He died before Khomeini got to power.

    Khomeini’s features are very much like people of Punjab area. At least those features do not lie.

    He told everyone Islam is for peace, everyone will have free gas, food, …Once he got the power in hand, he started killing and torturing and charging for everything. He used to abuse others from his early childhood. He went against all of his words.

    Unfortunately, he is from your area… But I have great respect for my Sikh friends.

    I am sure he would have been trouble for Sikh’s had he remained in Punjab area

  22. kiran… the very fact that bhinranwala is enough to tell you he wasnt an insider…governments kill or try to kill anyone with righteous intentions and mass followings everyday…theres nothing wrong with being skeptical or critical thinking…but i think you are misguided on this one..or its ur intent….if everyone had his courage there wouldnt be criminals sitting in any high office anywhere in the world…which is sadly the case..

    i mean just look at what gaddafi did for libiya and his ppl…yet ppl are under the illusion he was a terrorist or villian….he just had the courage to stand up to the system that we are enslaved in.

  23. how fool
    Khomeini didn,t change name of iran from persia. Reza shah did

  24. My dear sikh friends … I am not sure why are we discussion silly issue here… Media is so powerful now a days and if Khomeni was born in Punjab every body wold have known it … Dont make silly argument .. it is same as William Shakespere was born in Bhopal and he used to be called as Wali Miyan Sheikh Peer… do you think this is correct ?? But my phopali friends say so …..
    With regards to iranian flag ,,, it says ‘Allah’ in Arabic / Persian ….. It is just a coincident … If you rotate OM word (written in hindi) 90 degree clockwise .. it looks like Allah as well …. For Rab sake , please open your eyes….

  25. One more point …. Muslims also call Allah as ‘RAB’ in arabic … same as sikh …

  26. that is not the emblem of the sikhs, and this article is full of sik lies.

    you should go be a streetdentist in india than to write articles.

    the writing in the flag of iran is ALLAH.

  27. we should fuck the people who say sikh flag is iranian flag sikhs are not made for there own country fucking indians now they are comparing themselves with iranians fuck you sikhs and allyou fucking comments. anyone dare to comment on iran and ayatolla khomnanie allah u kabar kkhomanie rehbar allah u kabar khamnaie rehbar labika ya hussian

  28. Firstly he was born in Iran simple enough. Secondly the flag is a design based on the Arabic writing of the word ‘Allah’ albeit they resemble one another, this just down to pure chance, please reference your facts from authentic sources and refrain from diluting fact with opinion !

  29. Of course Khomeyni was not Iranian!
    As an Iranian, I can confirm that many Iranians know perfectly well that Khomeyni was not at all Iranian.
    What was quite striking was that he spoke a very poor and bad Persian with a distinct foreign accent and an odd vocabulary often impossible to understand.
    As a matter of fact, Khomeyni was of Cashmiri descent: his father was a non-Iranian alien who had immigrated from Cachmir to Iran.
    More than half of his family members still hold the family name “Hendizadeh”, which literally means “Indian-born” in Persian.

    • Khomeini’s father was a British Agent name named Haji Williamson, who converted to Islam during oil discovery in Middle East. He and another British agent named. St. John Philby who became Muslim (Sheikh Abdullah) were key people for British and BP in middle east. Philby helped the Saud family to become the king of Saudi Arabia. He also converted to Islam. Khomeini actually resembles Philby more than Haji Williamson. Willamson was about 10 years older than Philby. Philby and Haji Williamson started the Muslim Brotherhood! At the same time period the British helped Bahai, Mormon church in US, etc to use Religion/superstition to divide and control people

      Willamson had an Indian Sikh wife, which is thought to be Khomeini’s mother. Khomeini’s brother set up shop in Kuwait and called it Williamson and son (clear indication of their relationship). Khomeini was brought to power, after shah refused to give key concessions to BP. BBC place lots of money into Khomeini and so did CIA (carter though CIA gave $150M to get Khomeini to Iran). Khomeini’s flag resembles both Sikh flag, also the Allah in Middle (looks like Sikh flag), is a phallic symbol. It is the symbol of a Penis lined up with an Ass (BP screwing Iranians).. So British got a laugh out of these, when they designed it.

  30. You can study more here about Khomeini, his British father and Sikh mother.

  31. I knew you persians were some secret hindus trying to corrupt Islam because Islam destroyed your light-worshipping religion. That sikh symbol is no joke an indian symbol and every persian looks straight up hindu. The only whites in that area are Azerbaijanis and they are Turkic, not sikh hindus who worship a flashlight. Puty puu, iran puty puu.

  32. Iranians should die with honor because they are gavurs of the hindu faith. Puty poo. Khele meli, puty poo. AZerbahcan people should have let Iraq destroy you persian panzy’s. This time, AZ will cause the Ghengis Khan-ing of iran and persians. Siding with armenia was the last straw of almost a millenium of hostility towards Turks. We will make some persian sikh kebabs with you iranians. Turkler sifeq. Even if america and jews are too pussy to consciously start a nuclear war with iran, we can get inside of them, put our own people in them, or just take over there defenses and destroy iran anyway. Stupid hindu persians thought the Sifek was dependent on free will? What, you think this is some jew-lluminati movie? This is the dawn, Islamic-Turk style. No kheke meli mercy. Gule gule bitches.

  33. dajjoul rushdikouf February 16, 2014, 03:29

    excuse me i wrotte in french translate please. les arienet les siks ce sont des kouffard ok ce sont des groupes tres dangereux pour l’humanite . mias inshalla on reussira a les vaincre grace a allah.les vraies se sont ceux ki oont une croyance on tues nos prophètes et sont jaloux des sunnites bandes kaffard.inshallah jab imam mahdi coming finish him.

    • My French is weak, but here is what it says:
      The Sikhs are kafirs and this group of people are a danger to all of humanity. By the grace of Allah, when the Mehdi comes he will finish them

      • Name one way sikhs are bad for humanity you nut

        • In Iraq the Muslims are killing pagans from the Yazdi tribe. The Yazdis follow a nature religon. People who have a 2000 year claim to their lands. A claim that pre-dates he arrival of muslims in Mesopotamia. Russia Today reports Yazdi people are being slaughtered and there are reports of woman and children being killed buried alive. Islam is a danger to all of humanity and needs to be neutered. These people can never be trusted since their religion is patently false. See informative videos on this site on this matter. This brainwashed idiot is just a sampling of the hatred you get from these fanatics. When he talks about the Mehdi exterminating sikhs; this is a code word for Muslims killing all Sikhs when the right time comes.

  34. iran flag not look liking sikhism flag

  35. I am totally unaware of the Sikh religion (I assume it is a similar one to Shia insofar that it is the minority of two Hindu offshoots like Shia is in Islam but this may be wrong). The two flags are definitely related in some way and I would not rule out the penis thing either. Khomeini was obsessed with going to the toilet and even wrote a whole book about it!!

    I have heard many times that Khomeini’s father is related to the English city of Bristol and possibly the Leitrim/Republic of Ireland village of Ballinamore through a guy called William Richard Williamson. Williamson was in British India and then a huge oil tycoon for BP in the Middle East. We all know about BP’s Persian department’s problems with various Iranian governments over the years. By 1976, the Shah of Iran was considered not a useful ally by the West anymore: he was becoming independent and actually was standing up to the West.

    Back to Khomeini and a few corrections. Khomeini’s revolution came about in 1978 not 1977 and the Shah was overthrown in 1979. Iran was ironically not Khomeini’s name change: it was the first Pahlavi Shah who renamed Persia Iran in 1935! To this day, the country is known as both and ironically Pahlavi supporters use the name Persia now. Ironically, Khomeini kept the Pahlavi name too!

    The Irish and British connections: Khomeini could well be part Somerset and part Leitrim. Certainly, his country shows mixes of support for the Irish cause along with doing things that benefit the British. The West has never went to war with Iran, Iran has helped the West beat its enemies recently and Iran remains a poor country. If Pahlavi had lasted, Iran could be as powerful as Russia. Khomeini provided the West with what they wanted: a weak Iran. The Irish side of Khomeini also comes out. Ballinamore was in the time of Khomeini’s revolution probably the most-Provo IRA orientated town in the Republic of Ireland. Bobby Sands was a hero in 1981 when he died on hunger strike. Sands and his family have connections to Fermanagh, the Northern Ireland county that borders Leitrim, the Republic of Ireland county where Ballinamore is. Thus, Khomeini’s regime had a street named Bobby Sands St in Tehran and he sent Iranian representatives to Sands’ funeral. Iranian regime officials have been known to have visited Ballinamore and had contact with John Joe McGirl, IRA veteran from there.

    But Khomeini was a front. A priest in an offshoot of Islam, which in turn is an offshoot of Roman Catholicism. Religiously (officially at least), he was on the same side as the IRA. Politically, he was on the same side as the British and Americans with an aim to keep Iran poor. Was Khomeini really a Sikh? Was he British/Irish/Indian? Are these mere theories? Well, at first I would have said yes but one can’t help noting all the Sikh, Indian, Irish and British imagery in post 1979-Iran. Khomeini fronted for the Revolutionary Guards junta who impose the West’s will. Also, that murial of the American flag with the skulls and dropping bombs can be interpreted in many ways: officially, as a way to insult the Us? On closer examination, it is to tell the Iranian people they should be scared of the West and the West means THEM harm if they disobey. An 80 year old priest could never have come up with this on his own but he was well placed to be a front for what was planned.

  36. Tony you are full of bulloney!

    Sikh religion is nothing like your bullcrap shia religion. Apparently you are good at writing some bullshit but not very good at carrying out some research work before posting your bullchese for extremely and highly educated and well informed readers on this forum! You are a very naughty Tony!

    Don’t worry too much about the ‘penis’ element, because no one knows whether he had one or not, a bit like yourself. Let’s face it do we all for sure know whether you have a penis or a lady’s finger? No. Your theory about penises is unproven, Tony.

    He was born in Congo and had congonese blood in his veins for your kind information. Congo was full of gold then and he tried to dig some but failed and left for Iran. In fact, he told all the Iranians including me that he was born as a catholic but later converted for huge amounts of money, so none of your crap about BP.

    You really need to visit a sikh temple and read lots of books on this faith to learn what this great faith is all about.

  37. i can see why khalistan’s only possible friends (if logic existed – alas it doesn’t) would have to be Russia and Iran.

    hindoo terrorists ie. all north and south indians- that’s includes you pakis&rss you have proven yourself to be traitors to the Sikh Quom because you are descended from a long line of racist rapists – – a man without a beard is a slave – sages seers and Gods have always maintained kes eg. Narad Muni

    sympathy pains are very real hindoos – india and indians have created narak
    semites and their sympathizers are all racist rapists aka terrorists – traitors to Mother Nature – nobody can defeat mother nature or father Time except Sikhi.


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