Sayeen Zahoor: Punjabi Sufi Trance


Sain Zahoor

Sain Zahoor



All of his life, Sufi Mystic Sayeen Zahoor has performed  in dargahs (Sufi Tombs) and on the streets. He plays the Punjabi   folk instrument Ektara(ek= one, tar = string), in its three string  version.

Featured here is the Sufi Mystic Trance Chant Allah Ho in Punjabi  performed by Sain Zahoor with great virtuoso magic at the Punjabi Peoples Folk Festival,  Lahore. This chant is by the sixteenth century Sufi Mystic Bulleh Shah, who spent his entire life singing songs for his love of God on the streets with tinkling bracelets on his ankles. Five hundred years later, the voice of Bulleh Shah continues to echo unabated in the Punjab.

Notice thetinkling ankle bracelets worn by Sayeen like his mentor of days long gone past.



Next up, a poem from the Sufi Mystic Farid; some of those verses are included in the Respected Guru Granth Sahib:




Sain Zahoor

Sufi mystic and street singer Sayeen Zahoor




Now enjoy this wonderful trance  written by the medieval poet Bulleh Shah: When One Gets A Lover (God), one is forced to dance in ecstasy.    And when one spends an lifetime  on the streets singing songs about God, one gets a voice like Sayeen Zahoor.



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