North Korea And U.S. Total War Scenario

 Editor’s Note: This paper indicates  how the North Koreans view their military position. It is reproduced for informational purposes only.
Editor’s further note: Now play the wargame of the Korean invasion of the Unites States:







North  Korea Military Tactics  In A War With US
A Strategy Of Massive  Retaliations Against US Attacks

By Han Ho Suk
Director Center for Korean Affairs
(An English abstract of a paper)


North Korea has not only the military power but also the political will to wage total war against the United States.


1. North Korea Can Engage the US in Total War

North Korea is one of the few nations that can engage in a total war with the United States. The US war planners recognize this fact. For example, on March 7, 2000, Gen. Thomas A Schwartz, the US commander in Korea at the time, testified at a US congressional hearing that “North Korea is the country most likely to involve the United States in a large-scale war.”

North Korea, which can and is willing to face up to the sole military superpower of the world, cannot be called a weak nation. Nevertheless, Western press and analysts distort the truth and depict North Korea as an “impoverished” nation, starving and on the brink of imminent collapse. An impoverished, starving nation cannot face down a military superpower. Today few nations have military assets strong enough to challenge the US military. Russia, though weakened by the collapse of the Soviet Union, has enough assets to face up to the US. China, somewhat weaker than Russia, too, has strong military that can challenge the US. However, both Russia and China lack the political will to face down the US.

In contrast, North Korea has not only the military power but also the political will to wage total war against the United States. North Korea has made it clear that it will strike all US targets with all means, if the US mounted military attacks on North Korea. That North Korea’s threat is no bluff can be seen from the aggressive actions taken by North Korea since the Korean War armistice, most recent of which is North Korea’s attempt to capture an American spy plane. In the morning of March 1, 2003, an American RC-132S spy plane, Cobra Ball, took off from a US airbase in Okinawa, and cruised along the East coast of North Korea collecting electronic signals. The US intelligence suspected that North Korea was about to test a long-range missile and the plane was there to monitor the suspected missile launch.

When the US plane reached a point about 193 km from the coast of North Korea, two MiG-29 and two MiG-21 fighter planes showed up unexpectedly. The North Korean planes approached within 16 m and signaled the US plane to follow them. The US pilot refused to follow the command and left the scene posthaste. The US plane was tailed by the hostiles for about 22 min but let the US spy plane go. There are two key points to be observed here.

First, the hostile planes waited for the US plane at the Uhrang airbase, located about 200 km from the point of air encounter. They knew that the US plane was coming. The North Korean planes flew 200 km to intercept the US plane. Did the US plane see them coming? If it did, why no evasive action? After intercepting the US plane, the hostile planes dogged it for 22 min. Why no American planes for the rescue? The US crew must have informed the base of the danger they were in, but no action was taken by the base. If Kim Jong Il had given the command, the MiGs would have shot down the US plane and returned to their base before the US could have scrambled war planes.

Second, North Korea intercepted an American spy plane flying 200 km from its coast. According to the international norm, a nation’s territorial air space extends 19 km from its coast line. The US is the exception and claims air space of 370 km from its coast line; any foreign airplane violating this extended air space is challenged or shot down by the US military.


2. North Korea’s Massive Retaliation Strategy

North Korea’s war plan in case of an US attack is total war, not the ‘low-intensity limited warfare’ or ‘regional conflict’ talked about among the Western analysts. North Korea will mount a total war if attacked by the US. There are three aspects to this war plan.

First, total war is North Korea’s avowed strategy in case of US preemptive attacks. The US war on Iraq shows that the US can and will mount preemptive strikes in clear violation of international laws, and the United Nations is powerless to stop the US. Any nation that is weak militarily may be attacked by the US at will. It is reasonable for North Korea to deter US attacks with threats of total war.

Second, North Korea expects no help from China, Russia, or other nations in case of war with the US. It knows that it will be fighting the superpower alone. Nominally, China and Russia are North Korea’s allies but neither ally is expected to provide any assistance to North Korea in case of war. Neither nation can or is willing to protect North Korea from attacks by the US, and North Korea alone can and will protect itself from US attacks. This principle of self-defense applies to all nations.

Third, North Korea’s total war plan has two components: massive conventional warfare and weapons of mass destruction. If the US mounts a preemptive strike on North Korea’s Yongbyon nuclear plants, North Korea will retaliate with weapons of mass destruction: North Korea will mount strategic nuclear attacks on the US targets. The US war planners know this and have drawn up their own nuclear war plan. In a nuclear exchange, there is no front or rear areas, no defensive positions or attack formations as in conventional warfare. Nuclear weapons are offensive weapons and there is no defense against nuclear attacks except retaliatory nuclear attacks. For this reason, North Korea’s war plan is offensive in nature: North Korea’s war plan goes beyond repulsing US attackers and calls for destruction of the United States.

The US war plan ‘5027’ calls for military occupation of North Korea; it goes beyond the elimination of North Korea’s weapons of mass destruction. The US military regards North Korea its main enemy and likewise North Korea regards the US its main enemy. South Korea, too, regards North Korea its main enemy but North Korea does not regard South Korea its main enemy because South Korea is a client state of the United States and has no ability or power to act independent of the US. North Korea’s war plan is not for invading South Korea but for destroying the US.


3. North Korea’s Military Capability

All nations keep their military capability secret. North Korea is no exception and it is not easy to assess North Korea’s military power. The US claims that it knows North Korea’s military secrets. The United States collects intelligence on North Korea using a variety of means: American U-2, RC-135, EP-3 and other high-altitude spy planes watch over North Korea 24 hours 7 days a week. The US 5th Air Reconnaissance Squadron has U-2R, U-2S, and other advanced spy planes at the Ohsan airbase in South Korea. In addition, the US has 70 KH-11 spy satellites hovering over North Korea.

In spite of such a massive deployment of intelligence collection assets, the US intelligence on North Korea is faulty at best. Donald Gregg, a former US ambassador to Seoul and a 30-year CIA veteran, has admitted that the US intelligence on North Korea has been the longest lasting story of failure in the annals of US intelligence. Gregg said that even the best spy gadget in the US arsenal cannot read what’s on Kim Jong Il’s mind. US Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld said that North Korea uses underground optical fibers for military communication and that it is nearly impossible to plant human agents in North Korea.

Although North Korea’s military secrets are impervious to US spy operations, one can draw some general pictures from information available in the public domain.

a) North Korea makes its own weapons

North Korea has annual production capacity for 200,000 AK automatic guns, 3,000 heavy guns, 200 battle tanks, 400 armored cars and amphibious crafts. North Korea makes its own submarines, landing drafts, high-speed missile-boats, and other types of warships. Home-made weaponry makes it possible for North Korea to maintain a large military force on a shoestring budget. North Korea defense industry is made of three groups: weapon production, production of military supplies, and military-civilian dual-use product manufacturing.

North Korea has 17 plants for guns and artillery, 35 plants for ammunition, 5 plants for tanks and armored cars, 8 plants for airplanes, 5 plants for warships, 3 plants for guided missiles, 5 plants for communication equipment, and 8 plants for biochemical warheads – 134 plants in total. In addition, many plants that make consumer products are designed so that they can be made to produce military items with minimum modification. About 180 of defense related plants are built underground in the rugged mountainous areas of Jagang-do. Several small to medium hydro-power plants serve these plants so that it would be nearly impossible for the US to cut off power to the plants.

b) North Korea has its own war plans

North Korea is mountainous and its coasts are long and jagged. The Korean peninsula is narrow on its waist. North Korea’s weapons and war tactics are germane to Korea’s unique geography. North Korea has developed its own war plans unique to fighting the US in a unique way. North Korea’s military is organized into several independent, totally integrated and self-sufficient fighting units, that are ready for action at any time.

c) North Korean soldiers are well indoctrinated

The US commanders admit that North Korean soldiers are highly motivated and loyal to Kim Jong Il, and that they will fight well in case of war. Karl von Clausewitz said that people’s support for war, military commanders’ ability and power, and the political leadership are the three essentials for winning war. He failed to include the political indoctrination of the soldiers, which is perhaps more important than the other factors cited.

During the Iraq War just ended, the main cause of Iraq’s defeat was the low moral of its soldiers. Iraqi soldiers had no will to stand and fight, and they ran away or surrendered without fight. Iraqi soldiers believed in Allah protecting them and became easy preys to the US military. North Korean soldiers are taught to fight to the bitter end. In September 1996, a North Korean submarine got stranded at Kangrung, South Korea, and its crew abandoned the ship. Eleven of the crew committed suicide and the rest fought to the last man except one who was captured. In June 1998, another submarine got caught in fishing nets at Sokcho and its crew killed themselves. Such is the fighting spirit of North Korean soldiers.

d) North Koreans are combat ready

One cannot fight war without military preparedness. North Korea’s regular army is for offensive actions whereas its militias are homeland defense. North Korea’s regular army consists of 4 corps in the front area, 8 corps in the rear area, one tank corps, 5 armored corps, 2 artillery corps, and 1 corps for the defense of Pyongyang, South Korea has 19 infantry divisions whereas North Korea has 80 divisions and brigades.

A North Korean infantry division has 3 infantry regiments, 1 artillery regiment (3 battalions of 122 mm rocket launchers and 1 battalion of 152 mortars), one tank battalion of 31 tanks, one anti-tank battalion, one anti-aircraft battalion, one engineer battalion, one communication battalion, one light-infantry battalion, one recon battalion, and one chemical warfare battalion.

North Korea’s militias consist of 1.6 million self-defense units, 100,000 people’s guards, 3.9 million workers militia, 900,000 youth guard units. These militias are tasked to defend the homeland. The militias are fully armed and undergo military trainings regularly.

i) Artillery

North Korea has 2 artillery corps and 30 artillery brigades equipped with 120mm self-propelled guns, 152mm self-propelled mortars, 170mm guns with a range of 50 km, 240 mm multiple rocket launchers with a range of 45 km, and other heavy guns. North Korea has about 18,000 heavy guns. North Korea’s 170mm Goksan gun and 240mm multiple-tube rocket launchers are the most powerful guns of the world. These guns can lob shells as far south as Suwon miles beyond Seoul. The big guns are hidden in caves. Many of them are mounted on rails and can fire in all directions. They can rain 500,000 conventional and biochemical shells per hour on US troops near the DMZ. The US army bases at Yijong-bu, Paju, Yon-chun, Munsan, Ding-gu-chun, and Pochun will be obliterated in a matter of hours.

The US army in Korea is equipped with Paladin anti-artillery guns that can trace enemy shells back to the guns and fire shells at the enemy guns with pin-point accuracy. However, it takes for the Paladins about 10 min to locate the enemy guns, during which time the Paladins would be targeted by the enemy guns. Gen. Thomas A Schwartz, a former US army commander in Korea, stated that the US army in Korea would be destroyed in less than three hours.

ii)  Blitzkrieg

North Korea has tanks, armored cars, and self-propelled artillery for blitz klieg. North Korea has one tank corps and 15 tank brigades. The tank corps has 5 tank regiments, each of which has 4 heavy tank battalions, 1 light-tank battalion, one mechanized infantry battalion, 2 self-propelled artillery battalions.

US tanks are designed to operate in open fields. In 1941, Rommel of Germany defeated British troops in North Africa with tanks. The largest tank battle was fought at Kursk in 1943, in which the Soviets defeated Germans. In 1973, Egypt defeated Israeli tanks with anti-tank missiles. All of these tank battles were fought in open fields. The Gulf War and the recent war in Iraq saw US tanks in open fields. American and Western tank commanders do not know how to fight tank battles in rugged terrains like those of Korea. Tank battles in Korea will be fought on hilly terrains without any close air cover, because North Korean fighters will engage US planes in close dog fights.

North Korea has developed tanks ideally suited for the many rivers and mountains of Korea. These tanks are called “Chun-ma-ho”, which can navigate steep slopes and cross rivers as much as 5.5 m deep. North Korea’s main battle tanks – T-62s – have 155 mm guns and can travel as fast as 60 km per hour. The US main tanks – M1A – have 120 mm guns and cannot travel faster than 55 km per hour. North Korean tanks have skins 700 mm thick and TOW-II is the only anti-tank missile in the US arsenal that can penetrate this armored skin.

North Korea began to make anti-tank missiles in 1975 and has been improving its anti-tank missiles for the past 30 years. North Korea’s anti-tank missiles are rated the best in the world and several foreign nations buy them. The US army in Korea relies on 72 AH-64 Apache attack helicopters to kill North Korean tanks. Each Apache has 16 Hell-Fire anti-tank missiles. As shown in the recent Iraq war, Apaches are fragile and can be easily shot down even with rifles. North Korea has about 15,000 shoulder-fired anti-air missiles (“wha-sung”) and Apaches will be easy targets for wha-sung missiles. On December 17, 1994, a wha-sung missile brought down an American OH-58C spy helicopter which strayed north of the DMZ.

North Korea has 4 mechanized corps and 24 mechanized brigades. Each brigade has 1 tank battalion (31 tanks), 1 armored battalion (46 armored cars), 4 infantry battalions, one 122mm battalion (18 guns), one 152 mm battalion (18 guns), one anti-aircraft battalion (18 guns), anti-tank battalion (9 armored cars with anti-tank missiles and 12 anti-tank guns), one armored recon company (3 light armored cars, 7 armored cars, and 8 motor-cycles), one mortar company (6 mortars), one engineer company, one chemical company, and one communication company. The US army has A-10 attack planes to counter North Korea’s mechanized units. In case of war, the skies over Korea will be filled with fighters in close dog-fights and the A-10s would be ineffective.

The bulk of North Korea’s mechanized and tank units are positioned to cross the DMZ at a moment’s notice and run over the US and South Korean defenders. The attackers will be aided by SU-25 attack planes and attack helicopters. In addition, North Korea has 600 high-speed landing crafts, 140 hovercrafts, and 3,000 K-60 and other pontoon bridges for river-crossing. North Korea has 700,000 troops, 8,000 heavy guns, and 2,000 tanks placed in more than 4,000 hardened bunkers within 150 km of the DMZ.

iii. Underground Tunnel Warfare

North Korea is the world most-tunneled nation. North Korea’s expertise in digging tunnels for warfare was demonstrated during the Vietnam War. North Korea sent about 100 tunnel warfare experts to Vietnam to help dig the 250 km tunnels for the North Vietnamese and Viet Gong troops in South Vietnam. The tunnels were instrumental in the Vietnamese victory.

North Korea’s army runs on company-size units. Tunnel warfare is conducted by independent company-size units. Tunnel entrances are built to withstand US chemical and biological attacks. Tunnels run zig-zag and have seals, air-purification units, and safe places for the troops to rest. It is believed that North Korea has built about 20 large tunnels near the DMZ. A large tunnel can transport 15,000 troops per hour across the DMZ and place them behind the US troops.

iv. Special Forces

North Korea has the largest special forces, 120,000 troops, in the world. These troops are grouped into light infantry brigades, attack brigades, air-borne brigades, and sea-born brigades – 25 brigades in total. These troops will be tasked to attack US military installations in Korea, Japan, Okinawa and Guam.

North Korea has the capacity to transport 20,000 special force troops at the same time. North Korea has 130 high-speed landing crafts and 140 hovercrafts. A North Korean hovercraft can carry one platoon of troops at 90 km per hour. Western experts pooh-pooh North Korea’s ancient AN-2 transport planes as 1948 relics, but AN-2 planes can fly low beneath US radars and deliver up to 10 troops at 160 km per hour. North Korea makes AN-2s and has about 300 in place. In addition, North Korea has hang-gliders that can carry 5-20 men each for short hops.

North Korea has developed special bikes for mountain warfare. Special forces use these bikes for fast deployments on mountains. Switzerland is the only other nation that has bike-mounted special forces trained for mountain warfare. The rugged terrains of the Korean Peninsula are ideally suited for special forces operations. North Korea’s special forces will attack US targets in Japan, Okinawa, and Guam as well. Japan’s self defense units are being reorganized to counter this threat.

How good are North Korea’s special forces? In September 1996, a North Korean submarine was stranded near Kang-nung and the crew were forced to abandon the ship and land on South Korea. The sub had two special forces agents who had finished a mission in South Korea and were picked up by the sub before the sub ran into a rock. The two men fought off an army of South Korean troops and remained at large for 50 days, during which they killed 11 of the pursuers.

4. Weapons of Mass Destruction

a. Missile Readiness

North Korea is a nuclear state along with the US, Russia, China, the Great Britain, France, India, Pakistan, and Israel. North Korea has succeeded in weaponizing nuclear devices for missile delivery. North Korea has operational fleets of ICBM and intermediate-range missiles equipped with nuclear warheads. I have written on this subject previously and will not replicate the details here.

It was May of 1994, nine years ago, when the US military planners had first realized that North Korea had the bomb and devised nuclear attack plans under William Perry, the then US Secretary of Defense. Perry had estimated that North Korea would have about 100 nuclear warheads by 2000. Dr. Kim Myong Chul, an expert on Kim Jong Il’s war plans, has recently confirmed that North Korea has more than 100 nukes including hydrogen bombs.

North Korea can produce about 100 missiles a year. It began to make missiles in 1980 and has about 1,000 missiles of various types in place, about 100 of which have nuclear warheads. These missiles are hidden in caves and underground launching pads. At present, the US has no fool-proof defense against North Korean missiles, and in case of war, North Korean missiles can do serious damages: several hundreds of thousands of US troops will die, and scores of US bases and carrier battle groups will be destroyed. The Patriot anti-missile missiles are deployed in South Korea but as shown in the recent Iraq war, the Patriots are not 100% accurate or reliable even under ideal conditions.

b. Biochemical Warfare

North Korea has a large stockpile of biochemical weapons. Each Army corps has a chemical company and each regiment has a chemical platoon. In the May 1994 nuclear crisis, Perry warned North Korea that the US would retaliate with nuclear weapons if North Korea used chemical weapons on US troops.

North Korean troops and citizens are well-prepared for bio-chemical attacks.


5. North Korea’s Defense Against US Attacks

a. Fortification

North Korea began to build fortifications in 1960s. All key military facilities are built underground to withstand American bunker-buster bombs. North Korea has 8,236 underground facilities that are linked by 547 km of tunnels. Beneath Pyongyang are a huge underground stadium and other facilities. About 1.2 million tons of food, 1.46 million tons of fuel, and 1.67 million tons of ammunition are stored in underground storage areas for wartime use.

Most of the underground facilities are drilled into granite rocks and the entrances face north in order to avoid direct hits by American bombs and missiles. The B-61 Mod 11 is the main bunker buster in the US arsenal. A recent test showed that this buster could penetrate only 6 meters of rock. The latest GBU-28 laser-guided bunker-buster can penetrate to 30m. North Korean bunkers have at least 80 m of top-cover of solid rocks. North Korea has many false caves that emit heats that will misdirect unwary GBU-28/37 and BKU-113 bunker-busters.

The US military targets enemy command and control centers based on the doctrine of chopping off “the head of the snake.” With the top commanders eliminated, the rank and file would be demoralized, leaderless and would surrender. North Korea’s extensive underground fortification makes this strategy unworkable. In addition, the underground facilities make US spy planes and satellites impotent.

b. Air Defense

North Korea has a large number of ground-to-air missiles. It has SA-2 and SA-3 missiles against low-flying enemy planes, and SA-5 missiles for high-altitude planes. SA-5 missiles have an effective range of 250 km. SA-5 missiles can hit enemy planes flying over the middle of South Korea.

North Korea has reengineered US shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles captured in Vietnam, and designed its own missile, wha-sung. North Korea began to manufacture wha-sung missiles in 1980. Wha-sung comes in two models: SA-7 that has an effective range of 5 km and SA-16 with 10 km range. North Korea has more than 15,000 wha-sung missiles in place.

In addition to the missiles, North Korea has 12,000 anti-aircraft guns, including 37mm twin-barrel guns, 23 mm automatics, 57mm, 87mm, and 100mm heavy guns. These are mostly manually operated and thus not subject to electronic warfare.

c. Coastal deferences

North Korea’s coastlines are long and jagged. Coastal guns are placed in fortified tunnels along the coastline. North Korea has six ground-to-ship missile bases. North Korea has anti-ship missiles of 95km range, and of 160km range. The latter are for hitting US carrier battle groups over the horizon. North Korean anti-ship missiles can hit ships anchored at Inchon on the west and Sokcho on the east.

America’s main defense against anti-ship missiles, the Arleigh Burke class Aegis destroyers are ineffective outside 20-50 km from missile launch pads.

d. Sea Battles

North Korea has two fleets – the West Fleet and the East Fleet. The West Fleet has 6 squadrons of 320 ships and the East Fleet has 10 squadron of 460 ships. The navy has a total manpower of 46,000. North Korean ships are sheltered from US attacks in about 20 bunkers of 200-900 m longs and 14-22 m wide. North Korean ships are small and agile, designed for coastal defense. North Korean ships carry 46km range ship-to-ship missiles and 22-channel multiple rocket launchers.

The main enemy of the North Korean navy will be US carrier task forces. The Russian navy has developed a tactic to deal with US carriers task forces: massive simultaneous missile attacks. In addition, Russia has developed the anti-carrier missile, “jun-gal”, that can destroy a carrier. China has developed similar tactics for destroying US carriers. On April 1, 2003, North Korea test-fired a high-speed ground-to-ship missile of 60km range. A US carrier task force of Nimitz class has 6,000 men, 70 planes, and a price tag of 4.5 billion dollars. Destroying even a single career task force will be traumatic.

A carrier is protected by a shield of 6 Aegis destroyers and nuclear attack submarines. An Aegis destroyer has an AN/SPY-1 high-capacity radar system that can track more than 100 targets at the same time. An Aegis can fire about 20 anti-missile missiles at the same time. Thus, a career force can track a total of 600 targets at a time and fire 120 anti-missile missiles at the same time. The anti-missile missiles have about 50% success under ideal conditions. In actual battle situations, the hit rate will be much lower and the best estimate is that the Aegis shield can intercept at most 55 incoming missiles. Therefore, a volley of about 60 missiles and rockets will penetrate the Aegis shield and hit the carrier.

North Korea acquired OSA and KOMAR high-speed missile boats in 1968, and began to build its own missile boats in 1981. It has more than 50 missile boats, each equipped with 4 missiles of 46km range and multiple rocket launchers. In addition, North Korea has about 300 speed boats, 200 torpedo boats and 170 other gunboats. In case of war, North Korea’s small crafts and submarines will swarm around US career task forces and destroy them.

North Korea has 35 submarines and 65 submersibles. These crafts are equipped with torpedoes and will be used to attack US careers. They will also lay mines and block enemy harbors. North Korea has a large supply of mines. North Korean submarines are small but they are equipped with 8km rocket launchers and 70km anti-ship missiles, and they could do some serious damage to US carriers

e. Air Combat

North Korea has three air commands. Each command has a fighter regiment, a bomber regiment, an AN-2 regiment, an attack helicopter regiment, a missile regiment, and a radar regiment. Each command can operate independently. North Korea has 70 airbases, which are fortified against US attacks. Underground hangars protect the planes and have multiple exits for the planes to take off on different runways. North Korea has several fake airfields and fake planes to confuse US attackers.

It is said that North Korea’s planes are obsolete and no match for US planes. North Korea has 770 fighters, 80 bombers, 700 transports, 290 helicopters, and 84,000 men. In case of war, North Korean planes will fly low hugging the rugged terrains and attack enemy targets. US planes are parked above ground at bases in Korea, Japan, Okinawa and Guam, and make easy targets for missile, rocket and air attacks. When war breaks out, North Korean missiles, rockets and heavy guns will destroy the 8 US airbases in South Korea, and any plane in the air would have no place to land.

North Korea’s fighter planes are ill-equipped for air-to-air combats at long distances. but they can hold their own in close-quarter air combats. MiG-21 fighters from Bongchun and US F-15 from Ohsan would meet in less than 5 min, assuming they took off at about the same time. In about 5 min, hundreds of MiG21s and F-15s would be swirling in the skies over Korea. Ground-to-air missiles and air-to-air missiles would have hard time telling friends from foes. F-15Es are equipped with a radar system that lock on at 180 km for large objects and 90 km for small objects. Sidewinder missiles have an effective range of 16km, AMRAAM missiles of 50km, and Sparrow of 55km.

US air-to-air missiles would be of limited use and effectiveness, because North Korean MiGs would approach the US planes in close proximity and commingle with US planes, and air-to-air missiles will become useless and machines guns will have to be used. MiG19s have 30mm guns, MiG21s have 23mm guns, and F-14s have 20mm Valkans. North Korean pilots are trained to hug the enemy planes so that air-to-air missiles cannot be used. In contrast, US pilots are trained to lock on the enemy at long distance with radar and fire missiles. US planes are heavily armed with electronics and less agile than the light, lean MiGs that can climb and turn faster than the US planes.

F-14s are about 3.3 times heavier than MiG21s, and F-150Es are about 3.6 times heavier. MiG21s are 16.6 m long whereas F-14s are 19.1 m and F-15Es 19.43 m long. MiG21s cab climb to 18km, whereas F-1A can climb to 15.8 km and F-16 to 15.2 km. MiGs get upper hands in close-range dogfights in which agility matters. In Vietnam, US planes were forced to jettison auxiliary gas tanks and bombs in order to engage MiGs. F-150 E planes will carry BLU-113 bunker busters that weigh 2,250 kg each in the next war in Korea. Loaded with such a heavy bomb, F-15s will become easy targets for North Korea’s MiGs. US fighter-bombers will be protected by F-15C fighter escorts.

MiG21s are North Korea’s main workhorse. The MiG21 debuted in 1965 in Vietnam and proved itself as an effective attack fighter. In 1999, North Korea bought 40 MiG21s from Kazakhstan. During the Vietnam War, MiG17s shot down dozens of American planes. North Korea sent more than 200 pilots to fight in the Vietnam War. They were tasked to defend Hanoi and shot down scores of US planes. North Korea sent 25 pilots to Syria during the 3rd Arab-Israeli war of 1966, and 30 pilots to Egypt and Syria during the 4th Arab-Israeli war of 1973. In 1976, North Korea sent more than 40 pilots to Syria.

f. Electronic Warfare

The United States excels in electronic warfare and no nation comes anywhere near the US capability. North Korea began developing its own electronic warfare methods in 1970. It is believed that North Korea has advanced electronic warfare ability. It has numerous counter measures for US electronic warfare. During the recent war in Iraq, the US dropped e-bombs that disabled the Iraqi electronic devices. North Korea relies heavily on non-electronic command and control means, and hence US e-bombs will have limited impacts in North Korea.

North Korea trains about 100 hackers a year and has computer virus battalions in place. These hackers are capable of interrupting US communication networks. In a war game conducted in 1991 by US war planners, North Korea came out the victor with and without nuclear weapons. Kim Jong Il has no doubt that his army can beat the US army.


6. US Military Defeats in the Past

Military power dictates the outcome of war. In assessing the next war in Korea, the military power of the opponents must be examined objectively. Until now, North Korea’s military power has not been properly studied. In general, Western experts tend to underestimate North Korea’s military strength. Politicians in America and South Korea play down North Korean threats for political reasons.

It has been said that North Korean army is large in numbers but their equipment are obsolete, and hence it is a weak army. The US war planners assess North Korean army using computer simulations of war in Korea. US war plan for the recent Iraq war was refined using more than 40 computer-simulated wars in Iraq. The computer simulation models use weapon system features among other factors to determine the outcome.

It is true that the advanced weapons were instrumental in the US victory in the Gulf War, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, and Iraq. On the other hand, the US army was defeated by ill-equipped foes in Korea and Vietnam. The latter two wars show that superior weapons do not always lead to a victory. North Korean and Chinese forces in Korea and the Vietnamese forces fought with superior tactics and stronger fighting fighting spirits.

In the next war in Korea, the US army will face an enemy much more determined and better equipped than the army in the Korean War of 1950-53.




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  1. Keep telling yourself that and you just might believe it. Leave while you can. Freedom is a wonderful thing. Your country will be entirely destroyed if and when you decide to start this war. All your points are flawed and biased. I feel sorry for you. You could live in peace and choose not to. Nobody wants your country, nobody wants to kill you. Maybe if you spent your money on your country and your people you could just live normal lives. I pray for us all.

  2. No one wants to fight the U.S when it throws its full weight into fighting a war. The Chinese and Russia are AFRAID to back up North Korea because they know its like waking a sleeping giant, only reason why the North Korean is prepared to do so cause they know the second war with the U.S will be,all or nothing for them, there will be no treaty or ceasefires this time, only one victor and it will BE the US.

    • The problem is that the north is prepared to fight a total war against the US, where as the US is obviously incapable of handling a total war. Although the north will probably have the element of surprise and preemptive strike, this article seriously underestimates the south koreans, who are at least on par with the north militarily. In the end, it will probably be a war of the north vs the south, with US support, not a US vs north korea scenario.

      • Voice o' Reason January 25, 2013, 16:02

        Maybe you’ve forgotten about the last 2 world wars? If full scale war becomes necessary, the United States will not hesitate. Although the war will most likely involve South Korea and the United States providing the largest part of the war effort, NATO allies undoubtedly will be there to help. Also, remember Vietnam? Admittedly, multiple failures in command and strategy led to a defeat, but it was the US, not South Vietnam who fought most of the war.

      • I don’t know where you get your information, because you are dead wrong. If Kim Jong II brings his country to a war with the US and S.Korea, it will be the US that fights most of the war. The US has already said that for the last THREE YEARS.
        The US knows that S.Korea cannot fight the North alone, so they are commited, of Kim Jong fatboy bring war on, to wipe North Korea’s military off th face of the planet.

      • In the mist of all this fight back and forth the only losers here are the people of both countries especially the kids that have nothing to do with adult stupidies and egoes.War is a no win situation been in one myself and saw the destruction it rains on people that only want to live a peaceful life.Don’t undermined this country it would be a grieve mistake.You would awake a giant and its people that are willing able to fight to the last one not for power fuel or religion.But to remain free people.We bow to NO one or be Conquered by Any Nation.I will fight any intruder along with my kids and grand kids til the bitter end.At the End and when all the dust clears We will be the only ones left standing.God Bless America and protect our President at all cost.Maury Herrera ….101st airborne US Army retired

  3. WOW, this article is so ridiculous that its almost funny! You got this right, the Chinese and Russians will not help because they know that they are at a significant military disadvantage because US are battle tested in 2 wars! With that kind of experience, I wouldn’t EVEN think about starting a war with the US!

  4. They can huff and puff. And no one is saying they are militarily incapable. But they are still not up to par with American machinery. Why didnt he mention the F22 raptors in that article? There have been numerous tests done where the aircraft obliterates any opponents without being spotted. Why didnt he mention our aircrafts stealth capabilities? He said that our planes will have nowhere to land? Thats why we have the largest carrier fleet in the world. I can go on and on about things he left out that korea has no chance against.

    • Listen dope. This article was written about the same time the F-22 entered service (2005) and then was reposted in 2012. So the F-22 was a game changer but the Air Force never bought enough of them. So once the war enters Seoul the F-22 will not be of much use except to prevent the war marching on to Pusan. But we saw all that before in 1950. This time around, surely the N Koreans have thought about it. The US does not have enough power once China enters the war and they will likely be involved in the cyber strikes from the very beginning without you knowing about it.

      • YOU PEOPLE ARE ALL IDIOTS LOOK AT THE “EDITOR’S NOTE” AT THE TOP OF THE POST! — ” This paper indicates how the NORTH KOREANS view their military position. It is reproduced for informational purposes only.” Also it seems to be an advertisement for a FREAKING VIDEO GAME!!! You DOLTS! I hope there is a nuclear apocalypse, it will help thin all of you retards from the population.

      • “The US does not have enough power once China enters the war and they will likely be involved in the cyber strikes from the very beginning without you knowing about it.”

        And you’re calling him a “dope” Randy? China has been saying, long before your March 30th post that they are tired of N. Kores’s rhetoric and have all but said they will not back them if they start a war with the USA.
        You obviously have NO IDEA how much China and Russia wants NOTHING to do with the US military.
        Iraq and Afghanistan are not “full scale” wars. If N. Korea brings the US into a FULL SCALE war, China and Russia will back down. They’ll want nothing to do with the USA waging war at their max capacity. Because that means, hydrogen bombs and chemical warfare. 20,000 lb bombs and surgical strikes that will decimate N. Korea.
        And yes, the US has the military to take on both N, Korea AND China of need be, becuase we will get help from Japan and the United Nations.- Apparenly you haven’t been watching the news.

  5. Someone might wanna tell this idiot that the US retired the F14 years ago. And also he fails to mention the US’ secret military abilities which none of us know about.

  6. If the Americans were forced to wait to act, initial American and South Korean casualties would be great, but once US air power massed, it would be a massacre of any grouped North Korean troops. You made a lot of comparisons to the F-14, which was a very capable aircraft and still could shoot down anything in the Chinese or North Korean arsenals, as has been proven time and time again in other conflicts with similar equipment match ups regardless of what this joker of an author says, has been retired. We don’t want to go to war with North Korea, it would be no cake walk. But South Korean and American forces, at a high price, would prevail, with great suffering endured by both sides.

    • Just like in Vietnam!

      • The Vietcong weren’t an actual country like North Korea. They were a gorilla group in Vietnam so it would be a lot different

    • You are wrong about US military might inflicting damage on North Koreans because of the geo position of Seoul. The war will become intertwined sides within 24 hours and no clear battle groups. If Kim Jong Un survives he will simply end the war on his terms because S. Korean political machine will be in tatters, thousands of lives will be lost in the streets, hosptials overwhelmed and streets closed within minutes of the first artillery strike. The North Koreans will not stop the push forward without intervention from Kim and there will be no working TVs to make the calls to stop the war. South Korea will be clearly over-run because Seoul will fold within 3 days. Nothing has changed in this regard. Nothing. Everyone admits this since June 25th, 1950 and nothing has changed. This war will move on to Japan where China will then enter the picture. It is pretty clear that everyone has under estimated the situation.

      • I think you are correct about the possibility that a North Korean war kicking off a larger conflict, and how the lines would become intertwined, that is why I said that if the US/ROK forces had to wait the war would be won but with extremely high cost. I would not automatically think that US and ROK forces would have to wait now…that is an assumption I hope the North Koreans aren’t dumb enough to make.

    • You’re talking about the F-14 Tomcat. Yes, it’s being RETIRED. And, no, it is NOT a “very capacle aircraft” anymore. And, the F-14 doesn’t even begin to compare with N. Korea’s MIG-21’s and MIG-29’s. The F-14 is an ancient aircraft that was developed in th early 70’s and should have been out of the air force years ago.

      That’s why we have the F-22 Raptor, F-15E Strike Eagle, F-18 Super Hornet, F-35 Lightnng (which might not be ready for a war with N. Korea) BUT, even the F-16 Falcons and regular F-15’s and F-18’s are still better aircraft than the Tomcat.

      So, Alex is right. He is being a total JERK about it, but he’s right.

      • F-14 was retired due to maintenance cost, not due to it being inferior. BTW the F-14 was a naval plane, not air force. Some of the newer threats would pose challenges to the F-14 if it were still flying, but none that the North Koreans have. Pilot training is also critical, and we still have some of the best pilots.

  7. This article is merely stating an analyst’s opinion. SikhArchives has reproduced the article as being in the public interest. We do not take any position on this issue.

  8. @Marcus, the US is battle tested in 2 wars?? Afghanistan and Iraq are conflicts with insurgents, not wars.

  9. Chris, when the two campaigns started. The US came across fighting two separate countries. In both 2001 and then in 2003 The Taliban and the Iraq forces under Saddam. These were wars congress nodded in majority twice and once down means (War) is underway. We beat the armies of both former governments. So we are tested in two wars Iraqi Freedom now over as troop levels are being reduced to 50,000. An the current and longer lasting Enduring Freedom.
    Back to North Korean. The US will not be facing the same North Korea it did in the 1950s. Well North Korea will not be facing the same US it faced in 1950. That had just gone threw WW2 five years before busy building Europe. An dealing with China and USSR backing you up with weapons and troops. This war over whelming force counts for nothing. We’ll just target your barracks with smart bombs. You’ll have no one to fight your War.

  10. This is one of the dumbest things I have ever read.

    In reality any war will involve South Korea kicking ass on the ground with massive US (probably NATO) air and naval support. Not to mention the only country on the planet to express anything other than hate for North Korea is China, and they won’t start WW3 over it.

  11. I laughed at this report the entire time I read it. North Korea will provide the U.S. a target rich environment and an easy mark. Good news North Korea, you may be reunited with the South sooner than you think.

  12. If your looking at a factual basis we need look no further than the American funded and equipped Taliban versus the Superior Soviet forces of the eighties. The Taliban won because of terrain, zealotry battle tactics and using the Soviet tech superiority against them. For instance, the Taliban would mount a moderately sized cannon on a rigged up truck and literally drive around the T-72 tanks and shred them. The barrel couldn’t lock and the guns were limited in range and scoping ability. Though yes, the Taliban were given stingers and short range weapons the U.S. did not supply tanks, planes or choppers. Having a smug and over blown sense of patriotic and technological superiority is not only foolish but dangerous. China and Russia sitting it out has less to do with,”Fear of America”, and more to do with fear of M.A.D. something we share with the two countries. A war in Korea would surely lead to horrifying loss of life and property as well as political suicide for both sides. I once heard a disturbing quote about the U.S.”The United States is more akin to a well built retarded child.” Hopefully our military leadership is smarter than much of our citizens.

  13. The u s – n k war MUST be fought. Period. Only thing thats open is THE OUTCOME ! Pereiod.

  14. Hey, if China isn’t gonna start ww3 over n kore, then america should attack freely and joyfull…. shock and awe again BOY OH BOY !!!

  15. Fight that (damn) war, and show me the outcome on the (damn) web. (I’m sick-and-tired of all this ! )

  16. stop, stop and stop bitching over n korea…..get rid of this starving 1/2 country and move on to iran !!! Please, oh please, stopwasting words, threaths and mil. exercises on this fly. An eagle (U S) should just crush this ….. fly !

  17. How about the boeing missle defense syestem?

    • How about the aegis ballistic missile defence system, not to mention the patriot missiles in the mainland, and the super advanced THAAD anti ballistic missiles?

  18. All this American ego does anyone else matters what about Central,South America Africa The Caribbean do you people care its all about your power I feel sorry for your lack of compassion tell me how come in your country the Republicans are the Christians and y’all are the war advocates

    • First, please name me another country who gives more money and food to other countries than the USA. The United States has continued to pump around $50 billion in aid to other countries each year. In terms of the absolute value of aid given, the United States is the world’s top donor by far. – So what are you complainng about? Obviously you just hate the USA and will find any excuse to spout your incorrect views.

      Also, Kim Jung II is the war monger. NOT the USA. RIGHT? – Do us all a favor and read some more without your anti-USA bias, and then learn to write without the run-on sentences. (It’s hard to take someon seriously when they can’t write.)

  19. Wow…You forgot to mention that the entire country of North Korea could be completely destroyed with the use of a squadran of Stealth bombers, and about 8 F-22 Raptors before NK could shoot down a single plane, or dispatch troops abroad. The only invasion they are capable of mounting is composed of refugees trying to escape…Even they have to cross the worlds most fortified mine field to accomplish that..LOL

  20. Ok, you all can say that the US can completely destroy North Korea in a matter of hours/days… but at what cost? Yes, I agree that this article seems inflated (especially the North’s nuclear arsenal bit) but even if you get past everything that will go down in a couple of hours… the most important message that this article is trying to get across is that that’s a couple of hours in which artillery shells will be raining down on Seoul. That in itself is dangerous because Seoul is an extremely important city… Stock markets will falter heavily (Samsung, Kia, LG are all South Korean companies and you probably use their products) and thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of Koreans will be dead. Seoul will have to be rebuilt… and nearly a million North Koreans will be poring over the border while this is all going on. Of course, very little nations are up to par with the US militarily but the North Koreans seem to have found a way around that in which many of their war tactics require little confrontation and matching up with US aircraft, sea vessels, etc.. The Koreans (at least the leadership) have nothing to lose but their lives (which weren’t very nice in the first place, and they have been brainwashed to accept this), but the South does and the US will suffer casualties nonetheless, isn’t that what’s important?

  21. How long does it take for a post to show up? haha

  22. Ok, you all can say that the US can completely destroy North Korea in a matter of hours/days… but at what cost? Yes, I agree that this article seems inflated (especially the North’s nuclear arsenal bit) but even if you get past everything that will go down in a couple of hours… the most important message that this article is trying to get across is that that’s a couple of hours in which artillery shells will be raining down on Seoul. That in itself is dangerous because Seoul is an extremely important city… Stock markets will falter heavily (Samsung, Kia, LG are all South Korean companies and you probably use their products) and thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of Koreans will be dead. Seoul will have to be rebuilt… and nearly a million North Koreans will be poring over the border while this is all going on. Of course, very little nations are up to par with the US militarily but the North Koreans seem to have found a way around that in which many of their war tactics require little confrontation and matching up with US aircraft, sea vessels, etc.. The Koreans (at least the leadership) have nothing to lose but their lives (which weren’t very nice in the first place, and they have been brainwashed to accept this), but the South does and the US will suffer casualties nonetheless, isn’t that what’s important?

  23. Well, this is just a theoretical example. I think a war needs to be avoided if at all necessary, but when wars do breakout and theres no turning back, the US cant get arrogant and assume total victory (even though its inevitable in my opinion considering our technology) we would all need to get behind our troops and work towards a victory, theres nothing worse than a divided country during a war. However it is tragic that this sabber rattling will costs so many lives, and I would rather the US avoid massive combat troop deployment and try using massive air/sea power which we have done in Bosnia and Kosovo before and would be very effective. Very sad that countries are willing to use military power over economic ideals but refuse to stop genocides with force.

  24. Jefferson Patel January 21, 2012, 22:03

    An interesting, informative yet flawed analysis. With total air superiority, the US would be a huge barrier to break. A mig-21 cannot carry weaponry to deal with an F-15. Saddam had much better planes and they dropped like flies. The f-15c and “E” variant and the f-16 are great dogfighters. The f-14 has been retired for the f/a-18 Hornet. About equal to the f-16 except newer avionics and recently upgraded.

    The real question is could America afford a war with North Korea and what would such a war do to our relations with China. But your points about the indoctrination of the citizenry and military. It seems to be total and real. They have effectively brainwashed a society. It can happen to the best of us…look at America now! Mitt vs.Newt vs.Seinfeld vs. Mr. “x” the invisible man. They edit out Ron Paul from all airtime. His policies are the only ones that can keep America strong enough to even be a factor. A bankrupt nation cannot wage war.

  25. Long life Communism,Long live the republic nation of great korea………….we will soon witness the crush of Imperialism and the world will be independent and the blody capitalism will be removed.

  26. If the usa confront North Korea it will be stupid move because they will be defeated. We know the truth the usa thinks they are the best were else not. they had to stop killing people for oil. Is the usa God, it has to stop its mission to conque the world by using millitary. I Say to usa that life is precious than oil. come to Africa and learn Ubuntu first. usa has destroy Libya by equipping the extremist with AK47. KNOW WE THE SONS OF THE SOIL WE ARE AFRAID TO VISIT LIBYA. IT was ridiculous see a stupid foreign country influensing a brother to kill another brother…. but one day the black cloud will cover the imperialist land, and there will be nothing left on the ground… GOD IS WATCHING …LET THERE BE PEACE …GOD BLESS AFRICA

  27. The North Koreans have the largest military on Earth, but you know who has the second largest? South Korea! South Korea spends more on its military than the Norths entire GDP, the US spends 40 times the norths GDP on its military. The US lost 40,000 men in the Korean war, and the South lost 140,000 and the North lost 350,000. Now keep in mind they will be fighting this war with the tables turned, they now have no Chinese or Soviet support, they are now the poorer of the two Koreas, and their technology is now 20-40 year behind the US and the South instead of concurrent. The North will lose, and they will lose hard, the US won’t even need to invade, the South will defeat them before US troops can come in from Japan.

  28. The analysis is sound in a few aspects, and severely flawed in others.

    I do find it somewhat hypocritical that the poster says that no one knows for sure the full capabilities of North Korea, yet this ‘report’ also states the exact numbers and precise names of NKA forces. It’s also somewhat outdated when comparing technology; the US no longer deploys the F-14 Tomcat and the earlier variants of the F-15 were already retired as of the article’s publishing date. There is no mention of the F-22 being utilised, even though F-22s have and are being based at Kadena in Japan which are more than capable of flying strike missions over NK within a reasonable timeframe.

    Pilots that have trained against the F-22 have already stated that it’s damn hard dogfighting a plane you can’t track, even without missiles. Considering the low number of flight hours NKAF pilots have compared to their ROK/US counterparts, this problem would only further tip the balance in the US’s favor.

    Stuff like North Korea resorting to guerilla tactics against US air superiority and technology is plausible. It’s been done in the past so no suprises there. It is tactics like these that NK would use if they hoped to survive against a ROK/US force, not defeat it. Strategic nuclear weapons do not factor when it comes to a conflict. Tactical nuclear weapons maybe, but not strategic ICBMs. North Koreans may be fanatical, but they aren’t stupid. They would never launch nukes even if they were on the brink of defeat, since a nuclear holocaust is the last thing they would want.

    The only real casualty of a potential NK-US conflict would be South Korea, in particular Seoul. The city would be pretty much flattened by northern artillery within a matter of hours. Other SK cities would follow, with the civilian death toll no doubt hitting the millions.

    • That “flattening Seoul with artillery” idea has already been debunked and was a product of North Korean external propaganda in the 90s and US media reporting in the early 2000s.

      North Korea only has 700 pieces capable of actually hitting Seoul from behind the DMZ, and they are very slow firing and fire AP rounds–which will just slice through and embed themselves in Seoul’s highrises without causing much collateral damage. I believe Popular Mechanics actually took a look into this and found they would be lucky to get more than 20.000 casualties with KOKSAN bombardment before the war ended.

      The most important aspect though, is the reality of North Korean doctrine; outside of a few vague threats issued by the KCNA about turning Seoul into a “Sea of Fire”, there’s no actual evidence that operationally North Koreans would use artillery for anything other than traditional military objectives. Many military defectors attest to this and say that the artillery would be used as a screen against US/RoK military bases in Area I (the area north of Seoul) than against any city or town.

  29. Ok that all sounds good, but really, the U.S. would win. Yes IF we dont have any idea of what the North Koreans are foing to do, we would initially be suprised and have a few setbacks, but when it comes down to it, the North would be overwhelmed by the U.S. we have plans and trainging. Oh, and food.

    F-22, hell even f-16 would rape MiGs, and we have muuuuch better training and electronics than vietnam.

  30. Oh yeah, and if awgis and paladon and thor and patriot systems wont make 100% success in actual combat, we cant expect nk to do so.

  31. Funny how everyone says usa would win when we cant even eliminate the Taliban let alone how military has been cut huge amount of cash to pay for this. Plus NK has NUKES would usa risk millions of people lives in south korea or japan with a nuke strike from NK? its not worth it in lives paid just for war mongering. Chemical weapons also? biological weapons? this is not iraq war or afganistan. MEDIA portrays NK as weak ect. They have had 50+ years to stock pile weapons. So US will not go to war only if china pays for it since we owe china so much cash its crazy. Oh yea this article doesn’t tell you how the NK has S300’s anti aircraft batterys.

  32. Davidbfromcali March 8, 2013, 00:48

    NK attacks SK, Iran attacks Israel out of spite, UK dragged in to help Israel, Mideast goes ape shit, Venezuela new leader needs to make bold move, stages forces in Cuba, US now has wars in Afghanistan, Korea, Iran, Israel, and a threat in the Caribbean. Pakistan might just say fuck it and bomb India. With all the conflict Russia and china have to get involved. China backs US because of economic necessity, Russia backs Iran…. It’s a big fucking mess…

  33. I find it funny that people think North Korea could launch an invasion of the continental United States while they can barely get a missle off the ground, their people are starving, the US military budget is 10 times what the GDP of North Korea is, and their only ally of china just signed off on more sanctions. Would be a quick war confined to the Korean Peninsula if it did occur.

    • You live and think like a typical American… Dude there is a world outside US too… stop being an idiot for ever

      • Charles Brown March 13, 2013, 01:39

        Avi. Read my post below. I am one of the atypical, leftist, liberal, lets-talk-this-out, share-the-karma, liberal church Americans. If I am thinking and feeling comfortable in the message I just wrote below, you can only imagine how the “typical American” is feeling about this right now. The greatest mistake North Korea could make right now is to miscalculate the the United States is financially broke and war-exhausted from the Middle East—so now is the time to strike. If they are correct in their assumption, this pretty much guarantees an American nuclear response.

  34. While there would be massive civilian casualties on the south’s side, it would be militarily a wipe within a week. The fist 1-2 days would involve mass shelling/rocket attacks from the north, followed by nearly half a million ground forces of mechanized infantry and ~1500 t-62/55 tanks. What happens next is known as a tactical retreat, where little full out warfare happens, ground is given up to both buy time as well as allow the North’s troops to spread out. During the retreat, US M1A2 & the Souths K2 tanks would “shoot & scoot”, firing 3-4 shots before retreating several miles, hiding, and doing the same thing, cause quite a bit of attrition (just imagine what a sabot/HEAT round does to an APC filled with malnourished peasant soldiers… It doesn’t matter how brainwashed you are when your entire body is literally evaporated) untill rear echillons of tank divisions are mobalized. While this is all going on, suppression of enemy air defense (SEAD) with Homing anti-radiation (HARM) missle would be clearing the sky’s for F-22’s & 35’s to establish air supiriority over the entirety of the peninsula. Once that channel is open, systematic destruction of the North’s vital railroads (which carry their troops across the country) , bridges, command centers, supply points, troop and tank formations would all begin from A10’s closer to the border, and B2’s farther in theater. Watch this short video of ONE cluster bomb on a tank formation > Also in the initial days, NK artillery would be SMASHED and deemed largely ineffective by South Korean & American “flash finder” radar which detect & pinpoint artillery fire in seconds… Information which would be sent to return batteries literally within a minute… Which Is what happened a couple years ago when NK shelled the SK island… The batteries that launches that attack were obliterated. Once large force tank divisions are rolling north it would be a literal s***t show of carnage but through the NK lines… Like it’s just a fact. I recommend reading “the bear and the dragon” by Tom Clancy that shows a pretty similar situation with Russia vs. China. This article is serious joke, doesn’t take into consideration any real tactical or strategic decision that would occur, obscures facts ( mig 21 vs. f-22? Lol), and all around seems pretty third world, commie, as well as blatantly unaware of any real military capability of EITHER country. The only thing NK could do to seriously do something is use anything NBC. Those NBC sights will likely be the first targets of any US air strikes. The elimination of any large percentage of this “trump card” would likely cause NK leadership to panic and use what they have… Which would be a crappy situation anyway you slice it, however it could very well ceal the fate for the remaining portions of their country as US SLBM’s would eradicate any remaining portions of NK regular forces (depending on who the president is). Either way, reunification will happen when the oppressive government crumbles and the NK people can feel the love the rest of the free world wants to give them. It will be a sweet day for millions of starving people ( even brainwashed people need food) are welcomed to the real world by those who want to help them most. MURICA. #Dropthemike #TFM

  35. it will not be a war they have nukes we have nukes everybody suffers at the push of a button

    • First things first, the taepodong-2 missile that the north Korean’s failed after 30-45 seconds into launch. the nuclear tests the Korean’s have done are low yield. The U.S. anti missile defense may be flawed, but it would have no problem defending against that. Plus, as long as the government can see this, we would not risk creating a global nuclear holocaust over something as trivial over North Korea.

  36. God is the only superpower there is nobody or country greater than god may god have mercy on us all please pray for US an North Korea

  37. Charles Brown March 13, 2013, 01:25

    I have been unable to find a Han Ho Suk out on the web. He may exist, but I would also not be surprised to learn that this article was prepared and floated on the sly by the North Korean propaganda machine.

    If it were solely up to me, I would never engage North Korea in a conventional war—not because they are powerful—but because they are dangerous. One lost American boy or girl in a conventional war with North Korea is one too many. North Korea and its indoctrinated “zombie” population is a waste of skin and breathing air. The only reasonable answer to North Korea is to lay out a grid across their country, make sure every city is at the center of at least one grid, and drop a 7-megaton dial-a-yield into the center of every grid square—all at one time. Erase the place from the face of the Earth. That would be the only way to save the people of South Korea (and our troops) from the cannon firestorm, and it would stop international nuclear proliferation dead in its tracks.

    Trouble is. No one would be crazy enough or wise enough to do it. Instead, one of our fearless leaders would keep the war conventional, send 500,000 of our troops to get shot up, nuked, gassed, and decimated by biological weapons, spend $ 5 trillion we do not have, and claim we are on a 15-year “nation building” mission.

    Nuke the bastards right out of the starting gate!!!

    • Unfortunately- as a fellow center left liberal. I agree.

      The Norks have never bargained in good faith, their national ideology forbids it.
      Several low yeild tactical nuclear strikes, as insane as that proposition is, seem to be the best option. They’re more dangerous now than ever before with this child calling the shots over there.

  38. no one can stop historically triggered situation. Thus we should face it as law of selfish social beings in the world political history. Isn,t it?

  39. This is a sad excuse for an article. The truth is that the united states is always ready for war. The US and its allies would kill the dictator and then the armies would simply surrender when we offer them food and democracy.

  40. Pretty funny guy…. might take a little longer that Iraq but in the end Jr. and the rest of his cronies will be annihilated… have to believe this article was written by a North Korean. Just wish we could get it over with and level this idiot country and call it a day…

  41. This is a joke.The military capabilities of the United States that is public is insane, I cannot even begin to fathom what they have that’s top secret. Not underestimating the Chinese military, im just saying they know North Korea is not worth a third world war. North Korea’s population is in ruin they don’t take care of their people, there is no way they could handle a war. Military intervention with North Korea is inevitable considering endless their insanity, it sucks but its the truth. On the bright side, it wouldn’t last more than a month. Thank you though, I laughed pretty hard at this.

  42. Go ahead North Korea. Invade the United States with your pitiful armed forces. We would enjoy an opportunity to shred your brainwashed boys and girls like the worthless meat that they are and ship them all back home to you in garbage bags. Garbage bags for garbage.

    Take a look at the only future North Korea has left:

    The United States is death and it is The Destroyer of Worlds, and all 315,000,000 Americans would love an opportunity to destroy your pitiful, God-forsaken, little-suck ass world. Kim Jong Un is a piece of unchewed cabbage in a pig’s ass. Here is what he and that stupid-looking little wife of his will looked like when we get finished with him:;_ylt=A0oG7m8fv1BRQgQA.lVXNyoA?p=Dead%20Uday%20qsay&fr2=sb-top&fr=yfp-t-200-1

    We’ll get you—and your little dog too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Ho!!! You here? North Korea go to Top Top Top Notch Defense Status No. 1 (with crackers and jam). What a bunch of twits!!!

  44. profanity deleted

  45. North Korea is a country roughly the size of Louisiana, with a population equal to that of Texas…The US will mop the the floor with North Korea if North Korea really wants it.

  46. What North Korea’s bluster is really about is promoting arms sale to countries in violation of internationa consensus.North Korea really doesn’t have enough resources to fight a war of conquest. However, anyone wanting to invade North Korea has a real potential problem

  47. This article is a joke if it thinks that N Korea stands a chance against the US. You see it forgets the one key thing that intelligent armies know trumps all else. It isn’t technology, it isn’t numbers, it isn’t the motivation of one’s troops.

    It’s logistics.

    N. Korea simply lacks the logistical capacity and lacks the ability to attack US Logistical bases with enough precision in order to defeat the US in a total war scenario.

    Having a bunch of tanks and aircraft are all pretty useless if they lack the fuel to actually do anything. There are 2 ways to cripple the N. Korean fuel supply. You can destroy the distribution centers, or you can destroy the production centers. The US will destroy both and there is little that N. Korea can do to stop it from happening. The only tool that N. Korea has to attack US fuel supplies form a long range is via their missiles. Those are largely ineffective against US/S. Korea Missile defenses (aka Israeli Iron Dome).

    N. Korea lacks such an effective defense system against American long range precision weapons. Within 24-48 hours of a N. Korean attack their entire fuel supply will be destroyed by superior Air Power. Any initial armored thrusts are likely to be thwarted. The only real threat are missile strikes on Seoul and ground troop movements. Ground troops can be decimated by air power alone, along with drone support and the well armed US and S. Korean army they can stop an attack in it’s tracks. Furthermore without the ability to fuel their mechanized units the N. Korean will lack any ability to penetrate further than a few kilometers across the border and their mechanized units will be useless in urban warfare. N. Korea will have to capture Seoul completely within 24-48 hours and that just isn’t going to happen with the extensive defensive perimeter around the city. The reason I say 24-48 hours is because that is about as long it will take for the big B2 bombers to drop their heavy munitions to destroy N. Korea’s fuel supply. I’m fairly certain that US and S Korean air forces will slow down the initial attack enough to allow American/S. Korean forces to counter attack.

    Without the ability to fuel and supply their troops it won’t take long for US and S. Korean forces to counter the attack and push N. Korean forces back all the way to the Chinese border. There literally is nothing that N. Korea can do to stop it because they will lack the resources to do anything. Their underground facilities are pretty useless if you can just seal the entrances and tell them to surrender or suffocate. The only real threat would be the possibility that N. Korea would hide nuclear bombs in it’s own cities to detonate when Allied troops move into them. Chances are that could very well happen which would kill a lot of N. Korean civilians. The Allied powers may just end up using air power and armored units to move forward and try to evacuate these cities into cleared safe zones.

    The entire war would last nothing more than a few days with Korea now unified under the control of the Allied powers. Provided that N. Korea attacks first, which is most likely, there will be little incentive for China to intervene. This is especially true if N. Korea tries to use nuclear weapons. China of course would be more worried about nuclear weapons being smuggled into China across the border in attempt to save them for use against the US or to use them as a bargaining chip to try to force China into the war. But considering the recent tone coming out of China about N. Korea I don’t see that happening. China is pretty pissed about their “spoiled brat” of a neighbor. I seriously doubt they would bat an eye if the regime was gone.

    It should be noted that this paper only tries to compare US vs N. Korean forces based strictly on strategic and tactical ability. It is also comparing them using cold war metrics of strength. Both of which are obsolete. It omits drone warfare, logistical base, and superior American intelligence infrastructure. It actually thinks that just because you build an underground bunker that is deeper than a bunker buster can penetrate you have effectively defended yourself from such an attack. Entrances are venerable, data links can be severed, you can use multiple bunker busters back to back to penetrate deeper into the bunker and blow it up still. It’s just so laughable it’s sad.

    Just one last thing. The US army has learned a lot about how to deal with Asymmetric Warfare in the Afghan and Iraqi conflicts. As much as I hate to say it but US forces have more field and battle experience than the N. Korean forces, that experience counts for a lot and it is typical for the forces stationed in N. Kore to be our best armed, best trained, and best experienced units. N. Korean ground forces lack that experience and can and will be broken rather easily as a result.

  48. I cant believe what Im reading. These people are like children. It even sounds like an Asian is writing this with all the missing definite article’s.

  49. They know it. They can talk all the bullshit they want. They know as long as they dont fuck to hard they can keep fucking. Once they push to deep and hit that back stop then she might wake up and bend him over put on her fucking Trident III strap on and push it up ping pong’s ass.

  50. No seriously….I think North korea believes if they push the United States hard they will get something out of this. They know that America is concerned with Nuclear weapons in Iran. If these two nations take their turns provoking America stretching America military all over the world, along with Russia ( remember the russian submarine in the gulf of Mexico and the bombers over guam) then America stretched to thin is no influence at all.

  51. I shouldn’t of made that comment about the strap on. I couldn’t stop laughing. I just get pissed over this kind of shit.

  52. north korea will get wiped out.

  53. “Total War” Putting forth the effort of an “ENTIRE” country to fight a war. The United States has the capability to fight and win a total war.

  54. Remember what happened to Saddam’s supposedly giant military, with it’s ferocious Republican Guard? It’s going to be the same this time, too. Being #3 or 4 doesn’t mean a lot when #1 is outspending all the competitors combined.

    What’s truly absurd in this whole farce, however, is the fact that the US doesn’t want this war at all, has nothing to gain from it (except, perhaps, one less irrelevant enemy) and would like nothing more than for this tin horn tyrant’s system to fall down under its own weight without a shot fired.

  55. This article is originally published on April 24, 2003 as this link shows:

    The bottom line to take from this article is that defeating North Korea will not be as easy as it seems. In the long-run, the USA will win but it will be painful.

  56. WOW. Han Ho Suk: You suk at keeping yourself grounded in the facts. – There are so many “facts” about this article that are delusional, that I don’t know where to begin.

    You talk about N. Korea’s “military capability” “special forces” “tunnal warfare” etc, etc. And it’s all BS. But what really had me laughing was you talking about how North Korea’s Air Force would confuse and defeat the US Air Force. That alone tells me that you know NOTHING about the US Air Force. The US Air Force is 20 years more advanced than any other nations Air Force and about 30 years ahead of N. Korea’s in it’s technology and pilot training. If you really thing that North Korea’s pilots can stand down the USA’s pilots, then you are SO missinformed.
    I heard ths BS rhetoric in 1991 whenpeople like you were telling the US about how dangerous the Iraqi military was. And like you, they counted up all the tanks, fighter jets, special forces, missles, WMD’s, and how “bad ass” Saddam’s “Republican Guard” was.
    If North Norea is stupid enough to go to war with the US, they’d better be chicken-s**t little weasels like the suicide bombers in Iraq and Afghanistan. Because if they try and fight a traditional war with the US, they are going to be crushed. And your scenarios are hilarious.
    North Korea has no chance agaisnt the US Air Force. Army. Navy. Marines. Seals. The LAST thing Korea wants to do is have the US park 3 Aircraft Carriers in their backyard. And if N. Korea is stupid enough to lob ANY missles at a US target, well, I feel sorry for the thousands of North Korean soldiers who are going to die because King Jong fatty led then into an impossible war to win.

    Ok Han Ho SUCK. Go collect your check from Kim Jong Porky-boy.

  57. Charles Brown April 10, 2013, 21:21

    Go up and look at Joe’s post. Notice the verbal defense of North Korea and the missing words. Five will get you ten that this post was put up by someone in the DPRK Ministry of Propaganda. Ha!!! With two you get nuclear spring roll up anus!!!

    Take a listen to these DPRK zombies, especially the gung ho woman:

    Listen up DPRK Ministry of Propaganda, when the American people see this crap on our televisions, we laugh, and laugh, and laugh, and laugh, and laugh, and laugh, and laugh, and laugh, and laugh—and then pass hot rear gas (chop, chop) in your general direction.

  58. From what I read, most of you are missing the big picture. Economics. China has too much invested in the United States to allow North Korea to impact it on an economic basis. China / N. Korea vs the World is not acceptable to the Chinese power brokers who really run China. If and only if China is convinced that they can defeat and take over the US would they be interested in war with the USA. It always boils down to money. What does North Korea think it can achieve with war? Just a lot of dead Koreans and Americans and after it is all said and done, same as it was before the war, a stalemate. The North Koreans may be saber rattlers but they are not stupid.

  59. Read the ending portion of Tom Clancy’s Armored Cav, which presents a situation where N. Korea invades and the US 11th Armored Calvary is the only unit in the area to stop them. The meat of the story is about 2 Apache Helicopters which kill dozens of tanks (while evading hand-held MANPADS), but one Apache gets shot down, and the other protects it (WITH ONLY THE CANNON) from hordes of starving NK infantry not trying to take the pilot prisoner, but to take his MREs!!!! After that event, the invasion grinds to a halt and the NK govt. surrenders. Boom. I hope that whoever made this article shoots themselves after reading these comments. USA ALL THE WAY

  60. What about the us drones? Eliminate key targets without even losing a life! Sure they might get shot down, but they are cheap and can easily be replaced. The us needs to really start basing more drones in SK.

  61. These people are such idiots. Oh, we’ll send a 15 kiloton bomb over the border. Hello people! U.S. will respond with a 25 megaton response, vaporizing 5 miles with hotter than the surface of the sun, followed by 22 miles of total and absolute devastation. That would probably scare the heck out of China.

  62. The U.S has every advantage except for two; home turf and numbers. The U.S has far superior technology in the air and on the ground, they have better trained and battle hardened troops(Iraq and Afghanistan vets), they have the political advantage including their spot on the U.N security council and their NATO membership, they have the intelligence advantage and the industrial advantage. A war with North Korea would only last a couple of months, but there would be a long term insurgency. It would be the first Gulf War all over again. They’d gain air superiority(easy when the NK’s main fighter is 50 years old), they’d suppress their air defenses, they’d bomb the hell out of them and cripple C&C, supply lines and cause general chaos, then they’d roll in and mop up any resistance, probably all at the same time and all while dropping leaflets and engaging in a psychological war. The South Koreans would shell NK formations advancing towards the DMZ and engage in counter battery fire against NK artillery pieces. The U.S, South Korean and whatever other allies would come out on top. Start air dropping leaflets with promises of food and see how long your ‘indoctrination’ lasts..

  63. “Tank battles in Korea will be fought on hilly terrains without any close air cover, because North Korean fighters will engage US planes in close dog fights.”

    The statement above under the subpart of the article entitled Blitzkrieg IS A JOKE. The South Korean F-15K is better than the KPAAF’s best MiG-29. The F-15K can kill the MiG-29 before the MiG even knows that the -15K is there. Certainly, no MiG-19, 21 or 23 is going to compete with an -15K, F-16 or F-22. South Korea has some tank busting A-10’s for CAS. The -16 can also fly in a CAS role with the CBU-105 Sensor Fused Weapon, which is a SADARM munition on steroids, though not to the same extent as a Hog. The whole point being that the assertions of the author are ludicrous. The KPAAF has inferior fighter aircraft that don’t stand a snowballs chance in hell in an Air Superiority Battle with the CFC air component.

  64. As far as armored warfare is concerned, the KPA has old, outdated T-55, 62 and 72 tanks along with some light types such as the Old Soviet era PT-76 amphibious recon tank. The Worker-Peasant Red Guard Militia has the antiquated T-34. Neither the Chonma’ho or the Pokpung’ho tanks would make a difference. The Chonma’ho is an upgraded T-62 with the Pokpung’ho being an upgraded T-72. To imagine what the tank battles would be like if conflict broke out, First: Try to imagine the utter decimation of KPA tank brigades, regiments and battalions on the narrow winding roads of the Korean Peninsula by air delivered SFW’s, or sensor fused weapons, and Secondly: Just recall what Eagle Troop of the U.S. 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment did to the Tawakalna Division of the Iraqi Republican Guard in 1991 during the Battle of 73 Easting. And the Iraqi’s had the T-72. Granted, KPA troops are well indoctrinated, highly motivated and have excellent es spirit de corps. But these things cannot compensate for the inferior technical performance of their tanks and MICV’s/APC’s.

  65. “North Korean tanks have skins 700 mm thick and TOW-II is the only anti-tank missile in the US arsenal that can penetrate this armored skin.”

    The above statement under the subpart entitled Blitzkrieg, shows that the author is not knowledgeable about armored warfare. 70 CM of armor means WEIGHT, and weight means that the T-62 he refers to is not going to move at 60 Km/h. I doubt that it carries a 155 mm main gun. If it does carry a heavy gun, it is going to be more like 152 mm. This means T-62 would no longer be a tank. It would become an assault gun with a road speed more like 32 Km/h. Without an automatic loader, a T-62 with a heavy main gun of 152/155 mm is going to have a reduced rate of fire in terms of rounds per minute. The Abrams tank carries the M-829A3 sabot tank round , which will penetrate 700 mm of armor; TOW and Javelin missiles along with Hellfire missiles are definite T-62 killers. Point being that an up-gunned, heavily armored T-62 does not give the KPA any tactical advantage on the battlefield.

  66. The two greatest threats North Korea has come from: (1) Its SPF’s, or Special Purpose Forces, and; (2) the People’s SRF, or Strategic Rocket Forces. The former are commandos trained in infiltration by sea, air & land. They will wear civilian clothing or ROK military uniforms. SPF’s are the force which Pyongyang depends on to open a Two-Front war on the peninsula. It is not an actual second front. It is a mass infiltration with missions much like the missions of Russian Spetznaz units: Cutting military lines of communications, disrupting industries, knocking out electric power grids, disrupting troop movements and attacking ports and air bases, political assassinations, etc. In other words, to cause extreme disorder and confusion deep in South Korea. North Korean commando operations have to be executed in conjunction with the Tactical Deep Battle in order to have any chance of success. As for the PSRF, the once North Korea starts firing missiles they will be countered by Patriot & Sentinel ABM’s. Their missile bases and factories would be knocked out by surface and submarine launched TLAM’s, or Cruise missiles. A single e-bomb from the Global Strike Force would place Pyongyang in total darkness, cripple transportation & knock out all communications.


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