The Travels Of Guru Nanak

Slave Nanak : The Divine Calling

The calling to spread the True Word Of God. Respected Guru Nanak makes four long journeys over a period of thirty five years walking over 30,000 miles with his companions Bala and Mardana (a muslim rabab player)

Respected Guru Nanak - The Divine Calling

Respected Guru Nanak in his village, announces the divine calling to spread  The True Word  Of God.

Guru Nanak Preaches The Divine Word

Respected Guru Nanak travels by foot spreading The True Word.  All utterances are the directly revealed Word Of God.

Map Of The Travels Of Respected Nanak

Map Of The Travels Of Respected Nanak

A map of the travels of respected Guru Nanak.

Recently discovered monuments: (a) a small shrine to Slave Nanak in Kazakhistan, (ii) a shrine in Tibet.

Please click on the map for an expanded view.

Map Of The Travels Of Respected Nanak

Map Of The Travels Of Respected Nanak

Please click on the map for an expanded view.

Guru Nanak Shrine In Baghdad

A shrine in Baghdad commemorating the visit of Guru Nanak to Baghdad.     Destroyed by Muslim fanatics during the recent Iraq War.

Floor Plan Of The Baghdad Shrine

Floor Plan Of The Baghdad Shrine

The floor plan of the shrine erected in Baghdad to honour the visit of Respected Guru Nanak.

Tabular Inscription On The Shrine

Tabular Inscription On The Shrine

Tabular inscription on the Shrine erected in honour of the visit of Respected Guru Nanak to The City Of  Baghdad.

Respected Guru Nanak In Asia Minor

Respected Guru Nanak In Asia Minor

Respected Guru Nanak resting in Asia Minor with his constant companions Bala and the rebec player Mardana.

The Last Journey : Discourse With The Siddhs

The Last Journey : Discourse With The Siddhs

The last journey:  Respected Guru Nanak travels deep into the Himalyan Mountains to hold discourses with the Siddhs.  The siddhs were Hindu Holy men who had renounced the  false material world and travelled deep into the Himalayas where they were studying Hindu holy texts and engaging in Yogic practises to obtain mukti (liberation of the soul).

Guru Nanak -  The discourses with the siddhs

Guru Nanak - The discourses with the siddhs

Respected Guru Nanak holds discourses with the Siddhs.

Guru Nanak With Bala And Mardana

Guru Nanak With Bala And Mardana

O Slave  Nanak Appeared And The World Was Filled With Fragrant Perfume.

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  2. Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh. Meri veeran bhenan age benti hai k na beda garak karo sikhi da Gurubaani mala jappan de khilaaf aa te tusi aa paintings ch Guru sahib de hath ch hi mala fadaa ditti aa veere study karo study Bala naam da koi character Guru saab de naal nahi c gaya sirf Mardana ji ohna de naal c….. Tusi te asi Bhai Gurdaas ji naalon siyane hon da dikhawa kyo kar rahe han j koi Bala naam da character hunda Guru sahib naal te Bhai Gurdaas ji kade v sirf aa na likhde k”ik Baba Akaal roop dooja rabaabbi Mardana” Waheguru mehar karan summatt bakhshan pado te fer aao maidaan ch te dunia nu dikhaiye k asi kaun han bade sir de laye hun lod hai sir nu use karo kataao na….. mera koi veer bhen ya koi v vichar saanjhi karni chahe te mere email ID te mail kar sakda ae…………… Satsriakaal ji

    • Since ages Mala has been used by practitioners of different faiths as a tool helpful for meditation when reciting a particular mantra. According to common understanding Gurbani’s main pathway to achieving God-consciousness is by recitation of name of God (Naam). This recitation is done day and night until it occupies the conscious surface of mind and progressively becomes the core of one’s mind and heart’s activity. The actual transformation of normal human consciousness takes place after this complete and austere practice which seeks to re-organize, re-invent the deepest root of the unconscious mind by reverberation of one continuous Gurmantra.
      It is common practice in Indian subcontinent to use Mala as an aid for concentration and motivation both in initial and advanced stages of mantra-jaap. It is used by Hindus, Jains, Buddhists, Muslims as well as Sikhs.
      Gurbani is not against usage of Mala, in fact Mala is perfectly suitable aid for mantra-jap.
      Kabir Sahib and other saints have spoken against outer show of religious rituals which are devoid of inner emotive content and sincerity of individual.
      Such admonitions may seem to be directions of prohibitions for a person who treats Gurbani as a ‘book of rules’ BUT for an intelligent person this is just a call for remaining authentic in one’s spiritual practice.

  3. Dear Sikh Archives,

    I’m a picture researcher for educational publisher Hodder Education. I’m sourcing images for a school book / eBook on Sikhism.

    We’d like to use one of four images from your website:

    1. Map of travels of respected Guru Nanak. Second map with images.
    2. Photos of shrine in Baghdad
    3. Tabular inscription from the shrine
    4. Image of Guru Nanak discussing issues with the Siddhas

    I’m writing to clear copyright for the use and to find out if you’d be able to submit hi-res versions of these images.

    If Sikh Archives is not the copyright holder of these images, could you please point me into the right direction?

    Thank you for your help. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind Regards,


    Andreas Schindler
    Picture Researcher
    Hodder Education
    338 Euston Road
    NW1 3BH
    Tel: 020 7873 6200 | Fax: 020 7873 6298

  4. we muslims don’t believe in baba guru nanak , we believe is is only a normal man – nothing else

    • Dharmi Fauji May 22, 2013, 16:18

      Keep believing in what you believe , No one asked you here in this article , what Muslims believe in.

    • keep out of our religion

    • Divine's servant June 4, 2013, 03:49

      its ur personal views bro, dnt push it on other muslims. i hv many muslim frnds who hv highest regard for GURU NANK DEV JI. U shd read GURU NANAK DEV JI’s visit to MECCA,it will clear ur doubts… God bless u. 🙂

  5. Jai Prakash Narain September 23, 2013, 02:34

    A request to TRUE Sikhs
    It is really sad to see the picture of Bagdad, visited by Sri Guru Nanak Devji.
    We must build a Grand Gurudwara.
    It is high time to build Gurudwara at all the places abroad visited by Sri Guru Nanak Devji.
    Sat man sri vaheguru

  6. I am thinking to travel all Himalayan places where guru Ji visited

  7. Sri Guru Nanak was the greatest trekker,world has ever produced.Imagine travelling 40 K Km on foot instrange land,high mountains infested with wild animals and bandits andconversing with people with different languages and customs.How he must have survived in biting cold of Himalayas and blistering hot of deserts ,without a tent,sleeping bag and modern stoves.
    He is the only prophet who is revered by hindus as well as muslims.He is the propounder who relieved hindus of unnecessaryrituals and control of religion by parasite pandas.Half the poors in India live on gurudwara food and alms.Which other religion allows everybody,irrespective of faith,to use gurudwara facilities.
    He is the only God,who is practical and taught not to neglect family but whole world stay like brothers by sharing.The military has learnt”pangat”(line) and eating together “langar” from sikhs.
    How a religion believes “bhakti” and “shakti” together.Indeed Sikhism is the most modern religion.

  8. Very strange story, indeed. I wonder was he closer to Muslim concept of God or to Hindus? Did he ever claim to be a prophet? or he was a social reformer? Did he ever claim that he received inspiration from almighty God? How could he have built a congregation of both Hindus and Muslims? How did they worship together? To whom did they addressed their prayers? How did he manage to travel in Muslim lands without without manifestation of his muslim faith. Do we know anything of his travels and his encounters in Mecca and Medinah? His duiscourses with sufis in Baghdad?

    • Brother, Nanak came as messenger of Almighty at the time when religions Hindu and Muslim were in the hand of the clergyman. The people were into ritual practices for their own profits, and hence they were moving away from the true love for Almighty. The people were becoming corrupt and moral values were at its lowest. It was the dark age for humanity. And then Guru Nanak Dev Ji came to this world to spread the light of Almighty. He emphasized on the righteous deeds and to abolish ritual practices. He never guided any ever away from its formal religion but, lead all on the right path teaching them to be a better Hindu or Muslim. Love all since all are the children of the great Almighty and he is the only provider to all, and one should always be great full to him in good or worst because everything is under his will. And who ever loves him and live in his remembrance, earn honestly and share it with needy can get to him, rest all is

  9. Throwing baseless doubts and questioning age old beliefs, only a an atheist or a fanatic can indulge in.
    Guru Nanak first philosophy was that there is only one god and he is formless and cant be seen(don’t know ,who has seen the God?).There is only one God, who is called by different names. Any doubt?
    Guru ji never claimed, he is a God(unlike other religious “Gods”. He had a pure heart and only through his teachings, he wanted to guide ordinary people as the religion had become a business. The so called priests ,through rituals and complicated language ,had taken the contract to exclusively deal with the subject and thrive on it.
    5 centuries back, there was no passport and visa system and a traveller was checked at Entry points by king’s soldiers and after verifying antecedents and purpose allowed to proceed further. Did the Silk Route traders carried a prior permission ,for visiting a foreign land?
    Sikhs in treating Guru Granth sahib(containing wise/pious words from saints of all religions)is living God .Which other religion could promote national(rather Intl) integration,that too ,centuries back?
    ‘Naam Simran’ is from heart and not by banging bells .
    That’s why Sikh religion is considered as the most modern(and scientific) and practical religion, where every body is welcome, and have you ever heard of forceful conversion ,as practiced by others, even by the greatest and mightiest ruler, Maharaja Ranjit Singh.
    A modern religion, which is the 5th biggest religion in the world, and because of humanitarian principles and practices, is blameless.

  10. where did he go because you don’t make it clear.


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