Shabad Gurbani – Sayeth Nanak To This Slave Salutations Forever


Guru Arjan Dev - The Martyrdom

Guru Arjan Dev – Supreme Sacrifice For The Glory Of The Sikhi Of The True King Nanak




From the Respected Sikh Scriptures, the Guru Granth Sahib,  the sacred  hymn at ang  (appendage of the living body)  294   (page 294)  (uttered by Guru Arjan Dev, the Fifth Nanak):  Nanak Es (This)  Jaan (arabic : slave)  ko (to)  sadaa (always)  nameskar (salute) [  Sayeth Nanak, to this slave I bow]

jo jaanai this sadhaa sukh hoe ||
One who knows Him, obtains everlasting peace.

aap milaae leae prabh soe ||
God blends that one into Himself.

ouhu dhhanava(n)th kulava(n)th pathiva(n)th ||
He is wealth and prosperous, and of noble birth.

jeevan mukath jis ridhai bhagava(n)th ||
He is  liberated while yet alive; the Lord God abides in his heart.

dhha(n)n dhha(n)n dhha(n)n jan aaeiaa ||
Treasure, Treasure!, Treasure is the coming of that humble being;

jis prasaadh sabh jagath tharaaeiaa ||
by his grace, the whole world is saved.

jan aavan kaa eihai suaao ||
This is his purpose in life;

jan kai sa(n)g chith aavai naao ||
in the Company of this humble slave (arabic – jaan), the Lord’s Name comes to mind.

aap mukath mukath karai sa(n)saar ||
He Himself is liberated, and He liberates the universe.

naanak this jan ko sadhaa namasakaar ||8||23||
O Nanak, to that slave, I bow in reverence forever. ||8||23||

Translation courtesy:  AkalSevaEL (translation changes by Sardar for correspondence with Arabic)



According to Sikh Scripture, the Guru Granth Sahib is the directly revealed  Word of God and the utterances therein are those of God (Dhur Ki Bani). The Sikh Religion does not assert that it is the only path to God. The Sikh Religion does not recognize the supremacy of  worldly material power and  in recognition thereof the Sikh Flag, The Nishaan Sahib  (The Respected Mark Of God under the shadow of the Sikh Broadsword)  has to fly higher than the flags of all the false materialists temporarily adorning  the material world.  By the respected utterance of  The Lord Of The Falcons (baaj guru),  The Khalsa shall emerge triumphant and be sovereign.








Note: The video contains a collage of images of that Exalted Knight Of The Khalsa Order,  Brahm Giani Sant Jarnail Singh Ji  Khalsa Bhindranwale:    Brahm Giani (Knower Of God) Sant (Saint) Jarnail (General) Singh (Lion) Ji (Respected)  Khalsa (  Of The Khalsa Order) Bhindranwale  (man from the village Bhindran)






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  1. could you say where it says “its the revealed word of god”
    line 8 23 ,i am not convinced of that translation.


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