The Yogi Bhajan RSS Cult Performs The First Ever Homosexual Sikh Wedding In The World

Wedding Bells

Wedding Bells Are Ringing


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Note: This is the story of the first openly homosexual Sikh wedding in the world. The two lovebirds, don’t ordinarily wear a turban and do not believe in Sikh Tenets. However in order to make a point, they wore turbans only for their wedding. They do not have long hair and in fact one of them has a Muslim style beard. This outrage on the Sikh Religion was conducted by the 3H0 White Sikhnet  ‘Sikh’  Cult. This is the Yogi Bhajan cult. A RSS front organization. One of the lovebirds is a nephew of  Yogi Bhajan,  the cult guru who claimed that all of the Sikh Gurus practised Kundalini Yoga.  The White Sikhs have been introducing Sikhs to homosexuality, Sikh Girls to Speed Dating (one night stands) and one of their sites sells homosexual devices along with their sacred mantra chants.


Gay Wedding Of Fake Sikh Attended by Yogi Bhajan’s 3HO Sikhs

by Gursant Singh  @, Espanola New Mexico USA, Saturday, July 03, 2010, 15:27
edited by Gursant Singh, Sunday, July 04, 2010, 02:54

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Poet Warrior’s Note:

The gay Sikh featured in this article is reputedly the Grand Nephew Of Yogi Bhajan, the promotor Of Kundalini Yoga and White Tantric Sexual Magic. This evil little man of  Of Yogic Sorcery single-handedly poisoned the well of Sikhism in the West.

As the Sikh Lion lies mortally wounded, the religion of  The True King Nanak has been misappropriated by the very worst species of imposters, cowards  and charlatans ever.  Who are these poseurs?  In which wormwood did they lie burrowed so deep,  unnoticed and for so long.  Only to be conjured  into this ill-omened, stygian night.  They are  intoxicated with their strength; the strength to gloat over  the Sikh Lion writhing  in death throes;  the strength to mock the religion of Nanak.  Such Courage! Such Bravery!  You all must have fought your very first battle at the tender age of eleven like the Lion Of The Punjaub. You must have swallowed  heartily,  the nectar of the double edged sword – the nectar of death. And thus considered yourself already dead. I wonder! I wonder, what is the real source of your strength?

Please be sure to visit Gursant’s website : for a damning insider expose of the reality of the Yogi Bhajan RSS cult. Visit this site to go behind the  public relations mask of the Yogi Bhajan White Sikh Cult and travel  into the  dark, troglodyte  heart of cultism, idolatry, tantric sex yoga and numerology. See the modern faux face of the RSS poisoners of authentic Sikhism.

You will also want to review the complete dossier on these fake Sikhs, click this link:   The Fake White RSS  Sikhs which critically examines this dangerous white or Gora Sikh RSS Cult. You will also want to read this article: The Corrupt Idolators which shows White Sikhs mocking great Sikh Martyrs.

The Dasam Granth is a heretical anti-Sikh tract authored by unknown Hindu authors attempting to misappropriate  the Sikh Religion (with the possible exception of 88 pages which can be attributed to  the Lord Of The Falcons). It contains extremely profane and vulgar language,  condones and leads to sexual depravity and moral degeneracy  and contains passages which vilify and sanction extreme hatred of females. It sanctions idolatry, vain glorifies mythical Hindu gods, demons and sorcerers;  and repeatedly enunciates the supremely heretical canon that God is anthropomorphic and reincarnates in human and other forms. It fails upon the touchstone of authenticity of it’s doctrine with the Guru Granth Sahib. It is a vulgar and insignificant little book authored by unknown Hindu authors with the object of  mystifying the Sikh Religion and breaking the unitary doctrine of  the Guru Granth Sahib into a thousand pieces.  That is the short and  simple off it.

Please do not contribute your earning to the  fake  3HO/Yogi Bhajan/Sikhnet white Sikhs.

The Original Post

Yogi Bhajan’s 3HO Sikhs participate in this gay wedding. Decide for yourself if the Tantric yoga Yogi Bhajan taught his students is damaging or not. “Moreover this gay sikh is relative of Grand-nephew of Yogi Bhajan (Master of Kundalini Yoga). They (3HO people ) are making Gora people sikhs.. how they can teach them basic principals of Sikhi when the are disrespecting Sikhi.”

Gay Wedding offends Sikh Sentiments!  Sikhi rejects Homosexuality; it is unnatural and is seen as offensive behaviour towards God. God has made man for women, this is the laws of nature. So why does a So-called Sikh wear his kara, dastar and kirpan and marry another man. This is taking the mick out of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s uniform.


Love At First Sight



The above picture was taken from his website, this picture is not from the wedding day, but there are pictures from the wedding day where the gatra can be seen! I have included one below:


Was Gurbani read at this wedding? In the picture above you may see something that looks like a Senji Sahib (if it was any kind of Gurbani), it is a great disrespect to recite Gurbani to bless an unholy act as such as this.

They look like a bunch of evil chipmunks

So called Sikhs are present at the wedding! I feel a true Sikh should reject and oppose Homosexuality as being socially accepted. Everyone is entitled to their own private life, but should gays be allowed to marry, adopt or publicly perform their disturbing actions (if we do allow all this, what message are we sending to the kids. we need to tell our kids that homosexuality is a disturbing trend and wrong, it should not be made legitimate).


The Khanda Is Homosexual?

In the Picture above she is wearing a Khanda, but is present at a Gay wedding.


Bon Appetit! Now How About Some Anal Sex


They look good in the Bana, but i wonder what they are drinking?



Bellys Up By Weirdos

What the hells going on in the above picture? weirdo’s!




Love and Sodomy


Poet Warrior’s Note: If you are a real Sikh you will never present yourself in public  looking like this. In fact, true Sikhs are duty bound to emulate the Lord Of The Falcons at all times, and thus must always be in the utmost presentable form when present in public. A Sikh in public is representing not only himself or herself but the entire Sikh Nation.Is this  twerp with his hair down representing the Sikh nation (quom)?

In the above picture, you will see how jazzy normally looks, why couldn’t he have just got married like that? (editor: because the twerp hates Sikhism, that’s why. He wants to bring Sikhi into ridicule and contempt)

If the Panth can’t get a letter of apology from jazzy, we got no honour left!
If Gurbani was recited, we should get an apology from the people responsible too, its only right!

Where are all the Sikh organizations, no point doing parchaar if you ain’t going to attack this great disrespect of the Sikh uniform and Gurbani. Someone please do something, on a diplomatic level. If we don’t do something we will see a Gay wedding in a Gurdwara, or in the presence of Sri Guru Granth Sahib JI. Do nothing then, Nothing changes!



Comment By Sukhbir Singh On The Gurmukh Yoga Website

Gay Wedding of fake Sikh Attended by Yogi Bhajan’s 3HO Sikhs

by singhsukhbir, Friday, July 16, 2010, 07:55 @ Gursant Singh

The man in the gay wedding is the nephew of Surg Soni, the lawyer in L.A. that is representing Bibiji in her legal matters. Surg is the son of Bibiji’s sister from Toronto (Mrs. Soni) who passed away a few years ago. This gay wedding must be condemned. It has hurt our sikh values and will have a nagative effect on our children. This must stop.

Further, Bibiji should have stopped this marriage and condemned it. How can she call herself a Sikh leader and allow this to happen, in her own family. She should appolozise to the entire Sikh sangat.

Bibiji is also involved in Hindu practices. She worships the Hindu Gods everyday along with her children. Many people have witnessed this. She does hindu pujas, aarti and hawan’. She is truly not a Sikh. She has pundits in India and USA who are on her payroll and they keep doing puja and prayers for her and her family.

Bibiji and her sons are just for the power grab. Where were they when the Yogi was alive? Did they participate, wear the bana, attend his classes? The answer is NO. Now they want money and power because the Yogi did not leave them anything. They are not even members in any of Yogi’s company, leave aside being an owner, director or board member. Yogi never trusted his wife not his sons,
Now we hear that the Yogi’s son in law, Satpal Singh is also in this power grab. They all just want money.

Please keep on exposing this Yogi’s family and all the members that are after the money and power.

Gurutej Singh and Shanti Kaur were removed as directors from Akal Security. Gurutej is a known womaniser. He has been married three times. He is doing drugs, alcohol and prostitution. He goes to Asia not for any camps, but for prostitution. Shanti and all the other members who are suing the organisation are just using Bibiji for their cause. As soon as they get power and money, Bibiji will be out. The family of Yogi Bhajan is just being used by these crooks. Gurjot Singh, Harijiwan Singh and others have done prison time. Since the Yogi did not involve them in the dharma, they are upset. This is not rocket science to understand.


Other Comments Made On

Sikhs should stop hypocrisy…

By: balwinder on September 17, 2009
at 6:05 am


It was utter disrespect of Guru Granth Sahib Ji and Gurmat to perform gay marriage if Gurbani was recited. 5 Pyaras should make sure if person is a batiman before giving out Pahul. Batimen are allowed to be batimen but not as Sikhs. Just like people are allowed to consume drugs but not as Sikhs. Just like people are allowed to cut hair but not as Sikhs.

By: The Khalsa Fauj on September 30, 2009
at 6:12 am


Moreover this sikh is relative of Grand-nephew of Yogi Bhajan (Master of Kundalini Yoga). They (3HO people ) are making Gora people sikhs.. how they can teach them basic principals of Sikhi when the are disrespecting Sikhi.

By: sikhinet on October 1, 2009
at 8:30 am


I am not surprised if this man is a relation of Yogi Bhajan and by the presence of 3HO white Sikhs at their gay wedding. I spent 30 years around these fake 3HO Sikhs and saw all kinds of unbelievable things like hindu gods in Gurdwara. Check my website for photos and articles.

Please include or e-mail me if you have further evidence of this man being some relation to Yogi Bhajan.

By: Gursant Singh on July 3, 2010
at 9:44 am

Your comment is awaiting moderation.

There is nothing in gurbani that condemns homosexual partnerships: reference is only made to the balance in energies between two partners and this is not something dependent upon gender but individual constitution. I can’t help feeling by the acidity in your tone that you are using Sikhi to justify your existing prejudices.

I am not saying that you need agree with the partnership between these two men or their wedding ceremony, but I do feel your post lacks compassion. Who are you to judge the purity of their love? And stooping so low as to assume that just because they ‘fall down’ in one area, the drinks at the wedding are bound to be alcoholic and they are doing “weird” things in the photographs.

By: Jaspreet on April 23, 2010
at 10:14 pm


Dear Jaspreet,
Thanks for replying / commenting in my blog. I want to clear few things. I would appreciate if you spend some time to read me reply.

1. The thing that is called “homosexual partnerships” was not in to existence when Gurbani was written.
2. Its not matter whether “I” agree with homosexual partnerships or Not. Its matter who is doing this deed and How others take it. My concern is to take hypocrit SIKHs in front of maximum people. I want to expose all fake babas and persons who are giving wrong paradigm of sikhi.



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Click this link for the complete dossier on the White Sikh 3H0/Sikhnet/Yogi Bhajan Cult

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  1. If you have a look at the Dasam Granth, you will see reference made to same-sex intercourse. Guru Arjan Dev Ji himself was aware of homosexuals in India at the time of his gurbani. The Gurus were all aware of the contents of the Koran in full, which explicitly refers to certain homosexual acts as being Harraam (forbidden). The fact that the Gurus never prohibited homosexuality, despite being fully aware of its existence in society at the time, is evidence of the fact that homosexuality is not considered to be barrier for people to live the Sikh way of life. The Gurus didn’t comment on it because it was not relevant in their spiritual outlook on life. If you can show me evidence to the contrary, I would be more than happy to discuss this issue with you.

  2. Sexuality and Religion are personal choices in a ‘free’ World and followers of GURU NANAK-GOBIND SINGH have been blessed with a systematic freedom and timeless ideology of KIRAT, NAAM and VHANDNA…what do we do with our own personal judgements and prejudices ? waste our lives in conflict and achieve self destruction or use this ‘DIAMOND BIRTH’ to merge with our true HUSBAND-BRIDE through the NAAM SHABAD.

    • As for the integrity of Sikhism, YOU CANNOT BE HOMOSEXUAL…why because Sikhism is about living life “naturally” You cant be a Sikh and be Gay, its totally against the principals of the Sikh Belief and its a Disgrace to what the people of Sikhism…Our ancestors did not fight to have us Gay they fought to preserve mankind.

      • That’s idiotic. Everything, unless manmade, is natural to this world. Homosexuality is a natural occurrence. What you’re discussing is what YOU arbitrarily have decided is natural and what is not, based upon other ideas. Completely irrelevant to what nature really means.

  3. Jatinder singh August 22, 2010, 14:13

    I agree with the freewill aspect of your consensus on this particular subject, ONLY in terms of how god has given us a right to make our own choice and then reap the consequences of our chosen actions according to his divine laws. i.e, people drink alcohol, take drugs, prostitute themselves at their own expense, it is a personal choice, god has granted this freewill to us. In terms of sexuality, if it were a truly acceptable practice, would not at least one of our beloved ten gurus embraced it? The answer is they didnt, nor did they advocate it. Furthermore they valued family life and when they reached the right age all took wives, with exception of the youngest gurus. My personal opinion and that i feel of the majority of the sikh community…is in all honesty without any fancy wordplay is that man is made for woman, as nature intended and anything else is an insult to god and humankind and if one is to indulge in such behaviour it is certainly not to be socially accepted, instead it should be kept to the confines of your own privacy. To all who are worried that one day day this may take place in a gurdwara near you, fear not because as long as singhs like myself and many others i know have breath, hate it or love it…I will make sure my kirpan tastes blood before any faggot wedding takes place in the presence of our beloved guru. WGJKK, WGJKFATEH!

  4. How old are the people who wrote this blog? This is so childish. If a Sikh is Gay so what?

    Is the relationship based on Kaam because they have no chance of procreating children? If so what about childless couples. Thye must express Kaam all the time?

    As for relationship between man adn a woman? Surely the external shell of gender is immaterial. Relationships are about unions of souls, and the soul is genderless.

    “Reconise the Human Race as One” this applies to all caste, colour, greed, gender and sexuality. There is no room for racism, castism and homophobia in Sikhism!!!

    • Jaswinder Singh February 17, 2012, 13:28

      Are you one of these White wannabe Sikh ? Seem like it, you even can’t spell your own name properly its RANDEEP SINGH NOT RAN DIPS**T ? Now it does make more sense to me. Keep your gay thing in your @ss we don’t need it. GAY rights look good only in US and UK. Where priest rape children in Churches. Americans can have Gay army we Akal Purkh Ke fauj is not GAY. At the end, just bend over and lick your own @ss i bet your yoga guru has taught you enough to be bending over and taste your own ass. lol

      • Lionheart Singh March 6, 2012, 06:56

        What a hate filled little puke you are “Singh”! I wonder what your Gurus would think of you passing such judgements! In my humble opinion you need to leave Sikhism and join jew/christian/muslim religion. It’s more in line with your viscous hate spewing mentality!

  5. Gurminder Singh September 5, 2010, 15:15

    To All

    Waheguru ji Ka Khalsa!!! Waheguru ji ki Fateh!!!

    First of all these are two different topics!!!! Please do not mix it!!!!!

    I don’t want to comment on gay marriage as i have no idea about it as per sikh religion rehat and maryadas. But will definitely try to find out!!!!

    BUT, who so ever are saying bad about Sir Dasm Granth Sahib, I request all of you please read it fully with proper vision before making our comments!!!!!.

    To understand wht Guru Gobind Singh Sahib was trying to tell its KHALSA, u first need to be KHALSA!!!!…

    None other can understand the Bani of Sri Dasam Granth by mere looking at its one part.

    Can anybody from all of you explain how he & she has born in this world!!!!!…

    It is the Same Kaam, which you guyz think is out of World when the same is taught to you by Guru Himself!!

    All the Literature in which Sri Dasam Granth Sahib ,you guys are relating to Kaam or SEX is about warning its ill effects which can devastate any Empire!!!. It is warning as well as information provided to Khalsa Panth so that Khalsa Panth can be warned of this ill effects well advanced in time.

    In it there is no DISGRACE , i repeat NO DISGRACE for women….. it is all the stories which is being used to maximize the vision of the Khalsa Panth….. coz out of all the five evils ” Kaam, Krodh, Lobh, Moh & Ahnkaar” Kaam is the worst of all & its control is wht which makes an empire rise or fall!!!!!..

    Khalsa are known of their high character,why???? Because they already knw, where falling for mere Physical pleasure can lead them to ????

    Khalsa Ji,, it is time to rise…Khalsa Panth has been tested all the times since its creation coz we always let others do it…. Please rise up so that we can save all religion from this adamdari are fake deh dharis!!!

    Don’t go with hearing only!!!! please read & understand wht Baani is all about….

    Please forgive me if i hurted anyone .. but this is not at all personal but Yes, it is personal to me as i believe in Baani of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji & Baani of Sri Dasam Granth Sahib without any dilemma

    Fateh Bulave Nihaal Ho jaave..

    Sat Shri Akaal

  6. jatinder singh October 4, 2010, 10:04

    To Randip Fag, not randip singh because you dont deserve that title. Its weak minded fools like you that make singhs a soft touch. You think its ok for a chardi kala singh to be a homo! what planet are you from?! its goes against all religions and nature. So who are you to say its ok? You thinks its alright to come and disrespect all the bloggers here by saying “How old are the people who wrote this blog? This is so childish. If a Sikh is Gay so what?” Man i know im not supposed to do this as a sikh but i would love to knock your block off, ill gladly take the bad karma for that. to you and all you other fag sympathy people, you are all confused, guru ji never told us to adopt or cherish homosexuality. He wouldnt need to then, because they didnt have bitch ass sikhs like you around to break it down to. Carry on thinking the way you do, when all your kids turn out gay and lesbo, we will see how accomodating you are. Bottom line HOMOSEXUALITY IS NOT TO BE ACCEPTED IN SIKHI! try all you want with your wishy washy beliefs, with no bir ras in them, you will not overcome. One day may a real sikh correct you on this matter, better yet may they strike you down, if you intend spread such bullsh*t. Now carry on playing with other mens balls, ya homo loving prick. To ALL who say this is not good conduct by a sikh, agreed and i happily take on any bad karma i have inherited through this entry, so please spare your wasteful comments if your a fag lover. sat sri akall!!

    • I wish your kid to be gay !! well then I would like to see how you handle it within your so called aspect on Sikhism !!

      There is no religion in this world which condemns the way human is born!! secondly ! it is only banned because this relation is based totally on kaam!!

      “awalh allah noor upaya, kudrat ke sab bande” << well try reading out these lines you selfish prick… !! they are also as normal as any another guy in the world.

  7. @Jatinder Singh: You sound like a closeted homosexual. Just saying.

    • @jatinder Singh, I quite agree huh. Jatinder, your vile contemptuous prose goes completely against the Sikh religion. You bring shame to it with your judgemental, hate filled rhetoric. That is not what it is meant to be about! What happened to compassion, empathy, tolerance, equality? These are the things which makes you a strong lion. You seem to not displaying any of these traits or even any understanding of them. You seem aggressive, angry and hate filled, I wonder if it’s because of your own deep hidden fears?

  8. Combining the different topics of the Dasam Granth, gay marriage, and 3HO Sikhs, in an attempt to discredit them all, is not effective; it’s just confusing.

    Gay marriage violating the Rehat Maryada could be a basis for criticism; but no one’s even bothered to provide such a basis for the criticism here. The Akal Takht addressed the issue on that basis, and has banned gay marriages in gurdwaras.

    It is shameful thuggish behavior to threaten criminal acts of bloodletting–just to prevent a peaceful event you imagine others might engage in; an event no one has even proposed, and an event that different people would be encouraged to engage in. The fear and hatred behind such threats are much more of an issue than any karmic accounting for words in the threats and insults. Childishly insulting people–such as homosexuals, Hindus, yoga practitioners, or people who question your insults–certainly does not provide a “good paradigm” for Sikhi or demonstrate chardi kala.

  9. gay marriage sutra (link) of kaam only. not a normal biological phenomenon. i haven`t seen any gay animals in nature. gay relations are not natural but man made. some people says guru sahibans were aware ok! may be they were but they never approved. those who write singh with their name and finds such acts fit for them may find places other than sikhism for themselves. you are anti-sikh.

    • satinder singh October 18, 2012, 06:22

      you have not seen any gay animal but as a matter of fact their are more than 1500 species of animal in which homosexual behavior have been observe, get a psychiatric for you he may cure your homo phobia (which is a disease as per WHO )
      hope you will get well soon!!!

  10. Joginder Singh Foley December 20, 2010, 08:46

    Just when you think that the BORG can not sink any lower and drag the noble Sikh religion any further into the swamp of falsehood the BORG go and have a gay wedding. I look forward to reading the BORG’s explination as to how a gay wedding conforms to the teachings of the noble Sikh religion…And people may wander why this “white” Sikh has nothing to do with the BORG

  11. Harmander Singh December 21, 2010, 12:21

    Dear Joginder Singh, what is a BORG?

    Incidentally, although I am not a practicing Sikh (I am not Amritdhari) I believe the SRM does express an implicit view about relations outside of marraiage and in who can get married to whom.

    The message is in the following (paraphrased as my Punjabi is not perfect):

    One cannot have relations outside of marriage.
    Marriage can only take place with the couple being of opposite genders.

    It appears that pro-gay relations are using the duality argument of :

    evidence of omission and omission of evidence in Gurbani – this is a familiar approach of the Humanists and aethiests, it is also a twist on the Scientologists.

    I recently invigilated a debate on ‘morals – can they exist without religion?’ the discussion above has similarities – oh, the Humanists lost the debate on a couple of crucial points – according to the results of the voters – I just read out the results, so please, don’t shoot the messenger.

  12. Joginder Singh Foley December 23, 2010, 07:18

    Dear Harander Singh The BORG see startrek next generation scifi tv series are a race of cyborgs [hence the term BORG] that travel the galaxy assimulating other cultures and their technology. I use the term BORG as a term of contempt for yogi bhajans 3ho version of Sikhi

  13. Vikram Singh Valia January 8, 2011, 22:38

    You’re comments in this article are racist and ignorant. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

  14. jatinder singh January 23, 2011, 18:11

    @huh…..listen fag lover, you my castrated friend, if you are a singh, your 99.9% one of them ones i have seen wearing skinny jeans. if your not a singh stay the f*** outta our business. better yet just do the human race a favour and kill yer self. Prick. We saint/soldiers, the rest of you devil worship/fag lovers. exception of mr Foley Singh, bir ras and gurminder.

  15. I guess every religion has a few bigots and ignorant fools within it, and by that I mean the person who wrote this article and those that display the disrespectful words against these two men and their decision to get married.

    If you can show me somewhere in the writings and teachings of our gurus that condems homosexuality then so be it, I take it back – but I doubt you can. Too bad the real world here is moving forward and you are stuck in your old narrow minded and somewhat embarassing ways. The writer says he is trying to uncover the ‘fake’ Sikhs – I think he and all those with these extremely insulting and childish views are the only fake Sikh here.

  16. Jatinder Singh March 8, 2011, 16:44

    J Kaur, take the kaur out your name and replace it with slut, bitches like you make me sick!

    • MAster Ji Singh November 3, 2012, 13:13

      sorry for my englisch …..

      Waheguru ji ka khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh,

      Jatinder Singh – it is not very SIKHI – when you call HUMANS bad names –

      the Next Point … we are count every Thing .. an call it bad or not bad …
      we give every thing a meaning …

      but only the Guru knows – and you are not in teh position – to go throw with people like … u used to ….

      it seems not very SIKHI to me …. i can not repeat this words because …
      i use Waheguru in my Text …. maybe .. you will learn … or not … the Guru will know – how you call a part of EK ONG KAR –

      if the Guru do not want , that the people arent homosexual – so nobody can be homosexuall – this is a part of the EKONGKAR – it is … because it have to …

      why – people little stupid and ignorant … are so selfisch … that they do not really think on GURBANI … in this CASE ….

      a SIKHI HUMAN do not need to call people by this bad words … shame on you …


  17. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!
    Veerji Jatinder Singh Ji, I understand you don’t agree with gay Sikhs (i don’t agree with them either), but swearing at other people is strictly anti-gurmat behaviour. You cannot preach to others about Guru Ji says: ਪਰ ਨਿੰਦਾ ਕਰੇ ਅੰਤਰਿ ਮਲੁ ਲਾਏ ॥ ਬਾਹਰਿ ਮਲੁ ਧੋਵੈ ਮਨ ਕੀ ਜੂਠਿ ਨ ਜਾਏ ॥
    Par ninḏā karė anṯar mal lā­ė. Bāhar mal ḏẖovai man kī jūṯẖ na jā­ė.
    He slanders others, and pollutes himself with his own filth.

    Outwardly, he washes off the filth, but the impurity of his mind does not go away.

    (SGGS Ang 88)

    J Kaur Ji, to give you a less fanatical response: you ask us to give you an example of Bani where homosexuality is condemned. Bhenji, could you please give me an example of Bani which condones it? Guru Ji specifically mentions that Kaam (lust) is wrong, one of the five ‘maha paaps’ (great sins). Homosexuality falls under this. Homosexuality is sexual lust towards a man right? Then it is also wrong. You might turn around and say ‘oh but why is it not specifically mentioned in Bani?’. Well why is heroin not mentioned? Why is champagne not mentioned? Just because it is mentioned specifically, doesn’t mean it can’t be contained within the umbrella of a wider definition. Since all sex that isn’t for procreation is wrong, then homosexuality is also wrong. Homosexuality was probably not mentioned in Bani, because the vast majority of society during the Gurus time would have probably been quite shocked if he brought it up specifically (homosexuality was also not widespread in medieval India, quite different from the West, so it wasn’t seen as big problem or an issue that needed to be addressed).

    If the Gurus allowed homosexuality, then why were gay marriages not performed during the lives of the Gurus. Why do we have no famous sikh gay saints? Because it wasn’t allowed.

    But I do not understand that this article has anything to do with Sri Dasam Granth Sahib. I completely disagree with the authors perception that Dasam Granth was fabricated by Hindus. IT IS THE BANI OF SRI GURU GOBIND SINGH JI AND EVERY SIKH MUST ACKNOWLEDGE THAT.

    I also don’t like the way the article is being racist. Not all white Sikhs condone gay marriage.

  18. Homosexuality is not lust towards other men, and never was by anyone’s definition save those who fear it. To define it this way only shows your unwillingness to consider the issue.

    Homosexuality is attraction to the same gender, which can manifest as lust, as adoration, as putting-on-pedastals, as childish love, as mature tenderness, or as the fullness of a union of souls.

    By attacking it, you serve to help ensure that the kind of love that your religion supports, will not occur. You are acting in opposition to the results extolled by your Gurus, guided by your own prejudice and hatred. Look within yourself, and remove your hate. Become bigger people.

  19. Simple this it really is? When we are Khalsa, we following the lives of our Guru Ji right? Jay makes the point why did Guru Ji not state it, Guru Ji did not believe Sikhs had insecurities within themselves to state it whereas another faith did. We are to follow the lifestyles our Guru’s set for us right? So which lifestyle did our Guru’s adopt, they married WOMEN. Just because it is not written down, it does not mean we are for it. Sikhs should not discriminate against anyone but for me it is against Sikhi! Bhul Chuk Maafi Karni!!

  20. These fudu’s are a disgrace to our quom. Homosexuality isn’t natural fuken kaljyug worshiping bitches.

  21. i think you are the one being a hypocrite. sikhism is all about equality and there is no place for your vile tone and homophobia in sikhism. sikhism has no tolerance for the hatred you spew. shame on you for calling yourself a sikh when you are so full of hate for other human beings. grow up.

  22. Homosexuality is the product of the Western system. Homos, transsexuals, stem cells, all these cancers, anxiety is all due to this system.

    • That’s the most idiotic thing I’ve ever read. You’re a complete moron if you think homosexuality is a product of the “western system.” There have always been homosexuals on every part of this planet for thousands of years who have been brought up in various religions and under every “system” you can imagine.

  23. Homosexuality is the result of an excessive preoccupation with lust, greed, sex and other lower evil paths including a lack of concern for other people particularly their sensibilities. All of this is the very antithesis of Sikh teaching. While humans are at their best for dragging down Sikh teaching; however look at how nature has thrown up a phenomenon! Not unlike a disease phenomenon, Homosexuality is a phenomenon that has started emerging from a diseased teaching going under the name of Sikh teaching. Though seeking to manifest itself as Sikh teaching; the emergence of this phenomenon has shown it in its real state. Thus though it is sought to be shown as a Sikh phenomenon; it brings out in full manifestation a teaching that revolves around sex in its most unnatural forms. As all votaries of Sikh teaching know, it (Sikh teaching) is forever involved in pulling them out of vices of(lower evil paths) greed, anger lust … , that make them Manmukh and aims at setting them on the higher noble path of a Gurmukh.

  24. I am suprised by the views placed in this article. I am unsure how you can differentiate between heterosexual lust and homosexual lust. Sureyl Lust is lust?

    The issue here with promoting views that exclude and segregate gays in and outside the Sikh community is the affect that it has on impressionable children. Saying that being gay is wrong will not stop them from feeling attracted to someone of the same sex, it will however make them feel that who they are is wrong, resulting in often serious mental health issues.

    Finally if you teach that being gay is wrong, filthy and disgusting and a child hears this, is bullied by others who also hear this and sense that the child is different. If this child decides there is no place for them in life and decides end it, who is responsible………? I would say based on the Sikh relegion it would be the individual who was guilty of ego………

  25. Gay is 100% percent wrong in every way.. It’s not natural, it’s like forcing two jigsaw peices toghether that doesn’t fit.. Sikhs can only have sex once married and only for creating life and not for lust.. Take sex out of gay marriages and it leaves nothing.. It’s wrong and unnatural. It is something creates in Kali yug, the darkest age in this world and was also predicted along with a lot of wrong things in This age. We have been told to be like our Gurus and to follow our Guru Granth Sahib, none mentions Gay. Please don’t get blinded in this dark age. Mediate on God and all answers will come clear. WJKk WjkF

    • “Gay is 100% percent wrong in every way.. It’s not natural…” So you’re essentially saying that sexual orientation is a choice. What individual would make the choice to be queer knowing the extreme difficulty and discrimination they would surely encounter from their own families, friends and society? If you do believe it’s a choice at what point in your life did you make the conscious decision to be straight? At what moment were you juggling the decision of enjoying sex with men or with women? Or did you just end up the way you are without really making a decision, were you simply born that way? Could it not be the same for homosexuals? You’re also making the assumption that a gay individual is somehow subhuman and incapable of deep emotional connections when you say gay marriages without sex leave nothing. These are humans with the same complex emotions and intelligence as you and I. There are millions of straight marriages that lack any sex yet simply because they are straight you expect people to believe their emotional conversation and lives are somehow more meaningful? The darkest age has nothing to do with homosexuality and in fact has much more to do with the inability of human beings from varying backgrounds to live in peace. If every single homosexual on this planet disappeared the world would still be a dark place given the much more significant conflicts amongst humans on this planet. Religious conflicts, war, disease the list goes on. Meditating on God isn’t going to do a damn thing for anyone. Focusing on logic and reasoning is the only thing that will bring us together.

  26. Guru Nanak was a Liar May 9, 2012, 17:31

    The “outrage” is your own homophobia. To the extent that the Sikh Dharma teaches homophobic notions, it is false. I care nothing about 3HO or Yogi Bhajan, but I do believe that when a shitbag like you presumes to speak for God, some truth is in order. When I want that truth, I won’t look to the cesspool of Sikh tradition that you have so piggishly preached here.

    All people are better off leaving the Sikh religion and all other such human-made, political abominations.

    There is more GOD in the love of two men or two women than there is in any so-called “holy” book, and books that sanction the vile ignorance you have spewed in this piece are manifestly false.

    I have no respect for homophobic religion and believe the Living God is destroying it everywhere on earth–such hateful nonsense is beneath contempt and should not be respected. What you teach is nothing but your own ignorance and ego and has nothing to do with the Living God.

    To those Sikhs who remain homophobic, may death descend on you and your dwelllings and may houses of worship that teach homophic lies be razed to the ground.

    • This is a comment by a White Yogi Bhajan Sikh. We put it in because we do not believe that censorship of speech would be appropriate here. As a previous article has shown, a White Yogi Bhajan Website has been selling homosexual toys. We strongly believe that this cult must stop milking the Sikh faith.

    • Dharmi Fauji May 10, 2012, 12:50

      Only time will give you the answer what you seek be prepared , i dare you to try your evil plans that you wrote above and we will see who defends the truth , the truth that was said by our gurus or the truth that you sell now for your own selfish evil motives to gain materialism.
      instead of writing such things on forums come and say this in front of a Gursikh and you don’t have to wait for the answer.

      But as my Guru says to still bless evil people like you with sick mentality so that your evil motives don’t spread.But it got wings now and they need to be cut down and trust me there are concious defenders in every part of the world now , ready to take evil sick people like you.

      And noone is asking your respect keep your respect for your evil cult brahmin yogis.
      and FUCK OFF..

  27. Sikhs are Haters May 9, 2012, 17:35

    Here’s the truth about what the Living God has created:

    Get your heads out of your asses and look at the REAL world and stop preaching your religion of hate. But the Living God is presently trampling out the ignorance of homophobic religion and the ignorance in the false Sikh tradition shall be no exception.

  28. Nanak Stinks May 9, 2012, 17:37

    Sikhism is a hateful and backward religion made by stupid people for stupid people.

  29. Raja Ranjit Singh May 10, 2012, 08:19

    If you want to be gay leave sikhi why are you so attached to sikhi why not create your own gay cult and stick with it what makes you want to say your sikh bkuz none of the gurus would of accepted none of you so why even argue your right to be sikh when what we say doesnt matter and what sikhi thinks of you is a disgrace. the gurus never needed to comment of the fact of gays because you as a normal human should no its wrong the circle of a gay doesnt go around the circle of life doesnt go around if you want to be gay go do it but your not sikh no matter how hard you think you are your not infact your taking the piss. maybe nanak stinks maybe another guru was a thief but you lot are just gay gay gay lol sick is what you lot are not sikh. AS LONG AS WITH IN DEPTH OF YOUR SOUL YOU UNDERSTAND AND NO FULL WELL YOU ARE WRONG INDIvIDUALS THEN THATS ENOUGH. i pray for waheguru and ask for forgiveness on all your behalfs and hope one day before your times up you can re connect with sikhi – not sicki.

  30. Sikhism presumes that man is to evolve from lower ways of life and take up its rightful position in the higher noble paths offered by God’s grace in his this lifetime. Living in utter greed and not to check one’s lusty ways and observe social norms prescribed Sikh teachings is going against basic tenets of Sikh faith. Homosexuality is definitely a lower way of life on the scale of human development. To my mind Sikhism is deliberately being smeared with this mud by its enemies. And work of enemies of Sikhism involved in dragging it down in this age is unparalleled. As if things were not enough now Yogi Bhajan like pest are not stopping nowhere. But here again there is one good point. Had Sikhism not risen so high where was the need for such like activities of its enemies!

  31. To all those people who says gay marriages are allowed in Sikhi

    There is a Salok that is recited in every marriage of a SIKH and this Salok is from Dhan Guru Granth Sahib ji, its say “Habey saakhh Kuravey dithey,Tao palley tenday LAGGI”. Now every punjabi speaking person knows that word “LAGGI” refers to a female. So if you want to get married as a SIKH then i am sorry to say you cannot do that in front of Dhan Guru Granth Sahib ji…..

    Further “LAVAN” , that sikhs recite during their marriage ceremony have message for the bride and Groom on how they have to live together.If you read the meaning of those 4 LAVANS, there is no way it will stand true to a SAME SEX marriage.

    Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh

  32. wanderer of Christ June 14, 2012, 00:37

    i was just starting to discover how impressive is the teaching of Guru Nanak in regards to loving and compassionate other “soul”… I was impressed by Gotama Buddha and learned the beauty of Guru Nanak’s wisdom from the divine… While browsing how religious people understands current issues, this turns me off.. I’ve read many people bearing the divine name “singh” being hateful and judgemental just like my former Evangelicals and Fundamentalists church folks. By that i thought Jesus fail to transform his devotees. Does Guru Nanak fail to transform his devotees.. reading bigotry and unconscious words from the Sikhs really super turn me off. I have to stop reading the Guru’s scriptures now knowing that his loving message is of no use and make people even stupid to think that sexual orientation is an addiction like drinking alcohol… *sigh*…

  33. OMG wat she wrong with the world….sooo wat if people are gay, if you religious people think its soo bad den u need to be asking yourself one thing….god made us the way we are, so ovs he dnt mind that people are gay… and were in sikhi does it say that gays are not allowed to be sikh… NO WHERE…… u haters just need to sort urselves out.. because its u who are the ones with the problems

  34. Listen to you buffoons! There is no place in Sikhi for narrowminded idiots who make claims over somthing that was never mentioned! Nowhere does Gurbani condemn homosexuality. You people are so mired in low level thinking. The kind of fools the run a mock, rioting over the slightest thing even killing people because you dont like how they interpret religion. Sexuality is a part of the human condition, there is no question of not being heterosexual or not being homosexual that is ones prakriti. The focuss of Sikhi is Bhakti, but do you people get that? No you would rather strain your sphincters over a person wearing a turban and admiting that actually s/he is also gay. Nevermind, people like you will always exist, but you will not stop there being gay people who happen to be Sikh either.

    • Editors Note : Though the nom de plume of the writer is “Sam” the email uses the very Hindu word: “vaishnav”. Sam is a Hindu. This is of course material to the discussion.

      • satinder singh October 18, 2012, 06:34

        what kind of a person are you instead of replying you are deciding whether the person commenting is a hindu ,3hoer or gay and accepting comment of a persons who are using world like f*** in thier comments its shame you are running a press!!

        by the way if you are talking of name people also called my aunny but it doesn’t make me a christian i am a gursikh from a small town of India still have more wider view and knowledge than you

  35. How very disappointing to find so many ignorant bigots who follow the Sikh religion. Doesn’t your religion teach you how to think for yourselves? I’m quite sure it doesn’t teach you intolerance and stupidity.

  36. I cannot understand the hate and ignorants of the people who are against gay they should look at there own so call normal heterosexual life style where do we start how many sikh are in jail for stealing killing etc how many so called sikh men beat their wives up and how many of them have other women on the side while being married the so call heterosexual lifestyle is not normal either but then these people who make comments on gay are stupid who cares what these morons think I dont they make me sick there so called normal lifestyle is twisted and evil

    • You are comparing apples and oranges. You can be heterosexual. That is fine as long as you are not a Sikh. Furthemore, marriage is not a lifestyle, it is something beyonf this. The equation of marriage with a lifestyle is a denigration designed to bring it on par with a gay lifestyle. Lastly, anal sex is not natural.

  37. ‘Homosexual’s are born gay and therefore have no choice to be any other way’ is a western justification of such filthy, animal-like, despicable behaviour. You don’t need to be gay to understand this. This justification has become so widespread that most if most non-gays have learnt to believe it, you can only just imagine the conviction a homosexual will have in this. I say this without a shadow of doubt. Manmukh’s have throughout time sought for justifications for their bakwas. This is nothing unique to homosexuality.

    • “…western justification of such filthy, animal-like, despicable behaviour.” I’m not sure why you mean by “western” justification it has nothing to do with geographical location and more with scientific research which has taken place on both the eastern and western hemisphere, so I think you need to rethink that notion. Animal like behaviour, well sex between a male and female is also animal like behaviour as it is prevelant amongst well, animals in nature as is intercourse between same sex animals, so once again what you’ve said doesn’t quite make sense although I understand what you are attempting to convey. What you state regarding gays believing their are born that way and the conviction they have in that claim actually mirrors the conviction faithful individuals have in the fact that God spoke and created the universe. A strong belief that it is the only answer and nothing else could be true the only difference is that one is based on science (gays are born that way) and the other based on nothing except scripture with no imperial evidence.

  38. To everyone who hates homosexuals – I still love you. I happen to be a gay Sikh in the United States. I don’t wear a turban or go to the gurdwara everyday. I don’t even believe in a higher being. I believe that god is in everyone. People say that homosexuality is wrong because its based on lust, but what if there is no sexual actions at all? I have been in a few relationships, and in each of them, I am just with the guy because I like him, I want his company, I want to explore with him. It’s not just to have sex with him. I find it terrible that so may people hate homosexuals. What have we done to you? What will we do to you? How do we affect you? I hope to get married in a gurdwara one day, but the likelihood of that happening seems to be very slim because of a judgement that was passed by some people that don’t know me at all. If religion continues to prosecute people based on their caste, creed, sexuality, or gender, it will lose many follows. I say this not only about Sikhism, but any religion in general. Isn’t one of the main ideologies of Sikhism to love everyone? I’m sure not feeling loved by everyone on here. Thank you to all that stand up against prejudice.


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