The Yogi Bhajan RSS Cult: Miscegnation Of Sikhism With Yoga

Idol Worship In A Sikh Gurdwara

Idol Worship In A Sikh Gurdwara


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By The Poet Warrior


“I believe in Varnashrama (caste system) which is the law of life. The law of Varna (color and / or caste) is nothing but the law of conservation of energy. Why should my son not be a scavenger if I am one? He, Shudra (lowest caste) may not be called a Brahmin (uppermost caste), though he (Shudra) may have all the qualities of a Brahmin in this birth. And it is a good thing for him (Shudra) not to arrogate a Varna (caste) to which he is not born. It is a sign of true humility.

– Mahatma Gandhi – Architect Of  India, Killer Of Sikhs


I am very grateful to Gursant Singh from whose website all of the photographs are reproduced with the exception of the pictures of the Jaito Morcha. Gursant Singh is a  genuine White Sikh who understands  Sikhism. I very highly recommend that you visit his website: for detailed information on the extremely heretical Anti-Sikh practises  of the Yogi Bhajan White Sikh Cult. Gursant Singh was a member of the Yogi Bhajan Cult (3HO and the Sikhnet Gora Sikhs or White Sikhs)  for nearly 30 years and has intimate knowledge about the inner workings of this cult which attempts to miscegnate Sikhism with Hindu idolatry.  If you are interested in Sikhism then I strongly recommend that you  get hold of Gursant.  Do not in any event go to or to 3HO to obtain information about Sikhism.  These sites promote a fake hinduized form of Sikhism. I am very proud to be able to mention the name of this Prince Valiant.


Yogi Bhajan,  The Anti-Sikh

The pictures below show the extreme anti-Sikh heretical practises being carried out by White Sikhs. These very vile people have their origins in one Yogi Bhajan, the Grandmaster of white tantric sexual  magic. Yogi Bhajan was a petty customs agent. A rapist who beat and urinated on females;  there is credible evidence to believe that he was an agent of  RAW and Indian Intelligence Agencies, tasked with penetrating the Sikh diaspora. He was a confidant of the Prime Minister Of India, Indira Gandhi. A ranking officer of the Indian Army has stated that he offered to murder Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale on the behest of Indira Gandhi.

Though he did not succeed in this endeavor; Yogi Bhajan did create a cult which dilutes and obfuscates real Sikhism.  The obfuscation pertains to mixing tenets of Hinduism into Sikhism for the purpose of facilitating the absorbtion of Sikhi into Hinduism.   In other words, Yogi Bhajan was attacking the Sikh identity and the conscience of devout Sikhs by deliberately perverting their beliefs.

One of his primary techniques was to promote the falsehood that a completely made up yoga called Kundalini Yoga was a primary principle of Sikhi. This article focuses on this aspect of his deception.

White Sikhs go by a number of monikers and they operate  a number of commercial organizations which exploit the Sikh Religion for commercial and personal profit. These so-called Sikhs have close ties to the RSS, a Hindu fascist organization.

The web site propagates  the  ideologies of Yogi Bhajan.


White Sikhs And Tantric Sexual Magic

A central feature about White Sikhs (3HO and Sikhnet Sikhs) is the practise of Yoga.  Mainstream Sikhs are very antagonistic about Yoga and very rightly so. Yoga is a central artifact of Hinduism. Yoga is at the very root of  Hinduism.  The foundational principle of Yoga is that God (or god and goddesses) can be understood and realized by following Yogic practises. There is an ascending hierarchy of yogic practises which result in knowledge  of and ultimately union with God. Therefore  there is a rigid hierarchy of Yoga ascension. The Japji Sahib in it’s very first paragraph disavows this theory of yoga.  If you reflect for a second, you will realize that good deeds, social service and helping humanity play no role in the yoga equation. Yoga is a very inward and self-centered activity. The ideal yogic practise is to withdraw from the world.

Sikhism completely disavows the utility of Yoga and  only very recently  have instances been found of Sikhs practising Yoga. Sikhs in the  place of the origin of Sikhism have never practised Yoga EVER.  Sikhism assets that God is ultimately mysterious and unknowable and therefore it is a wasted endeavor to embark on a set of mechanical yogic practises to understand God. Instead, Sikhism asserts that good deeds is the goal that  should be striven for.  Salvation lies in the domain of action.  This is a very far cry from Hinduism which is a very conservative, reactionary and ritualistic  religion.


The Fundamental Principle Of Sikhism

The fundamental principle of Sikhism is that the Guru Granth Sahib constitutes the revealed word of God as uttered through various authentic saints. Therefore Sikhs are obliged to read and understand the Guru Granth Sahib and are by implication enjoined not to  follow any other religious book or practise (including yoga, the so-called Dasam Granth and so forth). Guru Ram Dass was ordered by the Emperor Jahangir to write  verses into the Sikh Holy Scripture extolling the virtues of Prophet Mohammed. The answer given by  Guru Ram Dass was that this was not possible since the Sri Guru Granth Sahib was not an ordinary book or a collection of pretty poetry; but the word of God revealed through various saints and sages. It was Dhur Ki Bani ( which means: “The Word That Has Come From Far Away).

Sikhism asserts that God is essentially unknowable and hence it is a wasted endeavor  to embark on any system of austerities, penances, pilgrimages, fasts or yogas to obtain  knowledge of God. Such endeavors are the realm of charlatans who make their livelihood off  the mystification of religion. In particular, Sikhism completely disavows that knowledge of God can be obtained by ascending a hierarchy of Yoga practises.  It’s all hogwash.

Sikhism does not recognize the utility of obscure religious practises, yogic practises,  pilgrimages, fasts, mutilations or other austerities.  Sikhism does not sanctify or validate any practise beyond contemplating on the Sikh Scriptures and engaging in Sewa (doing good deeds without any expectation of gain). Sikhism prohibits a priesthood.


The Nature Of Knowledge In The Guru Granth Sahib

There is a profound reason why Sikhism does not mandate any  practise beyond comprehending the Guru Granth Sahib and applying it in real life.  And that application is nothing more than virtuous action in the domain of action.  The Guru Granth Sahib  is an extremely ethereal and emotional composition. Terse and poetic. It is designed to completely over-power  and transform you. Here there are no histories,  no rules and regulations codified and no scientific theories.   The Granth is simply an extremely profound emotional wave that unifies  and purifies you.  The understanding of the Guru Granth Sahib is emotional and intuitive.   You do not have to torture yourself  with esoteric practises and weird yogas or tantric theories. The Sikh Religion says this is all a fruitless endeavor.

Now if you notice something about the so called White Sikhs, they do Yoga, make money from yoga, sell tantric charms, offend all virtues by being astrologers, numerologists  and so forth.  And they simply cannot engage in virtuous action.  As Yogic acolytes they are renunciates, compromisers and relativists.  Like their Hindu cousins, they are unable to stand for truth or noble deeds. And of course they will never ever shed their blood for Sikhi.

If you look at  real native Sikhs, you will notice that they look like lions, talk like lions and conduct themselves like lions. This is an application of the real ideology of Khalsa. After all, the common surname Singh means Lion. In contrast,  the so called  White Khalsas  have a pale and pasty appearance and have a very   apologetic and ready to please demeanor.   This is not the Khalsa ideology, it is an ahistorical perversion of the nature of Khalsa.


Sikhism And Tantric Yoga

The book Sikhism And Tantric Yoga by Dr. Trilochan Singh is available on the website:    I downloaded the book from Gursant’s website and found  it to be absolutely compelling. I read it in one compulsive and sustained draught.  It is a study not only about  cults in Sikhism but about the miscegenation of the Sikh Religion by Hinduism. It is a classic work rendered in beautiful English prose and it  is patently the work of a profound intellectual scholar with a deep knowledge of Sikhism.


Pictures Of  White Tantric Sex Yoga Practises By  Yogi Bhajan Sikh Cultists

Gimme Some Of That Tantric Sex

Yahoo! Gimme Some Of That Tantric Sex


Hey, you damn  Jackass,  put your pants on.

Aside from promoting tantric yoga which is a bunch of hogwash, this picture shows a Sikh in a very disparaging manner as  if he is a horse  mounted by a woman. Secondly, a true Sikh never displays himself in public without his turban (dastaar). Many Warrior Sikhs will not even take off their turbans except in their bedrooms.

A Sikh in public represents not only himself but the entire Sikh Nation. Consequently he must always present himself as off the highest caliber.


More Tantric Shenanigans For Ya

More Tantric Shenanigans For Ya.


Hey you. Stop that tantric nonsense, Sikhism is a pure religion for Lionhearts ONLY.


Sikhism completely forbids yoga.


Hey You Stupid, put your turban on.

Hey You Stupid, put your turban on.


Hey Jackass, do not show yourself in public  without  your turban. Put on a shirt, you jackass, take off that damn dhoti, put on your damn pants and join the military. Damn Jackass.


It's Lovee Dovee Time

It’s Lovee Dovee Time.

Hey! Stop that! That’s for behind closed doors only.





The disease  called Yoga results in passivity, lethargy,  cravings  for abnormal sex,  belief in fake weirdo gods, idol worship, picture pooja, fantasies about ladies riding tigers and all types of psycho-sexual pathologies. Want proof? look at the next picture:


Maha Yogis (Great Yogis) shake their booty

Maha Yogis (Great Yogis) shake their booty


Maha Yogis shamelessly shake their booty in public and perform special yogas and pujas for ladies in private. According to the latest U.N. census, 450 million people in India are living below the poverty level and their standard of living is below that of Sub-Saharan Africans. The picture above exemplifies the extent and nature of sewa in the Hindu Religion.




Teaching Sikhs Yoga

Ultimate Heresy: Teaching Sikhs Yoga

Fat Reduction Yoga.

Teaching Sikhs yoga. A contemptible and vile distortion of the Sikh Religion and Sikh History. All for the sake of money.




White Sikh Yoga Session

White Sikh Yoga Session

Making the new Sikh Warriors or the  the new Sikh pussies?

The Disease Called Yoga


Yoga - Superstition, Cowardice, Complete Darkness

Yoga – Superstition, Cowardice, and Complete Darkness.




Yahoo! Gimme Some Of That Naked Yoga

Yahoo! Gimme Some Of That Naked Yoga


The Sikhs Fight Back

By  1890,  Sikhism was in  a complete and apparently irreversible state of decline. The Sikh Gurdwaras (‘Sikh churches’ for those who do not understand the word) had been taken over by Hindu priests called mahants with the active connivance of the English invaders. The mahants were Hindu Brahmins who were virulently Anti-Sikh in character. The Gurdwaras started to pass from father to son as hereditary property. The Mahants had a hatred for the Sikh Religion.  The most notorious of these Hindu Yogic Priests was Mahant Narain Dass.

As you view the sequence of pictures below pertaining to the Jaito Morcha, please appreciate that these Yogi Bhajan Sikhs do not give a tinker’s damn for the sentiments of  Sikhs and  furthermore do not give a bloody damn for Sikh History.  They just want to miscegnate Sikhism with  yoga to make a truckload of money  giving yoga classes.



Hindu Yogi useless eaters meditsating at the Golden temple

Hindu Yogi useless eaters meditating at the Golden temple.


The above picture, taken in 1905, shows Hindu faqirs, doing yoga at the Golden Temple.  At this time the control of Sikh Gurdwaras (Sikh Places Of Worship)  had passed to Hindu Mahants (“Priests”). Numerous ongoing efforts by Sikhs to dislodge this Hindu Priestly caste from the control of the Gurdwaras failed as the priests had the active support of the  English Government and the Government would use force to dissuade Sikhs from asserting a right to maintain their conscience.

Finally after almost twenty five years of the abuse of the  Sikh Religion and the oppressive control of the Sikh Gurdwaras and places of worship by Hindu Mahants (“Priests”), the Akali Movement sprang into existence for the purpose of liberating the Sikh Gurdwaras from the niggardly  hand of the Hindu Yogic Masters. In 1922, It was decided that a very small Gurdwara in the village of Jaito, in the erstwhile princely State Of Nabha,  would be the very first gurdwara to be liberated  from the hands of the mahant installed by the English   at this gurdwara. The movement was called the Jaito Da Morcha (March To Free The Gurdwara At Jaito)



Jaito Morcha

Jaito Morcha


This picture shows the first Shaheedi Jatha (“The first Martyr’s Group”)  at the Gurdwara (Sikh Place Of Worship)  at Jaito being fired upon by the Police. Thirty  Sikhs attained martyrdom.

S. Zimand, a New York Times correspondent who witnessed the march, observed: “The Jatha was moving in perfect order and nonviolence with large crowds of public on its right and left, five Nishan Sahibs in the front and Guru Granth in the middle.” On 20 February 1924, the jatha reached Bargari, a village on Nabha Faridkot border, barely 10 km from Jaito. At Jaito, about 150 metres from Gurdwara Tibbi Sahib, stood the Nabha administrator, Wilson Johnston, with a large force of state constabulary. On 21 February, the jatha marched on towards the Gurdwara, refusing to stop or disperse as demanded by Wilson Johnston.The administrator ordered the army to open fire, In two volleys of fire lasting about five minutes, several fell dead.

The official estimate of the casualties was 19 dead and 29 injured. The Akali figures were much higher.


The Second Martyr's Group

The Second Martyr’s Group Marches To The Village Jaito

The second group of martyrs departs to free the gurdwara at Village Jaito.


Jaito Morcha At Hassan Abdul

Jaito Morcha At Hassan Abdul


This picture shows a Shaheedi Jatha (“Martyrdom Group”) being run over by a train at Hasan Abdul, in present day Pakistan.  Respected Ones, kindly look at the Sikh women with their children on the railway track.


Martyrdom At Panja Sahib In The Cause Of The Religion Of Slave Nanak



At Panja Sahib (Respected Mark Of The Hand),  in present day Pakistan,  Sikh Women rush the police line with their children to claim martyrdom  for the everlasting glory of  the Religion of The True King Nanak. And free the Sikh Gurdwaras from the Hindu Yogic Masters.


Massacre At Nankana Sahib

Murder And A Massacre At Nankana Sahib


Nankana Sahib is  the birth place of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. The Gurdwara (Sikh Places Of Worship). Nankana Sahib was controlled by a Hindu tantric Yogic Sorceror: Mahant Narain Dass. This Yogi had  appropriated the Gurdwara and the adjoining estate which was bequeathed by the Lion Of The Punjab, Maharajah Ranjit Singh,  for his personal profit. Inside the Gurdwara  prostitution, alcohol, weird rituals and so forth were occurring. On October 20, 1920  it was decided that the Gurdwara Sahib at Nankana Sahib would be liberated from the hands of this filthy Yogi.

When the Yogi learned about the march to liberate the Gurdwara, he recruited thugs and rogues  to oppose the Sikhs. With the help of the English Government, he assembled a small arsenal of  guns, pistols and other arms. He brought and stored fourteen tins of paraffin in order to burn Sikhs alive . The Gurdwara gate were strengthened and  holes were drilled  ito  it so that bullets could be fired through the gate.

The Akalis (“The Deathless Ones”) decided that two Jathas (Groups), one led by Brother Lachhman Singh and the other by the Panthic Knight, Brother Kartar Singh Jhabbar, would assemble at Chander Kot on the the nineteenth day of  February and from there they would march to liberate The Gurdwara Of Slave Nanak.

Brother Lachchman Singh reached Chander Kot on the night of the 19th day of February with a group of one hundred and fifty Singhs. He then rested at  Gurdwara Sacha Sauda Sahib (Respected Gurdwara, The True Bargain) waiting for The Panthic Jewel, Kartar Singh Jhabbar. While at Respected Gurdwara Sahib, The True Bargain, Brother Lachman Singh  received a message from The Jathedar (Regent) Of The Akal Takht (The Throne Of God) that the Yogic Grandmaster, Mahant Narain Dass,  was heavily armed and that he should not proceed. Brother Lachman Singh decided to fulfill the solemn pledge that he had given.

The Shaheedi Jatha  arrived at Nankana Sahib on the twentieth  day of  February and entered  the Gurdwara Sahib at  at 6  o’clock in the morn.  Brother Lachman  Singh after bowing to the Guru Granth Sahib (The Respected Word Of God), sat  down behind the holy Granth.  Meanwhile,  Mahant Narain Dass  had received news of the arrival of the Shaheedi  Jatha (Martyr’s Group).  He gathered his goons for a showdown.

The Yogic Grandmaster’s  goons closed the main gate of the Gurdwara  and started firing from the roof tops of The Gurdwara. Twenty-six Singhs were  martyred as  the hail of gunfire took it’s toll and  another sixty who were  praying inside  the Darbar Sahib were killed or injured by the gunfire. When the Yogic Grandmaster’s thugs saw that no one moving, they climbed down from the rooftops and slew any Sikhs who were still living  with swords and machetes.

As the sound of gunfire erupted, Sikhs in the adjoining area rushed to the Gurdwara to help the beleguered Sikhs. They too became the food of the Hindu Yogi. One Sikh was tied to a tree and burnt alive.

After the dastardly deed was done, the Yogi instructed his goons to burn all of the dead bodies.

At 9.15 a.m., Sardar Uttam Singh conveyed the news via telegram through the hands of Sardar Karam Singh, the  Station Master at Nankana Sahib Railway station to the Governor of The Punjab, the Commissioner, the Deputy Commissioner, the Superintendent of Police and to all  Sikh Centres about the murderous  deed.  Deputy Commissioner, Mr. Curry reached Nanakana Sahib at 12:30 P.M. while Commissioner, Mr. King arrived at 9.30 P.M. They arrested the Hindus  and locked the Gurdwara. The City of Nankana Sahib was handed over to the Army which cordoned it to restrict any Akali movement to take over the  Gurdwara built in the Commemoration of Slave Nanak.

Meanwhile, the Panthic Knight Kartar Singh Jhabbar was on the march with his martyr’s group of 2200 Singhs (Lions).  He arrived in the vicinty of Respected Nankana Sahib  on the 21st day of  February. The Commissioner informed him that if he tried to enter the city with his Shaahedi Jatha (martyr’s army), the army would  open fire without restraint. But The Panthic Jewel and his Shaheedi Jatha of twenty two hundred  Singhs were not dissuaded and  kept on moving towards the Respected City.  In the end, Commissioner, Mr. Curry relented and  handed over the keys to The Respected Gurdwara Of Slave Nanak at Nankana Sahib to the Panthic Knight,  Brother Kartar Singh Jhabbar.

At 7.30 P.M. on the 22nd February, the bodies of the Sikh Martyrs  were cremated according to Sikh tradition in great solemnity.

The Yogic Dog, Mahant Narain Dass was hung by the British.

This vivid example shows the continuous interference of Hindus in the  Sikh Religion.

Jaito Da Morcha : The Aftermath

Thirty Five  Shaheedi Jathas (Martyr’s Groups) departed to free the Gurdwara At Village Jaito.   The last Shaheedi Jathas started from Canada and Australia (I believe). Finally the British relented and all of the Gurdwaras were freed from the control of the Hindu Yogic Masters.


Englanders Return Keys To The Golden Temple

Englanders Return Keys To The Golden Temple


The picture above shows the British returning the keys of the Golden Temple to the Sikhs in 1928 ; signifying the victory of Jaito Da Morcha.


The Hunting Party

The Jaito Da Morcha saga ended finally in 1972 when the last Sikh informant for the English  was tracked down to Hong Kong and killed off by a hunting party.



Why Do White Sikh Heretics Miscegnate Sikhism

It is all about using religion to make money. Now as a form of recreation there are a lot of yoga studios in the West; therefore in order to leapfrog over the competition, white Sikh Heretics cloak yoga in the garb of religious mystification. In a nutsell, here is what they say:

Guru Nanak imparted secret yogic knowledge to his disgraced son, Sri Chand. This secret knowledge was Kundalini Yoga. Now when you study Kundalini Yoga with the  3H0/Sikhnet White Sikhs not only will you have the benefit of the physical exercise but you will receive secret knowledge that was passed on through an obscure sect started by Sri Chand. That secret knowledge was revealed to Yogi Bhajan by a Tibetan Llama.

see the complete expose of the charlatan Yogi Bhajkan here:

It is an utter  lie perpetuated by the 3H0/Yogi Bhajan/Sikhnet  Sikh cult  solely to make money. Sikhism roundly condemns Yoga as having any spiritual value whatsoever. The Sikh Gurus never practised yoga. Period.

Here is what Gursant Singh says about the practise of yoga by the White Sikh Heretics:

Unfortunately 3HOers have been misguided by Yogi Bhajan and are far away from Sikhism. Performing yoga asanas are not the path of true Sikhs.

There is one shabad in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, where the word Kundalini has been used. 3HOers are misinterpreting the lines where the word kundalini appears. Here is the real meaning of those lines.

कुंडलनी सुरझी सतसंगति परमानंद गुरू मुखि मचा ॥ ||
Kundlanī surjẖī saṯsangaṯ parmānanḏ gurū mukẖ macẖā.
The complications of mind are resolved in the Sat Sangat, the True Congregation;
through the Word of the Guru, they enjoy the Lord of Supreme Bliss.

सिरी गुरू साहिबु सभ ऊपरि मन बच क्रम सेवीऐ सचा ॥५॥
Sirī gurū sāhib sabẖ ūpar man bacẖ krėm sevī▫ai sacẖā.
||5|| The Supreme Guru is the Lord and Master over all; so serve the True Guru, in thought, word and deed.

||5|| {{{Bhatt Gayandh, Svaiyay Mehl 5 1402}}}

There are many compositions of the true Guru that guide us not to follow the path of Yoga.:

जोगी कहहि जोगु भल मीठा अवरु न दूजा भाई ॥
The Yogi says that Yoga is good and sweet, and nothing else is, O Siblings of Destiny.
रुंडित मुंडित एकै सबदी एइ कहहि सिधि पाई ॥१॥
Those who shave their heads, and those who amputate their limbs, and those who utter only a single word, all say that they have attained the spiritual perfection of the Siddhas.
||1|| हरि बिनु भरमि भुलाने अंधा ॥ Without the Lord, the blind ones are deluded by doubt.
जा पहि जाउ आपु छुटकावनि ते बाधे बहु फंधा ॥१॥ रहाउ ॥
And those, to whom I go to find release – they themselves are bound by all sorts of chains. ||1||Pause||
जह ते उपजी तही समानी इह बिधि बिसरी तब ही ॥
The soul is re-absorbed into that from which it originated, when one leaves this path of errors.
पंडित गुणी सूर हम दाते एहि कहहि बड हम ही ॥२॥
The scholarly Pandits, the virtuous, the brave and the generous, all assert that they alone are great. ||2||
जिसहि बुझाए सोई बूझै बिनु बूझे किउ रहीऐ ॥
He alone understands, whom the Lord inspires to understand. Without understanding, what can anyone do? |
सतिगुरु मिलै अंधेरा चूकै इन बिधि माणकु लहीऐ ॥३॥
Meeting the True Guru, the darkness is dispelled, and in this way, the jewel is obtained.
||3|| तजि बावे दाहने बिकारा हरि पदु द्रिड़ु करि रहीऐ ॥
Give up the evil actions of your left and right hands, and grasp hold of the Feet of the Lord.
कहु कबीर गूंगै गुड़ु खाइआ पूछे ते किआ कहीऐ ॥४॥७॥५१॥
Says Kabeer, the mute has tasted the molasses, but what can he say about it if he is asked?

||4||7||51|| {{{Bhagat Kabeer Ji, Raag Gauree 334}}}

O Saints, the Immaculate Lord dwells there; how rare are those who go to the Guru, and understand this.
The all-pervading immaculate Lord is there. ||1||Pause||
What is the insignia of the Divine Lord’s dwelling? The unstruck sound current of the Shabad vibrates there.
There is no moon or sun, no air or water there.
The Gurmukh becomes aware, and knows the Teachings. ||2||
The Tenth Gate is the home of the inaccessible, infinite Supreme Lord.
Above the store is a niche, and within this niche is the commodity. ||4|

| {{{Bhagat Beni Ji, Raag Raamkalee 974}}}

Click this link for the complete dossier on the White Sikh 3H0/Sikhnet/Yogi Bhajan Cult


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  1. naamroopbhed July 22, 2010, 14:13

    you are assuming too many things about hinduism. Hinduism is vast.
    you are too fast in forming opinions about things. do you even know any other language other than pungabi and hindi and english. how will you understand hinduism without reading vast amounts of books by hindus. i recommend you to learn telugu and read vemana’s poems. and also do not make comments on yoga.
    i thought guru nanak taught not to care about rituals etc and concentrate on truth god. but you are again absorbed with superficial things. you want to protect your distict identity . good for you. but why do you want to build your world on the ruins of our world. why do you hate hinduism so much. how can you be free when you hate. how can you understand god. there is a saying that the bad guy sees bad in everything. how can you see sexual fetishism in our worship of the mother(god). is it not proper for you to first read what our scriptures are saying before you dismiss them. what kind of vain pride do you seek in humiliating other’s religion. is it righteous for you to routinely abuse our religion to glorify yours. who said to you that we think that god can be achieved by yoga. have you read our shastras. it is clearly written that there is no instrument to achieve god. this is not some obscure point that excavated from the vedas. this has been emphasised again and again thru numerous stories and lives of saints. you think you can monopolise god. blasphemy.
    how can you call yourself a disciple of a guru who has known god.
    you are not defending your religion you are simply attacking our religion for no reason and without proof.

  2. S.S. Sathanuman Singh Khalsa July 24, 2010, 10:03

    Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa
    Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!
    I first want to say that slandering a saint is also against the teachings of Siri Guru Granth Sahib. Whoever these religious fanatics are who continue to say they are better than others are NO Sikhs at all.
    I am often asked how I came to the Lotus Feet of our Guru Sahib. It came by a destiny which brought me to a great Teacher whose name was Harbhajan SIngh. He was many things but always a humble Sevadar and devoted son of Siri Guru Gobind Singh. He taught Kundalini Yoga, an ancient yogic science which most Hindus have never attempted or been fortunate to earn the blessing to practice. Yes, his first students were “hippies” of the late 1960’s and even some very wealthy folks from Beverly Hills (LA) but since then the so-called “white” students who also adopted the Dharma of Siri Guru Nanak Dev Ji have also attracted souls who are African, Japanese, Brazilian, Mexican, Canadian, Swedish, French, and so forth.
    Kundalini Yoga was and is the catalyst for souls to get in touch with their True Identity (Sat Nam) but by Guru’s Grace many don the Dastar and merge with the Bana of the 10th Master.
    I have practiced Kundalini Yoga for almost 40 years and my path is Sikh Dharma, not the alleged ‘cult’ worship of Yogi Bhajan or idols as reported by bruised egos who once respected the Master who gave them the “tools” to assist their journey. I have two daughters who were born Sikhs, have taken Amrit Pahul as well as their husbands (one a Guru Granthi), and four saintly grand-children.
    This silly fundamentalism of insecure Sikhs who attack other non-Punjabi or Punjabi born people who were raised in a tradition they call Sikhi needs to stop.
    Ask your questions but don’t attack the life of so many souls who have been blessed to learn Gurmukhi and live the life of a Sant-Sepoy.
    Sat Kartar (God is the Doer) not Yogi Bhajan or any person who you feel or think has defamed your illusions.
    Shame on any scholar who buys into this maya.

    Cherdi Kala,

    S. Khalsa

  3. Baldev Singh July 30, 2010, 12:13

    Guru Nanak brought LIGHT to this world of DARKNESS of superstition, mindless and senseless rituals,sytematic abuse of the female and selfishness…Guru Nanak’s TRUE religion is ”the yearning for the divine and purity of deeds” everything else is just egotism and ‘mine’ ‘mine’ ‘mine’. We are all made from the same ingredients and there are NO ‘white’ Sikhs and there NO ‘gold Sikhs’ just Homo Sapiens who need feeding and loving…Dhan Dhan GURU NANAK DEV JI

  4. Thank you for your comment, S S Sathanuman Singh Khalsa

    The Khalsa Belongs To God
    The Victory Belongs to God

    I presume that the S S stands for Sardar Sahib. As we all know, in 1954, the Indian Government decreed that no Sikh should be addressed as Sardar. They did not like it. Well actually every Khalsa is a Sardar and is bound by the social and military obligations historically attaching to the appellation. I am glad that you are a Sardar.

    The article should never be construed as an insult to White Sikhs. I respect the fact that you are Sikh and I greatly admire that your offspring are Sikhs. It reflects on your commitment to Sikhi. The Path, adorned with martyrs, needs ever true Sikh and Sikhnee to stand resolutely together.

    Your reply does not demonstrate that my argument is false. It does not coherently attack any portion of my argument but simply asks me to accept the veracity of Tantric Occultism and Yogic practises. I cannot accede to this.

    As you well know, Banda Bahadur was a recluse engaged in various yogic practises in the jungles until Guru Gobind Singh chanced to meet him. Sohan Singh Sital in his luminous book: The Rise Of The Sikh Power In The Punjab describes Banda Bahadur as a recluse engaged in magic, tantric practises and yoga until Guru Gobind Singh met him. Guru Gobind Singh Ji admonished Banda on the utter futility of these practises. The rest is history as we know that Banda Bahadur, a shooting star across the firmament, is one of the greatest heroes of the Sikh race.

    I am not going to belabor my argument as I have written a number of articles for the Sikh Archives which bear on these matters. I would ask you to reconsider the issues in the light of authentic Sikh History which is the touchstone on these matters. Authentic Sikh History is the laboratory in which the principles of the Sikh Religion have been tested and validated.

    I utterly fail to comprehend the conduct of White Sikhs. You have a god sent historic opportunity to cause the complete regenesis of authentic Sikhi in the Free West. Sikhism has been dealt a death blow in India and all that is left are Sikhs like you in the Free West. You merely have to validate authentic Sikh History again. And when you do that, you will scare the bejibbers out of the world. The faux world can tolerate all the yoga and escapism that you can muster. But authentic Sikhi that is another vibration altogether. I fail to understand how as Sikhs you can be so naive as to fall prey to Hindu Priests, RSS Disinfo agents and other half breeds. These savages are attempting to strike a spear through the heart of Sikhi.

    I remind you once again that, we are here to assert the supremacy of the Khalsa and maintain the purity of the Sikh religion.

    Chardi Kala

    Poet Warrior

  5. The KHALSA can never be defeated…it is PRMATHAM KI MAUJH ( the joy of the PRIMAL BEING ) we however can be defeated by KAAHM; KROHD; LOHB; MOH and HANKAAR not by our so-called enemies. Spiritual death is the worst death and KHALSA never dies…it is WHIRLWIND and comes and goes whenever needed so no need to fear any enemy. Are WE worthy of the Royal titles and Humility as followers of GURU NANAK-GOBIND SINGH ? NO caste NO superstition NO rituals NO sexism NO colour prejudice NO Alcohol NO narcotics NO lying NO stealing NO dowry NO boy child preference ? THE KHALSA is LIBERATION from all false ideologies and enemies…ULTIMATELY KHALSA IS PURE…LOVE

    Lowest of all

    Baldev Singh ( UK )

  6. Prabhu Singh Khalsa August 3, 2010, 12:04

    Wow! Poet warrior is at once completely misinformed and a total ego maniac!
    You are the definition of NINDAK and you don’t even believe in the Dasam Granth and probably not Rag Mala either (I know your kind, ZERO respect for Gurbani and Guru’s chela)!
    And you want us to trust you? Trust that you’re:
    “here to assert the supremacy of the Khalsa and maintain the purity of the Sikh religion.”
    The Khalsa wasn’t created to be “supreme.” In fact we’re supposed to be humble. Where has the Guru ever placed one man above another or even one path above another?
    You’re so far removed from reality that you don’t even realize the people in the picture are bowing to the Siri Guru Granth Sahib. I know Guru Sant Singh, and I have seen him read from the Guru in the exact same place where these people are bowing. He knows that the Guru is there and yet he provides this picture to you as evidence of “idol worship.” You need to think twice before believing anything he says. He has cheated hundreds of people and has numerous lawsuits in his past.
    You also need to get your head out of your butt before talking about “authentic Sikh history.”
    Can you even name the five sampardas of the panth? Guess what? At least two of these sampardas still practice yoga and there’s evidence that all 5 did!
    If you’re interested in honest inquiry, then you need to first stop publishing slanderous and authoritative articles on subjects you know nothing about (yoga and Sikh history). If you have any humility, and promise to behave yourself, I would like to invite you to my home in Española, New Mexico. Do you want to see for yourself our respect for the Siri Guru Granth Sahib? Do you want to ask people what their beliefs are? Or do you want to cast off all “gora” Sikhs to further your agenda?
    The invitation is here, for everybody to see. If you have the courage to come, you will see that this community is as diverse as the Punjabi community. The common base is truly a love for the Guru. What people practice and do is their own business. It’s all a part of God’s beautiful play.

  7. Yoga has nothing to do with Hinduism…as ”there is NO Hindu and NO Muslim” according to GURU NANAK, five cenuries ago…five centuries on and you can see on television and in newspapers that there are NO Hindus and NO Muslims just greedy;selfish and sexist hypocrites who use violence to promote an ideology which is based on ‘Brahmanic’ tribalism and sectarianism which has SUPERSTITION and MAGIC at it’s core…yoga would be great to keep these ‘control freaks’ busy and away from hypomania;alcohol; narcotics; violence and prostitution.

  8. Prabhu Singh, thank you for your comments, ill-founded as they are.

    Firstly, if you have carefully read my reply to Sathunaman Singh I never said “I am here to assert the supremacy of the Khalsa and maintain the purity of the Sikh religion”.
    I said: “WE are here to assert the supremacy of the Khalsa and maintain the purity of the Sikh religion.”

    Ad Hominem

    In Latin Medieval Logic: ad hominem refers to attacking the person and not his argument. I regret to say that you are using ad hominem against me.
    The attack on Gursant Singh is unwelcome. I am only interested in the theological validity of his argument. He happens to be right. I like the notion that he does not automatically follow the Path Of Least Resistance in his life.

    My reply to the various points raised by you are as follows:

    Dasam Granth

    With regard to this book, I have said:

    The Dasam Granth is a heretical anti-Sikh tract authored by unknown Hindu authors attempting to misappropriate the Sikh Religion (with the possible exception of 88 pages which can be attributed to the Lord Of The Falcons). It contains extremely profane and vulgar language, condones and leads to sexual depravity and moral degeneracy and contains passages which vilify and sanction extreme hatred of females. It sanctions idolatry, vain glorifies mythical hindu gods and repeatedly enunciates the supremely heretical canon that God is anthropomorphic and reincarnates in human and other forms. It fails upon the touchstone of authenticity of it’s doctrine with the Guru Granth Sahib. It is a vulgar and insignificant little book authored by unknown hindu authors with the object of mystifying the Sikh Religion and breaking the unitary doctrine of the Guru Granth Sahib into a thousand pieces. That is the short and simple off it.

    Nature Of The Khalsa

    The Khalsa was not created to be humble. This is a completely ahistorical invention by people who hate Sikhs. It is similar to the assertion by that skinny, black monkey who keeps on saying: Sikhs were created to save Hindus.

    The Khalsa is, to use the very words of the Lord Of The Falcons (Baaj Guru): Khalsa Akal Purukh Ki Fauj, Pargeteyo Khalsa Parmatam Ki Mauj (The Khalsa is the Army Of God, It has been created at the will of God). Words say what they ordinarily mean.

    Are you aware of the prayer of the Lord Of The Falcons: O’ Lord grant me this boon, that when my time comes to die may I die in mighty strife on the battlefield.

    I don’t recall the Guru praying: O Lord, Grant me this boon that when my time comes to die, I may die teaching yoga classes.

    Sikhism is not a religion for shopkeepers.


    The place where The Guru Granth is present is considered the Court Of God. No images or statues can be present at such a place – even a picture of a Sikh Guru. The photograph depicted in the post shows numerous graven images including a painting of our Lady Of The Gaudaloupe (so I am told by Rumilet Verdecia). This is forbidden; this is haram.

    The alcove where the very superstitious woman lies prostate contains a statute. Sikhism does not permit statute representations of deities because they are manifestly false according to Sikhism. Why? because God is NOT ANTHROPOMORPHIC. Any religion which maintains that God is anthropomorphic is false according to Sikhism.

    Yoga And Fairylanders.

    Sikhism completely disavows Yoga. Sikhs in the place of the birth of Sikhism have never practised Yoga. Yoga is a central artifact of Hinduism. Hinduism is apartheid in the guise of Religion; it is repulsive and abhorrent to all sentiments of liberty, equality and fraternity. If Islam had not broken the spine of Hinduism in India, you would have seen an entirely different form of intolerant and racist Hinduism.
    Yoga has no social efficacy aside from exercise. It is a complete and utter lie to present it as a machine of social emancipation and advancement. This is kool aid. Yoga has had 2000 years to prove itself as a machine of liberation. It has failed miserably. It is complete hogwash. Why would I waste my time on yoga when I can do trap shooting, running and Kendo as sport. Yoga is alien to Sikhs.

    Many Paths

    Sikhism is a religion and a doctrine. Furthermore the Guru Granth Sahib is a unitary doctrine. If you are real Sikh, you follow this path and maintain it’s supremacy. People who believe in everything, believe in nothing.

    Poet Warrior, The Ego Maniac

    No. Just a truthful Sikh and a Sikh who does not drink kool aid. And a Sikh who does not make money off religion.
    I find it amazing and utterly contemptible that White Sikhs could think that they can preach down to genuine Sikhs. You have zero knowledge.

    An Ahistorical And Rootless Cult

    White Sikhs strike me as a rootless cult who do not have even an iota of knowledge about Sikh History. I have said this is one of my articles:

    Sikhism can only be understood in the context of it’s history. It is impossible to be drenched in the religion otherwise. This is the most important tool in understanding Sikhism after the Guru Granth Sahib. Authentic Sikh history is the practical demonstration of the Sikh Religion. It is the crucible which has validated the practical utility of the religion. Sikhism is dying in India because Sikhs no longer tap into the vein of Sikh History. The articulation of mythology is replacing Sikh History as the fount of knowledge and wisdom.

    Why don’t you start by reading Sohan Singh Sital’s: Rise Of The Sikh Power In The Punjab

    The Order Of The Day

    Unless you are living in a Hermit’s Cave, you must realize that the entire world over, people are utterly sick of the progression of the world into depravity and enforced servitude. They cry out for emancipation. It is utterly obscene that White Sikhs would offer them yoga classes as a solution. It is completely Anti-Sikh and utterly contemptible. The world cannot tolerate these types of deceptions any more. The world cannot be emancipated by a sucker cult.


    Prabhu, get rid of your fear by becoming a true Sikh. Start by reading my article: The Heretics Guide To Religion: The Doctrine Of Utter Dread.


    Knock, Knock!
    Who’s there?

    Ever heard of Darwin, Prabhu?


    Thank you for the invitation. It will have to wait until circumstances are more cordial. The fact that you and a bunch of spaced out Sikhs are living harmoniously together in a rainbow does not prove anything. Sikhism is not yoga, it is a religion for liberation and emancipation of the World. Furthermore it is a warrior religion. You have been suckered.

    • Raghunandan Singh January 21, 2012, 13:59

      Guru said that first we should examine and analyse ourselves, our actions and our thinking. Guru also said “Hum Nahin Change Bura Nahin Koi” We are not good and nobody is bad. It is right that in Sikhism Yoga as a magic is not encouraged but Yoga or any other exercise if beneficial to body and mind is not condemned. First of all, what is harmful for Sikhism even if the Sikhs of American origin got the light of Sikhism through Yoga. It is just a mean to achieve an end. What we, the Sikhs of Punjab even who migrated to America and Canada are doing. Eighty percent of Sikhs have become Patits (cut their hair), fight in Gurdwaras with Kirpans and pull each other hairs and beards. I have been personally doing sewa in Gurdwaras and a witness to the fights in New York Gurdwaras and other places. For the sake of Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji and Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji, please stop throwing mud on these American Sikhs who are much better Sikhs than we ourselves. Guru said “Sabko Meeth Hum Apan Keena, Hum Sabhna Ke Sajan” means we have to befriend with all then all will be our friends. Please remove some of the offending pictures from this web site. These are degrading to great Sikh Religion. Be humble, polite and love everybody as preached by Sri Guru Nanak Dev j. Put the same and all your efforts to cleanse all the dirt from our Gurdwaras. Go after SGPC where the votes are purchased by offering liquor and money and even muscle power is used. What these elected members of SGPC will do good for Sikh religion. With utmost humility a sewadar.

  9. Prabhu Singh Khalsa is a young 26 (or so) year old follower of Yogi Bhajan’s cult from the second generation.

    Prabhu’s uncontrolled anger speaks for itself as you can readily gather from his crude and rude speech. Prabhu’s ranting perfectly illustrates the effects of Bhajan’s tantric sex yoga that Prabhu practices and promotes. Even his photo which Prabhu displays on Facebook depicts his wild character in an unSikh-like Bhangra dance costume. All I can say is that if this inexperienced young boy is the only spokesperson that Yogi Bhajan’s cult can put forward than 3HO has no leg to stand on.

    Concerning his specific allegations against me:

    (1)I have changed my name to Gursant Singh Khalsa from the sacrilegious form of Guru Sant which Yogi Bhajan gave me. Dr. Iqbal Singh who has written five books on Sikh history explains best why this change in the form of my name was necessary. …” Gursant that meaning Saint of Guru…. In the Sikh History word Gur has been used by the Sikhs. Guru word is generally used before the name of the ten Guru Ji and Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and not before the name of any human being.” Yogi Bhajan regularly gave these sacrilegious forms of Sikh names in order to corrupt and destroy our relationship with the true Sikh community and the Siri Guru Granth Sahib.

    (2) The photo Prabhu is referring to which shows the Espanola Gurdwara where Sangat members are bowing and there is a large painting of the Sikhs’ sacred Khanda in the background, was posted by me to show the sacrilegious depiction of the Khanda with the Virgin Mary at the center, sketches of the hindu gods in the painting and Yogi Bhajan depicted on an even level with an image of Guru Ram Das. Now that I think about it, the Siri Guru Granth Sahib which is in the alcove to the right of the painting has been relocated to a minority position in the Gurdwara and hidden from view. It is interesting that Prabhu should assume that I was trying to depict YB students bowing to the painting or tantric photo of Yogi Bhajan hung on the same wall next to the alcove where the Guru sits and which occupies center stage in the room. I guess one might assume this since the Guru takes a minority spot in the 3HO Gurdwara and the sacrilegious painting and Yogi Bhajan’s tantric photo takes center stage.

    (3) I was most alarmed with Prabu’s allegations that “Guru Sant Singh has cheated hundreds of people”. Prabhu in a previous post also said,”I’m supposed to believe that of the hundreds of stories of fraud told about you, they were all due to Yogi Bhajan’s encouragement.” If Prabhu does not detract these personally defaming public remarks with an apology, then I will file a lawsuit against him for slander and defamation of character. I have never been convicted of any frauds or crimes let alone “hundreds”.

    Prabhu was the the 136th person to sign the petition “Stop Hearthside Foods’ Use of the Golden Temple Brand” but not before he posted his deluded remarks. I just thought this was so Wacko and outrageous that I had to post it. The part where he says, “the Lord’s name becomes our business and commerce,” really shows how Yogi Bhajan and his followers mistranslate and misinterpret Gurbani and use the words from the Guru for all their businesses and greed for wealth. Prabhu is just reflecting this complete corruption. Nindaks are slanderers by the way.

    Name: Prabhu Singh Khalsa on Aug 3, 2010
    Comments: I have a hard time believing these nindaks have never seen Golden Temple Atta in their Gurdwaray in all these years! Also, Golden Temple can refer to more than just the Harimander Sahib as evidenced by this page on wikipedia: Just for grins, I wish I could see the face of the fanatic and repressed chauvinists, when they see the name “golden temple” used in this product:… Mostly though I am offended at these people’s lack of religious knowledge, and their belief that they can tell others what to do. From where and for what reason can they so authoritatively state that it is a Sikh teaching “to never mix faith with commerce?” In fact Guru Ji says: “The Lord’s Name is my business, the Lord’s Name is my commerce; the True Guru has blessed me with its use.” (ang 593) It seems to me that by the Guru’s blessing the Lord’s name becomes our business and commerce. Why would we try to move away from that in our actual business and commerce? We are supposed to practice simran, but not when doing business? It is one big farce!

  10. Poet Warrior Ji

    you are indeed a highly intelligent Gursikh with extreme passion for this TRUE faith of equality and practicality, where everyone is fed and Woman is NOT an inferior object/sex slave for MACHO MEN in every single social and religious group that has ever existed…just to humbly correct you…KHALSA is not AKAALPURKH ki FAUJ but KAALPURKH ki FAUJ ( army of the destroyer being ) and KHALSA is PRAMATHAM KI MAUJ ( the joy of the CREATOR BEING ). When Guru Gobind Singh meditated on the CREATOR for victories over the Islamic armies who were close to taking over South Asia in 1699 , the CREATOR BEING responded and told Guru Gobind Singh the VICTORY over Islam would be granted as a joyous gift….300 years on and we need KHALSA again and again against Islam…But today the rest of the World is also yearning for victory over Islam.

  11. Baldev Singh

    Thank you for your comments. I admire Punjabi Sikhs, who are typically very sincere in their beliefs. I wish I could say the same for these White Sikhs who are destroying our religion with deliberate and malicious intent.

    Concerning Islam, I want to point out to you that Islam and Sikhism are not enemies. The enemy at present is the enforced march to servitude and oppression which is occurring under our noses.

    I would ask you to consider these points:

    About 30% of the Guru’s Army were practising Muslims
    It was Muslim Pathans (now called Taliban) who led the Guru to safety through the jungles of Macchiwara.
    It was Hindus who repeatedly betrayed the Sikh Gurus including the young Sahibzadas aged 7 and 9 years. Who caused their death? It was the Muslim Nawab Of Malerkotla who pleaded with the Emperor for the lives of the Sahibzadas. Not one Hindu stood up for the young sahibzadas.

    True Sikhs stand up for the truth and have a moral and religious duty to oppose oppressors; with their sword arm if required. Sikhs were not created to save Hindu Dharma; this is a falsehood.

    You fail to appreciate that about 2 million innocent Muslim civilians have been murdered in cold blood. It is called genocide. 9-11 is completely engineered by the Mossad.

    Please try to see beyond the vast propaganda apparatus which is at work to enslave your mind.

    You can refer to the following Sikh Archives articles to get a clearer perspective:

    All the research materials to get an informed opinion on what is happening in the world is available on this website. You just need to read and absorb it.

    I particularly advise you to listen to this podcast by a highly intelligent Christian, Mark Glenn who talks about the Islam demonization issue:

    and Mark Glenn here:

  12. Poet Warrior Ji

    we are ALL free Homo Sapiens and TRUTH is not a monoploly for any particular ideology…The Human MIND is extremely susceptable to ANY imputs and most of the Human Beings who have lived have not been educated! there are more illiterate Muslims;Hindus and Catholics in the age of the Micro Processor because of the cultures which have developed with a lack of knowledge of UNIVERSALITY and fear of DEATH…when you do not understand something ( like a disease ) you need something to get rid of it and when you cannot find something then you need a quick answer or ‘SOMEONE’ to get rid of it…the answer is usually ‘SUPERSTITION’ and the ‘SOMEONE’ becomes a ‘demigod’. Education and advancement has brought millions of answers to questions no one knew and now we can realise that HUMANKIND can break away from this DARKNESS…there was a lot of ignorance as why the attacks on America happened in 2001 and many theories…but it was made clear by the main protaganists of the attacks that they were in revenge for ‘FEMALES’ being deployed as part of the American military presence on Saudi Arabian soil after the First Gulf War…the female is ‘unclean’ in Islam because of her menstrual cycle and cannot defile the ‘holy land’.The Bramhin Hindu shuns the Female as unclean by birth alone. Whatever Human Beings do with whatever knowledge they have or lack of knowledge they are insignificant to THE PRIMAL BEING and GURU NANAK says that ”WITHOUT GOOD DEEDS, THE MUSLIM AND HINDU MUST WEEP AND WAIL” and five centuries on, that universal TRUTH is being shown on Liquid Chrystal Display and OLED Screens around the World on a daily basis.


    Baldev Singh

  13. Prabhu Singh Khalsa August 24, 2010, 18:49

    “Gursant” you’re going to sue me also?
    What about the lies you just wrote about me?
    Maybe it’s an assumption that hundreds of people who bought used cars from you felt defrauded, but I knew a few. I also read the website that I showed you, where it says you defrauded a lady of her inheritance.

    I didn’t say anything about your name, but since you brought up the topic:
    I have a picture of an historic Fresco where there are two men painted, they are meeting and their names are written below in Gurmukhi one is “Guru Sadhu Singh” and the other is Maharaja Ranjit Singh.

    Poet Warrior,
    You talk to me as if I don’t know anything of Sikh history. You have no idea of what I know or don’t. You wouldn’t even answer me about the traditional Sikh Sampardas. Tell me, are all the nihangs wrong about the Dasam Granth, but you’re right?

    Somebody who has never studied yoga can’t comment on what it is or isn’t. You clearly have no idea what it is. In it’s most basic sense it is any single thing that brings union between yourself and the beloved. One of the most basic and well known forms of yoga is a yoga that every Sikh practices. Karma Yoga is another name for the very SIKH practice of Seva! Something Hindus and others also believe in. If you think Sikhs aren’t meant to be humble you really need to read more from the Siri Guru Granth Sahib.

    ਜੋਗ ਜੁਗਤਿ ਸੁਨਿ ਆਇਓ ਗੁਰ ਤੇ ॥
    I came to the Guru, to learn the Way of Yoga.

    ਮੋ ਕਉ ਸਤਿਗੁਰ ਸਬਦਿ ਬੁਝਾਇਓ ॥੧॥ ਰਹਾਉ ॥
    The True Guru has revealed it to me through the Word of the Shabad. ||1||Pause||

    I think you’re afraid to come and visit.
    I’ve gone to at least a hundred Samagams, I’ve even gone to AKJ programs, I’ve met those who claim to be my “enemy” in person without knowing, due to the fact that they hide their identities like you. I’m not going to get worked up and skip going to various Gurdwaray and programs because kids threaten me on the internet.
    I’m not threatening you, I’m inviting you. I AM of the opinion that you have no respect for Gurbani, due to your writings about Guru Gobind Singh’s blessed Dasam Bani, but I still believe in Guru Ji’s writings and he says “Maanas Kee Jaat Sabh Ayk Pehechanbo.” So come and visit if you’re not too scared. What is your preference to keep insulting people in Española or maybe open a dialogue and create understanding?
    I could spend just as much time and energy writing about what I consider to be your heretic practices, but I don’t, instead I invite into my home. Don’t be scared.

  14. Dear Prabhu

    Poet Warrior is in Germany right now, but I’ll advise him about this horrid comment. What precisely does your libel about Gursant Singh have to do with the theology of the article. It’s a completely devious attack on character. Anyways once you raise a libel you have to prove it directly and cannot rely on third party hearsay. So you are still in jeopardy unless you prove otherwise. That is the common law.

    You can expect a reply from Poet Warrior


  15. Prabhu, You leave me no choice but to file a lawsuit against you for slander and defamation of character. Your allegations against me of fraud are false. You had better consult with an attorney because your comments are deemed “actionable”. You cannot say damaging things to a person’s character that are factually untrue. I repeat that I have never been convicted either in civil or criminal courts of fraud or any crime for that matter beyond a simple traffic citation. The only evidence you present is hearsay and imaginary fabricated allegations due to your extreme anger for revenge because you I am exposing the truth about 3HO and Yogi Bhajan.

  16. Prabhu Singh Khalsa August 25, 2010, 11:20

    The internet is filled with slander and rumor, I doubt a lawsuit will go very far.

    “Even his photo which Prabhu displays on Facebook depicts his wild character in an unSikh-like Bhangra dance costume.”

    Don’t you think this is defamation of character?
    Or maybe saying that I’m a member of a cult. That sounds like serious accusations to me! Aren’t those equally as “actionable” as what I said? Maybe I should have said “hundreds of people have FELT cheated by you” rather than saying they were cheated by you. So I’m sorry for that. Do you think I couldn’t find at least 100 people to agree with me? Your second ex-wife seems to have a great deal of compassion for you. She never said anything to me (not that I asked), but your first ex-wife she could probably tell me hundreds of stories.

    You seem to know a lot about the law, these are your well documented words:
    Initial statement: “…I’m not going to pay anyone off.”
    Later statement: “I think probably I broke some U.S. laws by bribing these officials (via) the Foreign Corruption Practices Act…”

    Look I don’t want a lawsuit on my hands I’m busy enough as it is. Just roll with the punches man, that’s how the internet works. Look at youtube, every video that has to do with anything religious has “holy wars” in the comments.
    I didn’t say that there were numerous lawsuits against you in your past, just that you were involved in lawsuits so that’s factually accurate. So there’s one thing you could potentially sue me for and that is saying that you cheated people. If even a hundred people read this article, then they were cheated by you for providing evidence of idol worship, when you KNOW that the people in this photo are bowing to the Guru. I can’t prove that hundreds of people have read this article, but you can’t prove this is actually the Prabhu that you know writing this. So I think we have equal grounds to stand on.
    I’m truly sorry for what you feel is defamation. I kindly request that you do not proceed with a lawsuit and perhaps an apology for your attack on my character.
    WaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa, WaheGuru Ji Ki Fateh!

  17. Prabhu Singh Khalsa August 25, 2010, 19:13

    “Prabhu’s ranting perfectly illustrates the effects of Bhajan’s tantric sex yoga that Prabhu practices and promotes.”

    Do you have evidence of me doing and/or promoting “tantric sex yoga?” That’s far more slanderous than getting called a cheat. So is saying that I’m “wild,” that I have “uncontrolled anger” and that I belong to a “cult.” That seems pretty “actionable” to me as well. Read what the Guru says about nindaks and then pray. I am praying for you.

    Hey Rumilet, talking about opening a dialog is “horrid.”
    What’s wrong with the people on this website?

    I am praying for all of you. You all need serious help.
    If “Poet Warrior” wants to respond to me, he needs to email me. I will personally guarantee not only his safety, but a warm Khalsa welcome if he decides to take the path of diplomacy and visit.

  18. Prabhu, If You and the 3HO community are so open to receiving Poet Warrior in Espanola, then you should have no objection if a Punj Piarae from the traditional Sikh community came to speak with the 3HO Sangat in the Gurdwara about proper Sikh behaviour and practices. A Gursikh from the San Jose California Gurdwara made this offer a few months ago and I am sure it still stands. Will you accept his offer?

    If you and the 3HO community are so open to legitimate criticism then why have my posts concerning legitimate questions about Yogi Bhajan’s practices been deleted from Sikhnet and the local sangat ning website? Why has Mr. Sikhnet(Gurmustuck) and many 3HO inmates, unfriended me on face book and refuse to discuss these subjects about authentic Sikhism. There are hundreds of traditional Sikhs engaging in this discussion. Where is the open “dialogue” as you have proposed to Poet Warrior? I challenge you to accept my friend request on facebook and join the discussion with the mainstream Sikh community. discussion forum on facebook at:

    Concerning “actionable defamation”:
    My statements are only “opinions” about you and your practices, whereas you are making statements as fact about criminal behaviour on my part. When you make false hearsay statements like “”I’m supposed to believe that of the hundreds of stories of fraud told about you….” these statements become “actionable defamation”. You better think twice about making such statements and again I will say that I expect you to retract your statements or I will file a lawsuit against you. You know that I mean what I say as you have seen in the past that I fight injustice and win lawsuits against people like you in the courts.

    “They read and contemplate scriptures; they practice the inner cleansing techniques of yoga, and control of the breath. But they cannot escape from the company of the five passions (lust, rage, greed, pride and attachment). They are increasingly bound to egotism.

    This is not the way to meet the Supreme One and Only. I have performed these rituals so many times. Finally I collapsed, exhausted, at the door of my Creator and I prayed to the Beloved One, ‘Please, grant me a discerning intellect’”.

    Siri Guru Granth Sahib, page 642

  19. Please stop this nonsense discussion. God love us all, it doesn’t matter what name do you have, if you eat or if you are a fakir, if you have radiant clothes or are naker. He loves us all!!!

  20. Prabhu Singh Khalsa August 31, 2010, 11:13

    I apologized for my above statements, but the admins on this website didn’t allow my comment.
    I sincerely apologize for the above remarks. I will be more careful with my words in the future.
    I’m personally inviting Poet Warrior on my own behalf. I have no official affiliation with 3HO or anybody else, and cannot speak for the entire sangat.
    Who’s going to show up to Gurdwara if they know a group of know-it-all Punjabi Men show up and tell us that we’re doing things wrong? Well according to almost ALL mainstream Sikhs, there’s no problem with our community.
    In fact I have a copy of a letter from the Akal Takht honoring Bibi Ji and referring to her late husband as Siri Singh Sahib, and commending the work they’ve done. Furthermore, the Jethedars of the other Takhts, and great raagis and great Sikh leadership have visited here and taken inspiration.
    I won’t deny that there’s definitely room for improvement. In fact I’ve been one of the most critical members of the sangat when it comes to certain things. I realized after a while, my criticism doesn’t do anything for anybody, only living as an example and inspiring others will positively affect people. Also people are new or can only ever go so far, and it’s not for me to take them from the Guru’s path by telling them they’re doing it wrong.
    Ultimately what I deem right and wrong is only for my own good. When we do the ardaas we ask for Bibayk (discerning intellect). By Guru’s grace we will individually gain bibayk, we don’t need or pray for the bibayk from San Jose.
    I have met far more reputable scholars than the people on this website, who can conclusively link the practice of yoga with Sikh Dharma. Anybody who reads from the Siri Guru Granth Sahib will see the connection. If you don’t study yoga, how do you know what Kundalini is? The Guru talks about Kundalini. How do you know what prana is? How do you know what is an aasana? Why do we sit in a yogic posture (Bir Aasan) when we take Amrit? What are the chakras? What is the tenth gate? What is the Ida, Pingula, and Sukhmana? Why does the English “translation” say they are windpipes?
    Seriously there is so much yogic terminology in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib. I was quite impressed and amazed as I’ve been doing my sehaj path (200 pages left) to see how many references to yoga and yogic technology contained within the Siri Guru Granth Sahib. Also there are so many times where the Guru instructs us to practice yoga, but never does the Guru say don’t practice yoga. The Guru challenges the abuse of yoga, but wholly endorses and specifies the way in which a Sikh should practice yoga. I see absolutely no conflict in the way I practice yoga and the way the Guru instructs me to practice yoga.
    WaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa, WaheGuru Ji Ki Fateh!

    • Prabhu


      Please become a man. No comments of this website are blocked. In fact your comments are flagged to be approved instantly and without review.

      Will you please stop all of this ascetic, renunciation and asceticism nonsense. At your age you should be conquering the world. You are supposed to be providing leadership instead of being a servile eating humble pie. Stop this. It is time for you to become a warrior and join Gursant.

      Visiting you at Esanola solves nothing at all. It would be like a parley sub rosa. This is not the way to resolve theological differences. I suggest that you invite Professor Darshan Singh (regent of the Throne Of God in the post 1984 era) or Brother Ranjit Singh, the last independent regent, to voice their weighty opinions on this. In the open Sangat of course

      My Best Regards


  21. Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh

    Prabhu, I accept your apology and although we disagree on many issues, I respect and appreciate your desire and zeal to see the truth and find authentic Sikhism. Now concerning your statements about Indian Sikhs and yoga as being part of Sikhism; I have given many references to you on past occasions including numerous references to Dr. Trilochan Singh’s book “Sikhism and Tantric Yoga” which show conclusively, with many quotations from SGGS Ji, (using correct translation) that man made yoga asanas are not to be practiced by Sikhs of the Guru. At this point all I can say is “don’t take my word for it, listen to your brother’s and sisters from traditional Sikh families.” Since starting the campaign to “Stop Hearthside Foods’ Use of the Golden Temple Brand” 245 people have signed the petition and all have commented to the contrary of your views on this issue. Please see:

    Last week I started a “Cause” on facebook calling for Truth and Authentic Sikhism and a discussion forum which demands the removal of the siri chand statue adorning the entranceway to the Espanola Gurdwara. 119 people have signed on to this cause and many have made comments that strongly condemn this Hindu practice of placing idols in or around a Sikh Gurdwara. I invite you to read their comments which include denouncing the practice of yoga asanas and tantra mantra:!/event.php?eid=120661147985923!/gursant

    Considering that this campaign has only been in existence for a week or so, and has been operating for more than 15 years, I think this shows pretty strong support among the mainstream Sikh community. Besides, Sikhnet never shows pictures of these clearly Hindu practices by Mr. Yogi Bhajan Puri’s 3HO cult and if they did I venture to say that mainstream Sikhs would leave Sikhnet in droves. A reasonable person would conclude that it would be worth a look at the viewpoint of these traditional Sikhs.

    Gursant Singh

  22. Prabhu Singh Khalsa September 1, 2010, 16:26

    “Man Jeetay Jag Jeet”

    I grew up a warrior under the protection of my father Guru Gobind Singh.
    The Akal Takht has ex-communicated Darshan Singh. Even if I was qualified to ‘formally’ invite him to our sangat, I would never do that. I’ve got no problem with listening to him personally, but it may be a moot point, I will never accept that the writings of Guru Gobind Singh are not authentic.
    Also my other comment wasn’t approved until yesterday.
    I support the statue of Baba Siri Chand because it is there to honor the one removed from Harimandir Sahib after 1984. Also I support it, because people need to learn his rightful place in Sikh history, unlike what the people on this website are promoting. If Baba Siri Chand was so “hated” why did Guru Hargobind offer one of his sons to be his protege? Why did Guru Ram Das clean his feet with his beard?
    I certainly don’t support worshiping it and I can hardly say anybody here is worshiping the statue. Some give more respect than others. I respect it because it’s symbolic, just like I respect the picture of Baba Deep Singh at Harimandir Sahib, where others bow and give offerings. I don’t worship either.

  23. Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh

    Prabhu, If the description below is not worship of siri chand then I don’t know what is. Read this article and the poem written by Yogi Bhajan venerating siri chand. Its also pretty clear that Yogi Bhajan is tying this worship of siri chand along with some kind of hindu pooja when YB says, “Baba Siri Chand, is Shiva’s incarnation
    From all danger one can be saved by making unto him a salutation
    Manifestation of Vishnu was Lakhsmi Chand, his second son.”

    You can view the photo of this ugly statue of siri chand that looks like some alien from another planet at:

    Oh, and why in God’s name did Yogi Bhajan give this “Sikh of the Guru” a name like Sat Hanuman?

    The following is taken from: The Sikh Times
    Hanuman Singh
    Sat Hanuman Singh Khalsa (see picture above), Millis gurdwara’s mukhia jathedar (chief official), was the primary organizational force behind the event.
    Hanuman, a Vietnam War veteran, whose forceful personality is true to his former career in sales, is a huge Boston Red Sox fan. He attributes the Sox’s baseball ‘World Series’ title run and victory on October 27, 2004, after a long drought of eighty-six years, to a lifting of all curses following Yogi Bhajan’s demise on October 7, 2004.
    During the proceedings at the Millis gurdwara, Hanuman read out the following poem, authored by Yogi Bhajan, originally published in the Sikh Dharma mouthpiece Beads of Truth (Summer 1983, Bead #10, Volume II). Hanuman’s reading of the original in English was followed by a Punjabi translation, read by a Punjabi Sikh.
    God’s Incarnation
    Baba Nanak is the Supreme Lord’s Avatar
    Manifestation of the Unmanifest Creator
    His first son, Baba Siri Chand, is Shiva’s incarnation
    From all danger one can be saved by making unto him a salutation
    Manifestation of Vishnu, was Lakhsmi Chand, his second son
    For carrying on the family line, he was the chosen one
    Listening to the Guru’s mantra with deep concentration
    Your household may be blessed with wealth, prosperity, peace, and in this very lifetime, with liberation
    Angad, the Second Nanak, is God’s very limb; Amar Das, the Third, is the imperishable spirit of Him
    Acknowledged as the King of Raj Yog, is Ram Das, the Fourth in the line
    Unto whosoever offers his prayer at the Raj Yoga Throne
    Is granted an end to the round of 8.4 million lifetimes, and in the Creator Lord he finds his true home
    The light of Nanak through Guru Gobind, in the Granth has been fused
    By reading, singing or listening to its words, with the power of God you’re imbued
    One about whom it’s a blessing just to hear, when telling the story of such a Guru
    You’ll experience the Unheard Sound, the Divine Kundalini
    Then, Oh Yogi, God will be a companion to you

    Sri Chand
    The reference to Guru Nanak as ‘the Supreme Lord’s Avatar’ or ‘God’s Incarnation’ seems in utter violation of basic Sikh doctrine. Japji, widely regarded as the gist of the Guru Granth and authored by Guru Nanak himself, points out that God is ‘never incarnated.’ Paradoxically, the poem acknowledges as much via its reference to ‘the Unmanifest Creator.’
    This poem, with flattering references to the dissident Sri Chand, wasn’t all one observed at Millis that could be construed as offensive to Sikh sensibilities. At one point, Hanuman proudly showed off the recently acquired near-life-size statue of Sri Chand (see picture above), founder of the Udasi order characterized by renunciation and asceticism, both of which were roundly criticized by Sikhism’s founder, Guru Nanak. Hanuman bowed to the statue, touching his forehead to its base. Punjabi Sikhs strictly oppose idol worship and bow only to the Guru Granth, not even to images of their Gurus. Furthermore, Sri Chand was not one of the ten Sikh Gurus. Sri Chand had dissented from mainstream Sikhism to form his own sect when his father, Guru Nanak, chose Guru Angad as his successor.

  24. Prabhu

    Your comment was edited by the Webmaster because she felt that you were making a statement that was criminally actionable (and puts you in jeopardy). Please do not advert to your personal history.

    Two points: I am not from Canada. The servers are in Canada, I believe.
    Secondly about conquering the world; one conquers the world with knowledge and wisdom. One commands with these qualities.

    The issue with respect to Sri Chand’s statute being removed from the Darbar Sahib in 1984 is a fable. There is no authentic record of this.

    The story about Guru Ramdass and Sri Chand is just a story. Mainstream Sikhs in the Punjab do not accept Sri Chand as an authentic Sikh. He actually tried to split the Sikh Religion down the middle when he was denied the Throne Of Sikhi

    The false circumstances in which Professor Darshan Singh was excommuniciated are well known. The decision was made in secret conclave. The first time that this has occurred in Sikh History. Even though Professor Darshan Singh was present at Darbar Sahib at the appointed time, he not given an opportunity to present his case before the Sangat.

    It is well known that Jathedars of the Akal Takht are political stooges of the Badal-RSS machine.

  25. I want to share a message I received about an excellent discussion forum and one of the posts at that forum which gives new insights about Dr. Trilochan Singh’s selfless efforts in publishing the book “Sikhism and Tantric Yoga”:

    Uncle ji, thank you for making the book by Dr. Bhai Trilochan Singh ji public on your website. We never knew such book existed by him existed.
    I have only known him through Bhai Randhir SIngh jis books as he was instrumental in getting them published & translated into English. He was foremost an obedient Sikh of Guru ji and was a scholar with integrity. This book is an eye opener.

    I have started a thread to spread the word out on this book:

    ( )

    Please , register and narrate your own experiences with Yogi Bhajan in the thread.

    Thank you again for making the e-book available. Some things about yogi bhajan always disturbed my conscience, but never knew he was screwed up to this extent!

    Gurmat Bibek :: Gurmat Discussion Forum

    Sukhdeep Singh Ji,

    Once you read the book by Dr. Trilochan Singh Ji you will see a different side of “Yogi Bhajan” as you have never seen.
    Daas had the privilege of meeting Dr. Trilochan Singh Ji when I was young, and during the time he was writing this book he stayed at our house for about a week. I distinctly remember him typing away in the the night on his portable typewriter putting together this exposé on Yogi Bhajan’s cult.

    Dr. Trilochan Singh Ji was threatened, bribed, intimidated, and physically attacked by Yogi Bhajan’s security ruffians in hopes he would not write against 3HO. Fortunately, Dr. Sahib was a true mard – a man of honor and courage. Despite the risks he was facing, he went forth and published this book. In those days everyone was so afraid of Yogi that no publishing company was willing to publish the book under their name, so Dr. Sahib published it under his own name as the author and publisher.
    Dr. Trilochan Singh Ji’s book unveils first-hand details of the hypocrisy and manmat that went on behind the pure white bana of the 3HO cult.

    There needs to be a distinction made between Yogi Bhajan/3HO cult and the innocent individuals who embraced the organization, most of them did not know about his ulterior motives. His followers often addressed him self as “Singh Sahib” and the Jathedar of all Sikhs in the Western Hemisphere. This was nothing more than blasphemy.

    Bhai Jiwan Singh Ji and Baba Nihal Singh Ji were never impressed by Yogi, however they felt it was their duty to do Sikh parchar for the sake of those individuals who had left their own faiths and donned the Sikh banna through Yogi. Yogi used their presence for his personal gain, they never endorsed his practices, and always chided him in their own way about the pakhand he was promoting.

    Interestingly, Yogi himself was not even an Amrtidhari Sikh. He took Amrit in the late 1980s when his health was failing and he was being sued from various ex-members. Publicly, Yogi never regretted mixing-up Sikh and occult practices of the 3HO, even after taking Amrit, he continued to promote anti-Sikh practices under the guise of ‘Sikh Dharma”.

    Please read Dr. Trilochan Singh Ji’s book, it is 100% the true and accurate description of Yogi Bhajan’s 3HO cult during his lifetime.

    You may view the entire book on line at:

  26. Saad Sanghat Ji

    please note that this is the reason Guru Ji mentions Haumay and being HUMBLE is the fulcrum of existing as a follower of GURU NANAK…we have and need our SIRI GURU GRANTH SAHEB and NO cults or sects are allowed or needed…let us denounce and educate each other about the HAUMAY orientated and money making groups who use SIKHISM for fame and fortune by taking full advantage of SOUTH ASIAN and to a lesser extent, universal superstitious psyche of people looking for ‘answers’ to life’s ‘ups and downs’ when most of the problems they have are the result of mindless and senseless traditions and rituals they live by in a BRAHMANICAL rigidity…the same senseless and mindless traditions and rituals rejected by GURU NANAK…So are you a follower of GURU NANAK or are you a ‘rada soami’; ‘nirankari’; ‘naamdhari’; ‘nirmalai sant’; ‘ravidasiay’; ‘yogi’; ?????? or can you be FREE and follow UNIVERSAL ONENESS put forward by GURU NANAK to save us from ‘cheating’ religions and their false prophets and clergy.


    Baldev Singh

    Bradford West Yorkshire ( UK )

  27. Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

    I have been thinking about Prabhu’s statement below for a couple of weeks. The essential difference between a Gurmukh and a yogi is that a Gurmukh does “natural yoga”. A yogi performs yoga using his mind and ego. A Gurmukh does not need to know in their mind what kundalini is or know with their ego what Bir Asan is or what it is for. A Gurmukh simply meditates on God and recites Gurbani and all these things come naturally without involving the desires and greed of the mind. Putting the mind and ego in charge leads to all kinds of debauchery as can be seen in the current turmoil and infighting happening within Yogi Bhajan’s 3HO cult.

    Dr. Trilochan Singh states it best when he says, “In contrast to Patanjali’s Yoga, and other schools of Hindu Yoga (Hatha, Tantric, Laya, Kundalini, etc.) the Sikh Gurus call Sikh mystic path, Brahm Yoga (the Yoga which does not use any yogic technique but concentrates on God and achieves Him through devotion and contemplation). It is also called Gurmukh Yoga (Yoga of the Enlightened), Sahajya Yoga (Natural Yoga based on spontaneous devotion and contemplation). The word Yoga is used just to mean union with God. All the so-called techniques of ashtang Yoga are considered unnecessary and a waste of time and energy. Even physical health can be maintained by other exercises in a much better way than by Yoga. The Sikhs have proved it by being the best sportsmen in India and by being men with the best physique in their country without ever resorting to Yoga asanas or practices. I have never seen any Sikh sportsman or Army man doing any Yoga for his physical fitness and achieving excellence in sports.”

    Prabhu says, “Anybody who reads from the Siri Guru Granth Sahib will see the connection. If you don’t study yoga, how do you know what Kundalini is? The Guru talks about Kundalini. How do you know what prana is? How do you know what is an aasana? Why do we sit in a yogic posture (Bir Aasan) when we take Amrit? What are the chakras? What is the tenth gate? What is the Ida, Pingula, and Sukhmana? Why does the English “translation” say they are windpipes?”

  28. Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

    Now 1,650 members on facebook are calling to “Remove idols of false gods and images of all babas from Sikh Gurdwaras.”

    Join us on facebook at

    Write, Gurumustuk (Mr. Sikhnet), and the 3HO ashram website asking them to remove any idols, and images of Yogi Bhajan from 3HO Sikh Gurdwaras.

  29. Haters Gonna Hate.

  30. In the narrow passageways of your mind, the truth has no currency over convenience.

  31. I second Poet warrior. Relaxsingh is just living as his name states loud and clear; Notice how the R in Relax is capitalized while the s in singh is lower case and minor to relax. Relaxsingh is just a hippie with no courage to live a life of truth as a Sikh of the Guru. Relaxsingh and his Yogi Bhajan cult followers find it is easier to relax comfortably with delusional fantasies.

    The Khalsa
    Inspired by devotion, And awake to His Light, Singing perpetually, The Name of the Lord Absorbed in His splendor, Absorbed in His love; Even in error Never believing In fasts and tombs, Temples and idols, Or anything but The devotion to the One: Caring not even for Compassion or charity If God’s thought be not in them; Caring not for penances, Nor for bathings, In the holy places. Discarding all yoga practices: Such a Child of Light, Such a paragon, Such a complete Man, Fully enlightened In heart and soul, To be the pure, the Khalsa Is worthily deemed. Guru Gobind Singh: Thirty Three Swaiyas 1.

  32. Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

    Along these same lines of “Relaxsingh’s spiritual consciousness”; I just read SikhNet’s policy blurb again which struck me as being more of the same Yogi Bhajan cult crap.

    = SikhNet’s leadership =
    Our policy for the SikhNet News is “good news, good will”. We avoid posting political news, or news that’s negative in nature, rather we focus on what can inspire and inform. SikhNet is not funded by, nor does it represent, 3HO or any other sect, or organization. We do our part to create unity instead of division, we do not take sides and we do not promote or condemn any Sikh group. Our ideals are to be universal, uniting, inspirational, uplifting and neutral, and that’s why we focus more on what can inspire us to be more spiritual human beings rather than on controversy and politics.

    These Yogi Bhajan borgs find it is easier to relax comfortably in fantasies of nonconfrontational spirituality and feel good delusions of world “oneness,” than to live as true courageous Sikhs of the Guru. Sikhnet’s policy is absurd! From what SikhNet states below, anyone can hang a sign out saying, “I am a Sikh.” Even if they practice shakti worship, tantric sex yoga and their cult guru rapes young girls, Sikhnet will recognize them as legitimate Sikhs of the Guru. It’s exactly what the Hindus did upon the invasion of India by the Muslim Moguls! Poet Warrior refers to this history of the Hindus in his excellently researched article, The White Sikh Heretics: The Butchers Apron, when he states,

    “The second problem with the actions of these White Sikhs is that the action is based on the Principle Of Least Resistance. If you have taken the time to study authentic Sikh History, you will know that Sikhism has only survived to this day because rivers of blood have been shed to preserve it. By contrast, when Islam invaded India, Hinduism simply traveled underwater like a submarine for a thousand years, only to pop up when other factors had subdued the invaders. The submarine religion never offered resistance to the tyranny of the invaders; the adherents of the religion were too busy studying vast quantities of religious books. Hinduism traveled the path of least resistance when confronted by the tyranny of Islam. In summation, unlike Hinduism, Sikhism does not accord universal validity to the Principle of Least Resistance and in fact in many instances, Sikhism explicitly disavows the merit of the principle when applied to the Realm of Virtuous Action.
    We Know Only The Name
    The Emperor Janhangir was a notorious muslim fanatic. At the instigation of his Hindu Vazir (Chief Minister), Chandu Shah, he had the fifth Sikh Guru Arjan Dev arrested and brought to the Imperial Court at Lahore. Over the period of a month, Guru Arjan Dev was subjected to the vilest of tortures for the purpose of making him convert to Islam. Chandu Shah was instrumental in drawing the roster of the types of tortures that were to be applied to the Guru. Among the tortures devised were: making the Guru sit on a hot plate, pouring burning sand on the Guru’s body, sewing him up in the skin of an animal to suffocate him and on and on and on.
    During the course of the tortures, the Muslim saint Mian Mir came to see the Guru and wept when he saw his condition. He pleaded with Guru Arjan Dev Ji that the Guru should save his life. But the Guru refused saying that the will of God was to be done. The Guru did not receive the benefit of any Hindu Priests interceding on his behalf while the tortures were being applied. Presumably because the Hindu Priests were too busy studying vast quantities of books on hindu scripture to act in the good stead of the Guru. This non-action by Hindu Priests shows the Principle Of Least Resistance being applied. At it’s very core, survival is the objective of The Principle. The Principle frequently sanctions that nothing should be done by way of a response. The Principle Of Least Resistance is one of the hallmarks of the great submarine religions of this world. Among the great submarine religions of the world are: Hinduism and Judaism.”

  33. waheguru de bhaney witch chalo parmatma da naam lao..simran karo..nitnem karo..faltoo dian gallan na karo…waheguru ji ka khalsda waheguru ji ki fateh…

  34. Prabhu singh ji
    don`t change the meaning of jog, here jog means ways to remember and meet God or to meditate upon GOD . jog in SGGS never means YOGA its synthetic. Don`t use ENGLISH translation of gurbani as its not always correct. read shabd mahan kosh and SGGS Darpan for actual meaning. and please donot mislead sangat by citing only one sentence. as intellegent FAKE SADHS in punjab use this way to mislead masses. true meaning of any shabad can only be understood by reading complete shabads not a single line of your interest. as for you meaning as per SGGS DARPAN SGGS ANG 208,
    ਜੋਗ ਜੁਗਤਿ ਸੁਨਿ ਆਇਓ ਗੁਰ ਤੇ
    ਮੋ ਕਉ ਸਤਿਗੁਰ ਸਬਦਿ ਬੁਝਾਇਓ ॥੧॥ ਰਹਾਉ ॥
    which means” The True Guru has revealed me (way to meet parmatma or lord) through the Shabad. i have learned to meditate upon God from GURU.

  35. SSA

    Quite a ego filled discussion my friends.
    These are the generalizations I got- (and generalizations do suck – so I keep that in mind 🙂

    Punjabi Sikhs are being very conservative in the sharing of Sikhi- on one hand to protect its sovereignty (i see this as a generally positive thing) and on the other hand the refusal to let it evolve and be attached to it. This latter notion tends to lie in patriarchy- a desire to control and dominate by gray beards with a loss of radical thought that Sikhi instills. Let it also be stated that, Punjabi Sikhs (and their Diaspora) do have a slightly more nuanced contextual understanding of Sikh History and a good feel of the fabric of Sikhi that was woven in the lands of Punjab and abroad.

    Disciples of Yogi Bhajan or 3HO Sikhs – are very devout in their practices of Sikhi- from the language, to its rituals (now rituals themselves are not bad or good- may they have meaning) but seemed to have missed a few parts of the Sikhi message.

    Yogi Bhajan was a teacher not a Guru. I am sure he taught some good lessons but can you not see the Brahmanism in the yoga that is being practiced and taught? To me it is not the practice of meditation, nor the physical asana practice that is against Sikhi philosophy it is the holier than thou philosophy that is carried by many a folks who see such a practice as being “closer” to the Guru.

    It is also important to have a discussion on class privilege and many 3HO Sikhs hold a lot of “white privilege” even if they are Sikhi….if you are not familiar with the term ( & to learn some more about critical race theory. Remember The Sikhi movement was entrenched in supporting the most marginalized people participate in the taking of the Nam and not for just the privileged.

    All of us have our work to do- let us use higher common denominators to define us not just ideals.
    The Universal Message of the Guru shines through whether we give it a name or not, turn and face it. Ik Onkar, is the message the rest of it is trying to find a way to let it be absorbed into your heart, your brain, your being.



  36. White Sikhs are so cool. I’m brown but I wish I was and a Singh so then people will respect me more. My warrior blood line that Guru Gobind Singh passed down is useless if I’m not white. My brothers in Punjab are being destroyed by drugs in Punjab by the government but no one cares about them BC they’re are not white.

    • That’s slave mentality , white, brown,black, green, won’t get you anywhere because of your attitude.You’d make a good slave.

    • Dharmi Fauji April 5, 2012, 19:21

      Chela ban ja ja k white sikhan da fir.

      there no white , balck ,brown,green, yellow, blah , blah sikh..





      • This is a very complicated topic.

        Just like in Christianity there are many denominations. In Sikhs, there could be other as well.

        In this case, it must be clear that this is a denomination of Yogi Bhajan.


        • The Guru Granth Sahib is the revealed word of God. It is unambiguous and admits only one interpretation. Even Bertrand Russell saw this.

  37. karanvir Singh May 2, 2012, 22:13

    Hey Big ups to Prabhu for taking his time to stand up for the truth. Poet Warrior or whatever you call yourself you are misinformed!! Where the people in the above pic are bowing is where Guru Granth Sahib is installed. Guru Sant name sounds great but his charaCTER isn’t and that is the truth. Just come to New Mexico and meet the pople he has cheated and find out for your self how big of a “Sikh” he is ! all i have to say! Idiot ( Can’t call him Guru sant) is lying and will pay the heavy preice for slandering the Guru Ghar and his humble sevadar Yogi ji who brought the shabad via the practice of yoga to millons and becauseo f him thousands have came into sikhi including myself though i was born into a sikh family! Dhan Dhan Guru RamDas ji,give this idot some buhi so he doesn’t mess up his life and karma anymore!!

    • Sound like a true YBer. If you’re punjabi Sikh then you’re just used to being the white man’s slave .You think God needed anyone to bring Sikhi to the west through a hindu ritual – yoga? You treat God like a superstition, and that’s why you seem to be allowing all these rituals. It’s not true faith and love for Sikhi, it’s your fear that’s speaking.

      If you were born into Sikhi and you never knew anything about it, Like I said probably a slave mentality and your idiot parents never knew anything to pass it down. But once you saw the white man doing it you thought ‘ hey let me try’. So now like a fool you clasp onto the shiniest thing you can find.

      And talk about the argument presented not individuals.

      • Ignorance is not a virtue.
        Your statement directly contradicts Guru Nank’s assertion that the Bani is a divine revlation – the term used is Dhur Ki Bani
        Guru Ramdass was asked by the Emperor Jahangir to insert verses in the Bani extolling the virtues of Prophet Mohammad. The request was refused on the grounds that the Bani was a divine revelation and not an ordinary composition. The body was a mere vessal to receive the revelation.

        If you want to be a Sikh try not to be a hypocrite. As you should know, in the Granth, hypocricy is equated with murder.

  38. Gurbani is knowledge of NAAM . Kundaliny powers awakening is a very important development in mind & body both .Mind gets penetrated by soul & it shines like a star on the right side of brain . Physical aspect is extra ordinary energy (AMRIT) needed in the games field or daily life . Yoga is doing NITNAME with straight back posture . Gurbani does not talk of KUNDALINY YOGA at all . Yoga word has been used for marketing of the IDEA & coupled it with KUNDALINY . These powers are experienced by SOLDIERS , since khalsa is born as SAINT SOLDIER .Khalsa is PURE LOVE & is the product of GOD as its top level pleasure gift to the humanity of our planet .GOD is infinite bliss of LOVE of TRUTH . NAAM is a boon of BABA NANAK & is gifted to you if you can develop hatred for sex as was propagated by OSHO & was rejected by US GOVT but hating sex is different from LOVE of a female , who has been praised by BABA NANAK . Gurbani adds to it THE POWERS OF GOD’S LOVE . I have enjoyed all above during my life as a MAJOR & continue to do so . I do not find anything wrong in H S JOGEE’S philosophy since it is enjoys powers of LOVE of GURBANI . US GOVT is absolutely right in its decision to prevent entry of KHALSA in its ARMY since the environments in ARMY are opposite of GURBANI PRINCIPLES . Here Bhai GURSANT SINGH is wrong . Instead he should promote SUPER KHALSA FAUZ as SPIRITUAL POWER for guiding UNO ‘S wisdom ……………………………………GOD’S LOVE
    ……………………………………………………..Ajeet Singh Mac

  39. interpretation is he killer of dreams and the spreader of gossip!

  40. NR Madhusudhan April 18, 2014, 10:33

    I really did not know that the Brahmin Mahants had appropriated the gurudwaras till I read this post. They have been fooling people in the name of Varnashrama dharma since ages and extorting money in the name of god. We, the so called slave hindus, continue to suffer.

  41. hinduism is the root of all religions, all religions are formed by taking few drops of knowledge from the infinite source of knowledge hinduism…….

  42. baba nanak v hindua de naal cigey.. ona ne parmatma vaare kinne pyare bol kihe si.. te hun vekhlo ghor kalyug.. ajj un parmatma nu chadd k sb aivein hi marde pye ne..
    hindua ne taa pehle hi aakh ditta si ki kalyug ch ikko dhrm.. maanvta da dhrm.. sansthava ch vand jauga.. te ohi ho reha h..
    hindua de dhrm nu naa muslma ne ditta.. ki hindua da dhrm.. hindu dhrm.. fer sikhi aayi.. hun vekhlo…. insaan de jhuthey maan nu… na hindu bda na sikh bda… sbto bda parmatma…

  43. Amanda E. B. June 7, 2015, 23:25

    First, White Sikhs is a descriminative term, their just Sikh or American…etc, there’s many varieties. Second, you using curse words and judging them makes you a better Sikh? Third, yoga/mediation is interchangeable, Sikhs meditate, some Sikhs are more modern and culturally incorporate other things as well, some that live in the first world or near Hindus might do yoga as well. Fourth, some of those pictures are of Sikhs doing yoga, nothing sexual, it just looks like it, the sexual ones have men with long hair, other men during that time had turbans and long hair too. Fifth, Sikhs are part of the Indian culture to begin with, so why not, you want one group to be completely different, no, South Asian history is shared, even with extending regions. Sixth, many of these people your talking about are much more religious, they’re vegan not vegetarian, respect their turbans, strictly don’t cut hair, and meditate to spiritually get closer

  44. I never understood why being Khasla is overly emphasized. Before Guru Gobind Singh ji all Gurus and their followers were not Khalsas still they followed path of truth. Khalsa was an army created by Guru Gobind Singh ji to fight against invading muslim armies. He wanted commited soliders who are religiously and militarily perfect go fight against those ruthless muslim soldiers. In most of punjabi Hindu families in those days to make eldest son khalsa or a soldier of Guru to protect the society and nation against the invaders. Those Hindus families never thought that being a Sikh Khalsa soldier would be different from being hindu. Gurudwara lehar movement had political motives also. Local sikh(Akali) politicians wanted to control Gurudwaras so they can become politically strong by controlling Gurudwaras. If few mahants were bad at that time, not all jathedars are pure too. You read news about them in newspapers doing wrong thing in gurudwaras including sexual abuses. Its all politics that separated Sikhs from Hindus otherwise all that Guruji were trying to do was to reform the society not create a new religion.

  45. It is a new religion right from the very outset. Guru Nanak Dev ji had said he is not a Hindu or a Musalman.

  46. To all my brothers and sisters,why are we all wasting our time and energy on these petty things.Instead of all this hatred towards one person we can spend more time and energy on spreading Sikhi and raising awareness about sikhi. Lets be united and work with ppl like basics of Sikhi and spread the beautiful message of our Gurus

  47. Hi, Poet Warrior. Thanks for the interesting article! I learned a lot. i myself am I skeptic on yogi bhajan and 3HO. I’m just wondering what your sources are? thanks!


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