The Yogi Bhajan RSS Cult : Consort To The Greatest Enemy Of Sikhism

Did you enter the Miss Universe Beauty Pagent Too
Tweedledee,  Tweedledum


In this picture Yogi Bhajan, the crummy oriental imitation of Dr. Faustus has a jovial time with one of the deadliest enemies of Sikhism. Notice the position of Dr. Fautus’s hands (thank god they are not in Tarzan’s crotch)

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By Poet Warrior


Websters Dictionary:  A consort is a spouse or concubine, often to royalty or a deity,  suppliant and inferior in function and status

This is protected speech under the first amendment to the US Constitution.


Here are some alternate captions for the picture;  please select one and insert  into the picture:

(parady and satire only)

1. I am out of ugly cream, do you have some?
2. .. And then I said to her: Hon, I am a God.
3. Hubba, Hubba, Hubba, she’s a nice ‘un.
  …  I know, but we Gods deserve some fun too.
5. … and then we will kill all the Sikh Warriors and enslave their daughters.
6. Abe Lincoln was wrong, you know;  you can fool all the people all the time
7. Peace and love is cool but sex  is better.
8. … and then this stupid Sardar says … is it 12 o’clock ?
9. Did you get your rabies shot?  You  know they all go mad at 12 o’clock.
10. Did you get yours today?
11. Do blondes really have more fun than gods?
12. Get your hands out of my crotch you dirty old man
13. You know there are more sheeple in this world  than people.
14. Did you go to the Fire Puja last week, everybody was naked and dancing like beasts.
15. For starters I am gonna hang Poet Warrior up by his toes and then  cut his heart out … slowly.  How’s that for peace and love



I am very grateful to Gursant Singh from whose website all of the photographs of the Naamdhari cult are reproduced. Gursant Singh is a  genuine White Sikh who understands  Sikhism. I very highly recommend that you visit his website: for detailed information on the extremely heretical Anti-Sikh practises  of the Yogi Bhajan White Sikh Cult. Gursant Singh was a member of the Yogi Bhajan Cult (3HO and the Sikhnet Gora Sikhs or White Sikhs)  for nearly 30 years and has intimate knowledge about the inner workings of this cult which attempts to miscegnate Sikhism with Hindu idolatry.  If you are interested in Sikhism then I strongly recommend that you  get hold of Gursant.  Do not in any event go to or to 3HO to obtain information about Sikhism.  These sites promote a fake hinduized form of Sikhism.

I am utterly dismayed at the unwillingness of the 3HO and Sikhnet Sikhs to engage in an open debate on the serious issues raised by Gursant Singh on his website and the censorship that they practise.  By practising censorship this website is showing it’s determined intention to amplify the voice of sycophants and Sikh traitors. Please do not contribute your hard earned money to the White Sikh idolators. After all they are sitting on a 100 million dollar empire which has been built up by selling the  name of the Sikh Gurus and the Sikh Religion.  And please do take the time to visit Gursant’s website which raises very serious issues about the interpretation of  Sikhism by 3HO and Sikhnet Sikhs.    Censorship   is abhorrent to true Sikhism.  The preservation of the Sikh Commonwealth demands that the issues raised by Gursant Singh be resolved in a fair, rational and open debate in which any Sikh can participate.

I am very proud to be able to mention the name of this Prince Valiant.


The Greek Tragedy Of  Yogi Bhajan

It is very sad that Yogi Bhajan who was  transparently a very intelligent and articulate person,  would have so intentionally and with such malicious intent  misrepresented the Sikh Religion to  very devoted and sincere Americans. As Dr. Trilochan Singh has concluded:  Yogi Bhajan was at the end of the day a Faustian character but without the moral courage of Dr. Faustus. And as one delves further  into the subtle  changes and  misrepresentations propounded by Yogi Bhajan in the context of the 1984  era and the genocide perpetuated upon the Sikh Race,  one is  inexorably led to the conclusion that  Yogi Bhajan sold his soul not to the devil but to the intelligence agencies fighting a strategic war against Sikhism.  There is credible circumstantial evidence to conclude that he was an intelligence or RSS asset.   Dr. Trilochan Singh failed to appreciate how unerringly accurate he was was  in  his characterization  of Yogi Bhajan. This is what I have previously said about Yogi Bhajan: Yogi Bhajan has single-handedly poisoned the well of Sikhism in  the West and prevented it’s regenesis in the Occident. I came to this conclusion before it began to dawn on me that he might have been an intelligence asset.

I intend to present my case that Yogi Bhajan was an intelligence asset at a nearby date;  I have circumstantial evidence but what  I am seeking is the smoking gun.


The Citadel At Attock
The Citadel At Attock


Cowardice And Betrayal At Attock


This is what the pretty  Rumilet Verdecia said in a reply to a post  concerning Mr. Jagjit Naamdhari, the poseur and self-styled eleventh guru of the Sikhs:

These pictures are totally shocking. I can’t believe these pictures. What an ugly looking baboon.

If my memory serves me right, the battle at the banks of the Attock river was one of the greatest battles in Sikh history. As the Sikh army lead by General Nalwa turned northward to conquer Afganistan, Moslems from India, Afganistan and Persia gathered to stop the attempt by the Sikhs to conquer Afghanistan. Among these were Ghazis, very fanatical Muslims from Persia. Maharajah Ranjit Singh realizing that the battle was absolutely critical,  summoned Phula Singh, The Akali, to come with his Army Of Nihangs (Crocodiles in Persian) – the suicide warriors of the Sikhs.

And so the armies gathered by the river Attock for the showdown,

Now it so happened that there was a lowly foot soldier  in the employ of the King’s Sikh army named Ram Singh. Seeing the horrendous battle and carnage ahead, he threw his rifle away and ran away from his post. Travelling back to The Punjaub he opened up a small ashram or dera and started teaching PEACE AND LOVE like that other baboon – Siri Chand, the son of Guru Nanak Ji;  who when he was denied the Throne of Sikhi tried to split the religion down the middle. Anyways it was this monkey Ram Singh who started this heretical sect of Naamdharis.

And what happened to The Akali, he was wounded thrice in the battle but each time he was patched up and went into the thick of battle. The third time The Akali was wounded, it was grievous and he could not mount his Stallion. He then commanded that he be mounted on an elephant and the Elephant sent onto the battlefield. A Moslem sharpshooter seeing The Akali on the Elephant shot him down.

At a certain point in time one becomes sickened of COWARDS preaching mystification and idolatry.

Yours very respectfully

Rumilet Verdecia


General Hari Singh Nalwa
General Hari Singh Nalwa, who attacked Afghanistan



The Cult Of The Bedwetter


Naandhari Guru : Quite A Handsome Specimen
Naamdhari President:  A troglodyte and a purty  ‘un


Note: Please note the White Sikhs in the background listening with closed, prayerful eyes  to this  90 pound Tarzan.

The naamdhari cult originated with the bedwetter Ram Singh the coward of the Battle Of Attock.  There is an attempt to falsify history by asserting antecedents going back to Guru Nanak but they are outrageous inventions.  Naamdhari  literally means bearer of the Naam (“The Name”). I think it would  be more appropriate to call this cult the Bedwetter of the Name.

The basic belief system of the  naamdhari cult is that the Guruship did not end with Guru Gobind Singh but continued to a eleventh living man  who was the eleventh guru of the Sikhs. When the  bedwetter Ram Singh died his soul transmigrated to another living person who became the living guru of the Sikhs.  And very conveniently it was the son of the bedwetter who became  the next living guru of the Sikhs.  The implicit assertion of  the naamdhari cult is that the Jagjit Naamdhaari is on par with Slave Guru Nanak and  Respected Guru Gobind Singh.  He is considered a living God by his ignorant followers. This is of course clearly a supremely heretical doctrine and is  a direct attack on fundamental Sikh belief.

The Most Vicious Heresy Propounded Against Sikhism: This miscreant cult posits and interpolates  a  living human interlocutor directly between a Sikh and  his communion with God. Furthermore this  cult  has the sheer audacity to call it’s head boy the living guru of the Sikhs and the direct lineal descendant of  Guru Nanak – Guru Gobind Singh.   This is easily the worst and most vicious  heresy  propounded against Sikhism.

Parasites And Leeches: A very fundamental characteristic of  a cult is that it  piggybacks on an existing religion and  changes a few theological doctrines of the host religion. As a biological analogy, a cult is like a parasite which attaches itself to the host,with the object of getting  stronger by weakening the host.  By parasitically feeding off the host religion, the cult bootstraps the number of it’s adherents (remember that the parasite has adopted the doctrine of the host religion except for a few vital changes; consequently  the parasite hopes to attract adherents of the host religion who will  feel comfortable that the parasitic doctrine is not very alien).

Now if you follow the politics of the Sikh Religion then you will know that Sikhism is besieged by  an army of parasitic cults. I will catalogue a few for you:

  • The Ram Rahim Cult which copies Guru Gobind Singh and mixes the Sri Guru Granth Sahib with the teachings of it’s Cult Leader. Numerous  accusations  of rape and selling Sikh girls into slavery in faraway Bihar State have been leveled against him.  He has  never been charged and enjoys heavy State security and patronage. The press gives him favourable coverage.
  • The Ashutosh Cult which emphasizes the Dasam Granth and mixes Hindu  ideology with Sikhism. The cult is alleged to be involved in kidnapping  Sikh girls and selling  them into slavery in  Bihar. The head of the cult is a Hindu.
  • Bhaniriwala  Cult – this jackass calls himself the reincarnation of Guru Gobind  Singh Ji and likes to ride a horse and wear a cape. He says that he is the equal off  Guru Gobind Singh Ji.  He was  a hindu migrant worker from Bihar. He wants to get in on the slave trade. A number of attempts have been made to kill him off. He has extremely heavy state security.
  • Nirankari Cult And A Dog Called Gurbachana : This cult  received  the open support of the Indian government of Indira Gandhi.  It’s leader,  Gurbachan Singh,  propounded a book called the  Avtar Bani (The Book Of The God Who Has Descended To Earth) which openly ridiculed the Lord Of The Falcons and the Sikh Religion.   The leader, Gurbachan Singh was a deviant and a womanizer and had a fanatical hatred for Sikhism. In 1977 this cult insisted on holding a convention in Amritsar which is the Sacred  City of the  Sikhs.  The location of the convention  was direct interference with the conscience  of devout Sikhs. Despite widespread protests, the Government sanctioned the venue of the Convention in Amritsar and provided the Nirankari God with heavy state security.At the convention,  numerous provocations   against the Lord Of The Falcons were recited. There was heavy police protection and very conveniently  the head of the police force in Amritsar happened to be a Nirankari. The Nirankari dog knowing that the police were his benefactors took the opportunity to heap insult and infamy on the Sikh Religion and the Lord Of The Falcons.   These provocations by the Nirankaris led a woman who was a head of the Akhand Kirtani Jatha (a very fundamentalist Sikh sect) to  march in protest  to the nirankari convention with  companion Sikhs.   A massacre of the Sikhs ensued in which the Indian Police Force openly sided with the Nirankari  dog.  Seventeen Sikhs were killed. It was cold blooded murder.The massacre flushed Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale out into the open; he was left with no option other than to take a principled stance  and secure justice for the Sikhs.The massacre  snowballed into events of a much graver complexion and precipitated a crisis which led to a  showdown between the Sikhs and the Indian government.  A sham trial was held for the murder of the Sikhs in a neigbouring Hindu state (the venue of the criminal trial was moved from Sikh dominated Punjab)  but  no convictions were registered by the judiciary.  It was a signal that the murder of Sikhs had state sanction.  The acquittals  in the  sham trial outraged the Sikhs and the event  caused The Lion Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale to declare that he would weigh the person who brought  him the head of the dog Gurbachana in gold. The Indian government immediately issued a warrant for arrest of the Lion Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale. The events spurred  the Lion, Ranjit  Singh to avenge the insult to the honour of the Sikh nation. And it so happened  that the cult leader and his followers  were holding a huge   convention in Delhi to celebrate the acquittals at the trial.  The Indian Government provided a  massive cordon of state security to protect  this latter day butcher  of the  Sikhs.  The Lion, Ranjit Singh crawled through the sewer pipes of Delhi  and breached   the extraordinary  cordon of security at  the convention.  Having evaded security,  Ranjit Singh  climbed up a drain pipe leading to the main hall  of the convention; this happened to be  on the second floor. Far away down the  hall was the  heretical dog, Gurbachana.  Ranjit Singh whilst holding onto the drain pipe with one arm, took aim with his rifle with the other arm and shot this latter day Mir Mannu down. Ranjit Singh was a bear of a man heavyset and standing over six feet tall.   Ranjit Singh was apprehended on the spot and sentenced to be hanged  from the gallows.  But the Lion cheated death and later sat as Regent on the Throne Of  God (Akal Takht); only to sucuumb to the cowardice of  Sikhs and that horrid  handmaiden of the RSS  in The  Punjaub. Almost thirty years later In the absence of state patronage, the Nirankari cult has faded into obscurity but the effects of the Indian government’s folly continue to reverberate.
  • Radha Soami Cult:  this sect mixes Hindu texts with The Guru Granth Sahib. It has  very strong ties with the RSS which is a communal Hindu organization. It has heavy state patronage .  I visited  Chaumkaur   Sahib where the  greatest battle   in the Annals of Human History took place and the two young Sahibzadas, Ajit Singh and Fateh Singh (aged seventeen  and fifteen years old, respectively) laid down their lives at the alter of Sikhism.  The two Gurdwaras  standing in commemoration of the event are modest and small structures.. Just nearby to the Gurdwaras is a huge Radha Soami Religious  center built on forty acres. The government of the Punjab subsidized the purchase and construction of this complex as a tangible demonstration of it’s virulent hatred for Sikhs.
  • White Sikh Yogi Bhajan 3H0 Cult: This cult was started by Yogi Bhajan who is alleged to have criminal antecedents in India  and who was most likely a sleeper asset of  Indian Intelligence agencies fighting a strategic war against Sikhism. The cult has its headquarters in Espanola, New Mexico.  This cult completely inverts Sikhism and is trying hard to foist a  neutered interpretation of Sikhism. Its basic premise is that Guru Nanak imparted secret Yogic knowledge to Sri Chand the disgraced son of Guru Nanak. That knowledge was received by Yogi Bhajan through a Tibetan Llama.   The cult promotes Kundalini Yoga   as a way to obtain salvation. Among it’s inventions are giving it’s initiates Hindu first names, going to Hindu temples and performing aartis and poojas, promoting Sanatan Dharma and the idea that Sikhism is a branch of Hinduism. Thus it by implication, it denies that Guru Nanak received a divine revelation. It promotes ascetiscm, withdrawal and renunciation as features of the Sikh religion.  Thus by implication, it enjoins Sikhs to stand mute in the presence of tyranny and injustice. It has a long and sordid record of  opposing Sikh rights including the Dharam Yudh Morcha of Bhindranwale Sahib.  It focuses on milking the Sikh Religion for money and in this regard it promotes Kundalini Yoga as a mystical Sikh doctrine. It’s main website carefully camoflauges it’s  real ideology  and tries to present itself as an orthodox Sikh web site. It is not.

The snapshot that I have provided demonstrates how cults miscegnate Sikhism with perverted doctrines. These sects are the chief reason why the Sikh Lion lies gravely wounded and there is continuing unrest in the Punjab.


Bringing Offerings To A High Priest
Bringing Offerings To A High Priest


Sikhism explicitly prohibits a priesthood or any  religious interlocutor sitting on a high pedestal and  providing religious dispensations.  Unlike Catholicism, Sikhism completely forbids a pope like figure with a power to grant indulgences.

As the picture above shows,  Jagjit Naamdhari is positing himself  to be a poor man’s Pope with the power to grant indulgences.   Sikhism explicitly and categorically prohibits any interference with a Sikh’s direct communion with God. Notice the cheap theatrics employed in this snapshot:  the staircase to Heaven, the red carpet, the cheap plastic throne  and then all of those white  clothes representing a false piety.

The White Suited Bedwetters: I am going to write about White Turbans and Black Turbans in the context of  Saladin The Magnificient who warred against King Richard, The Lionhearted during the time of the Crusades.  But at this time it needs only to be asserted that Guru Gobind Singh never ever tied a white turban  or wore the white robes of an ascetic. This is a very important point to be aware off. White clothes and  asceticism  is are abhorred  by real Sikhs and Sikhism. Yoga is essentially an ascetic practise which in it’s religious formulation encourages renunciation and withdrawal.  Sikhism does not  approve of asceticism and ascetic  practises. Guru Nanak explicitly sermonized against it, enjoining Sikhs to  live a householders life and further characterized a householder’s life as being graceful and virtuous.  Guru Nanak also stated that  salvation could be obtained within the context of living an ordinary married life and it was not necessary to traipse off to some jungle and engage in mind numbing bouts  of navel gazing in order to obtain salvation. In the context of India, this was a radical religious view which contradicted at least fifteen hundred years of  Hindu religious dogma.

Notice  the suppliant women respectfully giving offerings in trays  to a high priest (chimpanzee?)  who is sitting on a commanding throne. The act of  proffering  offerings in trays to dieties is a common religious practise in Hinduism and can be observed by visiting any Hindu Temple.   Making offerings  in a tray to a deity  or a man   is completely prohibited in Sikhism which is much more austere.


Worship Of A Living Human


A Hatred For The Female Race


The Necessity Of Suppliant Handmaidens: The picture shows this self styled  Guru and God of The Bedwetter Cult   seated on a high pedestal as very ignorant and superstitious females stand suppliant  with trays of offerings and other goodies. This is the epitome of evil and the heart of darkness.  These woman have absolutely no self respect, are completely uneducated, live in a completely male dominated word and are very, very very suppliant.  If I were to be  more explicit in my characterization of these females I would become vulgar.  They are taught from the day of their birth to be suppliant to males.   It is a matter of  evil leading the ignorant.


Extreme Vilification Of Females: This picture exemplifies  hatred and vilification of females. Look at the gender bias in the picture.  You will not see a picture in India of  males holding trays of goodies and standing in supplication  before a female guru or goddess seated on a high throne.   Any true self respecting Sikh girl or woman who considers herself to be a Warrior Princess of the Lord Of The Falcons should be completely outraged by these pictures.

An Authentic Sikh Tradition About Females: If you have studied Sikh History closely or associated with authentic Sikhs then you will know that Sikh women, even very young Sikh women were called Burri; which basically means wise old woman. This was a signification of respect; fast falling out of favour with the NWO young shaved Sikh slaves.


The Bedwetters
The Bedwetter


Concubines To The Bedwetter

In this picture we see Dr. Faustus lolling around on a bed with the  Chief Owl of the Naamdhari Bedwetter cult.   Around them are a pack of adoring acolytes including a very deluded White Sikh Lady and a young lad who is getting his first high priest worship  vaccine. I hope the young lad doesn’t  turn into a werewolf.   Again, this picture exemplifies persons who have set themselves up  as interlocutors between the communion of a Sikh  with God. This is a heresy. What is with all the white apparel.  Bedwetters seem to like white clothes.


Now real Sikh Warriors would never associate with  Troglodyte  Jagjit Naamdhari. You cannot simultaneously pay respect to this man and the Lord Of The Falcons. It is a logical impossibility.  A reductio  ad absurdum.  The Naamdharis are completely repudiating Guru Gobind Singh’s last injunction, that henceforth the Guru Granth Sahib shall be the only Guru of the Sikhs (“Guru Maneyo Granth”). By positing himself as the eleventh living Guru of the Sikhs he is slapping the Lord Of The Falcons in the face.  We should not forget that  Guru Gobind Singh sacrificed his entire family at  the sacred alter of  Sikhism – his two elder sons  (Sahibzada Ajit Singh and Sahib Fateh Singh; aged seventeen years and fifteen years) who died on the battlefield at the Respected Castle Of Chamkaur, his two younger sons (Sahibzada Jujhar Singh and Sahibzada Fateh Singh;  aged eight and six years)  who were bricked into a wall alive upon their refusal to convert to Islam.  Guru Tegh Bahadur,  the father of Guru Gobind Singh, who was beheaded in a public square for daring to preserve the right of  Hindus to practise their  religion freely, his maternal uncle and numerous other close relations who all died in battle fighting to preserve Sikhism.  Were all of these sacrifices made so that a filthy  black faced bedwetter could throw his rifle into a ditch and run away to open up an ashram shop?

It’s Not Rocket Science: All of this is not is not rocket science. If you are a Warrior, noble browed and logical,  you do not consort with the enemy. You can parley with the enemy but never consort. You do not act as a handmaiden or a concubine to the greatest enemy of Sikhism.  That is exactly what Yogi Bhajan is doing. Real Sikhs would show their disdain and contempt for people like this poser,  The Hag Jagit Naamdhari.



The Website Of The Bedwetter Cult

I visited the website of the bedwetter cult:  And then I had to rush to the vomitorium.  Beantpatshah means the true King who is endless; in other words he is like God.  The King  refers to the eleventh living guru and heretic of this cult.  The website addresses the Chief of this cult as His Holiness SatGuru (The True Guru Of The Sikhs) Jagjit Singh. Which is an unforgiveable slap across the face of the Sikh Nation. On the first page there are pictures of the BeantPatshah which are not very flattering and there there is a sermon that starts out:   Even if we are sick and bed ridden, our wordly ventures keep operating smoothly.  What utter tripe and nonsense.  Here is the rub:  The Lord Of The Falcons sacrificed everything he possessed  including all of his children at the Alter Of Sikhism; he was not operating his business ventures smoothly. And this ugly looking baboon has the sheer audacity to call himself the guru of the Sikhs.  I will say it again: this cult is completely unforgivable.

The King Of Persia much impressed by the noble visage and demeanor  of the Lord Of The Falcons, sent Guru Gobind Singh Ji three priceless gifts: a rare stallion, very light blue in color, a blanket of matching pearls and a  Sword (shamsheer).   Now take a good and hard look at the pictures of the horrid little monster in this article.



I am sure that you are very disconcerted after reading all of the above.  It is not pretty.  How can Sikhs be so  ignorant to support the festering cancer of cults which is striking at the root of Sikhism and  savaging the Sikh Lion, lying  mortally wounded. But despair not, this is only the interregnum.  If  you survive the interregnum, you prevail. The greatest darkness and despair is now,  not when the interregnum  is torn asunder.   And all interregnums must come to pass. This is clear at   this stage in time and in world history.  When interregnums are destroyed there is greatness, glory, honour, respect, peace and goodwill.

I am reminded by what a wise old Sikh woman once told me:   There should never be too much peace because then the cobras come out of their holes and go furrr, furrr.  And that is exactly what the bedwetter did, throw his rifle into the ditch and run away to open an ashram shop and live the life of a cowardly renunciate. And then when the English had conquered the Empire of  The Lion Of The Punjab (Sher-e-Punjab, Maharajah Ranjit Singh) and all was safe;   the bedwetter came out of it’s hole  in the ground to invent a new mythology and a new godhead to be worshipped by extremely ignorant and superstitious people.

It is completely beyond the realm of my understanding how White  3HO Sikhs, born into the age of reason of Rousseau, Voltaire, Fermat, Paine, Thoreau, Benjamin Franklin and  lastly but not least Jefferson could fall into the dark abyss of ignorance, idolatry and evil falsehood propounded by the greatest enemies of  Sikhism.  Sikhism is a religion totally aligned with Rousseau, Voltaire, Paine, Thoueau, Benjamin Franklin and Jefferson; it  is the polar opposite of the bedwetter cult.  Sikhism demands that true Sikhs be Warriors, linear in their thinking, noble browed and  man and women of the Highest Honour.



The Greatest Battle In The Annals Of History

Depicted below is a painting of Sahibzadah (Honorific Persian for Son of the Lord) Ajit Singh battling the  marauding Moghul army of  of one hundred thousand soldiers. This is certifiably the greatest battle in the annals of Human History; a battle in which forty valiant Sikhs battled the vast opposing horde.  A battle to trade  sure death  for time.  The greatest positional chess game  ever played with death.

Sahibzadeh Ajit Singh, aged 17 years sacrifices his life for the Sikhism
Sahibzadeh Ajit Singh, aged 17 years sacrifices his life for the Sikhism of Slave Nanak

please click on the picture above to expand.




Are you suffering from a severe case of the  Bedwetter cult disease or one of the serious ailments which is closely related to it. Then here is the antidote. Please look at the Historical Pictures below:


General Heinz Guderian, Achtung Panzer, Easter front 1941
General Heinz Guderian, Achtung Panzer!, Easter Front 1941

Please click on the picture for an expanded view.


General Heinz Guderian, Panzer Genius wearing  the Iron Cross for high valor;  author of the military treatise:  Achtung Panzer;    All out attack on the Bolshevik menace; Smolensk Russia, 1942.


Note On The Cult Of The Bedwetter: In this article I referred to Ram Singh the bedwetter.   The background to the characterization is as follows.  Mr. Hitler called Winston Churchill a bedwetter.  Recently  declassified  English archives corroborated by eye-witnesses have recorded  that Churchill would preside over cabinet meetings fully naked in front of female secretaries. He also had a penchant for standing on the cabinet room table fully naked with a cigar in his mouth and make long winded pompous speeches.  There is a secret forbidden history of the Second World War, largely unknown and hidden. As an aside,  Mr. Churchill’s mother was not a Christian and  this fact may be germane to the  the failure of the peace mission of Albert Speer and  his subsequent poisoning forty years later at Spandau Prison.

Nothing in this article should be construed as an approval of Nazi ideology which is contrary to Sikhism.  General Heinz Guderian was  a professional soldier and never charged with any war crimes. The meta Sikh ideology is that when you become a Sikh you are part of the Sikh Nation and part of the Sikh Race. In public you represent not only yourself but the entire  Sikh Race and Nation. Therefore you must always be of the highest  integrity, honour and calibre.

British India Army World War II : Tank Battalion
British India Army World War II : Tank Battalion


The Few, The Proud

Sikh Soldiers


Valour and Courage Everyday

General Harbaksh Singh


Heart Of Valor: General Harbaksh Singh,  1962 – China War

Maharajah Bhupinder Singh in 1915 with Belgian Generals

Maharajah Bhupinder Singh leads Patiala State Regiments into World War I

And Finally And With Great Pride:

Mai Bhago Leads The Attack
The Young Bhag Kaur  Leads Forty Sikhs In  The Attack On The Marauding Army


For the everlasting glory of the Sikhi of Slave Nanak, Mai Bhago leads the attack and enscribes her name in the Annals Of Bravery.  Forty One Sikhs led by a Sikh  Warrior Princess  fight a horde of thousands of Moghul soldiers in an epic battle which is a towering monument to  the heart of Sikh valor.

Mai basically means old woman and is another appellation for burri which I  explained above. Respected Mai Bhago was of course a young married woman when she led the attack.

Click this link for the complete dossier on the White Sikh 3H0/Sikhnet/Yogi Bhajan Cult


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  1. Joginder Singh Foley September 13, 2010, 11:31

    May this humble irishman/Sikh make his submission for a caption of the picture at the top of the post
    “TWEEDLEDUM and TWEEDLEDEE” PS it also reminds me of the Blair/Bush relationship


    Interview with Karta Singh a Yogi Bhajan cult follower at , FranceSeptember 29, 2010

    Karta Singh is yet another 3HO inmate under the tantric spell of Yogi Bhajan!

    Karta Singh makes particular reference to the heretic “satguru” Jagjit Naamdhari when he proclaims, “A Satguru will teach you the methodology to connect to your inner truth, not the content. Through the living presence and personal relationship with a satguru you will find the guru in your heart.”

    Earlier this year a group of yogis set out for a yatra (pilgrimage) to India. They visited communities that live their lives deeply rooted in the teachings that Yogi Bhajan brought to us. The hope was to share, to inspire each other and to unite in spirit – beyond culture and religion. Here is an interview with Karta Singh about how to apply the teachings to our times in order to live authentic lives and promote planetary healing.
    GD: A yatra is a pilgrimage, a journey driven by a deep longing for truth, a truth you cannot find in books. Let’s call it the truth of the heart. What did you hope to find?
    Karta: The initial impulse came from the teacher’s of the ANS trainer academy who approached me with the question of how to best preserve Yogi Bhajan’s teachings. One way, of course, is to create an archive that holds all materials that have been gathered over a very prolific period of more than 30 years of teaching. That is what KRI set out to achieve with the Library of Teachings, which is in the process of being built. At the same time I wondered if there were any living examples in our tradition of Dharma, Sat Sangat and Gurmukh Yogi. My hope was to find real people that we could connect with and learn from, because it is not enough to preserve the teachings, no matter how sophisticated the system of documentation is. The teachings have to be applied to our times. People today look for a genuine perspective for how to live an authentic life. The way Eastern Sikh Dharma currently presents itself is not at all in line with Yogi Bhajan’s legacy. Sikh Dharma, as I experience it, turned into yet another religion, an institutionalized set of beliefs, that has run dry and bears no interest to future generations. That is why we set out to the land of the gurus in search of true dharma.
    GD: What do you mean by true dharma?
    Karta: Dharma has nothing to do with religion. Dharma starts when we change our perspective from ‘I’ to ‘We’. Through the yoga we enter a process of deep self-transformation. In the dharma we recognize each other. It is our frame of reference where we start living what we understand to be true, a collective initiation. We quit our family and cultural roots to build a new culture that supports our soul and our destiny. We start living for each other: as a true community, a sat sangat, where we center around the guru, which is the inherent intelligence of the creation. Think of dharma as righteous living. It is a way of living according to a greater plan. We let go of our individual schemes to serve humanity as a whole. Yogi Bhajan left a huge body of teachings, that encompasses much more than kriyas and meditations. He taught us how to live life so that we can excel – day by day. That is what he called yogic lifestyle. Simple things help us to consciously create new habits. How to get up, how to go to sleep, what to eat, just to name but a few. The teachings support us in cultivating an attitude of being conscious at all times and understanding the consequences of our actions. We say; where there is dharma there is no karma, meaning life does not just happen to us. Dharma will give you direction and purpose. You will develop a sense of how to guide yourself and understand your own attitude.

    GD: So, how did you start your search?

    Karta: There were people that Yogi Bhajan had been close to. Baba Virsa Singh was one of them, the founder of Gobind Sadan – ‘God’s House without Walls’. This is a huge international interfaith communit…y south of Delhi, which he started in 1968. Interestingly enough Yogi Bhajan, his wife and his three children were part of the gathering that laid the foundation. We actually saw the well that Yogi Bhajan helped digging shortly before he left for America. The two men have much in common. They both originate from the Punjab, close to Lahore, today the second largest city of Pakistan. While Yogi Bhajan’s family was one of the richest and most learned families in that province, Baba Virsa Singh grew up in simple conditions without any formal education. His spiritual power was first recognized when he was still a child. In his late teens looking for spiritual guidance, Baba Siri Chand, the 16th century mystic and eldest son of Guru Nanak, appeared to him.

    Baba Virsa Singh was given the mantra ‘Ek Ong Kar Sat Nam Siri Wahe Guru’. So there is a well-defined line of transmission we are related to and there are more things that we find back in our tradition: reciting the name, reading Jaap Sahib, doing seva and rising early to begin the day by thanking god and looking within ourselves.

    Baba Virsa Singh never studied yoga, though. His path turned out to be different. He understood that he would reach his destination through strenuous physical labor and mantra. To this day, the community chants the mantra he was given while cultivating the gardens and the farm land, which form their economical base. They also have a practice of praying day and night. One member of the community was appointed to look after the havan, an eternal sacred healing fire that has been burning non-stop since they first started. This man never missed a day – just one example of how dedicated these people are. We were blessed to experience the amazing impact of their spiritual practice. The previously barren wasteland they started cultivating 40 years ago has been transformed into lush fields and gardens with yields exceeding all expectations. Although the lives and teachings of the Sikh gurus are the model of all practical work, Baba Virsa Singh continually refers to the timeless teachings of all prophets. For me personally, it was very interesting to see different ways in which Sikhism can be experienced that lie outside of the exclusivity of the Khalsa. Gobind Sadan demonstrates how the power of applied consciousness can become an integral part of ordinary life. The community lives the dharma under very simple conditions in an extremely efficient way. By chanting mantra, doing seva and blessing the earth through conscious farming they have created a place of miracles and healing.

    What touched me in particular is their respect for the whole of creation. Their lives turn around a natural flow. Being a forester by profession, this felt like going back to my roots. Staying at Gobind Sadan made me realize that there is a need to re-connect to the earth if we want to prosper and create a future.

    GD: Would you say that there is a link between living dharma and a simple, natural life which respects the rhythm of nature?

    Karta: This definitely is something we have to consider. All the communities we visited practice some form of conscious farming and deeply care about their environment. The Nirmalas for example are known for their global promotion of clean water. It actually started out as a local initiative. Some years ago they decided to clean the bed of the river Kali Bein that was in a devastating state at the time. As the story goes, Guru Nanak would bathe in that river. It is also the very place where he disappeared only to re-emerge three days later, purified with the Mool Mantra on his lips. The whole community participated in the project which was entirely based on seva. They cleaned a huge stretch of land, meditating and chanting, inspired by a deep care for nature. Seven years they took to redo the river bed so that the water could flow freely again. Today you can drink the water – which is amazing considering that the river had been more of a vast sewage tank than a natural resource. Once finished with the work, the Nirmalas approached the authorities with a plan to purify the used water so that the river would permanently be fed with clean water. Currently Sant Balbir Singh, their spiritual leader, travels the whole world to help initiate clean water projects. He is also a well respected speaker with the United Nations and other global organizations, continually advocating the preservation of one of our most precious resources. What the Nirmalas did – and still do – is an impressive example of how the dharma can be instrumental in cleaning our planet – very practical, and effective.

    GD: It seems, that with a dedicated spiritual practice you can literally move mountains.

    Karta: Well, these people all work very hard. Most of them do strenuous manual labor from early dawn to dusk. There is a difference in attitude however…. Everything is done as a devotional practice, as meditation in action. If you watch these people, you will hardly ever see them tired, stressed or exhausted. Quite to the contrary: They feel invigorated and empowered. In their presence one becomes fully aware of our potential as humans – and how often we settle for less. In fact, Baba Virsa Singh keeps stressing that all he wants is to be a better human being.

    In that respect, the Namdharis, whom we also went to see, live by an unprecedented vision of excellence. They cultivate a level of service, mastery and purity which is very inspiring and humbling at the same time. Never for example have I seen such pure and vital water. Incredible, in particular in India, where you have a hard time to see the bottom of any river, lake or pool. When we first entered the terrain where they house their sarovar, a huge water tank directly fed by spring water, I was truly amazed. What a serene setting it was and what a sublime experience to dip into that water first thing in the morning. There is so much love in their service, it is beyond any concept we can understand.

    I had met their spiritual leader before and always remembered him as someone I would one day meet again. He was a friend of Yogi Bhajan, who many years ago came to Blois in France, where Yogi Bhajan would teach a Master’s Touch course. At the time Yogi Bhajan held me personally responsible to supply Jagjit Singh, which is his name, with fresh spring water, as that was the only water he would use. I did not talk to him then but felt a deep connection through the assignment I had been given. In that location, spring water wasn’t flowing in abundance. To find what I had been asked for, I embarked on a quest, which was eventually successful. The purity of that water also changed my relation to water and its quality. I eventually settled at Le Martinet because the land provides water that flows directly from a spring. Years later through Professor Surinder Singh, with whom I studied the Naad, I met some Indian musicians that had been students of Jagjit Singh, who, as I came to learn then, is a highly accomplished master of the Shabd Guru. The Namdharis are known all over the world for their musical proficiency.

    GD: What is so special about them?

    Karta: The Namdharis have been expelled from all Sikh institutions because they give reverence to a living guru, which is Sat Guru Jagjit Singh, the very man I had encountered in Blois. I was curious to learn more about their practices and their history as a community that has established itself at the fringes of mainstream Sikhism. Even though the officials regard them as outcasts, they are strong in numbers with an impressive presence all over the globe. They are mostly very qualified and learned people, with a lot of world class musicians amongst them. I was wondering what spawned so many high-caliber men and women, that in the course of history have excelled in many areas of life. The Namdharis are the only Sikhs that stood up against the British. They are known for their attitude of passive resistance – long before Gandhi framed the term and made non-violence one of his most powerful assets. Many of them lost their lives during British attacks.They have always been freedom fighters, feverishly defending the same rights for men and women, promoting a relationship with animals that respects them as soul beings, relentlessly working for world peace based on honest living and true compassion. Today the Namdharis are undisputed pioneers in the field of nature preservation. They literally collect seeds from every imaginable plant and are counted among the largest producers of organic seeds worldwide. Deeply rooted in the dharma they have an impressive political and economic impact. It was really a mind blowing experience to spend time with these people. An example of human integrity that touched me very deeply. We were welcomed in a way that none of the most exclusive hotels would welcome you. A team of disciples from all over the world took care of us, made us feel at home from the very first minute, fed us the most exquisite food and nourished us with their divine music. We all received the blessing of Satguru Jagjit Singh.

    GD: What exactly is the role of the Satguru?

    Karta: A Satguru will teach you the methodology to connect to your inner truth, not the content. Through the living presence and personal relationship with a satguru you will find the guru in your heart. Satguru Jagjit Singh mostly works with the Naad which in essence is a science of reality. It helps you to find that sound of truth and to resound in that sound. Being all very accomplished musicians the Namdharis do their prayers and shabads according to true raag. We would just sit and listen for hours. There is a parallel to what Yogi Bhajan did. He gave us the chance to be a teacher so that one day we could be a real teacher.

    GD: It seems like you did find what you set out for. How can their example be meaningful for our lives here in the West?

    Karta: They offer a vision of personal and planetary healing which is a basic requirement for creating a sustainable, peaceful and just world. For years there has been a lot of talk about taking bold steps to save our planet. There have been conferences, treaties, petitions, agreements – and still we seem to carry on pretty much the way we always did. Any solution will be devoid of meaning, substance and vision as long as the feeling of unity is missing. What the life of these people demonstrates so powerfully is that the boldest step that can be taken is spiritual in nature! Applied consciousness will shift our behavior towards each other. It will offer a more inclusive perspective on all pillars of social life: money, employment and business. It is now the time to create an economy where we truly share the benefits, an economy that goes beyond the dialectics of capitalism and socialism. It is time to stop exploiting the earth and start blessing it with honest work and heartfelt prayer More

  3. Idol Talk: New Article in the Santa Fe Reporter about idol worship by 3HO Sikhs

    Gursant Singh is an unlikely critic. A resident of Española’s 3HO (“Healthy, Happy, Holy”) Sikh community for 18 years, Singh studied under the charismatic Yogi Bhajan and, in 1982, Singh even sued the federal government for permission to wear a turban and keep his hair long while serving in the US Army.

    Now, though, he likens 3HO Sikhism to a cult.

    During a recent trip to India, Singh learned that Sikhism forbids idolatry. When he returned to Española, the gilded statues surrounding the ashram there looked like blasphemy to Singh.

    Singh says he appealed to the powers that be—Sikh Dharma International, part of the late Bhajan’s multimillion-dollar empire.

    Dissatisfied with the response (or lack thereof), Singh took his battle to Facebook, calling for the removal of all idols from the Española campus.

    But Hari Jiwan, the chief of protocol for the 3HO community, says nothing’s amiss. Most of Singh’s 3,279 (and counting) Facebook “cause” members are Indian Sikhs, who Jiwan says are often more sensitive about the idol issue. (At one time, Hindus imposed their own idol worship on the Indian Sikhs, Jiwan explains, which left a bad taste.) American Sikhs have a different history, Jiwan says—but they’re also not worshipping the idols.

    “[We worship] a representation of what the idol stands for, not the idol itself,” Jiwan says. “If the idol stands for a virtue like compassion, like the Buddhist statue of Kuan Yin—I have no problem putting that anywhere.”

    While Bhajan’s empire remains under siege—on Oct. 7, the Oregon attorney general sued SDI’s parent company—Jiwan says the recession has attracted even more disciples.

    “Let’s face it: Yoga and all these new-age practices are very popular,” Singh admits. “It was very appealing to me, too.”

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