Dossier On The Yogi Bhajan RSS Cult And Links

Sardarni Sikander Singh On The Idealogy Of Sikhism

Sardarni Sikander Singh On The Idealogy Of Sikhism


The above painting courtesy of Sardarni Sikander Kaur


What Is The 3HO White RSS Yogi Bhajan Cult

This cult was started by Yogi Bhajan who had criminal antecedents in India  and who was a sleeper asset of  Indian Intelligence agencies fighting a strategic war against Sikhism. Yogi Bhajan was an RSS Agent. He is alleged to have committed a murder in the remote Abohar District of Punjab, India and then fled to the capital of India, Delhi,  to evade prosecution. He worked as a petty customs agent and was thereafter recruited by Indian intelligence agencies to help subvert theSikh faith and neuter Sikh political aspirations.

The cult has its headquarters in Espanola, New Mexico.  The cult completely inverts Sikhism and is trying hard to create  a  mythological storyline  of Sikhism. The objective is to neuter Sikhism and render it impotent.  Its basic premise is that Guru Nanak imparted secret Yogic knowledge to Sri Chand the disgraced son of Guru Nanak. That knowledge was received by Yogi Bhajan four hundred and fifty years later through a Tibetan Lama (see: Who Is Yogi Bhajan And Why Is He Greater Than Guru Gobind Singh).

The cult members cannot read or write Punjabi and cannot read the Sikh scriptures. All of their knowledge is derived from what Yogi Bhajan the RSS agent taught them.

The cult promotes Kundalini Yoga   as a way to obtain salvation. This is variation of Hindu Tantric Philosophy which can only be described charitably as a hodge podge of very fantastical theories which have no scientific proof at all.  The basic premise of Kundalini Yoga is that there is a serpent coiled around the base of the spine and sex organs that should be released to in order obtain salvation. This release can be obtained by following certain tantric practises. These practises involve male and female participants.  Tantric Yoga, of which Kundalini Yoga is a branch, has a long history as an occult sexual practise.

Among the cult’s  inventions are giving it’s initiates Hindu first names, wearing the white garbs of an ascetic and renunciate (a custom of the Hindu Religion),   going to Hindu temples and performing fire worship, aartis and poojas.

The 3H0/Sikhnet RSS cult promotes Sanatan Dharma; this is the theory that Sikhism is a branch of Hinduism. Sanatan Dharma is promoted by the RSS, a prominent Hindu fascist organization.  A prominent member of this cult has gone so far as to call Guru Tegh Bahadur a jewel thief:  see:  White Sikh Heretic Calls Guru Tegh Bahadur A Jewel Thief.

Over the years this cult has become very open in it’s practise of Hindu and occult practises. It indulges in these practises knowing that they provoke disdain in orthodox Sikhs; who realise that these practises are totally anti-Sikh.  The leadership of the Cult receive money and benefits from the RSS for carrying out Ant-Sikh propaganda and practises.

The cult focuses on milking the Sikh Religion for money and in this regard it promotes Kundalini Yoga as a mystical Sikh doctrine. It also promotes numerology, astrology, the power of precious stones and other occult practises as being valid Sikh practises. The cult has built a multi-billion dollar business empire by milking the Sikh Religion; see :  The Billion Dollar Wow Guru Mantra.

It’s main website carefully camoflauges it’s  real ideology  and tries to present itself as an orthodox Sikh web site. It is not.  This cult is dangerous since it is trying to appropriate the Sikh Identity and hides it’s ideology and agenda from mainstream Sikhs. It’s members have been flagged as racist and disparangingly calls native Sikhs from the Punjab, ice cream Sikhs. It has invented ecclesiastical titles, something which is completely forbidden in Sikhism.  Its intention is to use Kundalini Yoga and Hindu doctrines to mystify the Sikh Religion.  This is a bid to confuse Sikhs.  It intends to create a Sikh Priesthood  which will dispense this mystical knowledge; see: The White Sikh Heretics: Total War On Sikhism.  Any articulate Sikh with a knowledge of Sikh History will recognize this cult as latter day masands.

This cult promotes the fantastical idea that the Yogi Bhajan Sikh Priesthood will dispense mystical knowledge in the Aquarian Age; which according to the sect started on November 11, 2011; see : The White Sikh Heretics And The Shiv Shakti Syndrome By implication this Sikh priesthood will have pre-eminent positions in the Aquarian world. There are very few educated university graduates in this cult.

A RSS operative and a  disciple of occult and tantric practises, Yogi Bhajan had the temerity to declare himself a greater personality than Guru Gobind Singh. He was a sodomist and rapist; see:  A Rapist Called Yogi Bhajan.  Yogi Bhajan is the predecessor of  offspring such as  his nephew, an unabashed  homosexual: See The First Sikh Gay Wedding.   His wife is  a follower of the Hindu Religion and performs havans and aartis, consults brahmins and so forth.

The profane and utterly vile miscegnator RSS agent Yogi Bhajan mixed elements of Sikhism and Hinduism to create a mongrel cult which he then declared to be the carrier of  authentic Sikhism.

Salient elements of this cult are:

  • giving themselves grandiose titles and falsely projecting themselves as leaders of the Sikh Religion
  • promotion of Kundalini Yoga and tantric sexual practises  as  essential features of the Sikh Religion
  • practising Kundalini Yoga in front of the Guru Granth Sahib and in the Darbar
  • Promoting Yoga asceticism, monasticism and renunciation as essential components of the Sikh Religion
  • Installing Hindu Idols in Sikh Gurdwaras
  • Giving themselves first names  which start with Guru
  • Worshipping Sri Chand
  • Promoting  Tantric Yoga  as an essential part of the Sikh Religion
  • Blatant commercialization of the Sikh Religion (such as selling herbal tea with the image of Guru Ram Dass on the box)
  • Performing aarti and fire poojas at Hindu Temples
  • Selling Guru Nanak’s son, the yogic   Sri Chand, as the authentic upholder of the Sikh Religion
  • Maintaining that Sri Chand (founder of the Udasi Cult) received divine knowledge from Guru Nanak
  • Making pilgrimages to the tomb of Sri Chand, prostating themselves before his tomb  and performing aarti and chanting before his tomb
  • Installing Statutes of Sri Chand And PIctures which are in the presence of the Guru Granth Sahib
  • Performing Fire Worship, Shiv Shakti Pooja and other Hindu religious rituals
  • Attempting to create a priesthood of “teachers” and human interlocutors in the Sikh Religion.
  • Giving themselves the surname Khalsa
  • practising Yoga, Astrology, Numerology, Using Semi-precious stones for healing  and other occult practises
  • begging for donations and selling cheap trinkets on their web sites and using falsehoods and deceptive trade practises
  • teaching and practising a advanced white tantric yoga called red tantric yoga which involves sex


And this is a very important fact to be aware off:   This cult is attempting to completely appropriate the Sikh identity including the name Khalsa.  Sikhs must understand that this is an extremely dangerous cult striking at the very root of basic Sikh teachings.

In the dossier below you will find ample proof inclusive of photographs which conclusively prove the virulently anti-Sikh practises of this cult.



The Dossier On The Yogi Bhajan RSS Anti-Sikh Cult

1.   The Yogi BhajanRSS  Cult :  Miscegnation Of Sikhism with Yoga

2.   The Yogi Bhajan RSS Cult :  The Corrupt Idolators

3.   The Yogi Bhajan RSS Cult :  Tantric Yoga, Numerology And Fire Worship

4.   The Yogi Bhajan RSS Cult  :  Consort To The Greatest Enemy Of Sikhism

5.   The Yogi Bhajan RSS Cult :  A Tower Of Deceit And Deception

6.   The Yogi Bhajan RSS Cult  :  The Butcher’s Apron

7.   The Yogi Bhajan RSS Cult  :  The First Sikh Homosexual Wedding In The World

8.   The Yogi Bhajan RSS Cult  : Total War On Sikhism

9.    Who Is Yogi Bhajan And Why Is He Greater Than Guru Gobind Singh

10.  The Yogi Bhajan RSS Cult  :  Worship At A Hindu Temple

11.   The Yogi Bhajan RSS Cult  : A King’s Ransom In Jewels

12.  The Yogi Bhajan RSS Cult  : Guru Tegh Bahadur Was A Jewel Thief

13.  The Yogi Bhajan RSS Cult  : Phallus Worship By White Yogi Bhajan  Cult

14.  The Yogi Bhajan RSS Cult  : A Real White Sikh Speaks Out

15.  The Yogi Bhajan Cult  : Naamdhari Scalliwags Threaten Poet Warrior With Death

16.  The Yogi Bhajan RSS Cult  : The Yogi Bhajan 3H0 Sikh Cult In A Nutshell

17.  The Yogi Bhajan RSS Cult  : Rebranding The Sikh Religion

18.   The Yogi BhajanRSS Cult  :  Yoga Is Hindu Humbug

19.   The Yogi Bhajan RSS Cult  : A Rapist Called Yogi Bhajan

20.  The Yogi Bhajan RSS Cult  :  The Wow Guru Mantra

21.   The Yogi Bhajan RSS  Cult  : Was Yogi Bhajan A Follower Of Charlie Manson?

22.   The Yogi Bhajan RSS Cult :  Who Owns Sikhnet

23.   11-11-11, A Fable For The Dawn Of The Age Of Aquarius

24.   The Soul Eater, Yogi Bhajan And A King’s Ransom In Jewels

25.   The Yogi Bhajan Cult  : The Occult Nazi Roots Of The Yogi Bhajan Cult (to do)

26.   The Yogi Bhajan RSS Cult  : Yogi Bhajan,  The Dothead

27.   The Yogi Bhajan RSS Cult  : DisInfo Campaign Underway – Be Careful

28.   The Yogi Bhajan RSS Cult  :  Yogi Bhajan, The Dothead

29.   The Yogi Bhajan RSS Cult  :  Yogi Bhajan and His Predator Cult

                               30.   The Yogi Bhajan RSS Cult  :  Were You Beaten, Raped Or Sodomized By
                                        Yogi Bhajan Or His Cult Members

31.   The Yogi Bhajan RSS Cult : Disinfo Campaign Underway – Be Careful

32.  Yogi Bhajan RSS Cult : How To Process Lies Into Truth

33.   Yogi Bhajan RSS Cult : A Catholic Mural In A Sikh Gurdwara

34.  Yogi Bhajan RSS Cult : The Castle That Yogi Bhajan Built

35.  Yogi Bhajan Cult : Children Buried Alive At Hindu Solar Eclipse Ceremony

36.  Cult Ensnared In Criminal Child Solicitation Case

37.  Yogi Bhajan Cult Snubs The Sadda Haq Film

38.  Yogi Bhajan Group Starts Perverting Sikh Children

39.  Yogi Bhajan Cult Implicted In Police Arrests For Running A Brothel And Prostitution Ring

40.  Yogi Bhajan And The Plot To Murder Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale

41.  Confessions Of A French White Yogi Bhajan Cult Member

42. Donker Licht: Book In Dutch About The Rapist Yogi Bhajan And His Cult

43. Sardar Gursant Singh: Cutting Off The Heads Of Whose Who Will Not Bow To Hindutva

44. Michael Eldon: Rape And Depravity Of Yogi Bhajan

45: Sardar : Cult Locks Up Gurdwara Sahib Tighter Than A Drum

46: Sargon Of Akkad: Analysis Of The Yogi Bhajan Cult

47: White Supremacist Devil Performs Gurbani Tantric Kriyas To Sikhs


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  1. I’m not sure where this author get’s his information.
    When the author says that Yogi Bhajan “had the temerity to declare himself a greater personality than Guru Gobind Singh.”, the author is stating something that simply isn’t true. I have heard many lectures from Yogi Bhajan and have generally been exposed to what he said, and I can positively affirm he never said anything that the author is claiming.

    However, in the interest of full disclosure I will leave my contact information, if anyone finds any quote from Yogi Bhajan, any whatsoever, that verifies the authors claim, please, please I want to know about it. I don’t think such a thing exists, but if anyone finds it, please tell me. My phone number is 505-623-9049 and my email is

  2. You will have to read Dr. Trilochan Singh’s book: Sikhism And Tantric Yoga. This book is available as a free PDF download from Gursant Singh’s website:

  3. hey, i was reading your posts while they are interesting i dont see why u bash guru nanaks son sri chand, thats blasphemy as well, he continued the teachings of guru nanak dev ji trhoughout india, the followers call themselves udasis, which in india are a seperate religion from hinduism and sikhism but themselves consider themselves adherents to sikhism, and during the mughal attacks, udasis looked after sikh gurdwaras. dont bash sri chand before doing the research

  4. Jas

    The research has been done. Your sources of information are false. The facts you are enunciating are contrived and false. Try to understand this:

    1. Sikhs do not believe in the false virtuosity of blood relations – this principle was demonstrated by Guru Gobind Singh in relation to his own sons. There is no requirement to accord respect to Sri Chand simply because he happened to be the son of Guru Nanak.

    2. Guru Nanak disavowed Sri Chand as a waster and heretic. This is recorded in history.

    3. If Sri Chand had divine knowledge then this would have been included in the Guru Granth Sahib.

    4. Sri Chand tried to split the Sikh Religion down the middle because he was denied the throne of the Sikhi of Slave Nanak.

    5. The practises of the udasi sect are completely Hindu in theology and origin. Furthermore their practises flatly contradict the Guru Granth Sahib.

    6. The Guru Granth Sahib is considered a revelation of God. This was clearly enunciated by Guru Ram Dass to the Emperor Jahangir when Jahangir tried to traduce Guru Ram Dass into inserting the praise of the Prophet Mohammad into the Guru Granth Sahib.

    7. As a divine revelation of God, the Guru Granth Sahib is subject to only one unitary interpretation (upon the logical thesis (axiom) that a true God’s Word is never provably false or ambiguous (since God is not a liar) ). Therefore upon this thesis the Sri Guru Granth Sahib is unitary and complete. a fortiori, there can be no sects in Sikhism and there is no need for Sikhs to advert to other holy books or to a jackass such as Sri Chand, the naked fakir and idler.

    8. As India roiled under the heavy fanatical boot of the Moslem Moghul (see: The Savage History Of Jihad In India: , this waster idled his time away playing yoga and leading other jackasses into the wilderness of renunciation and asceticism. This was his way of saving his skin. After all who wants his skin torn off his body by fanatical moslems.

    9. It is well known that the Muslim Moghuls installed Hindu Priests and lackeys in Sikh Gurdwaras to control and subvert the Sikh Religion. This tactic is continuing today with a differant set of controllers. Truth always attracts enemity.

    10. Despite persistent efforts to resurrect this cult by Anti-Sikh forces, mainstream Sikhs in the Punjab studiously try to ignore this sect (despite attempts to shove it down their throats).

    11. The Udasi sect were not permitted to enter the Golden Temple; as they were considered a deadly enemy of Sikhism – this was observed by George Foster in 1812 when he visited Amritsar and the fact is recorded his book : A Sketch Of The Sikhs. Sir George also observed in his book that there would come a time when this sect would change the religion.

    12. The Udasi priesthood was trained in Benares by Hindu brahmin priests. There is a video on this website to prove this (The Dasam Granth Exposed Part I : The Voodoo Of The Dasam Grunties – )

    13. Authentic Sikhism does not accept the validity of a human interlocutor in a Sikh’s communion with God. The worship or adoration of any living yogi, guru or other interlocutor is heretical and strikes at the root of the doctrine of the Guru Granth Sahib (‘Guru Maneyo Granth’)

    The main modern day proponents of this jackass are the White 3HO / Sikhnet Sikhs who are trying to create a Tantric Yogic Priesthood in the Sikh Religion. Their real agenda is carefully disguised and they cultivate a carefully crafted public persona as mainstream Sikhs. The object of the deception is to milk the Sikh Community for money and like their mentor, the jackass Sri Chand, split the Sikhi of Slave Nanak down the middle.

    Regrettably you fail to appreciate the truly unique and revolutionary nature of Sikhism which places it eons away from other provably false, ambiguous and apologetic religions.

  5. but isnt it true that sir chand was praised by the other gurus while he lived? or is this also a falsehood, thanks for the response

  6. Jas

    It is recorded in history that Guru Ram Dass visited Sri Chand and paid his respects to him. The event is amplified by asserting that Guru Ram Dass wiped the dirt off Sri Chand’s feet with his beard. How much validity can be accorded to the amplification is another issue. The passage of time tends to amplify facts into mythology. But for reasons enunciated below, nothing further can be imputed to the event. Respect does not necessarily imply acceptance of the respectee’s doctrine.

    We know that Guru Ram Dass declined The Emperor Jahangir’s insistence that the Sri Guru Granth Sahib contain verses extolling the virtues of the Prophet Mohammad. This event is recorded in Jahangir’s autobiography (Tareekh-e-Jahangir, I believe). Guru Ram Dass stated that the Guru Granth Sahib was “Dhur Ki Bani” (“the divine Word that has come from far away”) and such an addition was not possible since the Guru was merely the receptacle for the Word. By the same token, Guru Ram Dass did not insert any of the utterances of Sri Chand in the Guru Granth Sahib. This was for the simple reason that Sri Chand was not a genuine servitor who had divine knowledge. It is logical therefore that at present, we cannot construe Sri Chand as having divine knowledge worthy of consideration by genuine Sikhs.

    Of course to admit the proposition that Sri Chand had divine knowledge and that Sikhs must advert to this knowledge; implies that the Guru Granth Sahib is not complete. This of course further implies that the injunction “Guru Maneyo Granth” is false; i.e. we have to advert to some other book or entity to complete our knowledge or communion with God. This is a heresy according to Sikhism.

    Also to be borne in mind is the fact that Slok Mohalla 9 contains the Seal Verse (sloka). it is clear from reading the Seal Verse (slok) that it is the end of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib and the “Book” has been sealed (or is complete). This verse was written before Guru Tegh Bahadur traversed to his God ordained fate. You cannot add anything beyond the seal verse (sloka).

    Finally as I keep on repeating ad infinitum, if the Guru Granth Sahib is an unambiguous and unitary whole then there is no need or requirement to advert to any other granth, yogi or interlocutor. If it is not a complete and unambiguous whole then the injunction of Guru Gobind Singh – Guru Maneyo Granth is false. Quod Est Demonstradum.

    • Charanjeet Singh March 28, 2017, 09:52

      It was Guru Arjan dev ji who compiled Guru Granth Sahib and not Guru Ramdas ji.
      Also the name of jahangir’s autobiography is Tuzk-e- Jahangiri.

  7. i completly agree poet warrior

  8. poet warrior who is the enemy of sikhs

  9. Harihot, This chapter from “Sikhism and Tantric Yoga is where this quote made by Yogi Bhajan comes from:”Guru Gobind Singh Sowed the Seed
    Of the Khalsa Wrongly”
    In 1977 Dr. Trilochan Singh records Yogi Bhajan’s ego maniac utterances:
    “Guru Gobind Singh Sowed the Seed
    Of the Khalsa Wrongly, says Yogi Bhajan”

    The eminent Scientist Dr Manohar Singh Grewal of Boston is popular both among American Sikhs and Indian Sikhs. Like his grandfather Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh, who was leader of the Jaito Morcha (Agitation) he is a conscientious and devoted Sikh. When he went to Los Angeles he visited 3HO Headquarters of Yogi Bhajan, who was there.
    It appears that Dr Grewal’s humility and gentle nature provoked his vanity under the uncontrolled impulse of which Yogi Bhajan said in the course of talks, “Guru Gobind Singh has sowed the seed of the Khalsa wrongly.’7 (Guru Gobind Singh ne Khalse da bij hi ghalat lay a) Controlling his emotions at these outrageous utterances, Dr Grewal retorted, “How can you say such a thing?” And Yogi Bhajan as usual started rationalizing his statement.
    In the first week of June 1977 Gurbanda Singh of Washington, whose arrogance is well known, addressed a Sikh Congregation in which 3HO people were also present at Vermont. In his speech, which is always snobbish in tone and material, he tried to prove that the American Sikhs were very pious and holy while the Indian Sikhs were irreligious, profane (patits) and so on. Even in his writings (the few articles on Yogi Bhajan cult he has written) his tone is the same. Sardar Kehar Singh, an eminent Engineer, immediately stood up and took him to task. He told him and all those 3HO men and women who think and act like him, “We are fed up with your attempts to make us feel guilty of not being Sikhs. We are Sikhs and in many many ways far better than you people.” His angry attack on the typical snobbery of the 3HO leaders was disarming. It is at this moment Dr Grewal brought out in the open Yogi Bhajan’s attempt to insult and underestimate even Guru Gobind Singh. He mentioned the Los Angeles incident and told the congregation that Yogi Bhajan goes to the extent of saying that Guru Gobind Singh sowed the seed of the Khalsa wrongly and implying that he was correcting it. While the underlings among the 3HO devotees are quiet, unassuming, and very devout and sincere, the leaders act exactly as their Master has trained them. I do not blame them entirely for it. It is because of their haughtiness, overbearing and insulting attitude towards the Indian Sikhs, that they neither learn anything beyond what Yogiji says, nor do they seem to know the long term consequences of rejecting truth from every quarter and blindly accepting mumbo-jumbo cult ideas from Yogi Bhajan. They perhaps seriously believed that Guru Tegh Bahadur prophesied that a Great Master Yogi Bhajan would create the new Khalsa in the West and invade India to bring the Aquarian Age. The British invented this story for themselves.

    Author’s Comments

    Wherever I went in the U.S.A. even people very friendly to Yogi Bhajan informed me that he pretended to have done more than Guru Gobind Singh did, and his vanity and ego maniac haughtiness had gone to the extent of saying in a gathering that he can even shake the gaddi (throne) of Guru Nanak. I did not take these stories seriously and refused to believe them. But I was shocked to read the afore-mentioned statements published within the last 12 months or so. But when I saw these insulting remarks heaped on Guru Gobind Singh in print, the shock became unbearable.
    A devout Sikh goes to the Guru every morning and not only on Sundays, and Sunday was never observed as a day of congregational worship throughout history. Bhai Nand Lai tells us in Zandgi Nam ah that though the Sikhs go to the temple, or the Guru, for formal worship every morning but for congregational worship the Sikhs gathered together twice a month, on Sankranti and Massia (the first day of the Indian lunar calendar and the middle of the month according to lunar days). In the code of the Conduct given to the Khalsa (Rehatnamas) the Gurus have clearly stated that a Sikh should not perform yoga asanas, nor believe in mantras, yantras and other absurdities quoted in this chapter and practiced and preached by Yogi Bhajan.
    There is no such word as Puran Pran Tapan mantra in any dictionary in any Indian language. It is perhaps the silliest of all Yogi Bhajan’s absurd brain waves which shows more of his ignorance than wisdom of Sikh history and scriptures. Sometimes I doubt if he has once gone through the Sikh scriptures, even without understanding them. He possibly could not. Up till recently, he did not know the language of the scriptures, and I am more than certain that he cannot interpret even ten pages of it correctly. Yet he sincerely believes that he can fool the ignorant American Sikhs to believe that he is the Super-Messiah of the Age, and they at least must believe that he is greater than the Sikh Gurus, and he has done what the Gurus were unable to do. We will study in detail how he has built himself as the Western Pope of the Sikhs, the only Mahan Tantric in the World, and perhaps the only person who could tell so many lies about himself and make every American followers of his believe it. If the Americans want to understand and practice the true meditations of Sikhs Faith and move on the path with humility and wisdom as Sikh saints all over the world have done, they will have to throw all this rubbish that Yogi Bhajan is stuffing into their minds into the dust-bin and take it for granted that his knowledge of Sikh mysticism and the Khalsa Holy Order is pedestrian and less than elementary. With such absurdities in their heads, and sacrilegious notions and practices of the Sikh mantras they will be in mind, soul and spirit as far away from Sikhism as any ignorant non-Sikh, even though they may put on Sikh appearance and dress, which no doubt is very important.

  10. emma paddock-sarai March 6, 2012, 12:19

    i just wanted to say im white and i think these white sikhs are taking the piss out off the relgion and should be punished..!! i know well from living in the uk if people was taking the piss out off other religions there would be wars eg= islam..

  11. White Sikhs?…..hahaha. The true lions were the ones in 84, there are still some left but rare. Sikh quom needs to wake up.

  12. I’ve been skeptical of Yogi Bajan and his teachings all along, however, I have participated in several White Tantric events and have taken a look at some of his teachings. I found the Tantric to be a powerful and positive experience buy I am not a follower of Bhajan or a member of 3HO. Yogi Bhajan is not a traditional sikh. This I’ve know all along. Women don’t wear turbins in India, etc. etc… And, it doesn’t surprise me that he would fool arouund with his women students. So many gurus do…… All said, I question if there was truly any bad intent on Yogi Bhajans part. Maybe he really was trying to do something good however imperfect or strange it may be. I’m actually more skeptical of the intentions of those now leading 3ho as I saw it in the last Tantric event that I participated in. From what I can tell things have changed since the Yogi passed and I will no longer participate in Tantric or anything to do with 3ho


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