Sardar : The Yogi Bhajan RSS Cult, Total War On Sikhism

Amandeep Singh Khalsa bowing At The Tomb Of Sri Chand

Amandeep Singh Khalsa bowing At The Tomb Of Sri Chand


Click this link for the complete dossier on the White Sikh 3H0/Sikhnet/Yogi Bhajan Cult


Harinder Singh says:  Just yesterday, I got a job offer from Miri Piri academy at Guru ki Vadali, Sri Amritsar Sahib. They were ready to pay me good money and give me good accomodation but I declined the offer. Gurmat shud never be compromised. Khalsa is going to rule the entire world and the white, blacks and browns are going to join Sikh brotherhood.

1Kaur Says: 3HO is a yoga organization started by Yogi Bhajan. It’s a business that tries to lure in confused youth with promises of spiritual bliss and power to be achieved through yoga. it’s NOT a sikh group. There are Sikhs who are also part of 3Ho, and there are 3Ho who are not Sikhs.  It’s really important that we not confuse the two. Being against 3Ho for their promotion of manmat as Sikhi, for their twisting of Sikhi with hinduism and man-made garbage… this is not hating anyone, this is not being against Sikhs. 3Ho is in the business of making money by training yoga teachers.  Along the way they draw some people into Sikhi and those people get confused.  It’s important that 3HO teachings be exposed as the garbage it is. that’s not hatred. it’s spreading truth.



Prelude : Extinction Of Buddhism In India

At the mighty and horrific battle of Kalinga, over a 100,000 soldiers were reputed to have been slain by the opposing armies gone mad with blood lust. The Emperor Ashoka, a Kshastryia Hindu, recoiled in horror as the full weight of the carnage registered in his mind. He forsake Hinduism. The nullity that is Hinduism had emptied his mind and soul. The great Emperor recited:  I seek refuge in the Sangha, I seek refuge in The Buddha, I seek refuge in the Universe.  And with that simple incantation, the Emperor  became a Buddhist.

The central pillar of the Hindu Religion is the caste system (called varna, varna literally means the color of one’s skin). The caste system  divided Hindu society into an impermeable stratum of social layers with the fair skinned Brahmin priestly caste at the very top. At the very bottom was the untouchable black or sudra caste. These were the original aboriginal inhabitants of the sub-continent, constituting approximately one half of the population. In order to ensure the primacy of the caste system, the laws of Hinduism were codified into a treatise called the Laws Of Manu.  The object of the Laws Of Manu was to preserve the social order. Collaterally, the objective was to preserve the caste system and keep the sudras (‘untouchables’) at the very bottom of the social rung. This treatise forbade the Sudra from entering Hindu Temples or performing any of the rites or ceremonies of the religion.

The Laws Of Manu  contains gems such as:

if a sudra hears the slokas (‘verses’) of a Hindu religious text, even unintentionally,  then molten lead should be poured down his or her ears

Even the shadow of a sudra should not fall on a Hindu temple because if such an event transpires, the temple will be rendered unclean

Sudras are not allowed to have surnames

A sudra must only marry a sudra


The justification for all of this brutal inhumanity was the thesis that God had consigned the sudra to his miserable state and that it was just that God’s will be done.

The Great Emperor Ashoka became an ardent Buddhist. All through the Empire, Ashoka had stupas erected enunciating the Laws Of The Buddha. Buddhism began to spread in India. In the Punjab alone (the homeland of the Sikhs) there were almost 1500 Buddhist Temples.

The Hindu Brahmins correctly perceived that the great eqalitarian religion of The Buddha would shatter the falsity that is Hinduism. The priestly caste began to infiltrate Buddhist temples and assume positions as priests of the religion. As the Hindu priestly caste infiltrated the Buddhist temples in India it brought it’s own interpretation of Buddhism with it. The interpretation foisted and nurtured was that Buddhism was simply a branch of Hinduism. More importantly, the Hindu priests brought idols and idol worship into the Buddhist religion.

The Buddha never supported idols or idol worship during his lifetime. Idol worship is not a tenet of authentic Buddhism. The only ritual that Buddhism sanctifies is the process of meditation and chanting in order to pierce the false veil of this world.

Therefore Buddhism in India was weakened and corrupted as the Hindu priests gained control of Buddhist temples. The coup d’grace was administered when the Mauryan dynasty gained control of India and started the genocide of Buddhists (many of the converts to Buddhism were sudras). The ‘greatest’ Mauryan Emperor was Chandragupta Maurya who is known to have maintained a vast and pervasive spy apparatus. India under the Emperor Chandragupta Maurya, is the closest example of a medieval police state.

Buddhism was finished in India. It retreated to the impenetrable hinterlands of India in Bihar and Orrisa. What saved Buddhism from total extinction were a handful of Buddhist monks who breached the mighty Himalayas carrying the sermons of the Buddha close to their breasts. The rest is history as the teachings of the Buddha spread like a wildfire through China into Japan. The Prince Siddhartha Gautama prevailed and conquered  in China and  Japan. In his native land, Buddhism succumbed to the creepers of the jungle (‘Hinduism’)  which quickly smothered the great Cypress that is Buddhism(to use Nietzsche‘s  apt description of Hinduism).

The after effects of the Hindu attack on Buddhism can still be felt today. The most sacred Buddhist temple in India  at Gaya, Bihar State is under the control of Hindu priests. There is an on-going struggle to free this temple from the Brahmins.


Extinction And The Sanatan Dharma Scambit

From the foregoing, it is clear that there were two steps in the extinction of Buddhism in India. In the first step, Brahmin Priests inflitrated Buddhist Temples and weakened the core doctrines of the host religion. In the second step, the coercive power of the State was used to liquidate Buddhism.

The theory of the Hindu Brahmins was that Hinduism is Sanatan Dharma – the original religion and all other religions are simply branches or variations of the mother religion. This is of course complete hogwash.  The Sanatan Dharma  Theory enabled the Brahmin priests to import their rituals, idolatry and ideology into the host religion. The purpose of Sanatan Dharma is to kill the host and replace it with Hinduism.

The analogy of the above to what is transpiring with Sikhs in India should be obvious.

Note: The word scambit is combined from scam and gambit. Sanatan Dharma is a scambit


The Boa Constrictor Strategem

The English Historian Macauliffe called Hinduism a boa constrictor since it enveloped and strangulated all religions which competed with it.  As indicated above, Hinduism used the boa constrictor strategem with stunning success to annihilate Buddhism in India. Buddhism was a very dangerous enemy of Hinduism since if it was left unchecked, it would have overran India. It was and is theologically superior to Hinduism.

Here are the principles of this Boa Constructor Strategem:

1. Playful Strangulation in stages – surround, absorb, annihilate.

2. Reconstruct History

3. Rely on Mythology And Ritual to keep people in fear and ignorance

4. Control the levers of worldly power to  interfere with the doctrines of the enemy religions

All of these elements of the strategy are present and at work as the boa constrictor Hinduism, begins the slow process of strangulating, absorbing and digesting Sikhism. The German philosopher Nietzsche correctly observed in his magnum opus, Man And Superman, that a cypress could never grow tall in India since it would soon be killed by creeper vines which would climb all over it and smother it to death.


The Yogi Bhajan RSS White “Sikh” Cult: Total War On Sikhism

The Yogi Bhajan RSS White “Sikh” Cult :  are a small sect of Sikhs that follow the teachings of Yogi Bhajan. A disciple of occult and tantric practises, Yogi Bhajan had the temerity to declare himself a greater personality than Guru Gobind Singh.

The profane and utterly vile miscegnator Yogi Bhajan mixed elements of Sikhism and Hinduism to create a mongrel cult which he boldly declared to be the carrier of  authentic Sikhism.  This cult is closely linked to the Sikhnet and 3HO White Sikh groups. Sikhnet and 3H0 Sikhs are  followers of the the faustian jackass Yogi Bhajan.

Here is the chargesheet against  this cult are:

*  They are agents of the RSS  an the leadership  is on the payroll of the RSS.

*  Promotion of Kundalini Yoga as an essential feature of the Sikh Religion

* Promoting Yoga asceticism, monasticism and renunciation as essential to the  Sikh Religion

* Installing Hindu Idols in Sikh Gurdwaras

* Promoting Tantric Yoga as an essential part of the Sikh Religion

* Blatant commercialization of ther Sikh Religion
(such as selling herbal tea with the image of Guru Ram Dass on the box)

* Performing aarti and fire poojas at Hindu Temples (pooja  is the worship of an idol)

* Selling Guru Nanak’s son, the yogic parasite and waster, Sri Chand, as the authentic upholder of
the Sikh Religion

* Maintaining that Sri Chand (founder of the Udasi Cult) received divine knowledge from Guru

* Visiting the tomb of Sri Chand, prostating themselves before his tomb (like Sufis) and performing
aarti and chanting before his tomb

* Installing Statutes of Sri Chand in Sikh Gurdwaras

* Visiting and chanting at the tombs of  Hindu “Gurus”

* Attempting to create a priesthood of “teachers” and human interlocutors in the Sikh Religion.


And this is a very important fact to be aware off:   This cult is attempting to completely appropriate the Sikh identity including the name Khalsa.  Sikhs must understand that this is an extremely dangerous cult striking at the very root of basic Sikh teachings.



The Worship Of Sri Chand And Other Jackasses

The White Sikh RSS cult are avid followers of Sri Chand (the disgraced son of  Guru Nanak). The cult was started  Yogi Bhajan a customs agent in India who was also a RSS agent.  The Yogi Bhajan cult publicises the theory that Sri Chand received secret knowledge from Guru Nanak and that the sect of Yogic recluses started by him (the Udasi Sect) are in fact the Genuine branch of Sikhs. This is a falsification of History designed to promote their Tantric Yoga business.   It is nothing more than a bald lie.


Amandeep Singh Khalsa bowing At The Tomb Of Sri Chand

Amandeep Singh Khalsa bowing At The Tomb Of Sri Chand


In the picture above, you can see Amandeep Singh Khalsa, who is a white 3HO/Sikhnet Sikh bowing before the tomb of Sri Chand.


Pooja At Sri Chand's Tomb

Pooja At Sri Chand’s Tomb


In the picture above, you can see a group of White Sikhs  doing pooja (Praying and Chanting)  at the tomb of Sri CHand.



Poojas At Guru Nirban Dass Tomb



In the picture above, a group of White Sikhs  perform special poojas (praying and chanting) at the tomb of Hindu guru Nirban Dass. Notice the pictures of  the jackass, his Holiness  Satguru Nirban Dass.  Query: Do special poojas cost money?

Sikhism specifically prohibits chanting at graveyards and tombs.  This is a form of very perverted idol worship.

By the way Satguru means The True Guru.


Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa Performing Pooja

Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa Performing Pooja

In the picture above, Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa performs a special fire pooja at a Hindu Temple in Rishikish, India. To be precise she is doing an aarti.


I Love My Hindu Guru

I Love My Hindu Guru

White Sikhs attend at the Parmarth Ashram and pay their respects


Here is what the Parmarth Newsletter says about this woman, Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa:

“Respected Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, internationally renowned Kundalini Yoga teacher came for several days. Gurmukh is a regular favorite asset to Parmarth’s International Yoga Festivals and regularly brings large  groups of yoga students from USA.  This time she was here for personal sadhana.”


Sri Chand - worshipped By 3HO Sikhs

Sri Chand – worshipped By 3HO Sikhs


This is a satute of the jackass Sri Chand at the White Sikh Gurdwara at Espanola, New  Mexico.


We Love Jackasses

We Love Jackasses

Happy, Healthy And Holy Times At The Hindu Gurdwara at Espanola, New Mexico.


Group photo of White Sikhs before the Sri Chand idol. Many White  Sikhs prostate themselves before this idol before proceeding into the Gurdwara.


Statue Of Lord Ganesh At Espanola Sikh Gurdwara

Statue Of Lord Ganesh At Espanola Sikh Gurdwara


Ganesh statue installed at the main gate of the White 3HO Sikhnet  Sikh Gurdwara at Espanola, New Mexico. Ganesh is the Hindu God of prosperity. Rub on his beak and you all will make a lot of money. As you can guess, he is the Number 1 God in India.  Another popular God in India is the one who rides around on a tiger. You see, she is so tough, she rides on a tiger instead of a horse.


And They Love Patanjali

Here is what Assistant Webmaster of says about the Hindu Guru: Patanjali:

I have entered into the sky of the mind, and opened the Tenth Gate.
The chakras of the coiled Kundalini energy have been opened,
and I have met my Sovereign Lord King without fear.
My attachment to Maya has been eradicated;
the moon energy has devoured the sun energy.
When I was focused and merged into the all-pervading Lord,
then the unstruck sound current began to vibrate.

The founder of all yogic thought was a great man named Patanjali. I’m sure he was a great messenger of God, he was a Gurmukh. His philosophy was revolutionary and there was nothing wrong with it.

Sometimes the power of the mind will clouds one’s vision. If a mirror is dirty, how will one recognize their own face? When one’s vision is clouded, it is impossible to relate to truth in a pure way. A person can use yoga to purify their body village so that the Anahad Dun can resonate inside. With mastery of Yogic Bhakti everything can be achieved. Why shouldn’t the Sikhs of the Guru also do this kind of thing?

Perhaps the greatest exercise available to us is this one. Inhaling through the left nostril the student holds the breath in the central channel and chants the Name of God 16 times. Then exhaling through the right nostril the mind may come to peace. In this way a student can end duality.


This was my reply:

This is hilarious. Now let me tell you what he is saying:  the seer of a religion which set up the greatest system of inequality ever devised and devoured the souls of men by consigning them on the very day of their birth to live desperate lives of  starvation and horror simply because  religion as the handmaiden of  worldly power designated them to be untouchable; was  a revolutionary man, a gurmukh.  And he was a great guru because he taught you and me to inhale from our left nostril and exhale out of our right nostril.

Inspired by devotion, And awake to His Light, Singing perpetually, The Name of the
Lord Absorbed in His splendor, Absorbed in His love; Even in error Never believing
In fasts and tombs, Temples and idols, Or anything but The devotion to the One:
Caring not even for Compassion or charity If God’s thought be not in them; Caring not
for penances, Nor for bathings, In the holy places. Discarding all yoga practices:
Such a Child o f Light, Such a paragon, Such a complete Man, Fully enlightened In
heart and soul, To be the pure, the Khalsa Is worthily deemed.

Guru Gobind Singh:  Thirty Three Swaiyas


The Sikh Gurus specifically forbade these types of practises because they are very corrosive. It is worth while to recall Guru Gobind Singh’s injunction: If you want to play the game of love then come to me with your head on a platter. In essence the injunction validates a life in the domain of action as virtuous; it does not validate the life of a recluse, ascetic and renunciate as worthy. Yoga is a path to renunciation and asceticism; it always has been. Yoga and religions which incorporate yoga into their corpus do not sanctify social duties and brotherhood as worthy objectives.  In relation to the Sikhnet-3HO inmates, it is amply clear that Yoga is set forth as a central pillar of  Sikhism and according to their heretical interpretation of Sikhism, performing yoga by itself will lead to salvation. This is utter nonsense and is pure Hinduism.

Folks, keep your money in your pockets and keep a tight grip on your wallet. And lastly, don’t let your children out of your sight.


The International Campaign To Stop The White Sikh Idolators

Gursant Singh, A Modern Day Sikh Warrior

Gursant Singh, A Modern Day Sikh Warrior



Gursant Singh is leading an international  campaign to stop the miscegnation of the Sikh Religion by the Yogi Bhajan Sikhs. The campaign headquarters is here:  Call To Authentic Sikhism.

I have written an article on this campaign which you can read at this link:  International Campaign To Stop The White Sikh Heretics

The Los Angeles Times lionized Gursant Singh as a modern day Sikh Warrior. I am honoured to give the appellation of Prince Valiant to Gursant Singh for his determined  effort to save the Sikh Religion from the White Sikh heretics.  The son of a  US Marine Corps Officer, Gursant Singh  has been a devout Sikh for over thirty years. He is  married to a charming and pretty Punjabi lady who is a medical doctor and a specialist in  Psychiatry. He has lived in the Punjab for a prolonged period of time and is fluent in the Punjabi language and  is very well versed in the Sri Guru Granth Sahib.  Gursant Singh has met that exalted and peerless Knight of  The Khalsa Order, Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale.  I am very proud to say that he has walked with the Lion Bhindranwale.   In short and without mincing words, Gursant Singh is a Panthic Jewel.

You can also follow the daily shenanigans of this dangerous Sikh cult at Gursant’s forum:

The campaign has additional links. You can follow forums and discussions on these White Sikh idol worshippers at th following web sites also:!/event.php?eid=145661338789520!/event.php?eid=143746132332149!/event.php?eid=127089650670179

Please  contribute with all of your heart to this campaign; this is virtuous sewa.  And Please do not contribute your hard earned money to any of these 3HO/Sikhnet Sikhs or their allies.


Click this link for the complete dossier on the White Sikh 3H0/Sikhnet/Yogi Bhajan Cult

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  1. Sarib Singh Khalsa in several of his posts on the facebook page “Sikhism” says that 3HO yoga teachers are not teaching in the name of Sikhi and Kundalini/tantric yoga is not being taught in Gurdwaras. This is completely false. Yogi Bhajan himself taught 90% of his classes inside the 3HO Gurdwara at 1620 Preuss road in Los Angeles California. I witnessed and participated in this from 1980 until Yogi Bhajan’s death in 2004. 3HOers simply put a curtain in front of Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and do all these ridiculous sex energizing yoga asanas and silly mantras YB made up in the Darbar of the Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji! To my knowledge this still goes on everyday in LA and Espanola New Mexico. When an innocent yoga student comes to a class inside a Sikh Gurdwara what are they going to think? Of course the yoga student will think, “oh Kundalini and tantric yoga are Sikhism” I thought for many years as a student of Yogi Bhajan that Kundalini yoga was real Sikhism. In fact Yogi Bhajan always preached to us that the Sikh Gurus and Indian Sikhs were just preserving the thousands of years old ancient traditions of Kundalini and tantric yoga and Sikhism was just an offshoot of the ancient secret science of Kundalini/white tantric yoga! Yogi Bhajan and now these hard core 3HOers are using tricky wording by saying that when they teach yoga they are not making it part of Sikhism but they are and never let them tell you otherwise. Yogi Bhajan was trying to hijack the Sikh faith and Hinduize innocent westerners for his own egomaniac and greedy ends! View this clip on Fox News and decide for yourself if this is not * promotion of Kundalini Yoga as an essential feature of the Sikh Religion. Be sure to take note of the huge Khanda behind the Kundalini yoga instructor and the images of Sikh Gurus around the room. Also be sure to see the gong used by Sevak Singh which depict Chinese characters for balancing the auras and chakras of the innocent yoga students. This nationally televised interview on Fox TV gives the distinct impression to the public at large that Sikhism is all about Kundalini yoga and occult practices like sounds of the gong, and numerology/astrology nonsense.

  2. the article is mostly uninformed and biased

  3. I have noticed that yogi Amandeep Singh and Sikhnet have taken these photos of Amandeep and other 3HOers worshiping siri chand off their website and blog.


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