The Yogi Bhajan Cult : Who Is Yogi Bhajan And Why Is He Greater Than Guru Gobind Singh :

Yogi Bhajan  In Sector 22 Chandigarh

Yogi Bhajan In Sector 22 Chandigarh


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By Poet Warrior

Oops! Sorry, Wrong Yogi Bhajan. This is the world famous Dr. Harbhajan Yogi, specialist in women’s urinary tract problems, ladies secret diseases,  palmistry and yoga. Mr. Yogi runs his shop  in Sector 22, Chandigarh, India right across from the State Bus Terminus. Like the Grandmaster Of Tantric Sexual Yoga, Yogi Bhajan, this Yogi knows a thing or two about marketing.



The quotations reproduced below are either from The Beads Of Truth which was Yogi Bhajan’s magazine or from Dr. Trilochan Singh’s book:  Sikhism And Tantric Yoga. Dr. Trilochan Singh’s rare, out of print book is available as a  free PDF download from Gursant Singh’s website:  I heartily recommend that you down load and read this fascinating book which is a deep study of occult sects in Sikhism. This book is a  a profound literary exposition of the Yogi Bhajan tantric sexual yoga cult. I downloaded the book from Gursant’s website and found  it to be absolutely compelling. I read it in one compulsive and sustained draught.  Aside from being rendered in beautiful prose, it is patently the work of an intellectual scholar with a deep knowledge of Sikhism.


Who Is Dr. Trilochan Singh

DR TRILOCHAN SINGH, author of over 20 books on Sikh history, philosophy and Comparative Study of Religions, is Chief Translator of the well-known Unesco publication, Sacred Writings of the Sikhs to which Professor Arnold Toynbee wrote the Foreword. He has distinguished himself as a historian of research-oriented biographies of Guru Nanak, Guru Tegh Bahadur, Guru Hari Krishan, and writer of Commentaries and philosophical studies. Professor Suniti Kumar Chatterjee, President, National Academy of Letters, India, writes: “Dr Trilochan Singh knows not only the language of the Scriptures, his own mother tongue Punjabi but also Urdu, Persian, Sanskrit, Hindi and several other languages, and I can testify to my personal knowledge of his very close acquaintance with the Bengali language also. This is a rare accomplishment.” In his Foreword to Dr Trilochan Singh’s Commentary on Hymns of Guru Tegh Bahadur, Professor K. R. Srinivasa Lyenger, Vice-President, National Academy of Letters, New Delhi, writes, “Dr Trilochan Singh is clearly a dedicated life exemplifying the Sadhana (Spiritual Discipline) of scholarship committed to spread the light of the Sikh Gurus and the message of their inspired outpourings.

Over the long stretch of forced marches, Dr Trilochan Singh has established his sovereignty over Sikh history, philosophy, theology and scriptures and the fruit of his researches and intense labors are the standard biographies of Guru Nanak, Guru Tegh Bahadur, etc., 20 books in English and over 200 learned research papers, besides readable and authentic translations of Adi Granth. ” He has lectured in nine Indian Universities and his Calcutta University lectures are published as “Ethical Philosophy of Guru Nanak.” He lectured in six Universities in Britain on Sikh Philosophy and read some learned papers in International Conferences held in Britain in 1976. A strong dissident himself during Mrs Indira Gandhi’s regime, he has been a consistent supporter of dissident, writers and scholars in totalitarian countries.

– Afterword To Sikhism And Tantric  Yoga

Prologue: The Testament Of Dr. Trilochan Singh in 1978

From my boyhood in the thirties up to 1945 I saw a generation of Sikh leaders, saints, missionaries and seers who never told a lie, never compromised with oppressive Rulers and anti-Sikh political parties. Political leaders like Baba Kharak Singh, Amar Singh Sher-i-Punjab, Kartar Singh Jhabbar, and saints like Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh, Akali Kaur Singh, Sant Sunder Singh and Sant Gurbachan Singh Bhindran, Ragi Hira Singh, Bhai Vir Singh, Kalian Singh Nabha represented the true spirit of Sikhism in various fields of activity. In the late forties and more so after the partition of the country in 1947, the fate of the Sikh Community appears to have remained exclusively in the hands of blind and deaf forces which heeded neither cries of warning nor loud protests and entreaties. Thinking that the present leadership is genuine heir to these great men of the thirties and forties, both politically and spiritually, the Sikh masses have always given unqualified support to Akali Dal and the S.G.P.C. as a Sikh Institution and Custodian of historical shrines. The Sikh people have never cared to notice the moral degradation and the spiritual decadence that has crept into them. Whenever they have invoked the sacred name of the Panth (Sikhs as a Nation) for any political cause, the farmers have left their ploughs and the artisans threw away their tools to suffer imprisonment, torture and even death for the Sikh cause without ever seeking any reward or recognition. But our selfish and short-sighted leaders  did nothing beyond seeking comfortable ministerial posts and seats in the Parliament and State legislatures, and then completely forgetting the people till the next election.

In the last thirty years these so-called Panthic leaders have willfully and callously killed something most precious in the hearts and souls of the people, young and old. They have neglected talent, shunned and isolated genius, driven creative intellectuals and scientists out of the country, destroyed Sikh studies and genuine missionary work, and converted paid missionaries of the S.G.P.C. to political scoundrels to do dirty propaganda  for them. They are ambitious men lacking political education, social culture, and integrity of sincere leaders. They are men with withered hearts and souls, but always ripe for empty ambitions, and for vanity, its necessary associate.

–  Dr. Trilochan Singh, Sikhism And Tantric Yoga, p. 150


Dr. Trilochan Singh, A Memoir

Sukhdeep Singh Ji,,7478,7482

Once you read the book by Dr. Trilochan Singh Ji you will see a different side of “Yogi Bhajan” as you have never seen.

Daas had the privilege of meeting Dr. Trilochan Singh Ji when I was young, and during the time he was writing this book he stayed at our house for about a week. I distinctly remember him typing away in the night on his portable typewriter putting together this exposé on Yogi Bhajan’s cult.

Dr. Trilochan Singh Ji was threatened, bribed, intimidated, and physically attacked by Yogi Bhajan’s security ruffians in hopes he would not write against 3HO. Fortunately, Dr. Sahib was a true mard – a man of honor and courage. Despite the risks he was facing, he went forth and published this book. In those days everyone was so afraid of Yogi that no publishing company was willing to publish the book under their name, so Dr. Sahib published it under his own name as the author and publisher.

Dr. Trilochan Singh Ji’s book unveils first-hand details of the hypocrisy and manmat that went on behind the pure white bana of the 3HO cult.
There needs to be a distinction made between Yogi Bhajan/3HO cult and the innocent individuals who embraced the organization, most of them did not know about his ulterior motives. His followers often addressed him self as “Singh Sahib” and the Jathedar of all Sikhs in the Western Hemisphere. This was nothing more than blasphemy.

Bhai Jiwan Singh Ji and Baba Nihal Singh Ji were never impressed by Yogi, however they felt it was their duty to do Sikh parchar for the sake of those individuals who had left their own faiths and donned the Sikh banna through Yogi. Yogi used their presence for his personal gain, they never endorsed his practices, and always chided him in their own way about the pakhand he was promoting.

Interestingly, Yogi himself was not even an Amrtidhari Sikh. He took Amrit in the late 1980s when his health was failing and he was being sued from various ex-members. Publicly, Yogi never regretted mixing-up Sikh and occult practices of the 3HO, even after taking Amrit, he continued to promote anti-Sikh practices under the guise of ‘Sikh Dharma”.

Please read Dr. Trilochan Singh Ji’s book, it is 100% the true and accurate description of Yogi Bhajan’s 3HO cult during his lifetime.


Yogi Bhajan Is The World’s Humblest Man


Yogi Bhajan - Trantric Sexual Yoga Master

Yogi Bhajan – Trantric Sexual Yoga Master


In this picture, Yogi Bhajan holds the power of the Universe in his hands; as you can see, Yogi Bhajan is not the most humble man in this world. This picture hangs in the darbar where the Guru Granth Sahib is present and is situated higher than the Guru Granth Sahib.


Paintings Situated Above The Guru Granth Sahib

Paintings Situated Above The Guru Granth Sahib


The picture of Yogi Bhajan towers menacingly over the Sri Guru Granth Sahib in the Darbar (“Emperor’s Court”) of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib in the White Sikh Gurdwara in Espanola, New Mexico. Across from the portrait on the opposite wall, a line of pictures of various Hindu Saints glower over the Guru Granth Sahib. According to Sikh tradition, the Sri Guru Granth Sahib is considered a living Emperor on Earth and no idol or picture can be located in it’s presence; least of all above the Guru Granth Sahib. The Sikh Gurus were called Sache Patshah (“True Sovereigns”) and this appellation is is also applied to the Sri Guru Granth Sahib. The only exception to this Rule  prohibiting the location of idols, pictures or statues in the presence of the Guru Granth Sahib is that arms can be laid strewn at the foot of the Guru Granth Sahib in acknowledgment of the Miri Piri doctrine.


Yogi Bhajan Is A City Slicker

Yogi Bhajan was born to a Sikh family of the Puri caste. By and large the Puri caste is  Hindu and they are city dwellers carrying on various trading and merchant activities. In contrast the vast majority of the Sikhs in the Punjab are Jats and are farmers or soldiers by profession.  Jats are a tribe of Scythian origin who ventured into India after Alexander The Great’s invasion of India.  To summarize,  Puris are basically Hindu city slickers.


Yogi Bhajan Is The Guru Of The 3H0 Cult

According to published honorifics in the Beads of Truth, Yogi Bhajan is called the Spiritual Guide (Guru in Indian terminology) of the 3HO Cult while Shakti Parwha, who was first a waitress in a restaurant, and then a helper in Dr Judith M Tyberg’s East-West Cultural Center, and through a process which will be described in a subsequent chapter, is now no less than the Spiritual Mother of 3HO Cult Followers.

– Dr. Trilochan Singh, Sikhism And Tantric Yoga, p.39


Yogi Bhajan Is The Messiah Who Came To America To Save America

Tantric is the oldest science in which man has the power to understand himself up to the point of bindu (dot) where the longitude and latitude meet that decides the orbit of the being through space of the Time on the planet Earth. And if the electro-magnetic field of the bindu (human) is raised the frequency of travel on that orbit through the space of time on the planet Earth becomes fulfilled. That makes a person completely aware and happy. This is a science of vibration and electro-magnetic field concerning the human mind and it directly relates to the control of centers in the brain.”

By the grace of God, Maha Tantric Yogi Bhajan has come to America so that people can be cleansed of their negativity and their consciousness can be raised through this ancient, sacred science of Tantric Yoga. Tantra exercises are done with male and female partners and their unit (Individual) electro-magnetic fields become merged for a time during the class session, it is required that the teacher be able to observe this phenomenon and keep it under control and separate the two beings following the practice.

– Beads Of Truth


Yogi Bhajan Was Given Secret Sikh Tantric Techniques By The Tibetan Lama Lilan Pi

he reclaimed those mystical techniques and practices from the Tibetan Lama Lilan Po whose whereabouts and monastery are not known to anyone except Yogi Bhajan and he will never tell. And he did not impart these techniques to the Indians, but he has reserved these Tantric lollipops acquired from Lama Lilan Po only for Americans of 3HO.

– Dr. Trilochan Singh, Sikhism And Tantric Yoga, p.141


Yogi Bhajan Is The Mahan Tantric Of The Universe

Yogiji is the Mahan Tantric of this time. At any given period of time there is only one living Mahan Tantric on the earth. Yogiji studied Tantric Yoga under Sant Hazara Singh, the last living Master, and when he died, he  passed the light onto Lama Lilan Po, who passed it to Yogiji. He teaches White Tantra.

– Beads 16, 1972


Yogi Bhajan is unique among spiritual teachers because he is also the Mahan Tantric of this era. This means that he is the only living master of white tantric yoga in the world, since there can only be one on the planet at any given time. He is a world teacher, a very special instrument whom God has appointed and anointed to awaken the millions of sleeping souls on this planet.

–  S. Khalsa, 1996


Yogi Bhajan is the Sole Teacher Of Tantric Yoga In The Whole World

Tantric Yoga of which Yogi Bhajan is the sole Teacher in the world, deals with male and female, Yin Yang Principle.  All of the exercises were carried out in pairs, most of them with eyes fixed on the eyes of the  partner for a prolonged period of time.

– Beads, Autumn 1971


In Beads 1972 Summer, Premka, Yogi Bhajan’s ace writer and myth-maker, wrote: “Once upon a time, it was about January 1969, there was this big, tall, black bearded man with a turban who was known as Yogi Bhajan and he was teaching Yoga, a very special type of Yoga called Kundalini. Then he began to teach Tantric Yoga. It seems that there can be only one Mahan Tantric (Highest Master of tantric Yoga) living on the earth at any one time, and Yogi Bhajan happens to be that one right now.

–  Beads 1972


Yogi Bhajan - Dr. Caligari

Yogi Bhajan – Dr. Caligari


Yogi Bhajan Is Jesus Christ

Guru Tej Singh in Canada told  Yogi Bhajan that he had a real duality because besides being a Sikh, he also was very drawn to Christianity.  Yogi Bhajan  told him that he  was Christ and that by following Yogi Bhajan he was also following Christ.  Guru Tej Singh eventually  left the cult.


Every Word That Comes Out Of Yogi Bhajan’s Mouth Is The Law

Yogi Bhajan admits that he has only revealed to date a small portion of that knowledge that he holds, much scientific in nature. He has spent forty years of his life in search for Truth,  traveling from one holy Man or Guru in India to another, compiling and sorting out in his how Great Mind the bits and pieces. Every Word that comes from the mouth of Yogi Bhajan is readily recognized to be Law. Unlike Christ and other ‘Venus Teachers’ who approach man with the proposition ‘you do such and such a good deed and you will be appropriately rewarded’ (Grace), he spanks. His deliverance or approach is in the form of an ultimatum, ‘you must do it or suffer the consequences.’

– Beads, Autumn 1971 (page numbers not printed)


Yogi Bhajan Is The World’s Greatest Astrologer

We are entering the Aquarian Age and the star of the Aquarian Age is Uranus which represents speed, truth, understanding and love. It started projecting its rays from its horizon towards the moon, which reflected it on earth on the 5th January 1961, and the cycle of nine years is complete on the 5th January 1970 when for the first time from the mental it is changing to the life force and it will start reflecting from the horizon into sun rays. Now the Uranus rays will be coming to the earth through the sun rays which is a very important event of the Aquarian age. The forty years of the cusp period has many important events to come. By the 21st June 1972 the rays will reflect directly through the sun’s and it will be completed by the 21st of June 1976. The 21st of June 1976 is the most important day of the Aquarian age. The bliss of good vibrations, the humanity crosses this time limit, the beauty of the age will be enjoyed by all of us. 3HO (Healthy, Happy and Holy Organizations), which represents the way of life in the Aquarian Age, started its work on the 5th of January 1969 and now calls on the people to join the community.

Humbly Yours . . .

– Beads, 1970, Vol 1, lVp 1


Yogi Bhajan Is The Pope Of The Sikhs Of The Western Hemisphere

In the Letterheads of the Secretariat of Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan it is printed that he is the Spiritual Authority over the Sikhs in the Western Hemisphere and represents Sikh Dharma in the following countries: U.S.A., Canada, Mexico, Central America, South America, Europe, Japan, Asia Minor. God alone knows how Japan comes in his Western Hemisphere. He tactfully excludes U.K. and Iran because people there are a bit too conscious of the doctrines of their faith to be able to swallow so much nonsense which Americans are blindly accepting and Indian Sikhs in the U.S.A. callously ignore, cursing the Sikh leaders who are responsible
for all this. The implications of the second statement are: (1) that he has been made a mini-Pope of the Sikhs of the West, an idea which is extremely repulsive to the Sikhs; (2) except England, Iran and Southeast Asia, every land is his Ecclesiastical domain, and he is supposed to rule and direct their policy; (3) he says this authority has been given to him by the Akal Takhat Jathedar early in March from the holy seat of Akal Takhat; (4) that he can initiate disciples and perform baptism and other rites.

No Sikh Temple, no Sikh Religious Society or Organization, no Sikh Congregation was consulted whether this man deserves to be made the Sikh Archbishop of the Western hemisphere; and no Sikh Organization has been informed as to what are the implications and powers attached to this title which has not been given to any person who is not a Khalsa in mind, body and Spirit, and who does not live according to the Code of Conduct of the Khalsa.

– Dr. Trilochan Singh, Sikhism And Tantric Yoga, p. 121


Yogi Bhajan Is The Chief Religious and Administrative Authority for the Sikh Dharma in the Western World

the only Self-appointed “Chief Religious and Administrative Authority for the Sikh Dharma in the Western World.

On the letterheads bearing the stamp of the Secretariat of Siri SinghSahib Yogi Bhajan, this statement is further made clear that he wields this authority in the  U.S.A., Canada, Mexico, Central America, Europe, Japan, and Asia Minor. He has wisely and tactfully excluded Great Britain where the Sikh community has totally rejected him and where he has only about seven followers who are mingling with the Sikh community and deriving the real benefits of Sikhism. I also do not know which 3HO geographical genius has convinced Yogi ji that the Western Hemisphere also includes Japan. No such Religious Authority has ever been exercised in Sikhism either in the East or in the West, nor can such an Ecclesiastical position be given or taken by anyone from any Institution or Society. It is against basic Sikh traditions.

– – Dr. Trilochan Singh, Sikhism And Tantric Yoga, p. 94


Yogi Bhajan Has Been Given The Title Of Siri Singh Sahib

There is no such Ecclesiastical title as Siri Singh Sahib, and others ridiculously invented by Yogi Bhajan, such as Mukhia Singh Sahib, and Maha Khalsa. The Head Priest of Golden Temple and the Jathedars of the Four Takhats are called Singh Sahib (without the prefix Siri) only as long as they are serving these institutions. Giani Bhupinder Singh was called Singh Sahib as long as he was Head Granthi of Golden Temple (about 12 years) and when he entered politics he is simply called Giani Bhupinder Singh and never Singh Sahib. When any person is installed as Head Priest or Jathedar of Takhat there is a special ceremony performed for it. No such ceremony was performed for Yogi Bhajan.

No Singh Sahib can be called a Yogi or by a half name as Bhajan signs himself, nor can he ever put any other surname except Singh. There cannot be a Singh Sahib without the suffix Singh as the final surname.

– Dr. Trilochan Singh, Sikhism And Tantric Yoga, p. 121


Yogi Bhajan Is The Most Educated Man In This World

I have studied to teach you about all those great civilizations—Chinese, Indian, Egyptian, Roman, Greek—and Aryan and Barbarian fundamental race conflicts. It is a huge study. If you start calculating the number of books on that you require about 12 huge rooms. I am just giving you the total essence of what I have gone through to let you understand your basic fundamental structure.

– Beads, 32, Fall 1976, p 29, 30, 31


Yogi Bhajan Is The Worlds Greatest Astronomer

Now you say there is no life on Mars? Mars is populated … it is over-populated. The rate of production and sensuality is so heavy, and the beings—they grow so fast that they have to go and make war on all the other planets. There are beings on Jupiter. There is a hierarchy. Their energy and our energy interexchange [sic] in the astral body and it is highly effective.

– from former cult member – Siri Scandal Singh see:


Yogi Bhajan Predicts The Future

At the 1974 3HO Teachers Meeting in Santa Cruz, New Mexico, Yogi Bhajan predicted:

In another ten years hospitals will have iron windows and people will try to jump out. There will be tremendous sickness. There will be unhappiness and tragedy on Earth. Your dead bodies will lie on these roads, your children will be orphans, and nobody will kick them, rather, people will eat them alive! There will be tremendous insanity. That is the time we are going to face (



Yogi Bhajan Is Like Jesus Christ

To invoke this compassion and pity for himself he compared his humiliations and debacle with his prophet  Master with the suffering of Christ just before he was put on the cross, and he pleaded that time will come when he like Jesus will be understood much later.

Dr. Trilochan Singh, Sikhism And Tantric Yoga, p. 113


Yogi Bhajan Is A Great Culinary Expert

Food which entails cooking in its preparation should only be eaten when it has been cooked with mantra and/or love. The vibrations of the person preparing the food enter into food cooked over fire. A Sanskrit mantra which can be used for preparing food is: OM ANNAN BRAHMA RASO BISHNUR BHOKTA DEBO JANARDANAHI AWAEM GYANTWA TO YO BHUNKT ANN DOSORN LIPYATE, which means “Food is Brahma. It is rasa. Juice is Vishnu. The whole world (Life Being) is its user. Having this thought makes ineffective the evils connected with this food.”
What has all this to do with Sikhism God alone knows.

– Yogi Bhajan, Yoga-tennis Awareness, page 214


Yogi Bhajan Says That Guru Gobind Singh Erred In Creating The Khalsa

Yogi Bhajan said in the course of talks, “Guru Gobind Singh has sowed the seed of the Khalsa wrongly.‘ (Guru Gobind Singh ne Khalse da bij hi ghalat lay a )

–  Dr. Trilochan Singh, Sikhism And Tantric Yoga, p.148


Yogi Bhajan Is Correcting The Mistakes Made By Guru Gobind Singh

Ever since he has started proclaiming in speech and writings that he has done more than Guru Gobind Singh could do, and that Guru Gobind Singh has wrongly planted the seed of the Khalsa which he is trying to correct, he seems to have lost his mental balance. These are sacrilegious statements which no Sikh on  earth can ever tolerate.

It appears that Dr Grewal’s humility and gentle nature provoked his vanity under the uncontrolled impulse of which Yogi Bhajan said in the course of talks, “Guru Gobind Singh has sowed the seed of the Khalsa wrongly.’7 (Guru Gobind Singh ne Khalse da bij hi ghalat lay a) Controlling his emotions at these outrageous utterances, Dr Grewal retorted, “How can you say such a thing?” And Yogi Bhajan as usual started rationalizing his statement.

–  Dr. Trilochan Singh, Sikhism And Tantric Yoga, p.148

Yogi Bhajan Has Perfected The Khalsa

In my personal experience as gross human body, it is the first time in the world the real perfect shape of the Khalsa came into existence. It didn’t happen in the time of Guru Gobind Singh. I see and now look back at the Sikh history. We have done—a handful of us—a more tremendous sacrifice for the sake of humanity on this planet than anybody can even relate to. But I should say, as an honest historian, that when I look back accurately at Sikh history, the Sikh woman was a great woman and she was a Sikh. But, in the West, I see the woman, in a very elaborate and equal state of  consciousness, to be a Khalsa.

– Sikh Dharma Brotherhood: 1976′ Yogi Bhajan’s Lecture: page 9


Yogi Bhajan Is So Great That He Can Shake The Throne Of Guru Nanak

The author, Dr. Trilochan Singh states:

Wherever I went in the U.S.A. even people very friendly to Yogi Bhajan informed me that he pretended to have done more than Guru Gobind Singh did, and his vanity and ego maniac haughtiness had gone to the extent of saying in a gathering that he can even shake the gaddi (throne) of Guru Nanak. I did not take these stories seriously and refused to believe them. But I was shocked to read the afore-mentioned statements published within the last 12 months or so. But when I saw these insulting remarks heaped on Guru Gobind Singh in print, the shock became unbearable.

–  Dr. Trilochan Singh, Sikhism And Tantric Yoga

Yogi Bhajan Says Man Is Better Than God!

The Saturn force has a magnetic field that enables the man to achieve. The magnetic field is built up on man because there is electricity in the human body. Electricity that flows from the nervous centers makes the message nerves and sense nerves impart the message to work the whole city. First is the circumvent force which protects the body from the outer forces. If man meditates on his breath he can link the intimate to the ultimate.

The second force is the magnetic force which is the outcome of electricity. It keeps us together. Those who sleep North-South, their magnetic field and the magnetic field of the earth are one. They lose their initiative, they become zero. Their magnetic field and the field of the earth are one, thus they cannot hold the pressure of the earth’s field. Their nerves become weak. That is why you should sleep East-West.

The circumvent force or aura circles the body and protects it from negative forces. If the  life force and the mental force are one-pointed then the circumvent force is pure; man is better than a god.

– Beads, January 1972 page 8


Yogi Bhajan Knows The Secret Of Life

Tonight I will tell you something very very secret of the life which people normally forget.  Man is electro-magnetic field, that is true, but it is not subject to the Law of Resistance. After this day on which I am talking to you, the other relation will come in 2,000 years which will be beam age, where man shall develop the light and beam current of versatile beings. You do not understand what I am talking because that is not your era.

I am making a statement. You can note it down. Man will have developed a brain. The coming children in 9 0 years from today will have a brain with special development around the point of the pineal gland. They will have small cells which shall be known by knowledgeable people as vibratory centers through which ordinary man shall communicate at long distances.

Do you make any sense out of it, what I am talking? You are all stunned because I am talking exactly the calculus.

– Beads, January 1 9 7 2 , page 4


Yogi Bhajan Explains the Mystery Of Females

In a series of lectures entitled “Man to Man,” Yogi Bhajan explains women’s nature to the males:

“One day she is very bright and charming and after a couple days she is totally dumb and non-communicative. This is called the ‘normal woman mood.’” And because women fluctuate so much, “a female needs constant social security and constant leadership … when you are not the leader, she is not satisfied” (in Naman, 1980).




Yogi Bhajan Says We Need 5000 Females For Every One Thousand Males

Yogi Bhajan declared that:

We should have a place, which should sustain five thousand children, five thousand women, and one thousand men.

– from


Yogi Bhajan Is A Sulla Because He Has  Harem Like Muslim  Sheikhs And Bin Laden

As early as 1977, Time magazine took notice of rumors about Yogi Bhajan’s assistants. “Bhajan has repeatedly been accused of being a womanizer,” it said in a story about 3HO. “Colleen Hoskins, who worked seven months at his New Mexico residence, reports that men are scarcely seen there. He is served, she says, by a coterie of as many as 14 women, some of whom attend his baths, give him group massages, and take turns spending the night in his room while his wife sleeps elsewhere.”

Note: Sulla – an extremely racist, pejorative and derogotary   term applied by Sikhs to Muslims.


Yogi Bhajan Defines Female Liberation

Bhajan has repeatedly been accused of being a womanizer. Colleen Hoskins, who worked seven months at his New Mexico residence, reports that men are scarcely seen there. He is served, she says, by a coterie of as many as fourteen women, some of whom attend his baths, give him group massages, and take turns spending the night in his room while his wife sleeps elsewhere.

– see Time, 1977


When the same Ms. Hoskins became disillusioned and decided to leave the 3HO group, she was allegedly told by Bhajan that “she would be responsible for a nuclear holocaust”.



Does Yogi Bhajan Like To Urinate On Females?

From The lawsuit of Katherine Felt where she alleged that she was raped, sodomized and urinated upon by the Mahan Tantric Of The Universe:

These incidents include, but are not limited to, beatings; involuntary sexual intercourse, sodomy and other sexual attacks; administration of ostensibly medical treatments; administration of bizarre rites; urination upon the plaintiff; and other particulars. 

Yogi Bhajan quietly settled the law suit for a huge sum of money: see:  The Raper.



Yogi Bhajan Lambasts His Critics

Yogi Bhajan responded to criticism concerning his outrageous behavior as follows:

The critics didn’t spare Jesus Christ, they didn’t spare Buddha, and they don’t spare me


Yogi Bhajan Says That God Came Down To Earth As Krishna

In a Face to face debate with Swami Bhaktivedanta, the founder of ISKCON;   Mr. Yogi Bhajan Puri agreed that Krishna was an incarnation of God. This was in  direct contradiction of  of Guru Nanak Sahib’s basic teaching  in the Mool Mantra that God is not born and does not die (Ajoonee).     Find the full transcript of this debate between Yogi Bhajan and Swami Bhaktivedanta (ISKON/Hare Krishnas) in 1975,  The Mool Mantra  states the essential  creed of Sikhism and constitutes the very first stanza of the Guru Granth Sahib. For a Sikh to contradict the Mool Mantra and simultaneously maintain that he is a Sikh is hypocricy.


Yogi Bhajan Is The Cheap Oriental Imitation Of Dr. Faustus

It is in the nature of Yogi Bhajan not to listen to the voice of wisdom coming from others if it comes into conflict with his cult teachings. I warned him, in my Washington meeting with him, that the Tantric techniques he is teaching and practicing lead a person to self-destruction as soon as he loses the balance between life of the Spirit and life of the Flesh and Sex. The Western reader can understand better what I mean if he understands Tantra in terms of Marlowe’s or Goethe’s Faust. Yogi Bhajan is a Sikh by birth and still carries with him considerable sense of belonging to the Sikh Faith. But I have come to the conclusion that he is a Faustian character without the intellectual and Occult equipment of Dr. Faust, nor perhaps does he have Faust’s courage to retrace his steps. Ever since he has started proclaiming in speech and writings that he has done more than Guru Gobind Singh could do, and that Guru Gobind Singh has wrongly planted the seed of the Khalsa which he is trying to correct, he seems to have lost his mental balance. These are sacrilegious statements which no Sikh on earth can ever tolerate. Only the S.G.P.C. leaders who have sold their consciences could read these things in his journals and not only keep quiet, but perhaps invite them for more honors
this year.

–  Dr. Trilochan Singh, Sikhism And Tantric Yoga, p.148


Yogi Bhajan Is Too Proud To Call Himself A Singh

World’s shortest proof:  Yogi Bhajan. Q.E.D


Latest Yogi Bhajan Jokes

Question: If the world is a slice of bread, what is Yogi Bhajan

Answer:  The toaster

Question: Why is Yogi Bhajan greater than Chairman Mao

Answer:  Chairman Mao is the Great Helmsman Of China. Yogi Bhajan is the Great Helmsman of  The Universe

Quaere: Is Yogi Bhajan Greater Than God

Answer:  There can be only one Great Helmsman Of The Universe.



The Dossier On The White Sikh Heretics

I have compiled a dossier on the White Sikh Heretics and their anti-Sikh activities. You can view the dossier here:  Dossier On The White Sikh Heretics.


Gursant Singh, A Modern Day Sikh Warrior

Gursant Singh, A Modern Day Sikh Warrior

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The International Campaign To Stop The White Sikh Idolators

Gursant Singh is leading an international  campaign to stop the miscegnation of the Sikh Religion by the Yogi Bhajan Sikhs. The campaign headquarters is here:  Call To Authentic Sikhism.

I have written an article on this campaign which you can read at this link:  International Campaign To Stop The White Sikh Heretics

The Los Angeles Times lionized Gursant Singh as a modern day Sikh Warrior. I am honoured to give the appellation of Prince Valiant to Gursant Singh for his determined  effort to save the Sikh Religion from the White Sikh heretics.  The son of a  US Marine Corps Officer, Gursant Singh  has been a devout Sikh for over thirty years. He is  married to a charming and pretty Punjabi lady who is a medical doctor and a specialist in  Psychiatry. He has lived in the Punjab for a prolonged period of time and is fluent in the Punjabi language and  is very well versed in the Sri Guru Granth Sahib.  Gursant Singh has met that exalted and peerless Knight of  The Khalsa Order, Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale.  I am very proud to say that he has walked with the Lion Bhindranwale.   In short and without mincing words, Gursant Singh is a Panthic Jewel.

You can also follow the daily shenanigans of this dangerous Sikh cult at Gursant’s forum:

The campaign has additional links. You can follow forums and discussions on these White Sikh idol worshippers at th following web sites also:!/event.php?eid=145661338789520!/event.php?eid=143746132332149!/event.php?eid=127089650670179


Please  contribute with all of your heart to this campaign; this is virtuous sewa.  And Please do not contribute your hard earned money to any of these 3HO/Sikhnet Sikhs or their allies.



Did you enjoy reading about  this  wacko nutjob, Yogi Bhajan?   He has the unique distinction of being the first Sikh who was totally off his rocker.   Now follow the antics of this greedy little thief as he purloins a King’s Ransom in jewels and  jousts with the Messenger of Death, only to have his head stuck in a toilet bowl as he tries to flee  through the wrong exit. Along the way you will have a hearty chuckle as the World’s foremost  Grandmaster of Tantric Sexual Yoga   throws lissome lassies lovelorn and lovely at the Grim Reaper and  as he tries to traduce the  Messenger of Death with dainty fairies, delectable and delicious.  You are guaranteed to have a hearty chuckle as you follow the antics of this weirdo nutjob and his coterie of psychos.  Please click here :  The White Sikh Heretics: A King’s Ransom In Jewels

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  1. Halloween trick or scare?

  2. Joginder Singh Foley November 2, 2010, 16:14

    I am a for want of a better word a ‘White’ Sikh but i am not a BORG[3ho]sikh nor was i ever a BORG[3ho]sikh nor did i come to Sikhi via the BORG and that fool yogi bhajan and as for believing that bhajan is anythigt to do with Sikhi i’d sooner believe in lephracorns and all the other wee folk we have in Ireland

  3. Thank you for your comment, Joginder Singh Foley

    The term ‘white Sikh’ is used regrettably. I am aware that not all White Sikhs are BORG[3HO/Sikhnet Sikhs]. The term is used for want of a better encapsulating term. BORG Sikhs are distinguished by their attempts to commercialize the Sikh Religion especially by trying to to associate a fanciful and half-baked theory called Kundalini Yoga with Sikhism. Associated with this is the attempt to import occult practises into Sikhism along with the meta-idea that the proper understanding of Sikhism requires interlocutors with superior knowledge and training. In other words BORG is trying to create a priesthood in Sikhism. This is of course a supreme heresy and will destroy Sikhism if it is allowed to gain a foothold.

    • could you tell me who you are,and where you get the money for this?your notions are not new to me .i must have met you obviously dont like whites.
      are you a dravida?what about the gaura sikhs,?or have never heard of them.i am not talking about 3ho etc.i think people entitled to you idea of matrix.where you get that idea.?i think you one of the “thieves “i met in uk.i think you are not authentic.what about the sikh who is at war with….?who do you think he is?

  4. Yogi Bhajan was aligned with the philosophy of the heretic Sanatan Sikh sect.

    PANTHIC.ORG | Published on November 21, 2008

    RSS and Sanatan-Akali Nexus (1925-PRESENT)

    It seems as history is repeating itself, modern day Akalis have now replaced the Mahants, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) has replaced the Arya Samaj, and joining hands with them are modern day Akali Politicians, and Sanatanists like Virsa Singh of Delhi, and their ‘Nang’ adherents in the west.

    Their message and their target remains the same as it was 130 years ago. Both the RSS and the Sanatanist-Nangs have taken a leading role in propagating the same warped ideology under the garb of Sikhi, Nihang, and Gatka related websites. Popularly coined terms include “Sanatan Hindu-Sikh”, “Sanatan Shastar Vidya,” “Shiv-Akhara,” “Shakti-Shakta,” “White Tantrik”, “Sikh Kundilini”, etc.

    Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and its offshoot, the Rashtriya Sikh Sangat are well known for their continuous anti-Sikh parchar. The Rashtriya Sikh Sangat propagates that Sikhs are “Keshdhari Hindus” and are an inseparable part of the larger Sanatan-Hindu dharma.

    Such blasphemous allegations were the key reasons that led Sri Akal Takht Sahib to call for the boycott of the Rashtriya Sikh Sangat in 2004. The boycott instructed the Sikh community to not interact or support the RSS or any of its affiliates in any manner.

    Images of Sanatan Distortion:

    RSS Propaganda Posters Reek off Hindu-Indian Nationalism

    Yogi-Bhajan group’s depiction of a Khanda overlaid with the
    likeness of Virgin Mary or ‘Shakti’

    A Yogi-Bhajan follower’s Gatka website advertising Hindu symbols and graphics.
    Note the intentional distortion of the ੴ symbol.

    A UK based Sanatanist (Hindu-Sikh) Gatka Site with images of Hindu deities


    A newly erected model of Sri Darbar Sahib Replica at Park Circus Calcutta, complete with idols of Durga

    Replica of Sri Darbar Sahib at Park Circus, Calcutta

    Another view of the replica of Sri Darbar Sahib at Park Circus, Calcutta

    Another view of the replica of Sri Darbar Sahib at Park Circus, Calcutta

    Inside the replica of Sri Darbar Sahib at Park Circus, Calcutta

    “As always, the Durga Puja pandal at PC is turning out to be magnificent and this year’s theme is Golden Temple, Amritsar. Although not yet completed, with ornamentation and much of the frills yet to be done, it is strikingly similar to the original masterpiece. It is one of the biggest Pujas in Kolkata with millions thronging the Puja fair, which lasts well over a month after the Pujas are over…”

    Extract from :

    Over a hundred years ago, the Mahants brought in Hindu idols into our Gurdwaras in order to muddle our distinct identity, and mislead the innocent public. This time it is the Akalis themselves who at one time ousted the Mahants who are working hand-in-hand to dilute our unique culture and beliefs.

    The Sikh Nation must be vigilant of the nefarious designs of our modern day Mahants and their Sanatan sympathizers. It will require 21st century variations of the Singh Sabha movement, Chief Khalsa Diwans, and Gurdwara Reform movement to counter the ongoing challenges.

  5. Jethadar of the Akal Takhat mesmerized by 3HO idols!

    Yogi Bhajan’s Sikh Dharma International mesmerizes the SGPC into supporting them with vast amounts of money from their ill gotten gains of teaching tantric/kundalini yoga and using our sacred Sikh symbols for commercial profit with Golden Temple foods .You can’t “fake it and make it” as a Sikh. Be sure to view the palatial dinner party given to the Jethadar of the Akal Takhat in this video.

    Notice that “Singh Sahib Giani Guru Bachan Singh” is sitting directly in front of an image of baba siri chand at the dinning table. Ardas in a chair! Notice also how 3HO Sikhs have Bhajanized Singh Sahib Gurbachan Singh’s name at the beginning of the video. This dinner party was held at Yogi Bhajan’s “ranch” in Espanola where Yogi Bhajan would receive people. In Fact, right where the Jethadar of the Akal Takhat sits, in this photo from the video, is where Yogi Bhajan and I sat alone around the year 2000. YB offered me a job, which I refused. In the next sentence Yogi Bhajan said I would never “leave him.” Well, we all know he was wrong about that!

  6. joginder singh foley November 19, 2010, 03:21

    If yogi bhajan was the great helmsman then in a previous life he must have been the great helmsman who mistook the helm orders and steered the RMS Titanic into the iceberg

  7. To Prabhu Singh Khalsa: You’re false hearsay statements about me can be summed up by the fact you refuse to use my correct name. I have dropped the Bhajanized bastardized version of my name just like the black magic sex tantric spell that Yogi Bhajan had over me. This complete transformation in my life began when I met true Gursikhs in India and culminated when I read about authentic Sikhism in several books like “Sikhism and Tantric Yoga” in 2009. Prabhu: Until you can honestly say that you have read “Sikhism and Tantric Yoga” then you will never understand the changes I have made in my life towards being a true Gursikh. By exposing Yogi Bhajan’s corrupt practices I only hope to save other inmates of 3HO and his tantric yoga ashrams from Yogi Bhajan’s jail cell in hell.
    “Sikhism and Tantric Yoga”
    by Dr. Trilochan Singh (Link to entire book)

    I also encourage you to join the group on facebook “Sikhism” and see that I am not the only one who thinks Yogi Bhajan is a fraud.!/home.php?sk=group_157279904310035&notif_t=group_activity

  8. I first read the paragraph entitled “Yogi Bhajan Is A City Slicker” and then realized there is a good chance this entire page may be nonsensical and don’t feel like continuing to read. There must be some desperation to attach silly labels. “Yogi Bhajan is a city slicker?” What? Really? Who cares about a persons preference for the city or country? Who cares about the label “Puri caste” or any other caste label for that matter? This is inane information.. Sorry…

  9. jatinder singh June 13, 2013, 22:03

    To the last comment, whats insane is the fact that you still have your head up your arse for lack of better words. The gentlemen has carefully compiled all this information CLEARLY IDENTIFYING yogi bitch for what he is. I think its sad you read one line and ignored the whole article. Believe it or not the caste thing matters…pull up your stats check which caste has laid down the most for their dharam…puri? i didnt think so…

    And dont give me all that the guru said caste system dont exist…It does look around you. its only abolished when one becomes khalsa. Its earned not given….As for yogi BIATCH…He never was khalsa…simple. read the article and tell thats khalsa….Khalsa is pure. Yogi is puri (city rat)

    May the devil hold his soul, and torture it forever!

  10. Q. How many 3HO Sikhs does it take to change a light bulb?

    A. None, because they have call the Siri Singh Sahib first!

  11. spent time at the 3HO ashram on La Cienega in 1970. In !981 I found myself way upstairs at the Delhi Sikh temple (having been taken there by a young Sikh whom I had met at Jama Masjid) in the good company of three wise old gentlemen with huge flowing beards and inch-thick spectacles. One of them was Trilochan Singh, I still have a book of his he autographed for me. One of the others was the Delhi patriarch of Sikhism. The third, whose name I don’t recall, asked me, “Ah, you are from America. What state are you from?” in a pleasant sing-song voice. I said, “California”. He continued, “Ah, California. Have you heard of Yogi Bhajan?” Very neutrally, I said, “Yes.” He said, “What do you think of Yogi Bhajan?” I took a huge, giant, invisible inward gulp, put a bit of a smile on my face and said, “Yogi Bhajan is a fucking asshole.” I could have shot electric bolts through them. They vibrated and looked at each other. The Patriarch smiled at me and said, “We are taking tea and refreshments in the special shrine room,” gesturing at the flickering candles behind the beaded curtain, “We would be delighted by the pleasure of your company.”
    Guess I gave the right answer.


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