Sardar : The Yogi Bhajan RSS Cult : Penis Worship And The Shiv Shakti Syndrome

3HO White Sikh Cult : Shiv Shaki Pooja Promotion

3HO White Sikh Cult : Shiv Shaki Pooja and Kundalini Yoga Promotion


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By The Poet Warrior

Note: Not all White Sikhs are followers of the Yogi Bhajan 3H0 RSS cult. This article is not meant to refer to these genuine Sikhs.


A Brief Description Of Kundalini Yoga

Alan Watts, a counter-culture guru  gives a brief  description of Tantra and Kundalini Yoga:

“…at the base of the spine is the sleeping serpent kundalini coiled around a phallus, this represents ‘involution’ to be absolutely involved. The sex symbol is used because sex stands for, symbolically, complete involvement. When you have gotten in, the trick is to get out.
The process of yoga is represented by waking up the serpent, who is under the sleep of maya, captivated by illusion, thinking the world really exists, you have lost sight of the eternal now……..”



Take a good, hard look at the poster.

There is going to be a big shindig in Rishikish, India where White Yogi Bhajan Cultists who have given themselves the surname of “Khalsa”  will play a leading role in performing Shiv Shakti Pooja (worship)  and Kundalini Yoga.  A lot of so called White Sikhs will be shaking their booty around the sacred fire in Rishikesh. Or as I will explain later, it is much more likely that Yogi Bhajan 3HO cult members will be shaking their booty around the sacred penis of Lord Shiva.

This is what Gursant Singh has said about this matter (

This shiva-shakti worship by 3HOers is getting much worse! I can’t believe this flyer advertising an anti Sikh event which pictures a huge statue of shiva depicted between Yogi Bhajan wanna be’s; Gurmukh Kaur, Guru Dev Singh (Sat Nam Rasayan Healer), Guru Singh, and Snatam Kaur, world famous 3HO singer. What rubbish! These Yogi Bhajan 3HOers go too far now with their shiva-shakti yoga workshops! “Experience transformation as we cross the threshold into the Aquarian Age Join Gurmukh, Guru Dev Singh (Sat Nam Rasayan Healer), Guru Singh, and Snatam Kaur, along with all your brothers and sisters from around the world to celebrate the dawning of the Aquarian Age in Rishikesh, India ~ a 7-day celebration of music and Kundalini Yoga on the holy banks of the Mother Ganga. For 13,000 years we have awaited this time. Write Sikhnet and Gurumustak Singh everyday and inform them that Sikhs do not do these things!!/sikhnet


Actually, the hindu god Shiva is typically represented as a black phallus (lingam) statue .   Here is what Wikipedia says about  the penis of Lord (God) Shiva:

The Lingam (also, Linga, Ling, Shiva linga, Shiv ling, Sanskrit लिङ्गं liṅgaṃ, meaning “mark” or “sign”) is a representation of the Hindu deity Shiva used for worship in temples.[1] The Lingam has also been considered a symbol of male creative energy or of the phallus.[2][3] The lingam is often represented with the Yoni, a symbol of the goddess or of Shakti, female creative energy.[2] The union of lingam and yoni represents the “indivisible two-in-oneness of male and female,

That’s polite language for penis. To put it bluntly what we are talking about is penis worship.


Lord Shiva Penis Statue

Lord Shiva Penis Statue


Lord Shiva Penis at the Madurai Meenakshi Temple

Lord Shiva’s  Penis at the Madurai Meenakshi Temple


Females are encouraged to do Lord Shiva Pooja (worship):

Lord Shiva Penis Worship in Benares

Lord Shiva Penis Worship in Benares



This video shows lingam (penis) worship going on at the Kudavul Temple in South India.

So what have here is a bunch of Yogi Bhajan White Sikhs who are going to Rishikesh India to perform Shiv Shakti Pooja. Let me translate this for you, Shiv means Lord Shiva (one of the hindu incarnations of God), Pooja means worship and Shakti means literally power. They are going to be worshipping the power of Lord Shiva. Now look at the photographs above and figure out what is the power of Lord Shiva. Shakti refers to the lingam of Lord Shiva which is the power. The penis of Lord Shiva is the power; that is why Lord Shiva is represented as a penis. Of course since over one billion people in India are illiterate,  it makes perfect sense to  worship a penis.


White Females And Feminized Males

Of course, the obvious question also arises. Why do White Females and Feminized White Males have to go to India to perform penis worship?  Can’t they get the same in the U.S.A.?

This 3H0 White Sikh Site  encourages  Lord Shiva Penis worship, Kundalini Yoga and so forth:

What is so particularly odious about this Shiva Shakti Worship event is that these obnoxious creatures have mis-appropriated the Sikh name, Turban and insignia and thus created the impression that Sikhs actually indulge in these cheap bastardized penis worship theatrical performances.   Notice that these fake Sikhs are standing with prayerful hands before a statute of the Hindu God Shiva.They are giving the Sikh Quom a very bad name.


Yogi Bhajan Advocated Shiv Shakti Pooja which is penis worship

Yogi Bhajan Advocated Shiv Shakti Pooja which is penis worship


It is Rishikesh, Not Amritsar

This shindig is to be held in Rishikesh in India. Rishikesh is one of the most important pilgrimage centers  of the hindu religion. The ostensible purpose of this celebration is to usher in the Aquarian Age. In the Aquarian Age all of mankind will be vibrating at a single frequency and there will be total peace and harmony. OK, start humming. Mainstream Sikhs have no knowledge about the Aquarian Age. It is an outlandish  Yogi Bhajan invention  that the Bhajan Borg Religious Priests are new age prophets who  will lead humanity to a new Heaven. What a ridiculous fairy tale.

Sikhism explicitly disavows prophecy, magic healing,  asceticism, renunciation, yoga, Kundalini Sex Yoga,  the concept of Yug  and so forth.

Notice that this White Shindig is going to be held in Rishikesh and not the Holy Sikh City of Amritsar. The reason for this is very simple. It these artful knaves were to try to host this event  in Amritsar; there would be fireworks and probably bloodshed. There are a lot of hotheads in Amritsar and not only do they know the precepts of the Sikh Religion very well, but they are very hostile to freak shows. They are staying away from  Amritsar which is a very wise decision.

Sikhs are beginning to feel that they have ceded too much ground.



Yogi Bhajan's Shiv Shakti Pooja

Yogi Bhajan’s Shiv Shakti Pooja  (penis worship)

Note:  A maiden washes a symbolic penis with milk. This  postcard above extols the virtues of penis worship by females.


What About Female Rights?

Any religion which creates an institution of penis worship cannot have a benign view about females.  This is manifestly true about Hinduism. Here is a brief checklist:

  • females cannot be priests
  • Until the 1935, females could not enter a Hindu Temple
  • Menstruating females are unclean and must be kept secluded.
  • Widows cannot remarry
  • Sati the custom of burning wives on their husband’s funeral pyre was prevalent until the English stopped the practise

So here we have spectacle of nominal White Sikh Females upholding a religious system, which to put it mildly, is grossly inegalitarian and has been practising discrimination against females since time immemorial .  But it is all about making money; the last consideration for  White Yogi Bhajan Sikhs is to uphold the virtue of the Sikh Religion.


The God Vishnu Relaxes In Heaven While His Pretty Wife Presses His Feet

The God Vishnu Relaxes In Heaven While His Pretty Wife Presses His Feet


Follow The Money,  Honey

There is a vast collective business enterprise  tied to the use of the surname Khalsa by the Yogi Bhajan RSS Cult. These enterprises include Kundalini yoga lessons, pretty websites that pump up Sikhs in order to solicit donations,  jewelery web enterprises, websites that promote astrology, numerology  and other occult  practises and so on and on.  The financial empire is worth over two billion dollars (as indicated by on-going litigation in Eugene, Oregon pertaining to the division of the empire).

This financial empire is based on deceit. fraud and a complete misrepresentation of the Sikh Religion. It easily falls under the provisions of the RICO anti-racketeering statute. Fundamental to the promotion of these enterprises is the propaganda that the purveyors of these products have secret and mystical knowledge. This aura of secret and mystical knowledge is packaged by these White Sikhs giving themselves the name Khalsa, wearing turbans and so forth. This nicely dovetails into the false Occidental perception of  Indians having mystical knowledge.

Actually most of the White Sikh “Khalsas” have never taken the Sikh baptism, do not know the Punjabi language, do not associate with Punjabi Sikhs and have never been to the Punjab. Furthermore they have not performed a legal name change and use their  English name and “Sikh” name as the occasion suits them. In other words, they use their “Khalsa” name as a stage name  to milk the Sikh religion for money.  Next time you meet a White Sikh who calls himself Khalsa, ask for his name change certificate.  This is why they are knaves and charlatans.  But beyond this they are hypocrites of the highest magnitude because they do not follow the religion that they profess to adhere to.  These facts are something which should make every true  Sikh consterned in the extreme.  What they are doing is destroying the faith of Sikhs in their religion. And they are doing it for the vilest of reasons:  money. The day the money dries up  they will take flight like an army  of locusts to the next cornfield.

Taranjeet Singh says (



Respected Guru Gobind Singh:

ਮਨਮ ਕੁਸ਼ਤਨਮ ਕੋਹੀਯਾਂ ਬੁਤ ਪਰਸਤ ॥
ਕਿ ਓ ਬੁਤ ਪਰਸਤੰਦੁ ਮਨ ਬੁਤ ਸ਼ਿਕਸਤ ॥95॥

I have killed hill Rajas (kings) who are bent on mischief. They are stone idol worshippers, I break idols and I worship the one Lord.
(Zafarnama, Guru Gobind Singh Ji)

Zafarnama (Persian) : Epistle Of Victory

Gursant Singh On The Yogi Bhajan RSS Cult

Gursant Singh also has the following observation:

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh! Most Bhajanistas (Yogi Bhajan followers), having never studied Sikhi other than the Yogi Bhajan version and never lived with Punjabi Sikhs, so 3HOers just don’t get it. That’s why it’s so easy for white western Sikhs to do these tantra/kundalini crazy things. I suspect they really don’t understand. And even if they did their attitude would probably be “well, it’s time for those idiot Punjabis to get over it. After all we are all one in the big universal love”. 3HOers are playing with the Sikh faith like spoiled children with their drug induced hippie roots.

When I was part of 3HO, I was always disturbed that Yogi Bhajan and now his followers had no respect for those true Sikhs in Punjab who allowed themselves to be martyred for the sake of preserving Sikhi. This includes very much all those murdered by the Indian governement and Indira Gandhi during and after 1984. 3HOers hold on a pedestal the importance of their perceived 5,000 year old fantasy history of Yogi Bhajan’s Kundalini and tantric yoga while degrading our Sikh brothers and sisters who gave their lives and blood to preserve the Khalsa in its true form. True Sikhs follow the Siri Guru Granth Sahib and not some crazy snake yoga or dreamy fantasy relationship with their mahan tantric, Yogi Bhajan!

To Punjabi Sikhs, and even to converts like me who have lived in India with true Sikhs, this is a VERY serious issue that cannot be censored or laughed off by spoiled 3HO children!


Respected Guru Gobind Singh  On Idolatry

Here is the condemnation of Idol Worship by Guru Gobind Singh Ji (extracts from various passages):


ਕਾਹੂ ਲੈ ਪਾਹਨ ਪੂਜ ਧਰਯੋ ਸਿਰ ਕਾਹੂ ਲੈ ਲਿੰਗ ਗਰੇ ਲਟਕਾਇਓ ॥
Someone worships stone and places it on his head. Someone hangs the phallus (lingam) from his neck. .(pg.42)

ਕੋਉ ਬੁਤਾਨ ਕੋ ਪੂਜਤ ਹੈ ਪਸੁ ਕੋਉ ਮ੍ਰਿਤਾਨ ਕੋ ਪੂਜਨ ਧਾਇਓ ॥
Some fools worship idols and some go to worship the dead. (pg.42)

ਪਾਇ ਪਰੋ ਪਰਮੇਸਰ ਕੇ ਜੜ ਪਾਹਨ ਮੈਂ ਪਰਮੇਸਰ ਨਾਹੀ ॥੯੯॥
O fool! Fall at the feet of Lord-God, The Lord is not within the stone-idols.99.(pg.111)

ਤੇ ਭੀ ਬਸਿ ਮਮਤਾ ਹੁਇ ਗਏ ॥ਪਰਮੇਸਰ ਪਾਹਨ ਠਹਿਰਏ ॥੧੩॥
THEY were also overpowered by ‘mineness’ and exhibited the Lord in statues. 13. .(pg.134)

ਪਾਹਨ ਪੁਜੈ ਹੈ ਏਕ ਨ ਧਿਐ ਹੈ ਮਤ ਕੇ ਅਧਕ ਅਧੇਰਾ ॥ਅੰਮ੍ਰਿਤ ਕਹੁ ਤਜਿ ਹੈ ਬਿਖ ਕਹੁ ਭਜਿ ਹੈ ਸਾਝਹਿ ਕਹਹਿ ਸਵੈਰਾ ॥
Worshiping stones, they will not meditate on the  One Lord; there will be the prevalence of darkness of many sects; leaving the ambrosia they will desire for poison, and they will name the evening time as early-morning; .(pg.1142) (eg hindus and christians)

ਤਾਸ ਕਿਉ ਨ ਪਛਾਨਹੀ ਜੋ ਹੋਹਿ ਹੈ ਅਬ ਹੈ ॥ਨਿਹਫਲ ਕਾਹੇ ਭਜਤ ਪਾਹਨ ਤੋਹਿ ਕਛੁ ਫਲਿ ਦੈ ॥
Why do you not pray to him, who will be there in the future and who is here in the present? You are worshipping  stones uselessly; what will you gain by this worship? (pg. 1289)
ਅੱਛਤ ਧੂਪ ਦੀਪ ਅਰਪਤ ਹੈ ਪਾਹਨ ਕਛੂ ਨ ਖੈ ਹੈ ॥

Rice, incense and lamps are offered, but the stones do not eat anything. (pg.1349)

It is well known that the Sikh Religion explicitly forbids Yoga or other esoteric  practises. According to Sikhism these practises have no  spiritual value. Sikhism also prohibits chanting magical matras and other hocus pocus.  Magical mantras is one of the things that 3H0 Sikhs sell.


Stop These Enemies of Sikhism

Fire Worship With Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa

Fire Worship With Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa


You can read more about Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa here : The White Sikh Heretics : The Corrupt Idolators

The picture above shows Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa and other  3H0/Sikhnet White Sikhs performing  Hindu fire worship (Homa)  by the banks of  the Ganges river.  Homa is is explicitly forbidden by the Sikh Religion. I really do not give a tinkers damn  that these horrid  and imbecilic hypocrites perform this ritual.  But they must renounce Sikhism if they want to engage in this freak show.  This fire worship is all about mystification and fooling people. The reader should be aware that these types of ceremonies are completely rejected by Sikhism. This is NOT the way to enlightenment.  This is a path of utter darkness and despair. Only people who are completely lost and bewildered  participate in  this type of mindless mystification.   Invariably the goal of  religious mystification is money.   Sikhs do not believe in using religion to make money. This is not considered honest labour (dasaan nauhaan di kamayie).

This picture also amply demonstrates that 3H0 Yogi Bhajan White Sikhs do not give a bloody damn that they are interfering with the conscience  of Sikhs who devoutly follow the Sikh Religion.  They are not interested in the Sikh Religion, they are going to do whatever suits them. Therefore devout Sikhs better get used to them.  The next thing to expect is 3H0/Sikhnet Sikhs smoking cigarettes. Devout Sikhs better get used to 3H0 Khalsa Sikhs smoking cigarettes, worshiping at Hindu Temples, performing homosexual marriages in Gurdwaras and introducing your teenage daughters to speed dating.  You Punjabi Sikhs better get used to it because these people have an agenda for Sikhism and they intend to  intend to shove this agenda down your throats. They think you are a bunch of stupid, ice cream Sikhs and they have no respect for you. The last thing they want is to talk to you or have you explain Sikhism to them.

You can follow the shenanigans of Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa at this link:  The White Sikh Heretics: The Corrupt Idolators


Boycott Sikhnet And The Yogi Bhajan RSS  White Sikh Cult

With regard to the fire pooja picture above, Gursant Singh wrote:

Stop these enemies of Sikhism! Write Sikhnet and Gurumustak Singh(Mr. Sikhnet) and insist they write an article denouncing these fake Sikhs.

Of course Gurmustuck won’t write such such an article. Gursant Singh further writes:

Sikhnet supports this Hindu puja rubbish:”These sacred Aquarian Sadhana mantras were recorded live by Sat Jot Singh in November 2009 during the amrit vela hours of the first ever Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training to be held in Rishikesh, India…facilitated by Gurmukh Kaur & Gurushabd Singh”

This is a very serious matter and you should be prepared to do whatever is required to preserve the Sikh Religion. In particular you should boycott the Sikhnet website which is a propaganda mill for the Yogi Bhajan Sikh cult. Gursant Singh has repeatedly voiced concern that this website engages in censorship.  Censorship of thought and ideas is  odious and something which enlightened people do not engage in.  Sikhnet censors anyone who challenges their weird interpretation of Sikhism.  The website cultivates a deceptive persona and pretends to  be an orthodox Sikh website.  It is not.

Do not contribute a single cent to this website or any other related 3H0/Yogi Bhajan website.


Destroying The Sikh Identity

A well-known historical principle of Sikhism is that when a Sikh wears the Sikh Turban  then he is representing not only himself but the entire Sikh nation (quompronounced as comm; quom means race and nation).  For this reason he or she must always present himself to be off  the utmost high calibre.  By wearing  the turban (and wearing it properly) he or she is duty bound to off the highest integrity, moral fortitude  and most importantly courage. A true Sikh is never to shy away from the truth or act as a cowardly person. That is how the honorific appellation of Sardar or Sardarni is earned. But  Yogi Bhajan fake White Sikhs are making a laughing stock out of the Sikh Nation. Educated and right thinking people recognize Shiv Shakti pooja for what it is: mindless, stupid and odious ritual. By shamelessly performing these rituals, these White Sikhs are bringing the entire Sikh Quom into ridicule and scorn.    To summarize, Yogi Bhajan White Sikhs have no courage or  moral fortitude at all. They are just a bunch of cowards, weasels,  jackasses, charlatans, poseurs and bedwetters   who are making a complete mockery out of the Sikh Religion and the Sikh Quom.


Lord Shiva Penis Worship Being Performed

Lord Shiva Penis Worship Being Performed With Gusto



Wholesome Refreshment Time

Sikh Soldiers swear allegiance to the Sri Guru Granth Sahib

Sikh Soldiers swear allegiance to the Sri Guru Granth Sahib


During better times, Sikh soldiers swear allegiance to the Sri Guru Granth Sahib.



One Fine Aquarian Day  With Guru Hanuman Singh Khalsa

A  Medieval Play In Three Acts


Soliloquy: Verily, after  all of the perfidy of charlatans and knaves  marked heretofore; it it time for some noble Knight’s entertainment.


Guru Hanuman Singh Khalsa  alighted  onto the platform of the railway station at RishiKesh, India. It had been a long and tiring journey from Espanola, New Mexico.

Guru Hanuman Singh Khalsa was a devoted acolyte of Guru Yogi Bhajan. He had assiduously studied all of the audio-visual course materials of the late Grandmaster Of  White Tantric Sexual Yoga.  Only very special and promising initiates could set their ears to  the highly secret recorded discourses of the departed Yogic Grandmaster.  The thought crossed his mind that perhaps  some of  Yogi Bhajan’s video lectures had been withheld from him. He quickly dismissed the errant thought.   Guru Hunuman felt Happy, Healthy and Holy. He had just taken a course in Gong Therapy.

‘It did me a lot of good’, he mused. “It cost a lot of money, but it was worth it. One day, I will be teaching White Tantric Yoga, Gong Therapy,  Numerology and the other secret Metaphysiks  of Guru Yogi Bhajan”.  “Who says that there is not a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. O’ Lucky Man! “, he chuckled to himself.   Guru Hunuman Singh Khalsa was more than Happy, Healthy and Holy; he felt like a God. “Maybe I am a God”, he thought to himself. “After all this is India, the land of Gods. A  fully enlightened  man like me deserves to be  a God”.  He turned away from his thoughts and seeing a wizened old wayfarer passing by, said airily  : ‘And a top O’ the mornin’  to you Guvnor’.

Coolie, where is the Maha Devi (“Great Goddess”) Temple”.

A  scrawny old man dressed in a red tunic pushed his way through the crowd and replied: “O Great Sahib, it is only a mile up the hill. I can take you there for 10 rupees”.

Alright”, intoned Guru Hanuman. “but be quick, I am very tired”.

The coolie hoisted the heavy suitcase onto the top of his head and pushed through the crowd. Guru Hanuman followed him, taking in the bustling sights around him.  The narrow street was lined with the colorful stalls of merchants.  Everywhere hawkers were plying their trade in loud sonorous voices.  “I hope this old man can make it up the hill,  he looks as if he hasn’t  eaten for five days”, Guru Hunuman thought to himself.

He turned to the labouring coolie and admonished him: “hurry up, hurry up, I am very tired”.

Yes, Great Sahib”, panted the old man, as he struggled up the hill.

Guru Hunuman Singh Khalsa was in Rishikish to celebrate the dawn of the Aquarian Age. After 13,000 years,  the Era of the Fish (pisces – christ the fisherman) was about to yield to the Age of Aquarius. According to the secret doctrine of Yogi Bhajan,  in the Aquarian Age, White Sikh Yogi Bhajan  Priests would lead humanity to a paradise on earth.   White Sikhs from all across the world were gathering  on the sacred grounds of Rishikesh to usher in the Aquarian Age; and assume their positions as founts of Aquarian wisdom;  as rulers of this world.  The world famous singer  Snatchem Kaur was coming. The world famous numerologist, Guru AbraCadAbra Singh Khlasa would be here. Guru Fataey Singh Khalsa, the dour, self styled Singh Sahib was  attending;  even Guru Purbia Singh Khalsa the impetuous 26 year old know it all would be here.  Guru MouseStuck Singh Khalsa the wily and cunning  webmaster was coming.

All of the important Khalsas of the world will be congregating at the Maha Devi Temple”, mused Guru Hunuman.  “When I reach the temple, I’ll  pay my respects to the Goddess and after a short rest in the temple ashram, I’ll see who has arrived”.

His mind wandered over his checklist: do a liberating fire pooja by the river, give a lecture on the Tantric Foundations Of Sikhism,  hobnob with the Hindu High Priests and Popes in Rishikish, do a video on the importance of sacred mantra chants,  give a lecture on the importance of having a personal guru;  and finally give the ladies a  demonstration of Yogi Bhajan Tantric Sex.

“It’s going to be busy but when I get back to Espanola, I am really going to get my head into some heavy duty Gong Intensives;  it will do me good, purify my soul and body”, he languidly told himself.

Hey Monkey!  Wait Up!”  The harsh and loud voice jarred Guru Hunuman Singh Khalsa from his reverie. He looked around.

Hey Monkey God! wait for me”, the voice bellowed out again. Guru Hunuman looked behind him and down the hill. It was Guru Zorawar Singh Khalsa.

Oh no,  what is this pest doing here. I really hate him”, he thought to himself.  “Don’t call me a monkey you have no right to”, he  screamed back to Guru Zorawar Singh.

Well, Hunuman  is the Hindu Monkey God and a Guru is a person who leads his pupils from darkness (gu) to light (ru); so you are the monkey who will lead humanity from darkness to light”, bellowed Guru Zorawar as he quickened his pace to catch up with the Emperor of Monkeystan.

Guru Zorawar  placed his arms around Guru Hunuman and  remarked jovially: “Well how are the senoritas  treating the greatest Tantric Sex fiend since the old charmer Yogi Bhajan”.

I thought that you had been kicked out of Espanola and you membership was canceled in the 3H0. What are you  doing here”,  retorted Guru Hanuman Singh Khalsa.

Well I am a real Sikh now, I have learned the Punjabi language and have read authentic Sikh History. I am just Zorawar Singh now;  a humble Sikh of the Sikh Quom (race and nation).  And buddy,  I don’t wear white bedsheets anymore. You know, you guys are something else, masters of the rope a dope trick. But instead of a Thrilla in Manila there’s gonna be a Thrilla in Rishikesh. Remember what the Grandmaster Of Kundalini Tantric Sex Yoga used to say: fake it and you will make it. Sometimes I really miss the old galoot; he could charm the socks off a cobra”.

You don’t know anything about Guru Yogi Bhajan and his teachings. You are full of duality.  Enough of your maya. I give you my  blessings. I will pray for you”,  and then he added in a nervous tone,  “Did you come here to spoil our fun?”

Oh, I am here on a secret mission, but enough about me. Lets talk about more important things.  So how are the mademoiselles treating the old dope fiend”,  replied Zorawar Singh lightly.

Enough of this frivolous chatter. I have important things on my mind.  We 3H0 Sikhs have to fulfill Guru Yogi Bhajan’s mission. I’m going to be a personal guru and teach Sikhs about real Sikhism”,  Guru Hunuman Singh Khalsa retorted.

You have to be kidding. I thought that in Sikhism there can be no interlocutor between a Sikh and God. You say that you will be a personal guru but to me that is nothing more than a Sikh priest. It’s a faustian inversion of the Sikh religion! You guys take the cake!; you can’t speak Punjabi, you cannot read the Guru Granth Sahib but you are going to teach Sikhism.  And if you had ever bothered to read some authentic Sikh  history you would never be here in this place”,  Zorawar Singh paused and then said,  “Do you know what Milan Kundera said?”

What?” said Guru Hanuman  Singh Khalsa impatiently

“The first step in liquidating a people is to erase its memory. Destroy its books, its culture, its history. Then have somebody write new books, manufacture a new culture, invent a new history. Before long the nation will begin to forget what it is and what it was. The world around it will forget even faster. A nation cannot cross a desert of organized forgetting. The war against tyranny is the war against forgetting.

You were always an idiot and you always will be; that’s why you were booted out of the Sikh Dharma.  You are talking like those  insufferable Sikh Terrorists.  Grow up. Kundalini Yoga is a technology; one cannot master this technology without a personal guru. Guru Nanak gave secret yogic knowledge to his  son, Sri Chand; we are  teaching this secret knowledge. This is the only way to liberate yourself.  Why can’t you understand this,  you numbskull“.

You’ve  banged your head against the gong once too often. You have gone completely ape!”,  laughed Zorawar Singh.  “Yoga never liberated anybody from anything; it is a false path with inevitably bad consequences.  It is explicitly  prohibited in Sikhism  as a religious practise. Anyways all Yogi Bhajan ever did was have a rip roaring good time.  He had an  ego bigger than the Greek God  Zeus.  He collected a trunk full of jewelery and collected a coterie of suppliant honorary female secretaries. I have heard of an honorary  Ph.D  for distinguished service; but  Honorary  Secretary for distinguished service?  Give me a break.  I’ve got to hand it to the fat old cobra,  he was a master of the rope a female dope trick”.

Don’t insult Yogiji he is like a God to us”, Guru Hunuman Singh Khalsa  shot back angrily.

Man, your brain is fried;  your circuits got crossed with too much ganja.  You need mucho  Gong Therapy. Look, Yoga has never solved any social problems and is not a prescription for righteous conduct. When Babur invaded India in  1490, the people went to the Yogis and asked for  their assistance to  resist the impending slaughter that awaited them.  Babur,   the grandson of  Tamerlane, was in the direct blood line of Genghis Khan. He had a hostile animus against the hereditary, racial caste stratification of the Hindu religion.  But the Yogis were cowards and replied : “We are healers, we are people of peace, we will shower our blessing on all of you. We will meditate and perform Yoga. Just go home and sit in peace. We will read sacred mantras  and the invading forces will become blind”.  If you have ever bothered to read the Sri Guru Granth Sahib then you will know that  Guru Nanak records the cowardice of these yogis  on page 417 of the Guru Granth Sahib : Koe Mughal Na Hoa Andha, Kiney Na Parcha Laiya. It means : No Mughal was blinded and none of their mantras worked.  The Yogis were unable to engage in righteous conduct. What was the use of all their Yoga?  The philosophy of Guru Nanak and Sikhi considers  courage to be a highest virtue.  Spirituality without courage is cowardice. Of what use is it being pious if one does not have the courage to speak out,  to stand against injustice or to stand beside the weak, the oppressed and the needy?  Valor and courage are the essence of Sikhi; it is the core of the Saint-Soldier creed of the Lord Of The Falcons, Guru Gobind Singh.

There was a thick silence. Then Zorawar Singh continued:

When Gursant Singh was in the direst circumstances here and he desperately needed your assistance; where were all of you? You tucked your tails in between your hind legs and high-tailed it out of Dodge. What use is your yoga. Can yoga take the yellow belly out of you?”

You know nothing about Sikhism”, retorted Guru Hunuman Singh Khalsa.  “You are really ignorant. The duty of  a Sikh is only to teach the technology of yoga peacefully  to his disciples so that they can liberate themselves. There is no duty to fight wars, engage in violence or take care of  the whole world as it were. The world is maya, it is best to withdraw from it.  That is why we live in ashrams. Violence can never be justified. Ever. Which wars  did Guru Nanak fight anyways. Once enough people master Kundalini Yoga, the world will automatically change. Keep on talking like this and you will find out that Sikh terrorists are a very nasty lot. You will learn when they come after you; but it will be too late then”.  Then as an afterthought he added in a very low tone,  “If I was you, I would keep my mouth shut here;  there are rumors that Sikh terrorists are in Rishikish.

Zorawar Singh laughed. “Your yellow stripes are showing again. What terrorists?   You remind me of that little bedwetter Purbia Singh Khalsa. He wet his socks when a lady from the Babbar Khalsa International phoned him up to inquire on how his tantric sexual Kundalini yoga lessons were progressing”.

No, I am serious,  the Babbar Khalsa International is here. There is heavy police security all around. Don’t you see the police with sub-machineguns  at every crossing?   I  heard that the Police  had caught a few of them and are torturing them.   I really hope that they teach these dogs a lesson. We are lucky that the Indian Government is providing such heavy security for us”, Guru Hunuman Singh answered in a trembling voice. And then as an after thought he added: “We all got a message from Esponala, telling us to be very careful”.

Common, don’t be such a big coward. I can hear your heart going thumpty-thump. So what? a true Sikh is never afraid of anything and true Sikhs do not consider that there is any difference between life and death.

You are such a fool. Thats all theory. Come down to the real world. Everybody in the world is afraid to die and everybody wants to live. That is reality.  You were a fool and you you will always be a fool”, Guru Hunuman answered in an unsteady voice.

Babbar Khalsa? aren’t  they the guys that got freedom for India. How can they be terrorists? The English hanged 1592 terrorists  during the war for freedom here and out that number 1572 were Sikhs”,  Anyways, I don’t care, I am a real Sikh now. I laugh at death.

You were always a goddamn Hillbilly and you always will be.  I’ll never figure out how you got a membership to 3H0″,  Guru Humuman Singh Khalsa retorted.

Just like you pal, the femmes gave it to me honoris causa.  For being a great servitor of the female race.   Just like you!”, laughed  Zorawar Singh.

You are trash and garbage”, Guru Hunuman Singh said with rising anger in his voice.

“Actually the Lord Of The Falcons (“Baaj Guru”)  said:  “If you want to play the game of love then place your head in your hands and step unto my lane. The Lord Of The Falcons also said: O’ Lord grant me this one boon, that I may die in mighty strife on the battlefield”.   Guru Gobind Singh never said:  O’  Lord grant me this one boon that I may die giving Kundalini Yoga lessons. Is not what Guru Gobind Singh asserted part of the Creed?  Why do you merchants of false spirituality shy away from the essence of Sikhism.  If you want to follow the creed truly, then you must believe that there is no difference between life and death except for a transformation. You cowards make me sick in the pit of my stomach.  You are the merchants of Multan who were slaughtered by Babur. He could not stand the sight of you. You are destroying something very beautiful. Not only do you jackasses not get it, you are milking the Religion for all that it is worth. Money is what turns your crank, buddy.  You all are very, very sick people. All your false pretense of love. All your  Satnaam!  Satnaam! If you call yourself a Khalsa then at least have the courage to use the proper greeting of the Khalsa; Wahe Guruji Ka Khalsa! Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! ( The Khalsa belongs to God, The Victory belongs to God!). .  This  is the real greeting,  not Satnaam . It is a war cry on the battlefield. You are fooling nobody. We understand everything.   What a pack of fakesters!  Love was when Sahibzadeh Ajit Singh and Fateh Singh laid their lives down at the alter of the Sikhi of Slave Nanak at the ages of  fifteen and seventeen . Love was when the Princes Jujhar Singh and Zorawar Singh elected to be bricked into a wall alive rather than submit to Islam; at the ages of nine and seven. Love was when Guru Gobind Singh sacrified his entire family at the alter of the the Religion of Slave Nanak.  Nobody of this divine religion did Yoga, Kundalini Yoga  or Tantra until you jackasses miscegnated the race.

I don’t want to listen anymore to this. I am here to enjoy myself and vibrate with the Universe”,  Guru Hunuman Singh Khalsa replied, his voice quavering.

You want to vibrate with the Universe in this filthy hole! It does not even have proper sewage!  Well let this hillbilly give you a history lesson”, Zorawar Singh replied.

I’m not interested in your stupid histories. Who cares for history. Only you! The world has moved beyond your stupid history lessons. Grow up, you ignorant hillbilly. Guru Yogi Bhajan has given us a perfect science of liberation. It’s called the Science of Kundalini Yoga. It is the Kriya of Liberation and it is the very core of Sikhism. Guru Nanak gave this secret knowledge to his son Sri Chand and we are very lucky that Guru Yogi Bhajan received this secret knowledge after so many centuries”,

Yonder and up the hill the Maha Devi Temple was visible. Guru Hanuman Singh Khalsa joined his hands and bowed in reverence

“You got me riled up and I’m insisting”, persisted Zorawar Singh.

Maan Singh was an Afghan Sikh who lived in faraway Kandahar in Afghanistan.  He was married to a faithful and pious wife and he was blessed with  a very beautiful  young daughter.  But despite this,  Maan Singh was not a particularly devoted family man and he wasn’t a particularly good Sikh.  He liked women far too much and he liked to drink everyday of the week. Vices plain and simple; but he would never tire of consoling himself that he was a devoted Sikh. And so the days rolled on for Maan Singh. 

Then one day fate moved it’s mighty hand and Maan Singh’s little world fell apart.  A messenger arrived in his tiny village on horseback  with  news that Guru Gobind Singh was being besieged at the Castle of Anandpur Sahib and that the Guru was enjoining all Sikhs to hasten to The Punjab to confront the enemy.  The circumstances of the Sikh Nation were extreme and dire, the messenger explained. Mann Singh immediately decided to come to the aid of the Guru and The Quom (The Sikh Race and Nation). He bid farewell to his wife and daughter the very same day,  and mounting on his stallion, embarked on the journey to Anandpur Sahib eighteen hundred long miles away.  That was love!  Maan Singh never returned home. He never returned to see his wife and daughter. What happened to him is unknown. He was probably swept away in the great carnage of the time as the Sikh nation fought desperately to avoid annihilation. 

Now this is a true story and it shows you the devotion of real Sikhs. Unlike you fakes, Maan Singh never  tried to destroy the Sikh Faith. This religion of Slave Nanak has been sustained by martyrs like Maan Singh under the most oppressive and dire circumstances imaginable.  The pillars along The Path (‘Sikh Nation, Panth”)  are the  martyrs who have sacrificed their lives in the cause of the religion of Slave Nanak. Not a single one of them was a yogi.  Until you fakesters lay your lives down in the cause of this  religion,  you have no right to preach Sikhism to anybody or call yourself Khalsa.

You people are unproven, rootless  and bereft of history.  It is well marked that you have no respect for the martyrs  of this noble faith. I feel sorry for the lot  of you, living meaningless and  empty lives practising Kundalini Yoga and other twisted rituals; using religion to scam people,  milking the Sikh religion so that you can put food in your bellies. You all have never experienced love; that’s why you keep on looking in all the wrong places for it, desperately trying to convince yourself that you have found it. You  just don’t get it. You never will!  You really think that you can play the game of love by preaching your soulless mind numbing  Kundalini Yoga. You make no sense at all!”.

There was silence.

End Of Act I



Any resemblance to a living Sikh is completely unintentional;  this is a work of fiction.

…  in progress  —  Follow this enthralling story  and see the exciting and heart throbbing finale to this nail biting  drama of  great Aquarian personalities tussling it out besides the open sewers in the Holy City of Rishikish.



Additional Resources

Click on the following link to view the dossier on the White Sikh Heretics:

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The White Sikh Heretics:  The First Sikh Homosexual Wedding In The World

Milking The Religion,  Introducing Punjabi Sikh Girls To Speed Dating And Quickie  Sex

The Billion Dollar Wow Guru Mantra

Gursant Singh is leading an international campaign to expose the White Sikh Heretics, you can get additional information here:



Did he sacrifice his life so that 3H0/Sikhnet Fake Sikhs Could Destroy The Sikh Religion

Did he sacrifice his life so that 3H0/Sikhnet Fake Sikhs Could Destroy The Sikh Religion

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  1. Unfortunately 3HOers have been misguided by Yogi Bhajan and are far away from Sikhism. Performing yoga asanas are not the path of true Sikhs. There is one shabad in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, where the word Kundalini has been used. 3HOers are misinterpreting the lines where the word kundalini appears. Here is the real meaning of those lines.
    कुंडलनी सुरझी सतसंगति परमानंद गुरू मुखि मचा ॥
    Kundlanī surjẖī saṯsangaṯ parmānanḏ gurū mukẖ macẖā.
    The complications of mind are resolved in the Sat Sangat, the True Congregation; through the Word of the Guru, they enjoy the Lord of Supreme Bliss.
    सिरी गुरू साहिबु सभ ऊपरि मन बच क्रम सेवीऐ सचा ॥५॥
    Sirī gurū sāhib sabẖ ūpar man bacẖ krėm sevī▫ai sacẖā. ||5||
    The Supreme Guru is the Lord and Master over all; so serve the True Guru, in thought, word and deed. ||5|| {{{Bhatt Gayandh, Svaiyay Mehl 5 1402}}}

    There are many compositions of the true Guru that guide us not to follow the path of Yoga.
    जोगी कहहि जोगु भल मीठा अवरु न दूजा भाई ॥
    The Yogi says that Yoga is good and sweet, and nothing else is, O Siblings of Destiny.
    रुंडित मुंडित एकै सबदी एइ कहहि सिधि पाई ॥१॥
    Those who shave their heads, and those who amputate their limbs, and those who utter only a single word, all say that they have attained the spiritual perfection of the Siddhas. ||1||
    हरि बिनु भरमि भुलाने अंधा ॥
    Without the Lord, the blind ones are deluded by doubt.
    जा पहि जाउ आपु छुटकावनि ते बाधे बहु फंधा ॥१॥ रहाउ ॥
    And those, to whom I go to find release – they themselves are bound by all sorts of chains. ||1||Pause||
    जह ते उपजी तही समानी इह बिधि बिसरी तब ही ॥
    The soul is re-absorbed into that from which it originated, when one leaves this path of errors.
    पंडित गुणी सूर हम दाते एहि कहहि बड हम ही ॥२॥
    The scholarly Pandits, the virtuous, the brave and the generous, all assert that they alone are great. ||2||
    जिसहि बुझाए सोई बूझै बिनु बूझे किउ रहीऐ ॥
    He alone understands, whom the Lord inspires to understand. Without understanding, what can anyone do?
    सतिगुरु मिलै अंधेरा चूकै इन बिधि माणकु लहीऐ ॥३॥
    Meeting the True Guru, the darkness is dispelled, and in this way, the jewel is obtained. ||3||
    तजि बावे दाहने बिकारा हरि पदु द्रिड़ु करि रहीऐ ॥
    Give up the evil actions of your left and right hands, and grasp hold of the Feet of the Lord.
    कहु कबीर गूंगै गुड़ु खाइआ पूछे ते किआ कहीऐ ॥४॥७॥५१॥
    Says Kabeer, the mute has tasted the molasses, but what can he say about it if he is asked? ||4||7||51|| {{{Bhagat Kabeer Ji, Raag Gauree 334}}}

    O Saints, the Immaculate Lord dwells there; how rare are those who go to the Guru, and understand this. The all-pervading immaculate Lord is there. ||1||Pause|| What is the insignia of the Divine Lord’s dwelling? The unstruck sound current of the Shabad vibrates there. There is no moon or sun, no air or water there. The Gurmukh becomes aware, and knows the Teachings. ||2|| The Tenth Gate is the home of the inaccessible, infinite Supreme Lord. Above the store is a niche, and within this niche is the commodity. ||4|| {{{Bhagat Beni Ji, Raag Raamkalee 974}}}

  2. khalsa my soul May 4, 2011, 14:28

    wikepedia is writing series of articles on different religions. articles on sikhism are also written but they are full of errors and misinformation which is delibrately inculcated i am trying to help my self by editing as much as i can but need scholars to look in to the matter. for example
    this article.

  3. khalsa my soul May 4, 2011, 14:29

    poet warrior please if you can help me in this matter

  4. khalsa my soul May 4, 2011, 14:36

    let my head fall like a dry leaf but i will never bow my infront of anyone other than my beloved guru “sri Guru granth sahib”

  5. Khalsa my soul, Thanks for your concern which is greatly appreciated


  7. joginder singh Foley May 13, 2011, 09:52

    Re distroying a people and a peoples culture it has allready been done the brits tryed to distroy the language of us Irish by starting on our children in the schools by beating our gealic language out of us the brits hung a stick around each childs neck and every time spoke a word of gealic a notch was cut into the stick and at the end of the week the child got a caning for every notch on the stick ps google “the slaves that history forgot”

    • Poet Warrior May 13, 2011, 21:25

      Thank you for your reply. May Ireland live forever.

      Like the Irish, the Sikhs have long memories. This is what the 36 year old Lord James Dalhousie, the new Governor-General of India wrote in 1859: ‘The task before me is the utter destruction and prostration of the Sikh power, the subversion of its dynasty, and the subjection of its people. This must be done promptly, fully and finally.’

      This started the long path downwards for the Sikhs.

  8. Dalmeet Kaur May 22, 2011, 22:34

    EK ONG KAR!!!!

  9. Their strategy seems to be engulf, phagocytosis and then repeat. Just like bacteria.

  10. khalsa my soul May 30, 2011, 10:47

    Sikhs fight amongst themselves just for money and power, for pradhangiri at gurudwaras all over a India and abroad? how can one think that khalsa can rise. no one can destroy khalsa until sikhs themselves choose to do so, not even so called white Sikhs (= 3ho people). Their are many sikhs who loves guru Granth sahib more than their lives but don`t want to read and follows guru`s path. First of all UNITE and then think towards confronting our enemies. NO ONE CAN WIPE US coz guru Gobind singh`s blood is circulating in our veins in the form of Amrit.

  11. would like to understand November 8, 2011, 18:57

    When I read the writing above, I feel and hear a lot of anger that I’m sorry has been held by the writer. There is a lot of good that 3ho sikhs and yogi bhajan students are spreading~ I wish some discussion was placed on that. I can understand some of the feeling of protection for the sikh religion, and all so extremely valuable, and would like to understand more of this. What I do know is that there are a lot of positives of the work and teachings that are being spread, affecting many people is good and uplifting way…doesn’t this have any value? just wondering..

    • It is true that organized religion can be good for helping people learn about themselves. Its just when you look at the truth of what is not being said….. its crazy! There are alot of lies and people are kept in the dark. One might say that it is a magic spell over the group’s collective awareness and it makes them feel like they have finally created a perfect and completely shiny world. But the ‘perfection’ is an illusion, its actually a void that sucks creative energy! It requires that followers live in complete separation from the totality of their own human experience. The issue is that this very mentality is taking over everything everywhere. What is the solution?

  12. Agreed. There is no anger; they are not worthy of anger, just ridicule. The Yogi Bhajan Sikhs are not willing to listen to reason because they have a billion dollar money making machine on their hands. Money trumps truth in this case. I just feel sorry for all of the Americans who fall prey to this cult. The article is not meant to demean any White Sikhs who are trying to find the Path.

    By The way, an article is due for publication on The Sikh Archives titled: The Occult Nazi Roots Of The Yogi Bhajan White Sikh Cult.

  13. Clearly whoever you are, the person/people running this website, you don’t want actual conversations with people, since you have no way to contact you directly. All you want to do is spread lies and unkindness. Guruji is watching you.

  14. Your quote in the first part of your post, “This 3H0 White Sikh Site encourages Lord Shiva Penis worship, Kundalini Yoga and so forth:“….is incorrect. mydakini blog of tantra notes is NOT connected in any way with 3HO, you or any other organization. You may want to correct this so as not to mislead your readers.


    • Thank you for your reply and clarification. I strongly object to these charlatans misrepresenting the Sikh Religion. Sikhi does not have anything to do with Kundalini Yoga. I respect your candor and honesty. You are not a hypocrite and I respect that. You are following your own path. You are not milking the Sikh Religion and offending the conscience of devout Sikhs. I wish I could say the same for these ugly looking dogs. Good luck with your endevours. Perhaps we will have an opportunity to meet one day under more cordial circumstance.
      Poet Warrior

      • So why did you originally refer to mydakini as a white sikh/3HO member?

        Also, the picture you have of the young men in orange robes dancing under which you wrote, “Lord Shiva Penis Worship Being Performed With Gusto” are not Shiva bhaktas. They are Krishna bhaktas. In other words, they are called “Hare Krishnas” here in the West, that is ISKCON members, or members of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness.

        Its hard to take anything you write seriously when you have not done research on individuals and groups that you are accusing of being 3HO members when they are not, and Shiva bhaktas, when they are not.

        You may not (or may not) know a lot about Sikhi. But you sure as heck don’t know anything about any other tradition.

  15. Oh dear,
    I am so very much stunned by the language used in here. Well, to say, just because “whoever wrote this article”, will NOT make me create any bad image on any human or religion, esp Sikhs, coz I love them like any other religious comm.
    This is only directed to the author. If you do read, and read good and well, please go back to and re-read the complete article. For all others who might be reading this, in case the admin doesn’t remove this comment as a shame on the author’s part, Shiva’s Lingam was not just a phallus. This was strictly put into force by stupid and envy people who arrived from North to rule India, the time when Buddhism saw a great downfall, please read Islam at War: A History By Mark W. Walton, George F. Nafziger, Laurent W. Mbanda.
    In reality, a “lingam” can take as many meanings/symbols, which ofcourse was stupidly deformed. Check this:
    The section here will give you how different people think . Well, something stated as a “stupa” (pillar) was falsely made to a phallus, and this happened, and if you wish to know more about it, please read another long but significant note .
    I would like you to note your own sentence – “Of course since over one billion people in India are illiterate, it makes perfect sense to worship a penis.” If the author is not Indian, his/her ancestors must have been an illiterate one, as they have been from India, some time in the past for sure.
    I would strongly advise the author and request the admin to please take care of the language. Many people come to this archive website to learn and understand the versatility and genuineness of Sikhism. Sikhs are known for peace and love, and also for winning battles, but hey! no one can see any war going on in here.
    I am so very much proud of being an atheist, but alas! When this world will burn down because of people fighting over religion and baseless issues, we – atheists/irreligious/secular humans – will suffer too.
    I pity what the Gurus tried to teach us, and what we are finally following.

    • Poet Warrior:

      What about the 200,000 Sikhs that were murdered by the Indian Government from 1980 to 1995. (please do not answer if you have relatives or family in India; just talk about some useless nonsense). What about the genocide of Buddhists in India by Shankacharya during the reign of Maurya. What about the genocide of up to 500 million dalits and UNTOUCHABLES by Hindus (banned web site: Why is India called Arya Samaj – Gathering Of The Aryans, Einstein.

      The Sikhs repeat in their daily prayer everyday – Raj Karega Khalsa – The Khalsa will rule. Fool, are these words there simply to be muttered.
      Do you know what Guru Gobind Singh said – Raj Bina Dharam Nehee Chalee, Dharam bina sab Dale Male : Religion (Sikhi) cannot flourish without sovereignity. Without sovereignity all is lost. All the problems of the Sikh nation flow from the fact that the Sikhs are not a sovereign people. You are a product of that lack of sovereignity. In other words you are a slave and talk apologetically like one. I really hope that you are not a Sikh. Sikhism does not deserve slaves of you.

      • Hindu Andha , Turku Kana ,Dona to hai Gyani syana….(Bhagat Namdev ji)

        I request Admin here not to reply Blind people ,They are the same people who are not ready to accept the truth , These Blind people are the same blood of those who started fighting when Guru Nanak dev ji passed away, These Blind people are the same who divided nation of Guru Nanak Dev ji in 1947. And these Blind people are the same who are out their to destroy the truth said by Gurus. It does’nt surprise me to see Blinds coming and speaking against truth.

        Truth is always hard to accept , Oh fools You can never understand what exactly happened from 1469-1708 and then in 1699 , then in 1849 , and then in 1947 , then in 1966 and finall y in 1984..

        I request to admin, not to waste time in replying to foolish blind people .

        Truth has already been said … RAJ KAREGA kHALSA..
        only those with pure hearts will rule… and Khalsa is pure as pure as that divine one light that every creature sees daily.

        Its up to these fools weather they want to open their minds and eyes and see the truth or keep living their lives in darkness.

        And my message to blinds , its not that sikhi will merge in islam or hinduism, or it is part of islam or hinduism…..


        GUR FATEH.

  16. I,m not defending 3ho , but this website is absolute shite
    .” poetic warrior” who writes on this website you are a Mongrel. presumptious, self opinionated, confused, a bully , a real bad deal for Sikhs universally. only god knows what your still doing on this earth, when you’re gone only Gursant will miss you.
    My bad misfortune to have wasted some time on here, in hope. creep.

    • Thank you for your cool comment. To get additional information, please do a google search on: gay shiva lingam worship. The White Sikh cult has many gays in its folds who favour Lord Shiva Penis Adoration and believe that Lord Shiva worship as enuniated in the Dasam Granth places sacred penis worship on a very high pedestal for Sikhs. Do you also do Lord Shiva Penis worship and wash the object of your adoration with milk as the damsel in the picture above is doing? Also if I may inquire, do you do it publicly at your temple or do you prefer to do your penis worship in the privacy of your bedroom? Lastly do you only worship one penis (monotheistic penis worship) or do you like to worship many penises (polytheistic penis worship)?

  17. Waheguru ji ka khalsa, Waheguru ji ki fateh.

    So releived to read this article. What has kundalini yoga to do with Sikhism? I was confused to see few so called sikhs indulged in Kundalini yoga. Sikh net seems to be a hindu propaganda to mislead youngsters.

    Thank you so much Poet Warrior and others who are actively involved to stop lies and manipulations.

  18. Wow, surprised to see sikhs can be such fanatic fools…This website is insulting other religion and there are bunch of assholes actually supporting it!! Ha ha….Fucking sikhs are always confused..look around the world, where they shamelessly go to temples, church and even mosques because they do not have direct culture or religion. Sick bastards are always with things that look good, be if they have to suck white men’s cocks..Ha Ha…Be grateful to India!! That is where you bastards were born, even Buddhism was originated from India…Go to hell fucking punjabi/jat/sikh or whatever you are….

    • Dharmi Fauji May 26, 2012, 16:49

      To Raj Sarna…..

      How much hatred and ego is filed up in your brainwashed brain i can see it by reading you few lines that you wrote against this article or against sikhs in whole ….

      MOther fucker whoever you are don’t sit behind your computer screen and write…
      we will fuck you in battle feild now and you instead of writing here , prepare yourself and your future generation for this.
      Go to hell with your india and cult evil hindu practices and be ready.

  19. Victoria Forsythe June 23, 2012, 03:25

    June 22, 2012

    To Whom It May Concern,

    My name is Victoria Forsythe. I recently turned 93 years old; I live in Boulder Colorado. I am in good health at this time, and am in need of telling my story of how a religious organization, under the guise of white turbans and flowing beards, were able to defraud me of $80,000.; I lost my home, and everything with it. I would like to finally tell my story while I still am able. Sometimes I think I am still alive so that someday someone will hear my story. I will be as brief, yet as concise as possible, in hopes that someone, somewhere, can help bring justice to a very unjust situation. I thank you, in advance, for your consideration in reading my words….

    1988—Los Angeles, CA. I was having health issues, and decided to temporarily put my home in my daughter’s name. At the time, she had an arranged marriage from hell, just had a child, and was preparing herself for divorce. Unfortunately, at her weakest moment, she fell prey to an organization which looks for weakness. She was coerced into putting a lean on my house, and giving a Sikh member (Guru Sant Khalsa, aka Clark Alan Harris) of the organization $80.000.00 cash in hand. She was told not to “tell her mother” about this investment, which was “fool proof”, and which she would receive 30% interest on, in three months. She was given ample papers, stating that she had more collateral than she could ever dream of—a deed to a house in Michigan; an art studio in Los Angeles, etc , etc. I still have all the paperwork regarding these items. It was all FRAUD—none of it was real. Approximately two years after this horrific event, my daughter tried to seize the house of the man to whom she gave the $80k; this house was in Espanola, New Mexico. But in this process, someone bought the house. On the deed of sale, which I also have, lies the name “Yogi Bhajan”. What a coincidence, I must say. There was not just one person involved; there were several. I was a victim of fraud, from a religious organization which claims to be “Healthy, Happy and Holy”—people dressed in white, luring people into their web of deceit, in the name of being Holy.

    My daughter spent years fighting this, and finally claimed bankruptcy. Being sick and frail, she had to put this behind her. But not a day goes by, that I don’t think about this, and now, with my age, I have to give it one last try. With the help of a friend, I am writing this letter. I can’t travel far, but if a lawyer can take my case on a contingency basis, I will go to you in hopes of finding resolve.

    In sincere gratitude,

    Victoria Forsythe
    1940 Walnut Place #317
    Boulder, CO 80301

  20. Hi,
    This site is full of wrong and misleading details. It is better, they should take advise and guidance from people who have some knowledge about this, before writing.
    Simple i have wasted my time in reading this article…..

  21. Love this article. Thank you! I began a KRI teacher training course and learned all about this! Would be great if an authentic identity was created for this [‘white’ American] religion (or cult) that did not involve the outright theft, and marketing of another culture. The so-called ‘Sikh’ names are misleading & false advertising. I was shocked to learn that all of the instructors in the training had Christian or Judaic backgrounds prior to becoming a ‘Sikh.’ And it wasn’t to hard to see that this was not Sikh religion from the Punjab region of India & Pakistan. I felt like I had stepped into an episode of Star Trek! And all under the guise of someone else’s culture & religion! Wow! My question is why does this mentality exist across the board in the United States?

  22. Claudine Gasser December 31, 2016, 19:22

    I did not read this whole website because it is full of agressivity and misunderstanding. You need to understand that when the symbol of Shiva as a “penis” was created , it was the time writing did not even exist and a symbol is supposed to explain the essence of something, and here, the symbol represents a ray coming out of a yoni , which means a ray of energy coming out of a black hole which is what most of meditators who open to cosmic essence see. The black hole is the center of creation and destruction of any galaxy because He absorbs the dead/old energies/gaseous energies of that galaxy and regenerates that galaxy by expelling new energies in the form of a ray that looks like a cosmic penis, because it is an act of CREATION. Don’t forget that humans’s birth come out of a similar act of creation which requires female and male energies = male and female polarities, which throughout the whole universe play the same role. To understand this whole symbol requires some mature mind ! The black hole absorbs = female polarity and discharges /expels = male energy; Got it ! ? So please don’t come and soil this whole symbol with your limited mind ….

    • This is your interpretation without any historical evidence to support it. Hinduism oppressed females as part of it’s organized religion. This is indisputable. Sikhi is revolutionary even today in respect of it’s insistence that females be treated equally.


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