Darbar Sahib

Darbar Sahib

Darbar Sahib




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  1. fatehji

    i have many other illustraions of the Gurus, most are from my imagination..
    if you would be interested.

    however i must add my concern is , whom?? submitted without my permission
    Guru Gobind Singh at Macchiwara
    it is a copyright image.. can you give details..whom??

    you are welcome continue using Guru Gobind Singh at Macchiwara
    image on condition, copyright harpal singh is inbedded on the image
    i can supply you, please leave me corrspondense address

    as it stands i am losing my sales on reproduction print sales.
    thankyou for understanding..

    also are using the Guru Gobind Singh at Macchiwara
    imageā€¦ i filled them in too regards the issue with copyrights

    please keep in touch i hope exihibit my artwork near future

    kind regards harpal singh

    (edited to take out advertising info)

    • Thank you for your reply.

      The image that you are talking about is commonly available on the Internet – check Google images for example. You should note the following .

      1 . This is a non-commercial news aggregation site and reproduction is governed by the fair usage law. See our legal section.

      2. Nobody will purchase a low resolution image copied from the Web which would distort in resolution as it is expanded. I think that you know this. Afacinados pay for original numbered reproductions or very high quality signed lithographs or poster art reproduced in the 10s of thousands and distributed through mass distribution channels. Nobody in their right mind pays for web images.

      3. We would be willing to attribute your work so that users may contact you if they want a high quality lithographic print.

      4. We obviously do not accept the legal principle that any Guru’s likeness is copyrightable – to accede to this would be to grant you a private right over a image of a divine personage. As you must know, there is an edict from the Jathedar of the Akal Takht prohibiting the commercialization of Sikhi. Quaere: did you obtain a license from Guru Gobind Singh to make money of his likeness?

      5. I appreciate that you are in it for the money; so are many. But at least learn the art of tact. Greed always works to advantage when tact is applied.

      The smart thing for you do do is to permit the wide unfettered dissemination of your paintings so that people who like your work can contact you directly for either original commissioned works or high quality reproductions. We take umbrage to the insinuation that web images constitute high quality works of art that afacinados would pay money for. It’s a ridiculous proposition. Advertising to popularize your work is going to be expensive – you are about to find out that great art is all about love and sacrifice and not a quick and dirty buck. Ever heard the phrase; artists starving in garrets.

      As regards your claim of copyright, I think that you should now prove the copyright. There is no proof of your authorship at all.

      With a monthly reach of 22,000 readers the free advertising that you would have gotten on this site would have been great.

      Also I would have to warn you that by placing your images on the web or on google images for example. you are implicitly providing a license for fair use reproduction. There are millions of images on the web which accept this principle. You seem to be the only one out of the loop. Sad but true.

      In any event I find it regrettable that your tone has been so strident and hungry. The tenor and disengenuous assertion that you are losing money leads me to conclude that there is a certain lack of noblesse in your character.

  2. Davinder Singh January 10, 2012, 21:28

    I like the way you have edited Mr. Harpal Singh’s letter to make him out to be a greed fueled person . What you are doing is worng and you know it !


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