Sardar : The Yogi Bhajan RSS Anti-Sikh Cult In A Nutshell

White Yogi Bhajan Sikhs Pray At A Hindu Temple

Yogi Bhajan Cult Pray At A Hindu Temple – in front is the alter for fire worship



This picture shows members of the Yogi Bhajan Cult praying at the Temple of Guru Nirban Dass. Notice the fire alter in the middle of the picture which is used for fire worship.

Click this link for the complete dossier on the Yogi Bhajan Cult


By Sardar


What Is The 3HO  White Sikh Cult

A Cunning Manipulator And A RSS Agent


The West knows Sikhism through the Yogi Bhajan cult. This cult was founded by Yogi Bhajan (not his real name) a Hindu masquerading as a Sikh. Yogi Bhajan was a RSS agent and an intelligence asset of RAW and other Indian Intelligence Agencies. He is believed to have committed a murder in the remote district of Abohar in the Punjab and then fled to Delhi where he was picked up by RAW. He was working as a customs inspector when RAW discovered him. This was as the time of the height of the Sikh militancy in the Punjab.

Through RAW Yogi Bhajan made acquaintance with the Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi, and he at some point in time offered to assassinate the Sikh political leader Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale for her. Through Indian intelligence agencies he migrated to Canada where he was tasked with subverting the Sikh freedom movement. Yogi Bhajan failed in penetrating the Sikh diaspora in Canada. He then migrated to the United States where but he worked upon creating a cult of White converts to whom he fed a completely false history of Sikhism and it’s values. He was a sexual predator and his depradations have been featured as a cover story on Time magazine. In particular he was a rapist who kidnapped and urinated on white females.

Yogi Bhajan was a serial rapist. In a law suit brought by Katherine Felt, she alleged that he engaged in rape, sodomy, urination on females (golden showers), kidnapping and beatings ( The Time News Magazine also issued an article on his sexual perversity.

The cult has  it’s headquarters in Espanola, New Mexico. This cult completely inverts Sikhism and is trying hard to foist a  neutered and false interpretation of Sikhism at the behest of it’s handlers. Its basic premise is that Guru Nanak imparted secret Yogic knowledge to Sri Chand,  the disgraced and disowned son of Guru Nanak. That knowledge was received by Yogi Bhajan four hundred and fifty years later through a Tibetan Lama (see: Who Is Yogi Bhajan And Why Is He Greater Than Guru Gobind Singh). This is a fairy tale.




There Is A Serpent Coiled Around Your Phallus

The cult promotes Kundalini Yoga  as the path to obtain salvation. This is a variation of Hindu Tantric beliefs which can only be described charitably as a hodge podge of very fantastical theories which have no scientific proof at all.  The essential idea of Kundalini Sex Yoga is that there is a serpent coiled around the phallus and lower extremity of the spine which can be released through this yoga. Tantric Yoga involves sexual practises and has a very well documented libertine history. see: The White Sikh Heretics: Miscegnation Of  Sikhism With Yoga,

Tantra has been associated with cannibalism,  child rape, murder and other illicit practises as a pathway to gain liberation. At the time of  the English invasion of India, the tantric cult of thuggees  used to waylay, murder and cannibalize travelers. The English were responsible for stamping out the tantric thuggee sect. It took a military campaign to eradicate this cult. The English word thug is derived from the cult of tantric thuggees.  For more information  google cannibal and tantra or do a similar search on Youtube.

One of the main sources of income of this cult is teaching Kundalini Yoga. It starts innocuously as Yoga lessons but for selected candidates there are higher levels. Becoming a Kundalini Yoga master can easily cost more than ten thousand dollars.

This cult are actually not  Sikhs but use ideas from a cult known as the Udasi Hindu cult. The Udasis have their origin with Sri Chand the disgraced son of Guru Nanak, the founde of Sikhi.  A controlling priesthood is an essential feature of this sect. Sikhism explicitly prohibits the creation of a priesthood and further states that there can be no interlocutor between a Sikh and his communion with God. The  Yogi Bhajan cult’s religious dogma is  that salvation can be obtained by following a hierarchy of yoga practises called Kundalini Yoga. As asserted above,  this is Tantra.  These tenets are completely contrary to Sikhism. see  The White Sikh Heretics: Consort To The Greatest Enemy Of Sikhism

According to the Cult, once you become a Kundalini Master, you become certified to teach Kundalini Yoga to pupils.

Among this cult’s inventions are giving it’s initiates Hindu first names from the Hindu lexicon; prefixed with the word Guru.  For example, Guru Hunuman Singh. Sikhs are prohibited from using the word Guru with their name; since this signifies extreme disrespect for the Sikh Gurus.    The cult also wears white turbans and wears the flowing  white robes  in an effort to portray themselves as “holier than thou”.

This cult practises rites at Hindu temples such as performing aartis and poojas and does fire worship and idol worship. It has been photographed worshipping the penis of the Hindu God Shiva (see:  phallus worship of a god). It promotes occult practises such as numerology and the power of precious stones.  The cult promotes Sanatan Dharma and the concept that Sikhism is a branch of Hinduism (once again at the behest of it’s controllers – the Indian Intelligence Agencies). The  Yogi Bhajan cult denies that Guru Nanak received a divine revelation. They promote asceticism, withdrawal and renunciation as essential features of the Sikh religion.  This is a common feature of cults who control their members by cutting ties of members with the outside world.

This cult has a long and sordid record of  opposing Sikh rights. They deny the genocide of the Sikhs and in fact supported the Indian Government during it’s calculated progroms of the genocide of Sikhs.  See: The White Sikh Heretics: Total War On Sikhism

The cult and it’s websites very carefully mask the real nature of their beliefs and try to portray themselves  as orthodox Sikhs. This is a complete deception. The subversive intent of this cult  is to derail Sikhism, install a yogic priesthood and assume leadership of the religion. This was the articulated intent of their ‘guru’ Yogi Bhajan.



Rape, Sodomizing Females And Urinating On White Females

The creator of this cult was Yogi Bhajan, a Hindu who masqueraded as a Sikh (possibly upon the direction of Indian Intelligence Agency handlers). Yogi Bhajan never took Amrit and never used the name Singh as a surname.  He has been connected with financial fraud as well as murder. According to the  court pleading of Katherine Felt,   he was a serial rapist who sodomized females and urinated on them. The pleading also contains extensive allegations  showing him to be fraud artist and a cunning manipulator of innocent and gullible American Youth (see:   He was, as indicated above,  an intelligence asset of the RSS and the Indian Intelligence Agencies. Yogi Bhajan also accumulated a vast financial empire worth at least a 100 million dollars which he controlled through a maze of corporations and blind trusts: see The Wow Guru Mantra.

Members of this cult use the surname Khalsa contrary to the Sikh Religion. Very few of them have been baptized as Sikhs and very few of them have fluency in Punjabi.  They do not do any legal change of name and merely use their “Khalsa” name and Sikh turbans as stage props  when they are conducting their business.

The cult focuses on milking the Sikh Religion for money and in this regard it promotes Kundalini Yoga as a mystical Sikh doctrine. It also promotes numerology, astrology, the power of precious stones and other occult practises as being valid Sikh practises.   Yogi Bhajan built a multi hundred million dollar empire by milking and misrepresenting the Sikh Religion. Yogi Bhajan also set up a web of profit and not-for-profit corporations to control his financial empire. Yogi Bhajan has died but the controllers of this cult carry on his practise of living a luxurious and opulent life all at the expense of the hapless members of this cult.

There is no record that Yogi Bhajan ever  contributed to a Sikh Cause, aided the Sikh widows and children who were the survivors of the assault of the Indian Government  on the Sikhs from 1982 to 1995 (even though his companies were worth over a billion dollars). His job was to collect money for his selfish benefit.

The main White Sikh  website carefully hides it’s  real agenda  and tries to present itself as an orthodox Sikh web site; this is a complete deception.  This cult is dangerous since it is trying to appropriate the Sikh Identity and it  hides it’s ideology and agenda from mainstream Sikhs.

The cult  refers to native Sikhs from the Punjab as ice cream Sikhs. It has invented ecclesiastical  titles such as Siri Singh Sahib and Siri Sikhdar Sahiba. This is something which is completely forbidden in Sikhism. Yogi Bhajan described himself as the Pope of The Sikhs and some of the cults members describe themselves to other  Whites as religious leaders of all Sikhs. This is a fraudulent deception. They have been caught at Inter-faith  meetings completely misrepresenting the Sikh Religion. One of their leaders has stated under oath on court record that Guru Nanak practised  Kundalini Yoga and the Guru  Granth Sahib requires Sikhs to do Kundalini Yoga.

The intention of the cult is to use Kundalini Yoga and Hindu doctrines to mystify the Sikh Religion.  This is a bid to confuse Sikhs.  It  intends to create a Sikh Priesthood  which will dispense this mystical knowledge. Any articulate Sikh with a knowledge of Sikh History will recognize this cult as latter day masands. Sikhism explicitly forbids the presence of an interlocutor between a Sikh and his communion with God. see: The White Sikh Heretics: The Corrupt Idolators

The cult also promotes the fantastical idea that the Yogi Bhajan Sikh Priesthood will dispense mystical knowledge in the Aquarian Age; which according to the sect started on 11-11-11;  that is, November 11, 2011. It also states that the Yogi Bhajan Sikh priesthood of this cult will have pre-eminent positions in the Aquarian world. Needless to say, there are very few educated university graduates in this cult. see: White Sikh Heretics: Shiv Shakti Pooja And The Aquarian Age.

A disciple of occult and tantric practises, Yogi Bhajan had the temerity to declare himself a greater personality than Guru Gobind Singh (see: Who Is Yogi Bhajan And Why Is He Greater Than Guru Gobind Singh).  However instead of bearing courageous  progeny such as Sahibzadah Ajit Singh and Fateh Singh, who laid down their lives at the ages of seventeen  and fifteen years at the Castle Of Chamkaur; or Sahibzadah Jhujar Singh and Zorawar Singh who at the tender ages of eight and six,  elected to be entombed  alive rather than submit to Islam; Yogi Bhajan is the predecessor of  offspring such as  his nephew, an unabashed  homosexual; who distinguished himself by holding the first Sikh homosexual wedding in the world (see: White Sikh Heretics: The First Sikh Homosexual Wedding In The World). The cult also tries to draw Sikh Girls into Speed Dating which is a cover for prostitution. In addition one of the Yogi Bhajan websites has been discovered selling homosexual toys. The motivation for all of this is to debauch the Sikh Religion and milk it for money.

Yogi Bhajan’s wife is  a follower of the Hindu Religion and performs havans, aarti, worships statues, consults brahmins (hindu priests) and so forth. She been  been seen in the company of the cultist Amma who sells hugs.

The  Cult does not associate with real Punjabi Sikhs other than to milk donations from unsuspecting Sikhs who love their religion. One of the enterprises set up by Yogi Bhajan was Akal Security which grew into a Billion dollar company. Akal Security is believed to have never hired even one real  Indian Sikh.

By and large, this cult is comprised of misfits and they are bringing the Sikh Religion and Nation into ridicule. A review of  their photographs indicates that they are by and large physically ugly looking and pasty faced.  They  do not have the  typical robust body frames of Sikhs – perhaps a consequence of  their shunning physical labor and making a livelihood selling Kundalini  Yoga, occult practises and setting up websites.

The complete dossier on this dangerous cult of scammers is available here:

The Dossier On The Yogi Bhajan Cult


Yogi Bhajan's Sikh Kundalini Yoga - Posture To Transmit Sexual Energy

Yogi Bhajan Cult  Kundalini Sex Yoga – Posture To Transmit Sexual Energy



Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa Performing Fire Worship In A Hindu Temple

Yogi Bhajan Cult – Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa Performing Fire Worship In A Hindu Temple





3HO White Sikh Cult : Shiv Shaki Pooja Promotion

3HO Yogi Bhajan Cult : Penis  Worship Shiv Shaki Pooja Promotion





Pooja At Sri Chand's Tomb

Yogi Bhajan Cult – Worship  At The Tomb of Sri Chand





Statue Of The Hindu god Ganesha besides the Gurdwara in Esanola, New Mexico

Statue Of The Hindu Elephant god Ganesha at  the Gurdwara Gate in Espanola, New Mexico





Amandeep Singh Khalsa bowing At The Tomb Of Sri Chand

Yogi Bhajan Cultist Amandeep Singh Khalsa bowing At The Tomb Of Sri Chand





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  1. Yes, I support Gursant Singh.

  2. waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh

    I’m an American convert to Sikhism and while I don’t identify with the 3ho’ers I do respect their intentions…which is explicitly to live as Sikhs. Poet Warrior, I understand your desire to protect the heritage but it’s clear to me that 1) your characterization of what Sikhism is will only serve to divide the people, 2) you don’t really understand the 3ho’ers and would benefit from some schooling in anthropology, and 3) it reeks of hate. Perhaps English is not your first language. I don’t know. What I do know is that the tone of the article above is reminiscent of some other articles and youtube videos I came to know of only after having converted to Sikhism and it reminds me NOT of the Punjabi culture I fell in love with in India, but more of the Wahabism I practiced before (wherein the people spent as much time trying to control other peoples thoughts and practices as they spent on their own “meditations”). The lesson to draw from this can be highlighted by the interaction between different sects of Buddhism. They admit their mundane differences but embrace each other, and everyone in general, as brothers and sisters.

    Please accept this in the spirit in which it is intended.

    • Thank you for your comments. Sikhism is a religion and it has a very well defined theory and practise behind it. The Guru Granth Sahib admits only one interpretation; not a multitude. Guru Ram Dass was enjoined by the Emperor Shah Jahan to write into the Sri Granth Sahib verses extolling the virtues of Prophet Mohammed. The answer given was, that this was not possible since this was “Dhur Ki Bani” – the Word That Has Come From Far Away. And The Saints uttering the words were mere receptacles. In other words the Word OF God is subject to only one interpretation and nothing including the so-called Dasam Granth can stand equal to it. Sikhism is not a new age religion.

      What the 3H0 cult is doing is unforgiveable. They know that Yoga and tantric practises are anti-Sikh practises striking at the very root of the Religion. The leadership of this vile cult is on the payroll of the fascist RSS – something that the ordinary lay member of this cult does not know. They have built a multi-billion dollar empire by milking the Sikh religion. They are hypocrites of the highest order and deserving of contempt and ridicule.

      The comparison with Wahabbism is unwarranted. We do not expect or want every person to be a Sikh. It is with great good fortune that one is born into a Sikh family or one chooses to become a Sikh. There are no Rules in Sikhism to govern your daily activities. Sikhism is far more loftier than this.

      So stand proudly and fearlessly on The Path. Remember there is one Sikh Nation and One Sikh Race and all Sikhs are Singhs or Kaurs. By the grace of Guru Gobind Singh, Baaj Guru (Lord Of The Falcons) this was uttered in the jungles of Nandehr: – By the Command Of God, I have started the Khalsa Order, To all Sikhs this is the last command, the Guru Granth Sahib is your Guru. The Khalsa shall rule. Those who oppose it shall be vanquished. Blessed will be whose who are under it’s protection. The name of the Boat is Nanak. This will ferry you safely across the world ocean..

      By the way, I speak five languages including Russian and Latin.

    • Gurpreet Singh December 6, 2016, 11:24

      I agree with you!This guy is behaving like he knows it all!When our gurus didn’t completely debased any faith,knowing that no spiritual approach is completely wrong,this guys explanation is so much full of arrogance.Call Yogi bhajan whatever,but you got to agree that he has initiated these materialistic people into Spirituality.And they will seek further once their spiritual approach will hit blind wall.May be then they will become true Sikh!And I have full respect for spirituality of these people!Btw there is no Matra in Sikhism.The only Mantra is one in awe of God,just to draw the analogy!
      And kundalini is no neologism.Our gurus too have explained about it and it is representative of innate spirit of every human being.But this ignorant man is behaving like Mr know all!Sikh is humbleness and a Sikh never puts a lid on the possibilities of God!When Buddha reached Nirvana without having a faith and when Nanak reached Mukti with complete faith in God,how can you put a lid on possibilities of God!Just follow your path and be suggestive not absolute!

  3. I am a white American girl also looking into the Sikh faith, not through Kundalini, but the religion itself. I have read about the 3HO, and it certainly seems to be a hippie style religion fest. It may work for some, but I am into truth, and what I have read, it is far from it. When I went to the Gurudwara for the first time, I noticed that the two other white people had on white clothing and turbans, while I was dressed in the traditional Salwar Kameeze out of respect for the culture. I figured I would speak with them; perhaps find common ground about converting. Both were from a group from a Kundilini yoga class. They had asked me what Kundilini class I was in, I told them I was not in one, and then they asked me how I came to know about the Sikh faith… I said through religious studies about the culture and Sikh faith. They seemed to be confused, as was I… Nowhere have I read that Kundulini is a Sikh practice, so I did research about it and the 3HO came up. The more I read, it seemed like I said before, a hippie cult of lost souls that need direction in a group and “cult” setting… I want to follow the true faith, the one Guru Nanak and the other Guru’s taught…

    • You are quite right, Kundalini Yoga is not part of Sikhi (what Sikhs call Sikhism). Sikhism actually prohibits Yoga (particularly Tantric practises), astrology, numerology and other occult practises. As far as conversion is concerned, you will have to study it. And there is a lot of confusing information out there, especially since Sikhs do not normally seek to convert others. A good practise is to simply go to a traditional Sikh Gurdwara and get hold of some young Sikhs to talk to. Everybody is welcome in a Sikh Gurdwara. And nobody owns or can own a Sikh Gurdwara. Be careful as there are fake “Sikh” Gurdwaras. Once you know the cardinal pillars of the faith; you will be able to distinguish.

      Reading this ‘newspaper’ will you. Though it is admittedly a political tractus. As you will see from reading, Sikhs are involved in a large Political struggle.

      We need ‘White’ Sikhs who know the religion and know Sikh History and who can then articulate with knowledge and authority about Sikh Politics.

    • Erin, your impresson of 3HO is the same as my own. Nothing about it rings true, and I appreciate the author of this article as it’s been further clarified for me. Thank you.

  4. Harminder kaur July 16, 2012, 11:38

    Yes we should support Bhai Gursant Singh Ji’s campaign because there are a lot of Sikhs who want to know about SIKHI not some yogi stuff. I’m proud to be a Sikh and so glad to have Sangat of Gursikhs not narrow minded yogi lovers. Some of the people who follow the yogi actually come into real Sikhi ideals when they see the Truth of Gurbaani…so we must help and guide our fellow brothers and sisters who are lost. 🙂 glad to be a Kaur, glad to tie a Turban, glad to bow to the loving True Guru, GURU GRANTH SAHIB JI.

  5. Poet warrior this is an interesting article and having spent over a yr and a half within 3ho (it’s UK version the Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association) I agree with much of what you are saying.

    I do take objection to the hostility you demonstrate towards these people in your writing however:
    ” By and large, this cult is comprised of misfits and they are bringing the Sikh Religion and Nation into ridicule. A reiew of their photographs indicates that they are by and large physically ugly looking and pasty faced. They do not have the typical robust body frames of Sikhs – perhaps a consequence of their shunning physical labor and making a livelihood selling Kundalini Yoga, occult practises and setting up websites.”
    What has commenting on these individuals appearance got to do with anything? In my eyes this hostility lost you credibility in my eyes. What has someones physicality got to do with their religious conviction this prejudicial attitude is not only morally wrong it is certainly not what our Guru’s have taught us what it means to be Sikh.
    There are also areas of your article that are incorrect such as the giving of Hindu names this is not the case – I do agree that Guru of course should never be given as a name but the majority of the names given certainly now are of Punjabi origin.

    • WAHE GURU JI KA KHALSA WAHE GURU JI KI FATEH! i started kundalini yoga long time ago with a sister in law who used to do there,in France. it pleased to me! the teacher was interesting and very funny!i was spiritually in search,all kind of western religions or pratices i found them false! one day,in 1996 or 7 ?yogi Bhajan came at Paris; i had not a lot of money but paid the course to see him,to know him. and i was very disappointed to hear how he treated us,that we are”idiots” and things like that! many women were massing his feet as if he was God,every body so in veneration for him! I came out,could’nt stay!!! but i still continued to go to my kundalini classes,because it seemed to me good for my well being.then i decided to learn to be teacher. I had no money and it ax very hard for me to pay as it was expansive ! so i paid little by little and nothing to eat ,coming back home!the teacher was very hard with me because i used to criticize injust things! for instance we had a seminaire about men and women; he invited women teachers from England to teach us women topics and “secrets”; men had to be “initiated” by him.. he never give time and space to let the women teachers tearch their things: he took all space and time for him so at the end of the week-end,i told him that the”mission” is not accomplish because we paid for a teaching for women with woemn and we had nothing!!! so he must give us a new seminaire about the topic or pay back! all french people with me agreed!he was vexed! and i dont know what he did but we never succeed to have students,to have a good business,since all his germain or others followers have plenty business,succeding in every thing with him,behind him! he is like a guru!and he has plenty money! plenty people making “seva” for him!!!! he is adored! that man was(still is?) a free mason! and i guess he uses magic things to succed! i used to go to the kundalini yoga festival some time long time before and i saw many things very choking for me: in the Gurwara,women following yogi Bhajan,american or german were together always at the front and they never mixed with new people like me,who was trying to understand!they were walking proud too proud and never smiling; yes we must be proud of ourselves but still humble,that the way Nanakji tolds us ; they were “khalsa” and the others nothing!!!!the year after ,same way: no smile,no welcome… a man who was rasta before and took Amrit in India treated me very bad,insulting me in front of all his friends,outside:many people were there and earing!just because during the “tantra”, i was “facilitator” and asked him ,just with a sign of my hand,to stay behind his line,as it is required. he was full of hate and nobody told him to respect me! and now,that guy shows his face everywhere,build a site on internet about the gurus,explaining kirtans ; it ‘s only to build his business!!! to draw people to him! he used to sing(not good!)and his favorite is ADI SHAKTI; we can see him on” you tube”!and in every festival now, he is always with” ADI SHAKTI” to show to every body that he is a great devotee to the feminin …. at the Gurdwara,he used to take more and more place to become the first!!!him also was(or is still???) a rosicrucian. and 2 years ago,i went again to this festival,and in a video ,among many images,i saw a “checker board”! i was chocked! wahoo! are we manipulated by the free masons and rosicrucians (and others???) and i decided to go back home and stop with them all!it was the sign that they are manipulators!(i mean, some people must be genuine of course,but we must OPEN OUR EYES!))Now,i am just earing Kirtans(on “you tube”) sung at Amritsar or in other Gurwaras in Indias,reading the Japji Sahibji,trying by myself to learn to be Sikh ( i am far from any Gurdwaras)and one beautiful day i shall go take Amrit with the true People of The Guru! i have many details to say about 3HO and their manipulations! they “look” so pure ! it’s easy to fall in their plan!you know: during all that time i was so needy,no one never helped me! no one!on the contrary! all what they want is MONEY AND POWER ON US!the day i went to “BOBIGNY GURDWARA” Sahiba near Paris,i started to understand that the true SIKHS give ,help: i was eating every day at The Langar,they gave me a room to stay several days,some women gave me beautiful indians penjabi clothes:May they be blessed by The GURU: they showed me true Love!the people who showed True Love in the Kundalini yoga festival are not 3HO people,generally!!!!so we must analyse, when we are around 3HO,analyse quick and well ALL SIGNS! we must let them down! we must not follow those karta singh,ram singh,chiv charan singh and all those businessers wanting only MONEY! money we need of course !!but not on the GURU! it’s manipulating the teachings of GURU!it’s manipulating the faith or search of some people!they USE and ABUSE ! in EuropeI AM CALLING all the people loving Yoga and spirituality to stop going in their festival(they bought a CASTLE, in France ,at ST PIERRE DE MAILLET)A CASTLE!!!!and stop doing seva for their business!they have plenty money and we must not be their slaves! SEVA IS FOR THE GURU,helping the poors,needy,women alone,kids,fighters for The TRUTH! stop to give what we have for their FALSE teachings! JUST GO TO THE GURU,BOW TO THE GURU ,reciting and singing the NAAM,meditating on WAHE GURU! WAHE GURU JI KA KHALSA WAHE GURU JI KI FATEH!!!!!!


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