White Racists : Reply To Professor Kevin McDonald

Statute Of Martyr Udham Singh In The Holy Sikh City Of Amritsar

Statute Of The Great Martyr Udham Singh In The Holy Sikh City Of Amritsar


Professor Kevin McDonald is a Professor at the University Of California.  He is a racialist who disguises his intent in pseudo-scholarly jargon.  Implicit in all of his arguments is the notion that White Culture is superior to Non-White Cultures and that Whites are superior.    He is followed by a rabid coterie of admiring sycophants who are openly racist.  In a recent post he praised  Prince William’s wedding as a glorification of the White Race and it’s culture : http://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2011/04/a-display-of-british-tradition/#comment-34934

Here is what he said:

A festival of implicit Whiteness. In an age where every public event is staged with a mind to getting the diversity out front and center, everyone was White: the families, the clergy, the boys choir, the horsemen, and the crowd cheering and waving Union Jacks. Apparently there were three rabbis in attendance, but who knew? The few Black faces among the dignitaries were representatives of the ex-colonies, reinforcing the sense of tradition.

We think of women as the more decorative sex, but Princes William and Harry seemed to steal the show in their resplendent military uniforms compared to the relatively bland  and subdued bridal gown. These guys are right out of central casting for a movie on Nordic physical types. Cue the Vikings.

Then came the howls of approvment from undeucated rascals and rascists  for this rant from the carnival barker:

–  The boys choir was not only not all-white, but the camera honed in on the 3 nonwhites quite a bit. (I say any non-white who subscribes to  Christianity as a faith is completely mislead about the completely rascist and primitive nature of this duplicitous religion which means whatever you want it to mean).

–  But on the other hand it is at least a moment to realize it isn’t all over. We’re not sitting here in the year 2040 or 2050 when everything is lost. There’s still a fight to have. Along the same lines as the Royal wedding, if you bear with this video for the first couple of minutes, I think you’ll find it a comfort in that not only is there a fight, there’s still a kin to fight for.

— The little black boy in the choir was conspicuous, the one or two Asian boys less so; and their presence did interrupt what would otherwise have been an all-White image of an English church choir.

–  William’s an okay guy, but he’s part of the Anglo elite which makes him a real enemy of all White people.

– I noticed this on the BBC broadcast, but what do you expect. There are almost more Africans on BBC than Englishmen.

This entire rant and most of the comments are  of course vain glorification and completely racist.  There is something wrong with the way these people think.

Note;  We posted a reply on the frail, old professor’s blog pointing out that the view of history was jaundiced and the comments inappropriate but it was not published by the Professor. He does not like contrary opinions that jar his notion of “white superiority”.

Here are a few points in reply:

1.  Prince William the Viking Warrior:  He could not even complete his ceremonial tour in Afghanistan. He ran away when  he learned that  the Pathans ( called Taliban) were targeting him. The historical stature of Pathans as warriors is well known in history and well recorded. It is not some  Nordic Viking fantasy.

2.  Implicit in this article is the idea that Whiteness is beauty which then translates into good.  The next implicit step in the argument is that anybody not white is  subhuman.  The problem with this argument is that it complete historical revisionism. One hundred and fifty years ago, the Irish were not considered whites but an early branch from the Blacks who came to Europe. This view was propagated as late as 1899. The Nazis did not consider the Slavs white or Aryans and so on and so on.

3.  Kevin McDonald is not a biologist or a Professor in the hard Physical Sciences. He is a professor  in the soft Social Sciences.  How does he feel about Chinese and Indian students completely dominating the hard physical sciences at UCLA and the University Of California  ON MERIT.

4.  Prince William has made racist comments. But then he is young, well-fed and with no particular intellect.

5. Implicit in the argument of this pseudo-intellectual is the idea that other peoples and cultures do not have a glorious history or culture. People like Professor McDonald want to erase or rewrite the history of their perceived enemies so that they can subjugate them and reduce them to sub-humanity. This is their plan.

Then posted on Professor McDonald’s site is this utterly racist and vile propaganda video which essentially incites whites to kill non-whites. In Sacramento , California, recently two elderly Sikhs aged 77 and 74 years old were gunned down while out on their evening stroll. Both were shot in the back. I attribute hate crimes like this directly to posts like those of the Professor and the video that he promotes on his blog.



The Story Of Shaheed Udham Singh

In 1919, Brigadier-General Michael O’Dywer killed over 1000 protesters in the space of little over ten minutes. The protesters had gathered at a park (“Jallianawala Bagh”) in the Sikh Holy City of Amritsar  to peacefully protest British Imperialism. They were unarmed. O’Dwyer was feted and then knighted for this service.  General O’Dywer boasted that he would “do a 1000 Jallianawala Baghs to preserve the British Empire“. Now if my arithmetic serves me correctly, that is over one million murders.

Twenty one years later the great Sikh Shaheed  (martyr ) Udham Singh traveled to England to kill General Dywer.  Shaheed Udham Singh chose Caxton Hall as the spot for retribution. Dywer was giving a speech at Caxton Hall. The year was 1940.

After committing the great deed, Shaheed Udham Singh peaceably surrendered. He was smiling and had a serene look on his noble visage. During the trial that ensued, the British tried to obscure the great act by painting it as the act of a madman. They attempted to have Shaheed Udham Singh confined in an  asylum for the criminally insane.  But the ploy  failed. Prior to his conviction, Shaheed Udham Singh gave a marvelous speech in defence of freedom. The judge ordered the Court record to be sealed. The record was declassified about ten years ago.

Since pictures speak louder than words, here are some video clips.  Most Of these  clips are from the immortal  film: Shaheed Udham Singh.


The first video shows the actual killing of the tyrant at Caxton Hall. The background music is the sacred hymn of the Lord Of The Falcons: Those who want to play the game of love(“death”) place your head in your hands (as an offering) and come unto my Lane. Shaheed Udham Singh recounted on death row that he recited this sacred hymn before embarking upon his tryst with destiny. The lady in the clip is his Irish girlfriend  to whom  he was betrothed. Mentioned in the clip is the fact of the singular heroism of the Irish Workers Union, which sent a petition signed by the petitioners in their blood seeking clemency for Sardar Udham Singh. The Sikhs have never forgotten this act of great generosity




The next clip shows a clip from the film: Shaheed Bhagat Singh and an episode when Shaheed Udham Singh was in a British jail  in India. The clip exemplifies the manliness of Sikh culture. Chivalrous people never oppress or denigrate others.  In any event,  chivalry (like perfume, bathing, toothbrushes etc.) are  Arab cultural constructs and items, that the crusaders brought it back with them after their encounters with Saladin the Magnificent. Chivalry is not a native construct of Europeans.



This is a photograph of the Respected  Revolver that Shaheed Udham Singh used.


Respected Revolver Of Shaheed Udham Singh

Respected Revolver Of Shaheed Udham Singh


There are many videos in praise of the Respected Revolver of Shaheed Udham Singh. The clip below is among the best. In this emotional song of great love,  Shaheed Udham Singh says to the Respected Revolver: ‘Dear Friend. please do not betray me tommorrow”.  Kindly listen to this marvelous song by a friend of the Sikh Race, Angrez (“Englander”)  Ali:




Here is another video in tribute to the 32 bore revolver used by the great martyr. This clip contains a segment calling Gandhi a dog, an enemy of the Sikhs and a collaborator with the British.



The next video is especially for the frail, old professor and his babbling coterie of racists. It is a tribute video to Shaheed Udham Singh.






Here is a painting of the Jallianwala Bagh massacre:




The Jallianwala Bagh Massacre

ThThe Jallianwala Bagh Massacre


The Children That The Professor’s Followers Hate




Sikh Children - The Next Generation

Sikh Children In Amritsar – The Next Generation


Take a good, hard look at the picture above. These are the Sikh children that the Professor’s  rabid and mad crowd hate. These children are a mud race,  sub-humans according to them. They are not entitled to life. However this is the generation and breed that will lay the frail, old Professor to rest.

Frankly, I fell very sorry for the lot; they  are getting reduced to a nullity by the sheer weight of their own hatreds,  inbred lies and hypocrisy. If the British Empire was evil, then this tribe of so-called “whites” is a hundred times worse. It is implicitly propagating neo-colonialism  on the foundation of race, half-truths and false histories.  It talks about Christian culture but fails to understand that no soul determines the house into which it will be born; this is in God’s hands only. Robert Kennedy famously remarked to white racists: “what if you die and God is black”.

I have travelled extensively in Europe and it is very easy to discern that  Europeans have no moral compass. They  have reduced themselves to a nihilistic culture that is only capable of bombing children from the sky.  Listen carefully to the music  that accompanies the video on the Professor’s site. This exemplifies their nihilism.  The Professor’s rabid tribe  are completely hollow and they  want to drag the whole world into their seething cauldron of hatreds.  Whose who cannot see good in others are themselves evil.

This  festering  “White” notion of “Superiority”  will become moot within the next five or six years as China and India race ahead to become the dominant Economic powers. A few weeks ago the Indian Aircraft Carrier INS Vikram entered the Mediterranean and will be there indefinately. Get used to Imperialism, Professor.


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  1. How racist for this White man to think England should be for the English! What a hateful bigot. If he oppose his homeland being turned into a third world nation he must be a supremacist! We should keep ethnically cleansing the English of their own lands and we’ll keep calling it ‘Multiculturalism’ & ‘diversity’!
    Anti-racism is a CODE word for Anti-White.

    • There’s a difference between being a nationalist and a racist, if he wants to oppose his homeland from becoming a 3rd world nation maybe he should be having a word with the people that run the country instead.

  2. Ram Singh Azad April 8, 2015, 05:29

    Listen to me fool lady Michelle. First english people went to each and every country like beggars then they started exploiting and ruling them. In India only they made separate hotels, train compartments, cinema hall cabins and wrote there “Dogs and Indians are not allowed” . See what happened. All english people were thrown out of country like dogs. Racist is an english word which came from england only. I will be happy if you read this Michelle


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